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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Natural Non Toxic Summer Skincare Products

 Get your skin ready for summer the natural way

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 Summer is my favorite season as the weather is warm. That means I can open up the windows and let the fresh air into the house. Summer also means being able to spend more time outside. My favorite ways to spend time outside are running and working in the garden. I just love growing my own veggies as they taste so delicious. The best part of summer for me is not having to wear so many clothes. I love wearing dresses, shorts, and sandals. Covering up less skin just feels better to me.

Get your skin ready for summer

 Wearing fewer clothes in the summer also means that more of my skin is showing. So I want my skin to look and feel its best. So that means taking care of my dry skin on my body, feet, and face. Living in the desert also means that the dry heat makes my skin even drier in the summer. So I make sure to stock up on skincare products for summer skin. So my skin stays hydrated and rejuvenated.

 The parts of my body that need extra skincare are my face, arms, legs, feet, and back. Ok, my whole body needs extra care in the summer. So I reach for skincare products that are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. I have discovered over the past couple of years that my skin is healthier thanks to using natural skincare products. My skin itches way less and I no longer have to use excessive amounts of lotion on my body.

 I remember, a couple of years ago when my skin was super dry and super itchy. I was not using natural products then and my eczema was always flaring up. So I was using a lot of lotion every day, especially after my shower. A couple months after making the switch to natural soaps and lotion, I realized that there were days that I did not use lotion as my skin was not dry. I also realized that I no longer was itchy after my shower.

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Natural Non-Toxic Skincare Products Helped My Skin Problems

 I came to the conclusion that the chemical ingredients in my skincare products were the cause of my skin issues like eczema and dryness. Either I was sensitive to the ingredients soaps that contain toxic ingredients or the natural beauty products did not strip the oils in my skin. It really did not matter the cause of my past skin issues but I was happy to pay for more high-quality vegan skincare products. I loved not having skin problems.

Check out my natural non-toxic summer skincare products

 This summer my skincare routine has some new non-toxic natural skincare products. These skin products are made with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax. My summer products do not contain harsh ingredients like preservatives and artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrances make my asthma flare up and if I avoid them and other triggers, I can manage my asthma naturally. The skin products that I discover for summer are also free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes. So check out my new summer skincare products for my summer skincare.

Palm-Free SkinCare Products

 If you are looking for products that are free of palm oil, you will love Peet Bros. soaps and lotions. These palm-free lotions and creams are filled with ingredients that are good for your skin, with all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, hemp oil, and CBD. These products come in amazing natural scents like lavender and coconut vanilla. 

 My skin stays more moisturized for the dry summer without the harmful palm oil fillers. I just love that the lotion is packaged in a recyclable aluminum bottle which is better for the environment. Aluminum can be recycled an infinite amount of times. While plastic or post-consumer plastic bottles can only be recycled a few times before they end up in landfills and in our water supply.  The aluminum bottle looks so pretty in my bathroom.

 The lotions and soaps are cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny. Peet Bros also supports the preservation of rainforests. These products are available online, at Wegmans, HEB, and HiVee, and Amazon.

Available at retailers including Wegmans, HEB, and HiVee, Peet Bros. products are cruelty-free 

Relief for cracked dry feet 

 Now that I am wearing sandals, that means my feet need to look nice. So I started using a natural cream on my dry feet that is made with beeswax. My cracked heels love the intense moisture that this cream offers. Walking around in sandals all day tends to dry out the skin on my feet and this cream makes my skin feel so soft. This cream is nice and thick.

 BeeSpa was developed from a secret recipe from a beekeeper’s grandmother and works quickly to provide relief to cracked and dry skin on your hands, feet, and everywhere in-between. This cream is made with essential oils, shea butter, and of course beeswax. Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential to healing and preventing dry, chapped, or cracked skin. Using this natural ingredient helps the skin heal immediately.

You can find BeeSpa online at their website and on Amazon 

Fight wrinkles the natural way

We all want to have healthy-looking skin that is wrinkle-free. So I was glad to discover a way to fight wrinkles the natural way without invasive surgeries or needles. The best part is I can treat my fine lines while I sleep without having to use harsh toxic skin creams.

SilcSkin pads are natural silicone patches that adhere to your skin and treat wrinkles while you sleep. These pads are made of 100% medical-grade silicone and can be worn on different parts of your skin to keep all areas of your body smooth and wrinkle-free. The pads do not cause irritation either. 

 My favorite place to wear SilcSkin is around my eyes but these silicone pads can be worn on the neck and even chest to smooth those fine lines away while you sleep. These pads are so much easier to use than my facial laser device. While my Nira Skincare Laser Device helps with the wrinkles around my eyes with collagen production, these pads give me extra help with the wrinkles around my eyes. Those fine lines around my eyes need all the help so they don't turn into deep wrinkles.

These amazing silicone pads are available online at the SilcSkin website and on Amazon 

Keeping my skin looking healthy this summer

 These natural products are what I will be using to keep my skin soft and healthy. Keeping your skin nourished with natural ingredients also keeps it healthy-looking. I think that natural products are one of the many reasons that my skin looks so young-looking along with these best practices for healthy younger-looking skin.

 Other things that I do to keep my skin looking nice are drinking plenty of water and avoiding the sun during the middle of the day. If I plan to spend a long time in the sun, I wear mineral-based sunscreen. Even some of the supplements that I use helps my skin, like matcha. So enjoy the warmer weather of summer and include these natural skincare products in your routine for healthy soft skin.

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AiringMyLaundry said...

These sound like my kind of products. I like how they are non toxic and I could use younger looking skin.

Sara LaFountain said...

I totally need to try the BeeSpa foot cream. My feet are so dry from the harsh winter. Thanks for letting me know about it!

Terri Steffes said...

I’m always looking for skincare for my skin. I’m over 50 and we need specialized product.

Kathy said...

These sound like some amazing products. I love going for natural products. I try to do that more often now.

Richelle Escat Milar said...

I always looking for skincare especially summer here, this would be a great help for me.

Kunal Singh said...

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Ivan Jose said...

I love using natural products. My hands have topical dermatitis so I can't use just any product on my hands unless I want uncomfortable flare ups to happen. I think the brands that you included here are definitely worth trying.

Gust si Aroma said...

I have some skin problems and I am always looking for non toxic beauty products. I will definitely try these!

Anosa Malanga said...

Looks new to me! I guess I will be checking out the BeeSpa! I need to heal some of my toe cracks. Glad I came over this post!

Tomi C said...

Those Sile Skin pads look like something I need in my life. I am all about skin care and natural, non-toxic products are my daily go tos.

Lynndee said...

I'd love to try the BeeSpa. My feet definitely need that much-needed spa. :) -LYNNDEE

Anne Marie said...

I'd really like to try BeeSpa. When you wear sandals more often it's nice to have your feet looking their best!

Louisa said...

I would check out the Beespa. Because I can't afford to have dry and ashy feet this summer

Melanie Edjourian said...

These sounds like really good products. I like to use as many natural products as much possible. It helps to avoid things full of toxins

Marysa said...

We are all about natural products. I wasn't familiar with most of these and it is nice to know which ones are good.

Kita Bryant said...

I need to get ahold of some of these. I take good care of my skin.

Swathi said...

This sounds like great products I would love to check it out this skincare products for this summer.

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