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Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Best Toys For Tween Boys Gift Guide

These toys are great for tween boys!

Now that my boys are tweens, buying them toys for gifts is getting more difficult and I am being more selective on what I buy as they already have too many toys. So I look for toys that will keep them busy for more than a day. I made a list of some of the toys that my boys have been enjoying. I hope my list helps you with your Christmas holiday gift shopping. I can see most of these toys being hot holiday toys of the season and being on many kid's Christmas wish list. So if you are trying to help Santa this year, then take a look at some toys that my boys and I checked out. My boys loved being Santa's little helpers.

Plug & Play Video Games

     My boys are one of the few kids who do not have a video game system. They do play video games on the computer though so this mom decided to get them some classic video games that their dad would have a blast playing along with them. These pug & play products are affordable and just require a TV. They are simple to install and kids will learn the joys of playing games like Pac-Man with the included controller. Since this sample arrived so close to Christmas, my boys did not get a chance to check it out and will find the game under the tree. Look for a review after the holidays on my Youtube channel.

 AtGames has announced the “Blast!” family of products. These “plug & play” products include an HDMI dongle and wireless controller bundles and feature eight to 20 classic video game titles per model. These new hardware products are now available at major U.S. and Canadian retailers and retail for between $19.99 and $39.99.

Website: https://www.atgames.net/


Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Track Glow In The Dark Race Set

My boys really loved this RC race car track set. It was easy to build and had over 300 flexible track pieces that can build side-by-side race tracks which can grow up to 25 feet in length. My boys loved that they could build the track in many different ways. We made a video of the RC track also. Check out my full review of this flexible Track Set

Website: Skullduggery.com


Razor A5 Lux Scooter 

 The A5 Lux Scooter supports up to 220 pounds and has a height adjustable handle as well as a bigger foot platform, making this a perfect scooter for older kids. Even dad can ride on this study scooter. I can see the A5 Lux Scooter lasting well beyond the teenage years. This scooter even folds up to fit in a backpack.

                                              Website: https://www.razor.com/

                                           Razor Spark Ultra Kick Scooter

Remember when you rode your bike as a kid and you slammed on the breaks to make skid marks on the road? Well, that is the kind of fun that you get with the Spark Ultra and it leaves no marks on the road, just a flash of light. This scooter needs no batteries as the sparks are made by a foot activated Spark Bar! The Spark Ultra has a height adjustable handle and holds kids up to 143 pounds.

See my full review of these awesome scooters as well as videos.


Adventure Force Thermal Tracker

The Adventure Force Thermal Tracker by Buzz Bee Toys provides unbeatable target protection. Its heat-seeking scope detects a heat source up to 60 feet away, and its crosshairs will turn red when on target! Coupled with blasting power of up to 100 feet, your opponent's escape is near impossible. The rail adapter allows for complete customization - offering the ability to add or interchange parts with other brand's accessories or place this scope on other brand's blasters. Includes blaster, 10 long distance darts, 10 count dart clip, heat-seeking scope, and rail adapter. Available at Wal-Mart.

Head on over here to see my full review enter to win an Adventure Force Thermal Tracker


Sticky the Plunger With Sticky Poo

Poop toys are the latest craze with kids and it leaves me shaking my head why. Parents may not get it but kids love the idea of throwing poop at the wall. Thankfully the Sticky the Plunger With Sticky Poop is a plastic sticky toy set that comes with two plungers and a customizable target. My boys loved throwing the poo and seeing it stick to the wall. The plungers and poop are super sticky and do not leave any marks on the wall. Just pull it off and toss it again. For even more fun, you can place a photo of a person in the toilet target and take out those frustrations by throwing poop at them. Great make-believe gross-out fun for kids. My boys had a blast throwing the sticky piece of poop at the wall, even mom joined in on the fun.

Flying Sushi Kitchen

Do you have what it takes to be a Flying Sushi chef? Challenge your friends and family to this fast-paced concentration game to find out. The Flying Sushi Kitchen had my boys plucking the flying sushi balls out of the air with chopsticks in a fast-paced game that had them racing to see who could fill their sushi tray up first before the time ran out. This game can be played solo or up to four players. My boys had a fun time trying to catch the sushi pieces that were flying in the air. Make sure to check out a video on the below website.

