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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Say Good Bye With These Perfect Leaving Gifts


It can be incredibly sad when a colleague decides to move on and start a different job with another company. If you have become firm friends over the past few years, you won’t see each other as much, and you will both miss each other in your day-to-day life. However, you shouldn't stay sad for too long as this move could be the best thing for them. They might be moving into a better position or increased salary.

So, as you can see, when a co-worker leaves, it’s important that you celebrate your time together and the new chapter in their life. This calls for a leaving gift! Not sure what to get them? Then read on for some of my best ideas.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are great as you can buy them completely or you can put together your own one. Plus, you can add anything you want to a gift basket, which makes them easy to personalize. One popular leaving present is a wine gift basket, and you can get the details from http://www.the-fund-raiser.com/how-to-personalize-wine-gift-baskets/ about how to personalize one. Other nice gift basket ideas include things like fruit, chocolate, and cheese and biscuits.


If it’s a female co-worker who is leaving work, then you might want to consider getting them a piece of jewelry. Every woman loves receiving items of jewelry as a present, and it can be a nice token of your time working together. Whenever she wears the item she will always be able to remember the great times you had together at work. Not only that, though, but she will also look great wearing it!

Has your colleague got a very important role in their new company? If so, I’m sure that they will really appreciate a professional gift, such as a brand new briefcase. There are lots of companies that specialize in briefcases, including https://www.killspencer.com, and they will even be able to personalize them with an inscription or monogram if you like. Other nice professional gifts that would be great with a new briefcase could be things like a fancy diary and personalized pen.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are a fantastic gift whatever the occasion. And this is also the case when one of your colleagues is leaving. It’s a nice idea to get them some small photo frames so that they can display their family pictures on their new desk in their next job. If you got on really well and socialized outside of work, you might want to add a picture of the two of you together in the frame, so that your leaving co-worker can remember all the excellent memories you share together.

Don’t be upset and disheartened when a colleague announces that they are leaving. Instead, celebrate their new position with one of the above fabulous gifts. And remember that you will always be able to stay in touch outside of work so that your friendship can continue to blossom.

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