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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Coobie Fabric Adhesive Bras For Backless Dresses

 You found the perfect backless dress or sleeveless dress for that special occasion but you have a slight problem. Your bra straps are showing! Keep reading to discover two amazing products that will solve the problem.

 You have a special event like a wedding or a fancy party and after searching for many months for the perfect dress, you discover that your bra straps are showing! What is a girl to do? Do we return the dress and shop for a new dress or do we let the bra straps be seen? 

 Shopping for a dress for a special occasion can be hard and time-consuming. Trying on dress after dress can be very stressful. You finally find a cute strapless dress with a low-cut back and realize that the bra that you are wearing will not go with the dress. You are tired and you don't want to start bra shopping. So what are you going to do?

Meet The Coobie Adhesive Bra 

 Conquer that backless, strapless, or cutout dress with a Coobie Fabric Adhesive Bra! A soft, contoured layer offers a seamless look with an unbelievably supportive adhesive backing and a clear, durable clip in the middle. The bra gently adheres to the skin to smooth and lift your silhouette—guaranteed to stay in a securely comfortable style. These adhesive bras are reusable and washable.

The cute spaghetti strap dress

 Last week, I traveled to see my oldest son get promoted in the Navy to Chief Petty Officer. The promotion was happening with a special pinning event and I needed a dress for the special occasion. I was excited to wear my Dalmatian spotted dress that had spaghetti straps. 

 I had never worn this dress before and when I tried it on, I realized that I needed a different style of bra. I was not going to embarrass my son by having visible bra straps. I tried the dress on with a bandeau bra and that stuck out like a sore thumb! So I quickly went shopping on my favorite website for comfortable bras in search of a bra for backless and sleeveless dresses.

The bra solution for backless, strapless, or cutout dresses

On the Coobie website, I discovered adhesive bras for backless dresses. Coobie had two different types of adhesive bras for strapless dresses. One bra style was a fabric adhesive bra and the style of bra was a silicone adhesive bra. I knew that I had to order this type of bra for my spaghetti strap dress.

 I was happy to see that the bra was available in sizes A-D. I also liked that the bra with adhesive would give my breasts an instant lift, so they would look nice while I was wearing my fancy dress. The backless bra looked simple to put on and it was reusable. 

Check out the Coobie Adhesive Bra

+ 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex or 100% Premium-grade silicone

+ Strapless, backless & Wireless

+ Plunge neck with invisible clasp

+ Instant and natural push-up effect

+ Washable & reusable without loss of adhesiveness

+ Clear, adhesive gel gently sticks it to your skin without it slipping off and causing pain.

+ Perfect for backless/strapless outfits, especially for backless dresses

Use code Tara25 and save 25% on all Coobie products

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

The Coobie Bra was lightweight and comfortable to wear. Attaching the bra to my body was super easy. I loved the way this bra gave a lift to my boobs. The adhesive bra stayed on all day and did not shift. When my day was over, I washed the Coobie Adhesive bra and stuck it back into the included case. 

Nipple covers for dresses

Coobie also sells nipple covers for backless, strapless, or cutout dresses. These covers are attached with adhesive gel. The covers prevent your nipples from showing while you are wearing shirts or dresses, These too come in fabric and silicone. 

Check out a video review of the Coobie Adhesive Bras


Check out Coobie for all your underwear needs  

Coobie has a wide selection of bras, underwear, and shapewear to fit your needs. Coobie is my favorite bra company as they make comfortable products. I love that they offer their products in so many styles and colors. 

Use code Tara25 and save 25% on all Coobie products


AiringMyLaundry said...

My daughter needs these. She's always wearing dresses where she doesn't want a bra showing.

Laura JL Books said...

This sounds like a great product, I need to check it out. At times I to wear dress that always shows my straps. Thanks for sharing

Lis said...

Oh my God, those would come in handy for so many of my dresses!! I need them haha!

Richelle Milar said...

This would really come in handy, my sister is going to love this for sure, she really love wearing backless outfit

LisaLisa said...

I was just looking for something like this for my spaghetti strap dress, wow...Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to check the Coobie brand out right now.

Karen said...

This is a great idea. Perfect for those times you don't want bra straps showing.

Tammy said...

Where were these when I was young and loved to wear strapless dresses or halters? Strapless bras are just so uncomfertable.

Clarice said...

Every girl should at least have 1 of this. I hate it when my straps are showing. Thank you for sharing your review. Glad to know that it's comfortable to wear.

Zab Zaria said...

It looks like I will also need this bra in the near future! It looks so comfy and easy to wear

Gust si Aroma said...

This is an awesome solution. I have so many backless dresses!

Marysa said...

I always stay away from dresses that are backless for this reason. It is good to know thtat there is a product out there like this.

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