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Monday, March 4, 2019

Healthy Plant Based Snacks And Drinks I Am Loving This Month

Snacking can be healthy with these awesome products
I received samples of the mentioned products to facilitate this post.

    I admit that I am a happy snacker.  I think that I snack more than I eat meals. I may have as many as 3-4 healthy snacks a day and I don't feel one bit of guilt. I think my favorite time to snack is right before bed as I can not sleep on an empty stomach. So since I tend to snack, I make sure that my pantry is filled with healthy snacks. I love snacks as I can grab them and keep on doing what I need to do for the day. When I travel, I pack plenty of good for me snacks so I don't have to purchase over-priced food at the airport. So since I have a snacking habit, I am always on the hunt for new snacks that pack a lot of nutrition into them. 

Check out some new healthy snacks that I discovered

  The boys helped me taste some new healthy snacks this month and they gave them all a thumbs up. The boys kept sneaking the snacks as I was trying to take pictures of them and could not wait to eat more. Even my husband enjoyed the better for you snacks and grabbed a bag once I was done with my photos. My youngest ate a whole bag of the apple cinnamon freeze-dried fruits and quickly requested that I buy some the next time I went shopping. I am going to have to get another job when this one becomes a teenager as he is growing like a weed. I am just happy that he loves eating healthy food.

Check out my recipe for Easy No Bake Dairy Free Peanut butter Chocolate Granola Bars HERE

Bites of pure fruit and indulgence

  Fruit is always a good snack but it is even better when it is covered in chocolate. These freeze-dried Crunchies are bites of pure fruit and indulgence. My boys were pleasantly surprised that these bite-size chocolate snacks had crunchy fruit in them. My favorite package was the mango bites that were drenched in dark chocolate. These were a perfect guilt-free indulgence that I was not sharing as they were that good. When my husband tried to grab the bag, I said, "these are mine" and handed him the milk chocolate freeze-dried strawberries. Since I have dairy allergies, I could not eat the strawberries ones but my husband sure did enjoy them.

Cinnamon and apples are a perfect pair

 The freeze-dried cinnamon apples were my youngest son's favorite. I had to keep shooing his hand away from the bag as I was trying to take a picture. Once I was done taking pictures, I gave him the whole bag to enjoy. I let him eat as much as he wanted as this healthy snack is made from two simple ingredients: apples and cinnamon. They have no added sugar! I am going to use the freeze-dried mixed fruit in my next batch of homemade granola for a healthy snack that is if the boys don't eat it all up. I thought that the freeze-dried beets were so amazing. They were crunchy and sweet and I may have polished them off later that night for my bed-time snack.

100% natural plums and pistachio chewy bites 

 Dried plums are one of my favorite dried fruits and when they are paired with pistachios it makes an amazing snack. These healthy bites from Setton Farms are loaded with pistachios and are a great source of fiber and protein. I like that each bar individually wrapped so I can keep some of these in my purse for on the go snacks. My boys also love pistachio nuts so these will make great lunch box snacks. You will be happy to know that pistachios are packed with good-for-you fats, alongside plant-based compounds that may act as antioxidants which may help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and contribute to a strong heart.

 Bubbly and flavorful Zero Sugar Sodas 

  Sometimes water can get boring and I just need some bubbles in my glass. I love that these organic sodas from DRY contain zero sugar and instead are sweetened with stevia leaf extract. These delicious drinks are full of flavor but have no nasties like artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, sodium or gluten. So I can enjoy a glass of bubbles once in a while. The Peach Tea was my favorite but all the sodas had great flavor. I will be enjoying these in the summer when I need to be drinking more liquids. The boys loved the taste of these orgainic soda and love that they are mom-approved.

The best tasting coconut water

  I have a love-hate relationship with coconut water. I love drinking coconut water for the hydrating benefits but can't stand the thick unpleasant taste. So I decided to give Taja coconut water a chance as I liked the sound of it being cold-filtered. I am glad that I tasted this clear coconut water and it was so delicious. Unlike other coconut waters, I was able to drink this one straight from the bottle. It had a sweet taste and I was surprised that it had no added sugar. This 100% coconut water came straight from the coconut and I loved that it was not thick. This coconut water did a great job of refreshing my body after my sweat session at the gym. The bottles are cool looking too as they are triangle shaped.

Concentrated nut milk base for instant plant-based milk

 I discovered a shelf-stable nut milk concentrate that allows me to have fresh plant-based milk anywhere, anytime. This delicious nut Mylk concentrate is made from100% organic, natural, high-quality ingredients, like nuts, that come from the earth. You simply add and blend for 60 seconds. This jar of nut mylk concentrate makes 42 servings of delicious sweet vegan milk and saves 11 cartons from a landfill! I love that this product is  FREE from carrageenan, gums, emulsifiers, preservatives, & artificial ingredients. I will be packing this nut milk concentrate in my suitcase when I travel that way I will have dairy-free milk for my coffee.

Which healthy snack would you like to try?


FloArtStudio said...

I love plant-based food. I really want to try those Crunchies snacks!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I would give these a try. I am always willing to try new things. Granted, you can't ever replace my chips or chocolates, but when my pants start to feel tight, I try to do better.

Cristina Petrini said...

One better than the other! They are so appetizing that those who would say that they also do well? I've gotten someone to try!

Sarah Bailey said...

It is always great to come across some healthy plant based delicious snacks and these all sound amazing! I want to try them all for sure!

Rachel said...

I think I can definitely go for the chocolate covered crunchies. It sounds so good.

Candace said...

All these treats look so good! I use to have the freeze-dried fruit as a treat whenever I travel and I loved it. I need to try this brand for sure. Nothing like a good treat that it's healthy at the same time. The fruits covered with chocolate are my obsession too lol


Chelle Dizon said...

That freeze-dried cinnamon apples sounds really yummy for a snack to try. That zero sodas must be really refreshing!

Dalene Ekirapa said...

The cinammon apple crunches must be so yummy because I love both of those flavours. Anyway, coconut water for me since I'm no fan of soda.

jessi joachim said...

These all look like some awesome healthy snacks. I am always looking for new healthier snacks for the kids and I to try and will totally be grabbing some of these!

John Mulindi said...

Plant based food are always nutritious and good for health. I would love to check this out.

AnotherFoodBlogger said...

My daughter is the WORST for snacking. She is addicted to these biscuits called messy monkeys - they are made from quinoa and sorghum so aren’t too bad but I’d much prefer to see some fruit in her hand

S. Graham said...

All those look like delicious options! I have to say, I've not had any of those and would love to try them.

Janay said...

These snacks look so good. I give my son snacks like these instead of junk. I think he will like the chocolate covered crunchies. I really like pistachios.

Jessica Taylor said...

I'm really interested in the coconut water! Always a favorite with me!

Unknown said...

where did you buy the coconut water

Mom Knows Best said...

Check here to find a store near you https://tajacoconut.com/contact/where-to-buy/

Mom Knows Best said...

Those snacks sound delicious

Swathi said...

I love coconut water, used to fresh coconut water, I think I can check it out this one as fresh ones are not easy to find.

Bindu Thomas said...

All these looks so delicious and healthy. I really liked coconut drinks. Thanks for sharing.

What Corinne Did said...

All those snacks look so delicious and healthy! I am trying to move towards more plant base meals and food so this is perfect for me!

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