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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Right Pillow Makes All The Difference In Getting The Best Sleep

           I am a picky pillow person!

     I received a GhostPillow to facilitate this post but the opinions are all mine.

  I can't fall asleep if I do not have my favorite pillow. So when I travel, I have a hard time falling asleep and usually have to take a natural sleeping supplement. When I started packing last night for my trip to see my daughter, I realized that I had extra room in my suitcase so I got excited as that meant that I could pack my pillow! I just got a new Memory foam cooling pillow and was excited to try it out. So I thought, what better way to see how comfortable a pillow is and if it can help me sleep. I could try this pillow out for three nights at the hotel to see how it performs. I like that this pillow has a 101-Night Sleep Trial so if it is not as comfy as my current pillow, then I can return it. It also comes with a 5-year warranty and free shipping. There's really nothing to lose when it comes to this pillow!

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Yes, I packed my pillow in my suitcase!

I want awesome sleep when traveling!

  When I first took the GhostPillow out of the box, the first thing that I noticed was this pillow felt cool to the touch. The pillow was also pretty light, unlike another heavy memory foam pillow that I had tried a while back. The pillow also had an amazing squish to it. It was fun to squeeze it and watch it go back to its original shape. I liked that this soft pillow had a removable outer zippered cover that is completely washable.

The World’s Most Advanced Real-Time Cooling Pillow

  After getting up early to get to the airport and spending an exciting day at the hospital meeting my first grandchild, I was ready for bed. I first had to go soak in the hotel's hot tub. It is amazing how warm water can make you feel sleepy. I was wishing that I had room in my suitcase for my essential oil diffuser as I love the scent of lavender for helping me sleep. I did pack a new oil diffuser for my daughter to use with lavender the new baby as the scent of lavender is calming.

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Ten Tips To Get A Better Night Of Sleep

  I placed my new GhostPillow on the bed and the memory form felt so comfortable. I noticed from the box the pillow came it that this pillow had gel in it that was suppose to keep the pillow cold all night. I liked the sound of that as I hate sleeping with the air on at hotels as the noise bothers me. At home, I also don't sleep well with the fan on because of the noise and the air tends to make me cough. No, I really am not a good sleeper, so my pillow has to be comfortable. My pillow also has to support my head and neck properly so I can sleep on my side. I find that sleeping on my side helps with my seasonal allergies and my sleep apnea. This unique pillow is perfect for any type of sleeper, back, side or even stomach.

Did you know that memory foam is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant?

  Once I laid my head on the GhostPillow, I noticed that my head sinks in just like my body does on my son's memory foam mattress. My head did not feel constricted either as there were none of those weird curves like other memory foam pillows that I tried. I have a collection of pillows in my house that I have tried that just don't work. I use those pillows for my feet or give them to my kids.

So did I have a good night of sleep?

 Well, I did not have the best sleep, again I do not sleep well on strange beds but I did have some incredible head support. I usually sleep with two pillows as I feel that is what I need for proper head support. I decided to give the GhostPillow a chance and I just used that pillow for the night. I was surprised that this pillow was comfortable and I did not cough while I slept. I slept on my side with the cool gel pillow.  At home, if I do not use two pillows I wake up coughing but my head and neck were supported. I got enough sleep that I woke up with the sun. When I am staying at hotels by myself, I keep the curtains open as I love waking up with the sun, my husband does not. This pillow did not feel stiff but rather it conformed to how I wanted it to. I think at home I may try it using it with another pillow to see what kind of neck support I can get and maybe I could sleep on my back without coughing. I will also retire my other memory foam pillow as this GhostPillow has a new place on my bed.

Update: Once I got home from my trip, I used the GhostPillow with another pillow and realized that there was no need for that as the GhostPillow still gave me great neck support when I slept on my side. I also had a night of sleep with no coughing. No coughing for me means sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed. So to sum it up I had a good night of sleep!

 There's the right amount of support for a great night's sleep and it truly does sleep cool, like they promise!

Each GhostPillow includes:
101-Night Sleep Trial
Free Shipping
Industry leading 5-year warranty

  GhostPillow also makes an amazing memory foam mattress. The price is not that bad either. My youngest still needs a new mattress as his mattress is quite old. The other two boys got a new mattress last year so I am thinking it is time to buy my son a new mattress. I really like how memory foam mattresses are delivered to my home and it is even cooler to see them self-inflate. 

Is it time to replace your pillow for some amazing sleep?

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Jamie said...

I'm super picky about my pillows, too! I recently heard about this brand, and would love to try one! Thank you for giving me your opinion, now I know it will be a good purchase! :)

Paulette said...

I've never heard of this brand. I'm always looking for a comfy pillow. I definitely want to look into this.

Marysa said...

I really need to work on getting a better night's sleep. Thanks for sharing your experience, I'd love to try this pillow!

Brittany said...

I need a new pillow so badly! I need this one!! Thanks for sharing this product you found.

Sudipta said...

A good night's sleep is so essential for our mental and physical well-being. I have been wanting to buy a memory foam pillow for sometime now. Need to make the purchase soon.

Mujeeb Alimrany said...

I can't wait to get one of the products for night rests

Unknown said...

I definitely need a new pillow soon! This looks like a good candidate, looks very comfy

Once Upon a Dollhouse said...

This pillow sounds like a good one! We love this for a restful night's sleep.

Wendy Polisi said...

My husband and I are looking for new pillows. I am really looking forward to a new one.

Sondra Barker said...

Pillows make all the difference in getting a good nights sleep. To me its just as important as the mattress. This pillow looks good.

krish said...

Yes pillow quality matters ...I always carry my gel pillow everywhere I travel to..I can't have a sound sleep without it .
Thank you

Monidipa Dutta said...

Right pillow is really important for a good sleep and to be safe from so many problems. Wrong choice of pillow causes neck problems and other problems.

Princess Quinn said...

Yes, please! I also would love a comfortable pillow like this. Mine needs to be replaced soonest!

Becca Wilson said...

Yes! The right pillow can make all the difference. I had some horrible ones and thought it was my mattress. Nope!

calvinewers said...

Love this! I really need a new pillow, I'm not sleeping well on mine at all. For more info you may check it by yourself here beddingnbeyond

Kevin Horgan said...

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