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Friday, September 28, 2018

Celebrate National Coffee Day With A Dairy Free Pumpkin Latte

Get in the fall spirit with this delicious Dairy Free Pumpkin Latte that you brew at home!

I received an Espressotoria coffee maker and a sample of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract to facilitate this post.

  Are you a fall person? You know the one that gets excited when they see that their favorite coffee shop is making pumpkin lattes. If you are like me, you hop into the car the moment you hear that you can buy a pumpkin latte. Then, if you are like me, you are shocked to see the going price of your favorite latte that you have been waiting all year for. A delicious pumpkin latte is the only drink that entices me to visit a coffee shop and pay way to much money for coffee as it is that good. The rest of the year, I make my coffee at home. I have never been able to make a delicious pumpkin latte at home until now. I am going to share my secret to making a delicious pumpkin latte and it all has to do with my new fancy countertop espresso machine that I receive just in time to celebrate National Coffee Day.

A holiday that includes coffee has my vote!

  I think  I know that coffee is my favorite drink and there is something special about that warm cup of coffee on a cool fall day. Picture this- you are outside watching hot air balloons float in the sky while sipping on a cup of a warm pumpkin latte that you made at home, no need to leave the house for coffee. What? You don't have hot air balloons floating over your head? You have to visit Albuquerque the first weekend in October as that is when the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is happening and over 500 hot air balloons will be floating in the sky. This is an up-close must-see event. Back to that pumpkin latte drink that I am sipping as I am watching the balloons practice in the sky on National Coffee Day (September 29th, 2018), I should throw in the smell of green chile roasting but that was last month, glad that I have plenty in my freezer for breakfast burritos. Sorry to get off track but Albuquerque is awesome in the fall.

A sleek countertop espresso machine that makes café lattes

  Where was I? I was about to tell you about my new sleek and modern countertop espresso machine that allows anyone to make café quality lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty coffees with the push of a button and how it is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. My Espressotoria is a perfect coffee gadget that I am having fun with. When this single serve coffee machine arrived at my house, my son pointed it out to me that I already had three coffee makers. What can I say I love coffee and I am always searching for the perfect cup of coffee. I think my 11-year-old is just jealous that he can't drink coffee yet. He steals sips of my coffee all the time when I am not looking and he even loves black coffee, crazy kid!

Espressotoria has an incredible, fresh ground taste that differs from other single serve coffee machines

  So I bet you are wondering why I have so many coffee makers. I really only have two if you count this new one as my husband uses the auto time coffee maker and my teen uses the machine that you stick little cups of coffee grounds into. I am more of an espresso coffee person and my old espresso maker is a pain to use and it does not have a one-button Milk Frother that makes perfect foam for my cappuccino or lattes. My new Espressotoria is so easy to use and it takes the guess out of making coffee as it uses Premium Coffee Capsules. It is a one press button machine that produces cafe quality espresso.

 Espressotoria is now offering 50% off – a $50 savings! – both their black and white Caprista Machines on Amazon starting today through October 6.

A great coffee maker makes great Dairy Free Pumpkin Lattes

  A great pumpkin latte starts with great tasting espresso but it also needs pure vanilla extract. My favorite vanilla extract is Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract as it makes all the difference in my coffee drinks and baking. This vanilla has a flavor profile that’s full, sweet, creamy and mellow with velvety after-tones. It is also made by a cold extraction process from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar. It really brings out an incredible taste when I bake so I knew it would be perfect for my Pumpkin Latte. I made this warm drink dairy free as dairy is not my friend due to lactose and allergy issues.

 Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is produced from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar

Dairy Free Pumpkin Latte

1 fl. oz shot of espresso
1 tbsp canned organic pumpkin
3/4 cup unsweetened warm vanilla cashew milk or milk of your choice
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
Dash pumpkin pie spice
Sweetener to taste

1. Brew 1 fl. oz shot of espresso into a coffee mug
2. Heat pumpkin puree in a microwave safe dish for 15 seconds and stir it well.
3. Add pumpkin puree to espresso shot and stir until well combined
4. Froth milk of your choice with Espressotoria’s one-button Milk Frother
5. Add in a ½ tsp vanilla extract to milk
6. Pour milk over the top of pumpkin espresso and add a dash of pumpkin pie spice
7. Drink and feel all the fall feelings

 Espressotoria is now offering 50% off – a $50 savings! – both their black and white Caprista Machines on Amazon starting today through October 6. 

Click on this link to get the great savings and get this wonderful coffee maker for $49.99!



Monidipa said...

I am a caffeine addict and I love coffee. Your this post won my heart. I loved it.. ❤❤☕

Sarah Bailey said...

Now I can imagine that a lot of people would be up for getting behind this! I mean who doesn't love a good pumpkin spice latte?!

Unknown said...

we are major coffee lovers in this house and my pumpkin spice creamer is to dieeeeeeeeeeeeee for

The Super Mom Life said...

What a cool machine! I would love to get something like this for our home.

Joanna said...

I like this specialty coffee, especially because I am lactose intolerant. I literally had a black coffee this morning, as the place I got it from didn't have any alternatives to cow's milk, and I felt sick half of the day because of how strong it was.

Anonymous said...

I am looking foreward to trying the pumpkin latte. I love this time of year when all the fall flavors come out

Hollie said...

I would have never guessed this is dairy free. I love good pumpkin everything so I'm always looking for good recipes.

Anonymous said...

I would love a latte machine and master latte art. Maybe this is just what I need. Happy National Coffee day!

Flossie McCowald said...

I never thought of putting vanilla extract into my coffee, but now I may just have to try that! We have some excellent pure vanilla that I bought in Mexico that I could use...thanks for the idea!

Mom Knows Best said...

I so understand. I always watch the people making my coffee as once they did not use coconut milk like I requested and I was felt sick for several hours.

Angela Campos said...

I am a huge coffee fan! This latte looks so fabulous. I will have to check out that awesome espresso maker too!!!

David Elliott said...

I would really love an espresso machine like this. And making a pumpkin latte is a great idea with such a great espresso maker. I would love this.

acupofassamtea said...

The machine sounds cool. Making a pumpkin latte is a great way to celebrate fall.

Krystle Cook said...

This looks like such a great way to celebrate the beginning of the season. I definitely need a PSL in my life soon!

HealthyFitCouple said...

We love coffee and also celebrated National coffee day. Haven't had a pumpkin latte yet but will have one soon too.

Jenn said...

We are dairy free in our home, so this is a great option for us. And that vanilla extract looks amazing- what a great addition!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks and sounds so good! Perfect Fall drink to have all Fall! I love how easy the recipe is too!

Unknown said...

Im not a fan of pumpkin spice, but I can definitely get behind anything homemade. The espresso machine looks pretty nice too but Idk if I could justify 3 coffee makers like you lol. I like coffee, I just dont have that much counter space.

Pooja Sharma said...

wow! this is great. I love the expresso machine. I am not a coffee fan but my family member love coffee.

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