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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oven-Dried Roasted Sun Dried Tomatoes

         Got an abundance of tomatoes from your garden? Check out this delicious way to preserve fresh tomatoes. 

  I usually make oven-dried roasted tomatoes in the summer when friends give me an abundance of tomatoes from their garden. Roasting the tomatoes in the oven are very similar to sun-dried tomatoes. I like to make oven-roasted tomatoes year-round as they can be used in so many dishes. I usually make the roasted tomatoes with cherry or grape tomatoes but any size tomato will work. Oven-roasted tomatoes taste so sweet and I eat them like candy.

 You can make oven-roasted sun-dried tomatoes with any size tomatoes. Plum tomatoes are the best for roasting in the oven as you just have to slice them in half. If you are using round garden tomatoes like Beefsteak tomatoes, slice the tomato in thick slices as thin slices tend to burn. The thick tomato slices make for a nice chewy sun-dried tomato. You can even use cherry tomatoes, just slice them in half.

These tomatoes were the perfect size for roasting

 Making sweet roasted tomatoes is so easy. You just slice the tomatoes into slices and then place them on a baking sheet that is covered with a silicone sheet or parchment paper. For additional flavor, you can drizzle olive oil on the tomato slices and sprinkle them with salt. You can even sprinkle some herbs like rosemary over the sliced tomatoes. The tomatoes will cook just fine with nothing on them.

A weekend day of cooking
 You can't rush the slow roasting that the oven-dried tomatoes require. The cooking time will be 4-6 hours. So plan on making these delicious red sweet tomatoes on a day that you are going to be home for several hours. After 4 hours of cooking time, you will need to check on the slices of tomatoes every 30 minutes to see if they are becoming dry. You can oven roast them to a chewy texture that leaves the tomatoes flexible or you can keep the tomato slices a bit moist. It all depends on how you like them to taste. When the tomatoes are done roasting in the oven, make sure to store the tomato pieces in the fridge or in the freezer for longer storage.

Check out this recipe for
Roasted Tomatoes Made In The Air Fryer

  My favorite way to eat tomatoes that were roasted in the oven is on a cracker with dairy-free cream cheese. I also love using roasted tomatoes on pizza and Rosemary and Caramelized onion Focaccia. Oven-roasted tomatoes can be stored for a week in the fridge. If you don't eat them all then you can place them in a freezer bag and store in the freezer. When your garden explodes with tomatoes, just slice them up and make oven-dried roasted sun-dried tomatoes. I don't have a garden so I love making sun-dried tomatoes when tomatoes go on sale at the store. They are so easy to make.

Oven-Dried Roasted Tomatoes
  oven 250 F degrees
cook time 4- 6 hours

   Tomatoes, any kind will work but I love using cherry or plum tomatoes

 All you do is wash the tomatoes and trim off the tops. For plum tomatoes, you just cut in them half. For bigger tomatoes slice in 1/4 inch or bigger slices. Place them on parchment paper or silicone baking sheets. Sprinkle with salt. Bake them until they are dried but still flexible. The texture is similar to a moist raisin or prune. I recommend trying a couple as they bake to see what texture and taste that you prefer. If you will be using them within 1-2 weeks then they can be on the moist side. If you are freezing them to use later, make them more dried like a raisin. The smaller ones will dry quicker so check them after 4 hours. Cool on plates. 

 The roasted tomatoes are wonderful on pizza or in pasta dishes. I love to eat the dried tomatoes on crackers with cream cheese. Store them in the fridge if you will be enjoying them within 2 weeks or freeze them for longer storage. To freeze them, lay the tomatoes on a baking sheet. Then freeze for several hours in the freezer. Once the tomatoes are frozen, place them into a freezer bag. These delicious sun-dried tomatoes will last for several months in the freezer. To enjoy the tomatoes, just thaw them from the freezer or toss the tomato slices into recipes. 

When I make homemade pizza, I place the frozen tomatoes from the freezer directly on the pizza dough, no need to thaw them. 

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  13. I love sun dried tomatoes I never thought to try and make my own!

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    Such a convenient way to do so, thanks for the idea.

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