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Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Benefits of Using Faux Plants and Flowers for Home Décor

  I love faux plants and this article explains the many benefits of why they are great for home decor. 

 Faux flowers and plants have become quite popular in the recent times and there are obvious
benefits to these low maintenance artificial stuff as they provide immediate decoration, are
reasonably priced, and do not require extra care. Plants, whether live or artificial, instill a sense
of tranquility and well being. The presence of greenery offers a serene atmosphere and creates a
warm and inviting space. But why should you opt for faux flowers and plants over the actual
thing? Let us take a look at the benefits of utilizing artificial flowers and plants for home décor.

They are extremely cost-effective options

 Keeping your home filled with real flowers and plants can be a costly practice as they will need
to be changed at least each fortnight. On the other hand, high-quality artificial plants and flowers
can be expensive to buy initially, however, they are an investment which will see you through
several years if cared for, thus proving cost-effective in the long run.

They are non-toxic in nature

 One of the most wearisome aspects of indoor plant keeping is that many varieties can be toxic to
pets as well as humans. Thus, keeping these plants and flowers within the house can prove to be
risky. The artificial trees and flowers are the easiest and safest options for homes with pets and
kids as they are non-toxic in nature.

They stay fresh all through the year

 One of the most major benefits of opting for artificial palm trees and flowers in the home is that
no matter the weather condition or season, they will continue to look fresh and new. These fake
trees are not vulnerable to the climate and thus can look fresh even during the hotter and colder
months. Real flowers are heavily dictated by the seasons so if you want to display your favorite
blooms all through the year, faux flowers are the only option that is available. The wholesale
artificial trees and plants when placed add fabulous finishing touches to any room.

They Last Forever

 With the faux plants and flowers, you will never have to worry about replacing them until you
want to change the décor completely. Moreover, these plants and flowers do not droop or wilt
like that of the real counterparts.

They require little or no maintenance

  Unlike live plants, you would not have to worry about watering or making sure your flowers are
getting adequate sunlight or fertilizer. You will never have to ask the neighbors to check on your
plants while you are on vacation. Most of the faux plants and flowers arrangements do not
require any kind of special maintenance to keep them looking their best. If your flowers start
accumulating dust, you can simply wipe them gently with a cloth.

They are allergy free

  Real flowers are not ideal for homes or public spaces where people may experience allergies to
certain plants or pollen. The strong scent of some flowers can even impact those with asthma.
Luckily, everyone can enjoy the attractiveness of artificial flowers without suffering from such
symptoms. This is especially important in spaces such as restaurants, offices, and hotels and
other public places.

They are lifelike and realistic

  Faux plants and flowers are designed to look realistic and have radically increased in quality
over the last few decades. These artificial plants feature intricate details such as veins on petals
and leaves, imitation pollen on stems, and even natural texture. Some arrangements also
comprise acrylic water for added realism.

They can be placed almost anywhere within the home

 The trend of keeping plants has spread across every room of the house from drawing rooms to
bathrooms, however many spaces in the home can be lacking in the main aspect which keeps
plants blooming such as sunlight. For windowless or darker rooms artificial varieties are a must.
Faux flowers and plants in bathrooms also give a marvelously fresh, clean and soothing feel
which make for a tranquil spa-like bathroom space.

They are able to boost mood and morale

 Having plants in the workplace has been proven to boost the productivity and morale of the
employees’, as well as their general health and well-being. Similarly, when placed within the
home they can not only add to the beauty of the house but can also help in boosting the mood
and morale of the homeowners.

 You are not limited by design

  One of the best things about utilizing fake plants in venues for hospitality is that you can actually
be creative. As well as being available in a range of sizes, colors, and plant types, artificial plants
can also be hung upside down, placed in very remote places of the home.

They give a feeling of smoothness and style

  According to the doctors,’ it is always better to avoid the natural plants in the bedroom as they
release carbon dioxide at nighttime. Artificial plants give a feeling of smoothness and style and
they do not out carbon dioxide at night. Thus they can be positioned on the side table adjacent to
the beds.

They can act as the main focal point or centerpiece

  Centerpieces on the dining table combining different colors of flowers and green plants look
magnificent. Creeper or large plants a hanging from the ceiling in the corners gives a different
dimension to this room. One can even have a perpendicular wall made up of artificial plants for
an exclusive look.


  Faux plants and flowers can give a very diverse feel to any environment. They lend color and
beauty to a room if placed in key locations such as a window sill or coffee table. These artificial
items can be used not only to decorate homes but also hotels, restaurants, and offices. Artificial
plants made in the right way can give a special touch, a realistic feel, stylishness, and
sophistication without the maintenance problems compared to real plants. Thus, decorating the
home with faux plants and flowers is highly recommended.

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