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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Staying Healthy on The Go

                                       Last week was a crazy busy week!

  This past week was super busy for me. Every day I had somewhere to go and it seems like I was in the car way too much. Between all the kid's appointments and my work appointments, my healthy eating habits went out the door. Then I threw in a flu shot and my body feels run down. I have also been blowing my nose way too much as my allergies are acting up. I was so thankful for a day to stay home so I could catch up on work and rest. Yesterday was the worst of all the days as my youngest had an allergy/ asthma testing appointment that was way early in the morning and 4 hours long if you include the driving time. Found out at the appointment that he is allergic to most all weeds, grass, mold, and trees and that amounts to allergy induced asthma. I was not surprised at the diagnosis as he was having coughing fits and breathing problems before we started allergy medicines. He takes after his mom, I would be surprised at my allergy testing if I had a dr. appointment like this. He now has an inhaler for emergencies so we won't end up in the emergency room like we did many years ago with my daughter. So now that I finally have a day at home, I am nourishing my body with healthy food, once again as my body is suffering from all the bagels and cream cheese that I have eaten this week (thanks to a new church that we checked out that sent us home with the leftovers.)

  I started my morning with a Cold, Raw "Sou-thies" instead of my usual smoothie as I was too worn out to think about making it. I love my smoothies but they are hard to take on the go, especially when you are out the door before the rest of the family wakes up and you can't run the Ninja blender, which is not quiet like a real ninja. Yesterday I did grab a protein bar but I forgot to eat it and it is still in my purse. I was really surprised that a cold soup could taste so good. The strawberries and sprouted cashews made for a great taste. I drank the whole bottle and wanted more.

  I was excited when this box of Soupure was delivered to my house today. My worn down body needed these nutrient-packed soups. I could have used these last week as they as so easy to grab and go. That may have stopped me from eating those "healthy" veggie straws which have very little veggies in them and half a container of hummus in the car. I just love how these whole food soups are nutrition powerhouses packed full of vitamins, micronutrients, and fiber. They also taste so good and the bottles fit perfectly in my car's cupholder. The soups can be drunk cold or warmed and each one has a different benefit. The strawberry's benefit was energized and it did make me feel energized that morning. Later on that day I had the Pumpkin Miso and I loved how the chunks of veggies made it feel like a meal. The taste satisfied my pumpkin craving too!

 I could have packed a whole day of these natural superfoods in my new ICEMULE™ Tote last week and avoided that trip to the store to buy those so-called healthy veggie fries. I just love how this room tote has a cooler tote in it that keeps drinks and food cold for 24 hours with just a little bit of ice or freezer packs. This tote had plenty of room to also store other healthy snacks to keep my boys happy so the youngest would not have whined for pizza. This tote also has 7 built-in pockets to hold all the other items that I need when I seem to be living in my car for the day/week. This tote will be perfect for our Disney trip next year as It holds a lot of stuff. My husband wants to borrow the cooler tote for his camping trips next year as this cooler is waterproof and it floats. That makes it perfect for those kayak trips. I really love that the cooler folds flat when not in use, making it easy to store.


  My order of Sufficient-C® High Dose Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix also arrived today which was perfectly timed as I am not quite sure if my runny nose is due to allergies or a cold that is coming on. Either way, this refreshing delicious peachy drink is giving my body a wonderful vitamin C immune boost that it needs. This drink has 2000 MG of non-GMO vitamin C in it along with some green tea to give my rundown body some energy. Unlike other immune drinks that I have used in the past, this one also has L-lysine and Bromelain in it for added immune support. I also love that it does not have that weird fizz to it(that my boys hate) that other immune drinks have. Since it tastes like a glass of peach lemonade, I know that my boys will enjoy this drink and it just might keep them healthy during cold season. I will be packing this in my suitcase next week for my Chicago trip as airplanes are loaded with germs. This delicious drink will boost my immune system to keep me healthy on my trip.

I can't wait to work my way through these other soups. All the flavors and benefits sound so good. I think after a day of eating/drinking through some of these bottles that my body will be back on the healthy track. 


  1. This program sounds amazing and I really like the ingredients they use. I went to the site and the prices are too much for me ...... I mean, $79 for a 1-day cleanse! Ouch, lol. However, maybe one day I'll be able to splurge.

  2. This program sounds like it is really awesome. It is really important to stay to healthy, even when you are on the go!

  3. This is a really neat concept to ensure that you are putting healthy things into your body! It can be really tough to ensure that you stay healthy if you are constantly on the go, and this seems as though it would help.

  4. Sou-thies sounds so interesting. I would love to try it out. These days I just end up going for high calorie smoothies. Love your ideas of staying healthy when traveling.

  5. The soups sound lovely I love the fact your making an effort to stay healthy while on the go it's much more difficult the key is definitely being prepared!!

  6. These soups sound delicious! I definitely want to check these out! I love being able to take something like this on the go because I'm always so busy.

  7. Wow! These sound really good and like an awesome healthy alternative! I need to look into them for sure because I love soup and anything I can eat on the go is a win for me.

  8. These looks like an awesome healthy range of yummy soups. I can have it for all the meals.

  9. Staying healthy while on the go can certainly prove to be difficult. That is, if you do not prepare! Having all kinds of drinks and snacks ready in the bag on the go, like you already do, definitely does help a lot! Takes the temptation of stopping at drive thrus/fast food away!

  10. The healthy program sounds amazing and including this immune juices on daily lifestyle. I need to check if we have similar program here in Manila.

  11. These look interesting, just clicked the link to take a little closer of a look!


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