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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Adventure Force Commandfire Is The Best Toy Ever & Giveaway

Drooling over the Adventure Force Commandfire!

     I received samples from Dart Zone to facilitate this post.

  My boys sure do love Dart Blasters and have a huge collection of them. The boys have a special dresser that they store all the foam launchers in. Who cares about clothes, must protect the cool toys. I think they have enough dart blasters to equip an army camp. Most of their Dart Blasters came from their older brother who is also a Dart Blaster fanatic. I think that my boys dream about dart blaster fights. When my boys have TV time they like to watch Youtube channels about Dart Blasters. Sometimes they watch Youtube vloggers talking about the crazy dart shooting machines and other times they watch kids having crazy competitions. My boys even like to watch videos to learn how to modify the blasters. A neighbor gave them his old collection of dart blasters and most of them did not work so the boys spent all summer taking the machines apart to see how they work. Then they tried to make new dart blasters with the scattered parts. My dining room table was a mess of plastic pieces from all the dart launchers but I did not care as they were learning about STEM in so many ways. I think the boys were able to reconstruct most of the dart blasters back together.

I think that my boys dream about dart blaster fights.

  When my boys heard that this awesome mom scored an Adventure Force Commandfire and the Adventure Force Quantum From Prime Time Toys they were so excited. My boys told me that these dart shooters were the hottest toys on Youtube and that their favorite channel just reviewed them. My boys thought that I was the most awesome mom! My boys could not wait for the delivery truck to deliver the goods. I think that they bugged me every day asking when the dart launchers were coming. When the huge box arrived the boys exploded with excitement. The boys knew that they had to wait for the weekend to play with the awesome Dart Blasters and it was so hard for them to wait. Every day the boys would drool over the launchers and read the boxes. They were glad that mom got extra foam darts and Tactical Strike Rounds as a fun competition always requires lots of safe ammo.

Foam darts and Tactical Strike Rounds refills are the best

 I don't know about your kids and how they play with their dart blasters but there never seems to be enough foam darts and balls. So I was glad that Dart Zone Blasters sells huge refills of foam darts and foam balls that way the fun can last longer. That means less time reloading and more time in the action. Sure I may forever find foam darts all over my house but that's Ok with me as my boys are having non-screen time active fun play.

Where is the weirdest place that you have found a foam dart?

Adventure Force Commandfire

 When my boys load up the Motorized Full-Auto Dart Hopper that holds 80 darts, they are ready for action. As they run around the house the darts fly everywhere. I mean everywhere. I have found those foam darts in the laundry basket and in the bathroom. I think dad even found them in his shoe. I am always tripping over those foam darts. Check out the stats on the awesome Adventure Force Commandfire:

Includes 80 high-performance darts that fly up to 80 feet
• High-tech dart hopper loading system
• Loads 40 darts in seconds
• Holds up to 80 darts – 40 in dart hopper, 40 in the storage compartment
• Darts compatible with All Adventure Force blasters and most standard Nerf blasters.
• Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).

• Ages 8+

The Adventure Force Quantum was so exciting!

  My boys had never owned a dart blaster that shoots foam balls so they were so excited to check it out. My boys were wondering why the box said ages 14+ and I assume that is because the balls can be more forceful. This blaster had an auto-blasting feature that holds up to 100 rounds and looked very powerful to me. So we checked out this one at the park to be on the safe side as I did not want any broken items in my house. These orange balls sure did fly fast and far. The boys were glad for the bright color as they made them easier to find once the game was over. Check out the stats on the Adventure Force Quantum:

• Includes 75 Tactical Strike Rounds
• High capacity hopper holds up to 100 rounds
• Full-Auto Blasting
• Up to 100 FPS Motorized flywheels
• Anti-jam auto release button
• 6 team color markers quick-snap on each side of the blaster (2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green)
• Requires 6 D batteries (not included) or compatible with Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack. Battery Pack sold separately.
• Tactical Strike rounds are compatible with all Tactical Strike ball blasters & most standard Nerf Rival Blasters.
• Ages 14+

So much fun!

  The boys can't wait until they see their friends. They want to show them their new awesome dart blasters. My boys love having battles with their friends and I love all the exercise that they get running around the park. It is crazy, noisy boy fun. Now, this mom needs to join in the fun and try these cool toys that launch tons of foam darts and foam balls,

This year be the cool mom, dad, aunt, uncle, etc and buy your favorite kid the best toy that tween boys love.  

Head over here to get all the info that you need on these mega fun dart blasters. Then head over to my Gift Guide For Tweens Boys to get more great gift ideas for Christmas shopping.


Want to win the same items that my boys checked out?

Dart Zone is giving away free blasters for 12 weeks!! 4 winners a week!! Enter to win TODAY!!!

Head over to the Dart Zone Blasters Facebook page and check out their awesome giveaway!

Watch the Adventure Force Commandfire in action

Watch the  Adventure Force Quantum in action


Unknown said...

this looks like a lot of fun. my nephews would love to try this

Granmama15 said...

My grandson would love to win this so he could shoot his sisters that gang up on him now and then.
Thank you for the opportunity!

Brittany Vantrease said...

My kids are just getting into the Nerf Guns. I didn't know that there were other other companies who sold a similar product. I also didn't know that there were guns that shot balls. Oh boy! I find darts in the cold air ducts, the toaster, just about anywhere a dart can fly to.

Oscar A. Díaz said...

This brings back memories, puts a smile on my face! Those kind of toys are so much fun to play with!!

Sara Welch said...

Those are such a blast. The kids really go all out with them too.

Cynthia Nicoletti said...

What a fun giveaway, my nephew would love one of these for sure !!

Candace said...

OMG!! I used to have similar toys when I was a child and I had so much fun. Kids need more of these and less technology. Great giveaway! Thank you for sharing the good stuff!


Angela Campos said...

Oh, haha! My son had one of these when he was younger. I still find them from time to time outside :-)

ohmummymia said...

Oh wow those toys look awesome. My son is to small for it but I bet he would be thrilled

David Elliott said...

That's such a great toy there. I know my daughter would love these as she was just taking out her foam blasters this weekend and she's 12. She just loves it and I know she would love these.

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