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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Little Caesars Lets You Skip The Line With Their Self-Service Pick Up

Get your favorite pizza without waiting in line

I received a gift card from Little Ceasars to facilitate this post.

  The kids are back in school and we are back to busy. From the time the boys get home from school, it seems that life gets crazy and there is never enough time. Some days we are so busy that it is hard to get dinner on the table. By the end of the week, we are all tired and ready for our family night. Our favorite way to enjoy family night is with pizza and a movie. I am glad that Little Caesars App on my phone lets me order pizza with our favorite toppings with a touch of a button. The best part is my pizza is ready when I arrive since I already paid for it. I just head to the counter and ask for my pizza.

  My boys were excited to try out Little Caesars New App. We ordered our pizza with plenty of our favorite toppings from Little Caesar's mobile app then jumped into the car to pick up the delicious pizza. When we arrived at our nearest Little Caesars we headed straight to the pickup area and asked for our pizzas. I loved that I did not have to wait in a long line. My boys were surprised that I did not have to wait in line to pay for our pizza. I told my boys that this smart mom already paid for the pizzas. That way we could get to our pizza and movie night quicker.

No more having to settle for cheese or pepperoni pizzas

  I am so used to having to grab those $5 large cheese or pepperoni Hot-N-Ready pizzas on busy school nights that I was overjoyed to get some green chile on my pizza. The boys were happy for their favorite pepperoni pizza topping and my husband was shocked to see sausage on his pizza. I love that I can order pizza my way through an app on my phone.

Check out Little Caesars RESERVE-N-READY™ service

 When I was picking up my pizza, I notice this coming soon sign and a pizza holding box. I just had to know what that was all about so I asked the guy behind the counter. He told me that it a self-service pick-up station that would allow customers to order their pizza from the Little Ceasar's App and pick it up Without having to stand in a line. Customers basically order and pay for their pizza from their phone and then head to the Pizza Portal. Then they punch in a 3-digit code and the door opens so they can grab their pizza. With this new technology, one doesn't even have to even talk to the guy behind the counter. Unless they want to say hello and thank you for making my pizza. No more waiting in a line and being able to order pizza with toppings other than pepperoni is awesome to me. I can't wait to try the RESERVE-N-READY™ service next time we order pizza.

  Little Caesars knows that people are busy with hectic schedules and want a simpler way to grab their favorite pizza. So they made it easy with their mobile ordering app to get your favorite pizza fast when the time is not on your side. Little Caesars uses quality ingredients on these customized grab and go pizzas, like fresh, never frozen mozzarella and muenster cheese. Did you know that their pizza dough is made fresh daily? They also make their sauce from fresh-packed, vine-ripened California crushed tomatoes. My store in New Mexico also carries green chile!

We loved our pizza!

  The boys all the gooey cheese on their pizza .My husband was surprised when I told him the pizza was from Little Caesars as he never knew that you could get other toppings on their pizzas. Our nearest Little Caesars is around the corner from his Cub Scout troop meeting place so he will be using the mobile app next time the troop has a special event that calls for pizza.

The Little Caesars app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.

What topping would you order on your 'Pizza Pizza' with 
         Little Caesars RESERVE-N-READY™ service?


GiGi Eats said...

I loveee ordering before going and then just having to pick up the grub! I don't wanna wait, especially when I am hangry. It's NOT a good look on me, hahahahaha!

Jack Marbida said...

I JUST WANT TO SAY, I LOVE PIZZA! And you have made my cravings more intensified. i will get one when i get home.

Monidipa Dutta said...

I just love Pizza..!!! We don't have little caesars here but I can always order a take out at dominoes.

Unknown said...

We love Little Caesar's in our home and have loved the PIzza Portal! It's super easy and convenient to use!

HealthyFitCouple said...

I haven't had Little Ceasar's in years! Their crazy bread was addicting! Not sure if they still sell it.

Vaibhav Mehta said...

Pizza is love. Pizza is life. Ordering one straightaway..Caesar or no Caesar lol LOOKS GREAT in the pictures though!!

Ruth I said...

Oh fab! This is such a great way to order pizza. I love that you don't need to fall in line or wait for the delivery. The pizza looks so delicious!

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

I absolutely love Little Caesar's and wish they would bring back the Pretzel Pizza!

London Mumma said...

Little Cesars now has me feeling hungry. I love the sound of this great for families and if you are in a hurry to be fed.

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