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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tips For Getting Kids To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Do your kids eat enough fruits and veggies?

 Most kids do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, including my boys. For the most part, my boys are healthy eaters but they never seem to eat enough fruits and veggies. My boys know that fruit and veggies are important for their bodies as I am that mom that teaches them about nutrition. In college, my major was nutrition but I had to change majors after a bad bike accident. I was not able to handle all the math and science classes after the bike accident due to the head injury that I suffered. I still have a passion for nutrition so I use that passion in teaching my kids about the importance of healthy eating. My boys know that their bodies run better and stay healthy when they eat plenty of fruits and veggies. My boys know that fruits and veggies contain many vitamins and minerals that keep their body healthy. They are still learning the functions of those vitamins and minerals. They are also still developing their taste buds to enjoy different fruits and veggies. Since my boys are still picky about eating a variety of fruits and veggies, I make sure they take a Multi Vitamin every day. 

I received a bottle of Previnex to facilitate this post.

 Since I would love that my boys get those important nutrients from fruits and veggies, it only makes sense that their multi vitamin is made from fruits and veggies and not chemicals. I also don't want any preservatives or artificial colors in their vitamin. The vitamin also has to taste good or my boys won't take it. I like to think of their multi vitamin as the supplement that fills in their nutritional gaps. Even if my boys did eat plenty of produce, I would still have them take a multi every day as some nutrients are hard to get enough of even with a healthy diet.

 My teenager eats plenty of fruits and veggies but the younger two still are learning. It is hard to believe that I have been raising kids for 27 years. I have learned over the years to not force my kids to eat but rather encourage them and teach them why they need healthy food. It also helps not to have unhealthy food in the house so the boys can make healthy choices. Here are some tips to encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies.

 This is my boy's favorite way to eat fruit. I always have frozen fruit in the freezer so they can make a smoothie for an after school treat. This is also a great way to get protein too as they will add milk, peanut butter and/or protein powder to their smoothie. Their favorite smoothie is made with a banana, milk, and peanut butter.

Offer veggies first
I give my boy's raw baby carrots while I am cooking and by the time the food is done, they have eaten all them up.

No seconds until they eat their veggies
I have a rule that if my boys want a second serving of any food at dinner time, they have to eat their veggies first.

Fruit or veggie with every meal
My boys also have to choose a fruit or veggie with every meal or snack

My boys have recently discovered salsa so I give them a bowl with healthy chips. Shh, just don't tell my boys salsa is made with tomatoes.

Yogurt sundaes 
Offer a sundae made with frozen fruit and granola. They think they are eating dessert but they are getting a serving of fruit.

Trail Mix
My boys love eating trail mix with dried fruit, nuts, and pretzels.

Pizza is a great way to get kids to eat fruits and veggies. The sauce is made with tomatoes and the cheese sure does make other veggies like spinach taste so good.

Add veggies to favorite dishes
Add small pieces of cooked veggies like broccoli to rice. I like to add tiny pieces of frozen broccoli to brown rice and cheese. My boys love this dish and because the broccoli is in small pieces it is hard to pick out.

Set the example
If your kids see you enjoying fruits and veggies they might just try them.

Keep offering
Keep placing small amounts of veggies on their plate but don't force them to eat it. They might just surprise you one day and give it a try. My youngest boys are 9 and 10 and just realized how delicious salsa is. We were at the state fair the other day and they were giving out samples of salsa. My boys surprised me when they started trying the salsas. I was amazed that they even like the spicy salsas. I guess all those times they were offered salsa and chips at Mexican places helped them like spicy salsa.

Buy a variety of produce at the store. I started buying shredded carrots for my sushi burritos and now it is a staple in my house as the boys love eating shredded carrots.

Some children love dipping everything into dips like guacamole, ketchup, cheese and others. This is a great way to encourage fruit and veggie eating. Sure they may eat more dip than veggies at first but if it helps the eating of produce that is OK.

Those are some of the ways that I get my boys to eat fruits and veggies. I never force my boys to eat anything they don't like as I want food to be a positive thing. I also never make them clean their plate. My younger boys are still learning about fruits and veggies. I know one day they may enjoy them like I do but until then, I will give them a Multi Vitamin to fill in the nutritional gaps.

I love that Previnex sends a bottle of children's vitamins to a child in need with every order that they receive.


Terri Beavers said...

I'm going to have to buy some vitamins so I know the kids are getting the right amount of everything. I thought if I was sneaking in more fruits and veggies they'd get enough, but they'd have to eat a whole lot to get the right amounts. And they're the pickiest eaters in the world which is mind boggling because I could live off of fruits and veggies. I will check this company out because I think it's amazing that my purchase will help since Previnex sends a bottle of children's vitamins to a child in need with every order that they receive.

Tanya @ Intimate Explorations said...

Lots of great strategies here. I used to have a friend who didn't restrict what he ate, but always ate his veggies first so he didn't have as much space for the less healthy stuff. Your veggies first strategy reminded me of him. ��

Lynnette Joselly said...

I was not a fan of veggies as a kid. I was such a picky eater.

GingerMommy said...

These are some great strategies to get kids into eating veggies. It is so important that we encourage a healthy relationship with food.

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations said...

Excellent strategies! It is really important that we get our kids eating healthy.

. said...

Those most definitely were useful tips.

Khushboo said...

I like the rule of no seconds till you finish your veggies. Have a nice dip or salsa helps too. These are some great tips!

Garf said...

My nieces love to eat veggies. However, one of my nephews not so much. Thanks for sharing these tips.

Mylifesmanual said...

My kids are picky eaters, but they love eating fruits. Thank you for your tips.

Rebecca Swenor said...

Previnex is a brand I have never heard of before but I will have to share the information with my niece. Her kids don't like eating veggies too much. It is awesome I believe also that Previnex sends a bottle of children's vitamins to a child in need. Thanks for sharing the information.

www.keepingupwithcandy.com said...

These are really great tips. Thank goodness I don't have any issues with my kids eating their fruits and veggies.

Marla said...

Sure sounds like you have some great tips to help kids eat vegetables that should really make a difference. I'm past that stage of my life where I have to worry about what kids eat anymore. Congratulations on being featured on Healthy, Happy Green & Natural blog hop. Pinning & tweeting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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