Smooshy Mushy 

These squishy Smooshy Mushy toys were so much fun to squeeze. My boys said that these are the craze with kids. These squishy toys slowly rise back up after you squeeze them. Some of them even had a sweet scent. We received a toy from the Bento line but there are many more of the soft toys to collect. I can see these soft toys being great for helping my boys concentrate on their schoolwork.

Helix Power Swing

My boys had a blast with this football-shaped toy that flies through the air. You simply pull the string of the Helix Power Swing and launch the ball into the air. As this light-weight ball flies it lets out a howl. This E-Z Grip ball uses Unique Sin Technology to travel up to 350 feet. It is a great to for the park or beach. This ball can be tossed up in the air for solo play or you can play catch with it. Watch a video of it in action.

Cut The Wire

       Cut The Wire is a fun game of luck! You are challenged to defuse the device as quickly as possible by testing each of the wires. The aim of the game is to figure out which wire is the special defuse wire! Take turns to review the clues that flash up on the device and then have a go at cutting the wire. The game includes special wire clippers that help players cut the wires. Players listen for clues and try to diffuse the device quickly before it explodes. This one took a while to figure out how to play but once dad helped my boys understand how to play the game, my boys had fun taking turns cutting the wires. Make sure to watch the video on the game's website.

Pace Maker Extreme

   Pace Maker Extreme is a fast-paced multiplayer game, where players try to outwit their opponents by thinking quick and keeping the pace. The game starts slowly, but quickly speeds up and requires concentration. Watch out, it can be a little shocking! This game will test your coordination and rhythm! This game can be played with 2-8 players and is recommended for kids 14+ as it emits an electrical shock. My boys loved this game and thought it was such fun to get shocked. My older son kept asking me to play the game but I do not understand the thrill of feeling pain. My son said," it does not hurt mom" but he sure did jump every time he received a shock from the game. Make sure to watch the video on the game's website.


Your identity has been stolen by a group of villains and is saved inside a super-advanced console. You are in possession of the console and your Hackathon Spy Code squad has instructions to hack and retrieve the secret information. However, only one person can see and work on the console at a time. You can only hear each other. Work together, keep talking and start decoding the console. There are eight modules. You have limited time and there is no room for mistakes. This is a fun game for kids who love decoding and spy toys. The game can be played with 2-9 players. This game made some interesting sounds. The game will take you us parents back in time as the game starts with the sound that dial-up internet made every time you connected to the internet. My boys had fun trying to hack the codes and when they did they felt such joy of accomplishment. Make sure to watch the video on the game's website.

Stikbot Monsters and Dinos 

    These Stikbot poseable creatures are great for making videos. You simply move their arms and legs so you can take still motion videos. The creatures also have suction cups on their hands and legs so they can be stuck on things like windows and fridges. Then kids can make movies with their phone. We did not get the studio maker so my boys did not get to make any movies but this picture kind of explains the toy. My boys did have fun playing with the bendable figures and sticking them onto the windows. There are many creatures to collect so movie making can be a blast.


 Stone Garden Transfer Art 

Turn rocks and stones into pieces of art! This kit is your guide to transferring and painting images onto stones of all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. My boys and I had fun painting the rocks. These rocks will look nice in my garden. Includes the following materials: 

  • 8 rub-on transfers in various shapes, including a butterfly, heart, a bird, and more
  • 4 small river stones
  • 2 paint brushes
  • 1 foam brush
  • an acrylic set of paints in 6 vibrant colors
  • clear coat to seal your finished work of art
  • 48-page instruction booklet.
                                                       Website: https://www.quartoknows.com/


                     Adventure Force Commandfire

This Motorized Full-Auto Dart Hopper holds 80 darts and is a fast action shooting dart blaster. Check out the stats on the awesome Adventure Force Commandfire:

Includes 80 high-performance darts that fly up to 80 feet

• High-tech dart hopper loading system

• Loads 40 darts in seconds

• Holds up to 80 darts – 40 in dart hopper, 40 in the storage compartment

• Darts compatible with All Adventure Force blasters and most standard Nerf blasters.

• Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

• Ages 8+

                                 Website: https://dartzoneblasters.com/

                                       Adventure Force Quantum 

 This blaster has an auto-blasting feature that holds up to 100 rounds and looks very powerful.  These orange balls sure do fly fast and far.

• Includes 75 Tactical Strike Rounds
• High capacity hopper holds up to 100 rounds
• Full-Auto Blasting
• Up to 100 FPS Motorized flywheels
• Anti-jam auto release button
• 6 team color markers quick-snap on each side of the blaster (2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green)
• Requires 6 D batteries (not included) or compatible with Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack. Battery Pack sold separately.
• Tactical Strike rounds are compatible with all Tactical Strike ball blasters & most standard Nerf Rival Blasters.

• Ages 14+

                                   Website: https://dartzoneblasters.com/

See my full review and a video of the Adventure Force Commandfire and  Adventure Force Quantum here:



               Glow-in-the-Dark SLIMYGLOOP Mix-Em’s

Skip the mess and get straight to the fun with SLIMYGLOOP MIX'EMS! Simply remove the ready-made Glow-in-the-Dark SLIMYGLOOP from the reusable storage container and start mixing. Fold in shining silver moons, glow-in-the-dark pony beads, and glow-in-the-dark wiggly eyes. Turn out the lights and watch it glow! Squeeze it, stretch it, twist it, squish it -- SLIMYGLOOP MIX'EMS is an easy and fun sensory experience that kids will love. Recommended for ages 3 years and up!

Kit Includes 50 Glow-in-the-Dark Wiggly Eyes, 1g Silver Moon Spangles, 50 Glow-in-the-Dark Pony Beads, 2.5 oz Pre-Made Glow-in-the-Dark SLIMYGLOOP™

Availability: Target


Create squishy, slimy spheres with OOZ-O’S™! Simply combine the included ingredients to form oozing slimy spheres that are ready for popping, squeezing and squishing to reveal sparkling colorful goo inside! Each kit includes an OOZ-O’S™ Maker, 3 colors of paint, and embellishments or toys to go inside. Creating OOZ-O’S™ is a fun, hands-on way to introduce kids to chemistry and express creativity. Adult supervision required. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Availability: Target


  Regarded as the modern day Hacky Sack, Spinnobi can be bounced off your foot, knee, hand or head while it spins continuously. Launch it at targets or into a bucket. The tricks and challenges on our site will keep kids entertained - and active! - for hours. My boys like to spin this toy and love how it bounces on the tile floor. The other tricks like bouncing off their legs are challenging for them. The toy is keeping them occupied though as they want to learn the tricks. Make sure to watch the videos on the website.

Website: https://spinnobi.com/

Watch this video to see how the toy works.


 Countdown the days to Christmas with hockey

  It’s time to face off on the ice! The NHL® Advent Calendar is a great way for older kids to countdown the days to Christmas. This Road to the Cup contains twenty-four surprise items for kids to discover each day. The items are all related to hockey and create a cool scene on an ice skating rink. My boys are excited to discover the unique items like NHL flags, the Stanley Cup, pucks, and more.

Website: https://www.playmobil.us/

 This is just one of the many Advent calendars that Playmobil sells. We also received Christmas Post Office and will be donating that one to a toy drive that my church is hosting.


Dart blasters with built-in walkie talkies

 The perfect present for kids and kids-at-heart is the Buzz Bee Toys Air Warrior Covert Squad dart blaster! This pair of blasters allows you to team up and embark on a covert mission. Each blaster has a built-in Walkie Talkie with earbud communication that works up to 300 feet so your opponents won’t hear you coming. With blasting power up to 100 feet, you will be unbeatable! My boys loved how far the darts flew from the blasters and the walkie-talkies would be fun for a team game at the park with their friends.

