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Friday, March 8, 2019

9 Decor Ideas To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

   Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love soaking up the sun but there can be days when the heat from the sun can leave me miserable. So I really love this below article that has many great tips to make your house a cool place to escape from the heat. 

 Summer isn’t everyone’s favorite time of the year. While some people love to soak up the sun, there are several individuals who cannot tolerate the baking heat and the rays of the sun pounding down on them. Don’t let the blazing summer bring your spirits down. There are several ways in which you can keep your home cool this summer. The décor ideas that we have compiled to keep your home pleasant and airy in the summer will have you feeling cool like a cucumber while the rest of the world melts away in the sweltering heat. Here’s everything you need to know:

Get Blinds And Sheer Curtains For Your Home 
 One effective way to make sure that your home remains cool this summer is by installing
blinds and sheer curtains on the windows. The blinds and sheer curtains will prevent direct
sunlight from pouring into your home and will keep the temperature in your home cool and
pleasant. Most people don’t realize that almost 30% of the summer heat seeps in through the
windows. The best way to prevent this from happening is by pulling down the blinds or
drawing the curtains between 11 am and 3 pm when the heat is at its peak.

Install Fans All Around Your Home
 Installing fans all around your home and using them when you’re sitting in a particular room
can be very useful in keeping the temperature lower. Keep in mind that during the summer
months you need to adjust your fan settings to operate in a counter-clockwise position for it
to be most effective in keeping the surroundings cool. In some cases, fans have even proven
to be more effective than air conditioning when it comes to keeping a home cool and airy
during the summer months.

Change Your Bed Linen To Suit The Warm Weather 
 It’s finally that time of year where you pack up your thick plaid bed linen and fleece blankets
and replace these items with soft cotton bedsheets and blankets. Cotton bedsheets and
blankets will prove to be very effective in keeping you and your bed warmer during the
blazing summer months. Try to choose light colors when selecting bedsheets and pillow
covers for your bed. White bed linen, light yellow bed linen, and other such options would be
ideal for the season of summer.

Unplug Any Appliances That Are Not Being Used 
 Anything that is plugged into an electrical socket tends to produce heat. If your electronics
and appliances aren’t being used, you need to unplug them to prevent heat generation. Simply
switching off the device will not work because the item will still produce heat and drain
energy. You need to make sure that you unplug the device completely.

Use Trees And Plants For Shade 
 It doesn’t matter whether you use artificial indoor tropical trees or real plants and
plantscaping, installing such natural décor items in and around your home can prove to be
very effective in providing shade and keeping the temperatures cool during the summer
months. If you’re planning on installing faux landscaping products, you should opt for fire
retardant trees and plants. These fire retardant landscaping products will not get affected by
the severe and strong rays of the sun and won’t end up bursting out in flames. They will keep
your home safe from such mishaps too. You can also use large indoor tree options to cover
the windows and prevent strong sunlight from seeming through to keep your home cool.

Declutter Your Home Completely 
 Another effective way to prevent the temperatures in your home from soaring during the
summer months is by decluttering the space. A cluttered home will feel hot and
claustrophobic and air will not be able to circulate freely. Get rid of all the unnecessary
furniture items and showpieces and stick to a minimalistic décor to keep your home cool and
airy this summer.

Repaint The Walls Of Your Home White 
 Having dark paint on the walls of your home can have a direct impact on rising temperatures.
Dark colors tend to absorb heat and make the temperature of the surroundings unbearable.
You should repaint the walls of your home white so that the white paint reflects the heat
instead of absorbing it and thereby keeps the house cool. You can also paint the roof and
terrace of your home white to keep the space cool in the warm summer months.

Stock Your Refrigerator With Cooling Beverages 
 Keeping your refrigerator stocked with cooling beverages so that you can keep sipping on
them and keeping your body temperatures cool is very important. Fruit juices, lemonade and
other such hydrating beverages are just what you need to fill up your refrigerator within the
summer months. Also, make sure that you stick to a summer-friendly diet that has fewer
meats and more fruits and vegetables.

Keep Lighting To The Minimum 
 Another mistake that a lot of homeowners end up making is that they keep the lights in their
homes turned on even when they aren’t really in use. Incandescent bulbs generate a massive
amount of heat and can make your home feel hot, stuffy and unbearable in the summer
months. You can replace such heat generating lighting options with LED lights or compact
fluorescents to maintain cooler temperatures in your home. If possible, try to avoid using
lights during the day all together and turn on only those lights that you actually require in the

 There you have it, 9 effective and tried and tested ways in which you can keep your home
cool and airy this summer. These ideas that we have put together for you are tried and tested
and will work wonders. Most of these ideas are budget-friendly too and will probably end up
saving you a lot of money on your electricity bills. So start making the changes that you need
to today and let your home be the coolest and most comfortable one in the neighborhood this

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