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Friday, October 26, 2018

How to Make Kitchen Walls Livelier Than Ever Before?

 Is the kitchen your favorite room?

 The first place where you set eyes on when you enter a house or a room is the walls. The walls are not only the support system of the building as such but the life of the home as well. This holds true for each and every room of the house whether it is the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, or the kitchen.

 The kitchen is often left out due to various reasons. It is the domain of the homemaker, yet she has to decorate it only with the pots and pans she uses to give you delicious and nourishing meals. You can make it a special place for her and show your gratitude by decorating the kitchen as well. Make the kitchen wall lively and energetic by using some of the tips given below.

1. Wall Hangings
 Go in for wall hangings which are colorful and pretty. Just one or two will also suffice as most kitchens will have lots of storage cabinets using up the walls. Hang a favorite photo frame with a happy family and other good memories. The walls automatically come alive. You could also hang a butterfly, a bird, a duckling, a puppy, a ship or any other picture of your choice. Create a contemporary look with wall art like 3d bamboo wall panels, 3d wall art designs, or 3d modular wall panels. 

2. Lighting
 Lights always add to the look of the place. A dark and dingy kitchen is no good for cooking food and eating to live. Fix some pretty lights in the kitchen. Put them behind decorative ceiling panels. You could even just fix led wall panels.  Whatever you choose, the kitchen walls will bring to life the dull and boring kitchen walls. Fix some lights on the back walls of the open shelves as well. This too brightens up the room.

3. Drapes and Tapestry
 Every kitchen must have a window and of course, a door leading to it. You can brighten up the walls by hanging pretty and colorful drapes or blinds on the windows. The drapes will brighten up the walls around them. Use nice floral, dotted, striped, or other bold patterns for the drapes. Similarly, hang pretty curtains on the door. Take care to tie up the drapes as you don’t want fire accidents happening in the kitchen. Take care of the materials too. Nylon and other artificial materials are a strict no-no for the kitchen. Use cotton or linen.

4. Colors
 Life is dull and gray without colors in it. And so is your kitchen. Bring in color to the kitchen through towels, window sills, knobs, handles, and kitchen storage cabinets.  Further, of course, go in for wall panels in numerous hues and patterns like weaves, pops, perforated, warps, and weathered looks.

You can choose various colors according to the results or changes that you want in your life. Shades of
blues will reduce stress and make you happier
greens will give you balance and stability
yellows will bring in energy and brightness
light blues, whites, and greens will give spaciousness to the kitchen

5. Themes
 If you have space and the budget, go in for a theme look for your kitchen.  Choose whether you want your kitchen to look at High Tech or Urban; like a farmhouse or a Mediterranean home. There are panels to give you every look or theme that you want. Brighten up the kitchen walls with these panels.

 Add geometric finish by simply adding a border to the cabinets, shelves, and corners. These go well in contrast to the walls and add life to them.

6. Wall Finishes
 Paints and emulsions are harmful to the kitchen and should be avoided as much as possible. Wallpapers are also a bit dangerous. Try using the versatile wall panels like wainscoting panels, shell mosaic wall tiles or 3d tiles for kitchen. These suit all budgets and are very easy to maintain. Just touch them up once in a while. There is no need for painting them with expensive paints and emulsions.

7. Other hanging Items
 Add brightness and life to the kitchen with hanging baskets in various colors and useful for storage as well. You could have a hangar for hanging your pots, pans, and ladles as well. Fix some bright hooks on the walls and hang a bright towel or ladles from them. Pull out odd pieces of pottery and crockery whose sets have broken. Hang these cups, mugs, glasses, vases or plates on the walls for that pretty look. Use wall magnets to hang baskets, napkins, ladles, and small pots and pans.

8. Nature
  Bring in some nature into the kitchen. Hang a few pretty flowers or vines. Place a pot with some plants.

9. Storage Spaces
 Use the walls of the kitchen to the best of their utility. Keep them looking pretty too. How do you do that? Well, you could have storage shelves or cabinets either from wall to ceiling or those with a gap for a kitchen top counter too. In any case, have a combination of open and closed shelves. This breaks the monotony of the room and also gives you the option to place some colorful decorative items on the shelves. You can display your pottery and bring in some color.

10. Collages
 Make a focal point on any wall of the kitchen. Paint a mural on it or create a beautiful collage of photos, flowers, wall panels, curios, pottery etc. Make this stand out in the room and see how alive you and your kitchen will feel.

 A lively kitchen will lift up the mood and morale of the homemaker who spends a large part of the day in it. She sweats and toils for you. But you can put in simple, yet effective efforts and ideas to liven up this room.

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