Website: https://www.target.com


A game that has you guessing the smell

  As the holidays approach, hosts everywhere are preparing menus and decorations. Now, how do you entertain the guests after their bellies are filled?

  That's where What's That Smell? ™ comes in: an Amazon Top 100 game challenging those brave enough to guess scents ranging from roses to rotting garbage and everything in between. Hosts won't have to worry about pleasing older or younger guests because everyone can play at once without the awkward moment's other games may cause. My boys thought that playing a game with smells was awesome! They really loved it when mom got the awful smells like diaper blowout. This game came with scented cards that you had to smell and then try to guess the scent. Some of the scents were pleasant like apple pie but others were downright nasty.

Website: https://whatsthatsmell.wowwee.com/

                   A book filled with tons of facts

  What were the most memorable milestones of 2018? How did the #MeToo movement launch a global conversation on sexual misconduct? How did the British royal wedding break with tradition?  While 2018 may be coming to a close, its events will live on in The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2019, available December 4. The latest edition of America’s best-selling reference book rounds up the events that made the year 2018 unique and will become your go-to source for the year ahead.

The World Almanac takes a look back at 2018 while providing all the information you’ll need in 2019. This book will keep my boys entertained for hours as they read up on facts. This book is so loaded with information that kids will never be able to read it all. Thank goodness for the index that helps them find out what section to read like sports, news, entertainment and more.

Website: http://www.worldalmanac.com/


Which holiday toy is your favorite?


Mary said...

I so much needed to read this! I have a friend who has tween boys and this info comes in handy.

Monidipa said...

I love toys. I am grown up so I cant play but I love reading about them.

priyanka said...

Great to see so many toys after a long long time. I love to ride that scooter, and I think kids too love it.

Joan said...

Oh yes, I have boys so this is right up my alley I need to find a present early this year.

AiringMyLaundry said...

What awesome ideas! My kids would enjoy a lot of these. They have those scooters and love them.

Lili said...

My nephews would definitely enjoy these toys. I will consider getting some for them for Christmas.

kumamonjeng said...

I think my nephew would very glad to receive A Lux scooter and blue is his favorite color. I like how there is a bigger foot platform so it is safer to ride.

Reika Misaki said...

My niece loves these kinds of toys. I'm sure she'll enjoy it as well!

Yvonne W. said...

I think 13 yr old Ricky would especially like the
Adventure Force Thermal Tracker
Helix Power Swing
Cut The Wire
and Pace Maker Extreme

I also think 11 yr old Cloey would like
Smooshy Mushy
Flying Sushi Kitchen
Stone Garden Transfer Kit

and I think they would BOTH like the
Scooter and
Sticky the Plunger with Sticky Poo Hahaha!

Unknown said...

I love the Max Flex track! We have a smaller version, but I bet the kids would love a full sized track!

What Corinne Did said...

Such a great selection of toys! I think girls would love them too! That scouter would have made me so happy as a teenager!

Charlene said...

Ha ha! Awesome list. I find this such an awkward age to buy for. I might stock up this lot would keep me going for a while.

Maysz said...

Perfect Ideas! now I have an idea what are my gifts for my godchildren in Christmas. Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer L said...

I have friends with boys in this age group and they would seriously love every toy on the list. I could see them having fun with the glow and the dark race set.

Rupy said...

These toys are perfect for gift ideas. I have a nephew who love toys I will gift one of these to him.

Grace said...

Lovely ideas. These toys will definitely a hit for my nephew. Thanks for sharing this to us

Anosa Malanga said...

Good thing you have this as early as now. I have been checking out my list and making the list of the gifts that I need to buy to avoid hurrying up for the holidays.

Unknown said...

So many great ideas! My favorite has to be the flying sushi kitchen. It looks fun to play with family and friends.

Nina said...

That sushi kit is so adorable! That definitely wasn't a toy that I had as a child. I don't think sushi was really popular in the US at that time though. Also that poop and toilet toy is too funny.

Delhifundos said...

Always a tough task. You gave us so many choices. Thanks for the idea.

Carol said...

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