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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Best Supplements For Injury Recovery

Don't let a sports injury stop you from participating in your favorite sport. Learn about the best supplements for injury recovery.

 An injury from sports can be painful and frustrating. Having to stop the activity that you enjoy to let your body heal can be tough for active people. On one hand, we know that resting from the activity that caused the injury is important but allowing our body to rest is a whole different thing.

 Many years ago, I injured my ankle while running. I think the intense running up hills put too much stress on my ankle tendon. Then my son accidentally hit the back of my ankle with a shopping cart. Thankfully, I did not break any bones but my ankle tendon was badly injured. It took a long time for my ankle to heal. I had to stop running for a long time. 

 I am glad that my ankle healed and I was able to run again. The frustrating part of this running injury is having to deal with occasional pain. I still get pain and inflammation from the injury about once a month. When my ankle feels stiff and painful, I take a day off from running. Taking a rest from running has helped my ankle feel better. 

My ankle injury got worse

 In the past, taking a day off from running has helped with the old ankle injury but a couple months ago things got worse. The pain returned to my ankle. The pain was most noticeable after I went running. My ankle felt stiff and walking downstairs was painful. I stopped running. While my ankle felt better, it still hurt when I walked down the stairs. Even walking on the treadmill made my ankle hurt. 

 I was frustrated that I could not go running anymore. So I started researching what supplements help with running injuries. I needed my ankle to heal so I could get back to enjoying my running time. I discovered that I needed to include more protein in my diet as protein helps muscles repair. Adding more protein to my diet was easy as I had plenty of plant-based protein in my pantry.  In addition to my daily protein shake, I made some protein cookies

Injury Recovery Supplements

 In addition to adding more protein to my diet, I added some supplements for injury recovery into my daily supplements. At first, I was just using turmeric and collagen as those supplements have helped with my injury in the past. Turmeric is good for inflammation and collagen helps joints. While these supplements were helping with the pain, my ankle was still stiff with pain after running.

 I was glad to discover a supplement program formulated for injury recovery support. VitaMedica Recovery Support Program included the products I needed to experience a faster recovery from this injury. This injury supplement program had the best supplements that were formulated with nutrients to support wound healing. The supplements could also help manage the inflammatory response.

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A 4-Week Program For Healing

 The supplements were made from natural nutrients and had benefits that I liked. I like that the supplements included many vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that are known for helping the body heal. They included both day and night supplements. So I stopped running and took the supplements for two weeks. During this time, I still went to the gym but I used exercise machines that would not stress my ankle. 

 After two weeks of taking the supplements, I started walking on the treadmill again. I also continued taking the recovery supplements. Walking on the treadmill did not cause my ankle to hurt like it did in the past. After 4 weeks of using the recovery support program, I was able to walk downstairs without any pain or stiffness. The supplements were just what my body needed to heal.

VitaMedica Recovery Support Program Benefits ~ Information from https://www.vitamedica.com/

~ Comprehensive physician-formulated nutritional program to support healing

~ Supports healthy skin & tissue after physical stress

~ Supports new cell growth, tissue growth, and repair

~ Antioxidants deactivate free-radicals

~ Supports energy levels in the day and promotes rest in the evening

~ Balances the natural inflammatory response

~ Homeopathic Arnica provides relief from bruising, swelling, stiffness, pain

The Recovery Support  program includes: 

~ Clinical Support Morning

~ Clinical Support Evening

~ Bromelain with Quercetin 

~ Arnica Montana 30X HPUS

Ready to run again

The VitaMedica Recovery Support Program helped my ankle heal and I no longer experience any pain or swelling in my ankle. It was tough not being able to run. Since taking the supplements for 4 weeks, I have been able to speed walk on the treadmill. Now that my ankle feels better, I am able to start running again. 

To get more information about the VitaMedica Recovery Support Program head here.

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AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to show these to my husband. They might help him out. He has back pain.

Karen said...

I need to try some of these. I have a recurring wrist injury from playing tennis and I hate when it flares up.

Jess said...

Interesting! My husband likes to work out but is more prone to injuries now with age. Great to know there is a product like this for injury recovery.

Brandy Ellen said...

I love the idea of a 4 week plan to recover from an injury! It's always great to share resources with others after we learn how to deal with an injury. I appreciate your post!

Christy G said...

I've tried glucosamine but it didn't really help me any. I had back surgery and never thought to try recovery injury supplements. I'll consider it if I ever have to have surgery again.

Richelle Escat said...

So glad you were able to recover with the help of that program! Will save this for future reference.

Lavanda Michelle said...

Your personal story about your ankle injury, especially the part where you got hit with a shopping cart, reminded me that accidents can happen to anyone, even when we least expect it. Your struggle to get back to running resonated with me because it's essential for active moms like us to stay fit and healthy to keep up with our daily routines.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is awesome and definitely will help out so many people!

Gust si Aroma said...

What a great solution! I've never thought of supplements for an injury recovery!

Ckrusch said...

Thank you for sharing this list! My friend just got injured in a marathon! I can't wait to share it with her!

Beautiful Touches said...

I'm glad that there were supplements that could help speed along the recovery, injuries like that are awful!

Zab Zaria said...

That's amazing! This is one of the most interesting topics! Thank you for sharing this information with me.

Lady In Read said...

thank you for this list of supplements.. have a cousin who is currently recovering from a injury and it is taking him longer than expected so will pass this info on

Marie Gizelle said...

Accidents do happen, it is always a good thing to have ready-vitamins/minerals (supplements) like this for recovery...

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