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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Best Educational & Fun Gifts For Babies & Toddlers

Check out my favorite holiday gifts for my grandbaby.

          I received samples of toys to facilitate this post.

  This Christmas is going to be so exciting with the newest member of the family. It will be so fun to spoil my new grandbaby with lots of toys. This will be the baby's first Christmas so it will be all so new to her. I am so happy that my daughter will be living in Albuquerque. This grandma already has a collection of toys stored away for future holidays and birthdays. My granddaughter may not be ready for some of these toys but I wanted to share them with readers who have toddlers.

The best gifts are ones that teach through play

  I think most toys are teaching baby's something as they are always learning new things. The gifts that I selected as my favorites are great teaching through play toys. I like these toys as they bright and colorful. They also teach little one's things like ABC's, numbers, colors, reading and more. These are also toys that give children many years of play, especially the ABC's toys as it can teaching them colors, matching, reading, and even writing skills.

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This cute bee helps babies learn their ABEECs!

 The AlphaBee is a friendly bumble bee that helps toddlers learn ABCs, 123s, and shapes! This friendly bumblebee carrying case opens to reveal a three-in-one learning activity set that comes with brightly colored shapes that babies can boost those fine motor skills as the place them in the correct spot or on the included activity cards. The case has a sturdy latch and handle so this is the perfect learning to take on the go to places like grandmas or the doctors.

Ages: 2+
MSRP: $19.99
Available online at Amazon or Learning Resources


Connect colorful elephants to learn ABC

These Snap-n-Learn® ABC Elephants are on parade and they’re bringing the alphabet with them! Babies will love holding these cute elephants and then learn how to connect them all while learning their alphabet. Each colorful elephant has a different letter and they connect from tail to trunk. So younger ages are learning fine motor skills while older kids can make words. The toy comes with a reusable storage tub for easy and fast cleanup.

Ages: 2+
MSRP: $19.99
Available online: Learning Resources


A soft that teaches sensory play

  The VTECH® Touch & Discover Sensory Turtle™ can be enjoyed by babies as early as three months so this will be a perfect toy for my new granddaughter this Christmas as she will be almost 4 months by then. I love that this toy can be enjoyed without the electronic part when they are little. My grandbaby can get some great fine motor skills and sensory play as she touches the different textures on the turtle. I love that this cute colorful turtle is also soft so little ones will not be hurt when they drop it. The turtle also has a mirror as babies love looking at themselves. When my granddaughter gets older, her mom can turn the turtle on so the baby can press the buttons to learn her colors. This cute plush will be great for long car ride entertainment.

Ages: 3mths+
MSRP: $19.99
Available online: vtechkids


A cute puppy that makes storytime fun

 This cute LEAPFROG® Storytime Buddy™  will be great for storytime and helping my grandbaby fall asleep. This cute puppy is soft so it can stay in bed with them and maybe when the baby wakes up she will play with the toy for a bit so mom can get that much-needed sleep. This toy will encourage a love for reading in young kids while helping them learn numbers, shapes, and other items. It is never to early to start reading to babies.

Ages: 2+
MSRP: $34.99
Available onlineLeapFrog


A backpack filled with exciting learning

The Go-with-Me ABC Backpack™  teaches little ones their ABC's with colorful letters that also help with learning fine motor skills. Toddlers can place the letters in the spaces or use the attached pencil to draw with on the draw and erase board. The screen shows how to write each letter step-by-step and then shows how to turn each letter into animals. Inserting the 26 letter pieces into the letter spaces teaches the letter name, letter sound, an animal that begins with that letter and more. Little learners can play seven different activities and when they’re done, the plastic backpack holds all the pieces inside. Clip the backpack closed and wear like a real backpack for learning on the go.

Ages: 2-6
MSRP: $29.99
Available online: LeapFrog


An adorable interactive monkey

This cute Fingerlings® HUGS™ is made for toddlers but I think babies would enjoy listening to the cute sounds that it makes. This soft toy monkey from WowWee makes the cutest sounds when you swing them, pet them or rock them to sleep. When you kiss the monkey, they even kiss back. You can even record your voice on the soft plush monkey and it will repeat what you say.

Ages: 2+

MSRP: $29.99
Available online: Fingerlings   


The World of Eric Carle Around the Farm Game Tin

For the littlest budding farmers comes the darling game where they have to reunite baby animals with their parents.

Based on Eric Carle's best-selling book, players spend a fun-filled day Around the Farm helping baby animals find their way home. Player spin the spinner and search for baby animal cards that match their parent cards. Children learn the difference between baby and adult animals and practice their memory skills as they turn over cards to find matches. The first player to bring all his or her babes home wins!

Age range: 3+
MSRP: $11.99
Available online: Amazon

The Toy You Wished For As A Kid

  When you were a kid did you wish for a pony? I know there was many Christmas's that I asked Santa for a pony but I was always disappointed when I never received my pony. Now you can be that awesome parent and give your kid the next best thing to a pony. The best part is this ride-on pony needs no food and never makes a mess. Kids will jump for joy when they discover the PonyCycle under the Christmas tree this year. The ride on toy comes in two sizes and is made for kids ages 3-9. Your little one will feel like riding a real pony, as a natural riding motion is required to get Pony moving. Check out my full review HERE
Age range: 3+
MSRP: $199+
Available online: PonyCycle

Which toy is your favorite?


AnotherFoodBlogger said...

Some great ideas here for gifts!! Thanks for sharing and your advice

Blanca Valbuena said...

My favorite was definitely the puppy with the stories. It is so nice when the kids can have something to occupy their hands while you're reading to them. It just makes things easier.

duffelbagspouse said...

My sorority's unofficial mascot is the elephant. so I love having them as an educational tool.

AiringMyLaundry said...

These all look like such fun toy for tiny kids. I'll pass these onto friends with babies. I am long past this stage and my kids are all about money and gift cards.

Sarah Bailey said...

Now these sound like some great educational and fun toys for kids. I still need to buy some presents so I'll add these to the perhaps list.

Unknown said...

Those are all great toys! I love toys that are educational and fun!

Kristina Pedersen said...

These are great ideas! I'm always looking for educational and fun gifts for my daughter and nieces.

Jonah Mae said...

I agree that the best gifts are the ones that teach through play! I love sending educational toys to my young nephews and nieces as a gift. Thank you for sharing this. I have ideas now for Christmas gifts!

mail4rosey said...

I agree that the best gifts are the ones that you teach by play. You have a great assortment here too.

Sarah M said...

I myself believe in learning with fun. These are the best gift for babies. Today, I am going in a birthday party and I am giving the same type of toy to a year old :)

Cristina Pop said...

These look amazing! I've spotted a few that would be perfect for my nephew!

Rupy said...

These toys are amazing... Learning with playing...

What Corinne Did said...

All those toys look so great! so colorful and educational! I need to find a baby to whom gift one of those!

Anosa Malanga said...

These are indeed such very great suggestions on what to give to little kids. Great way to make learning and playing be together as one.

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Such great gift ideas! The VTECH® Touch & Discover Sensory Turtle™ is so neat, your granddaughter will surely enjoy it.

Devyani said...

My son had the leapfrog story time buddy and he LOVED it !

Amila said...

I always buy educational toys for my kid.So he learns without effort and enjoy learning new things.These are great suggestions.I like these cute elephants with alphabet.

Priyanka said...

All the toys are very good. I specially liked alphanumeric one. Fun and education side by side. Great.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

The Farm game and the bag pack would be my favorites. My little brothers would especially love them. And as you say, these are fun toys to enhance kid's learning.

Ethan Ryan said...

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