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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

8 Healthy Summer Products That You Need

  I received products from various companies to facilitate this post.

The past three months have been stressful with what has been going on with the world and the C Lung Virus Pandemic. This stress has made me more aware of the need to keep my body and mind healthy. Since I have been stuck at home, I have tried to use this time to make my body stronger and healthier. No one is immune to this ugly deadly respiratory virus and I want to keep my body at its best so my immune system can fight off the germs if they enter my body.

I can't stop living 

 I am long past the point of sheltering in place and started leaving my house for more than daily exercise. I am starting to socialize with friends and help with events at church. I am also doing some shopping inside places as not all businesses have the curbside pick-up option, like my bank. I still try to only shop at places that deliver my items to my car as all the cleaning chemicals cause me to have an asthma attack. I don't want to take prescription asthma medication so I avoid stores that use chemical cleaners so I can continue to manage asthma naturally. I am doing many healthy things to support my body's immune system and keep my body at its best. Sure I am wearing a face mask when I go out but even wearing a face mask causes me to have an asthmatic cough.

Healthy products for a healthy body and mind

 Now that the weather is hot here, I have added some new healthy products to my life in addition to some supplements that I have been taking during a virus outbreak. These unique products are helping my body and mind stay healthy

A pool float helps melt away the stress

 Having everyone home all day can be stressful for me. The younger boys have not started online school yet so they can be quite loud but having my husband work from home adds to the stress. My husband is on the phone all-day taking care of covid related matters with the restaurant business. So hearing him address the covid-19 cases at times adds to my stress. I am thankful that my hot tub finally arrived and I have been enjoying my soaks in the hot tub. I even discovered a No Blow Pool Float that fits in my hot tub.

 My family thought that I was crazy buying a pool float for the hot tub but I wanted to be able to use my hot tub as a pool and relax on the water. The unique pool float turns my hot tub into a floatation spa. I turn off the hot tub jets and relax on the Yogo Float. My hot tub is in a gazebo so the curtains help drown out the noise of the outside world and the hot tub lights help me to relax. The Yogo Float fits perfectly in my spa and relaxing on the water is my nightly meditation. It is amazing how floating on water helps my mind and body unwind. This helps melt away the stress so the stress does not affect my health. Did you know that stress can weaken an immune system?

My younger son even enjoys using my Yogo Float in the hot tub so I am a good mom and I share it with him during the day time.

 SwimWays' new Yogo Float rolls up- like a yoga mat! Relax and refresh as you sit back and enjoy the day in the durable mesh sling bed. It also features a comfortable, fabric-covered footrest and headrest that offer you relaxing support in the pool.

Giving my body nutritious meals

 Now is the best time to feed your body plenty of nutritious food as a healthy body can fight off germs better. So when I needed new protein powder for my daily superfood smoothies, I decided to try nutrified Super Meal protein powder. These protein powders make the most nutrient-dense smoothie that I ever had. I love how all the superfoods in the delicious super meal can boost my immunity. I feel so energetic after I drink my morning smoothie.

 Living Fuel is a whole-meal superfood drink that is packed with plenty of anti-oxidants from all the fruits and veggies that are in the protein powder. These delicious super meals are loaded with so many nutrients that I don't have to take a multi-vitamin. I love the amount of fiber and probiotics that in these supplements so I don't have to take my Regular Girl supplement. The fiber also helps keep me full for hours so I don't do mindless snacking. These drinks are loaded with clean ingredients from natural foods.

The main reason that I drink a daily protein smoothie is for the protein as I don't eat meat. Living Fuel has plenty of plant-based protein that is vegan. One serving has 30 grams so that is awesome for my muscles. I really love that it has no dairy or soy in the super meal drink mixes so that makes them allergy-friendly. The pretty pink and green colors come from natural food like beets, berries, and greens. I think that the Hawaiian Spirulina Blue-Green Algae might also have something to do with the pretty colors.

 My favorite way to enjoy the Superberry Ultimate is with frozen strawberries. When I drink the Supergreens Living Fuel, I blend it with fresh green apples. Truth is I really don't need to add fruit to these protein drinks as they are complete meal mixes. So once I start traveling again, I will be packing Living Fuel in my travel bag to boost my immunity.

Made from the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients, Living Fuel is formulated to:

Boost your energy, vitality and mental clarity
Enhance your immunity
Improve digestion and elimination
Stimulate your metabolism
Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings
Increase muscle and bone density and optimize weight

Delicious electrolyte hydration mixes 

 Hydration is critical in the summer and so many people are not drinking enough water. Sometimes even water is not enough to keep your body hydrated as the hot summer days can leave you dehydrated. Dehydration is a summer issue and it can leave your body tired and weak. Just sitting outside can cause your body to lose fluids and leave the body's fluid unbalanced which can also lead to headaches and muscle weakness. Drinking plenty of water is the first step to avoid dehydration but adding an electrolyte hydration mix to your water is even better.

 Athletes, like runners, have an even greater need for electrolyte hydration mixes in the summer. ATAQ Fuel electrolyte hydration mixes make the most delicious hydration mixes that are super easy to add to your bottle of water. These plant-based electrolyte hydration mixes come in six different flavors ranging from strawberry mint to apple and their single packets are easy to take on the go. My favorite flavor of ATAQ Fuel hydration is pineapple and I love that it has 1/3 less sugar when compared to popular sports drinks. I also love that ATAQ Fuel electrolyte hydration powder mix has no artificial colors or flavors. While other sports drinks only include sodium and potassium, ATAQ Fuel also includes calcium and magnesium, as well as 2x the potassium.

 ATAQ Fuel only uses whole foods, natural ingredients, and extracts at dosages that have been scientifically tested to reliably deliver results. All ATAQ items are also gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, and soy-free. The fruit flavors turn ordinary water into a delicious drink that keeps your body hydrated.

A unique packable water bottle

 Looking for an easy way to have water while on the go? This uniquely portable water bottle from Nomader® makes on-the-go hydration effortless and sustainable. This collapsable water bottle is great for the gym, hiking, commuting, and traveling. So you have no excuse when it comes to drinking plenty of water on a hot summer day.

 I love how easy it is to carry this flexible bottle while out walking as it includes a carry strap. The lightweight soft bottle fits in most car cup holders and packs down to 1/3 its size to save space. The best part is the unique reusable water container is made from food-grade safe materials and is 100% BPA-free. It also features an anti-germ leak-proof cap, can be frozen and is dishwasher safe. So save money and the planet with this unique water bottle. The eco-friendly Nomader eliminates wasteful single-use plastic bottles and is recyclable after a lifetime of use.

Beet and Watermelon juice

 Quench your thirst and give your body some superfoods at the same time. Beets and watermelon are two trendy superfoods right now and have some awesome benefits. So Beetology and Wonder Melon makes it easy and delicious to give your body some amazing nutrition. These delicious juices are a blend of 100% organic, cold-pressed juices. They are the perfect summertime treat.

 I like to drink the beet juice and watermelon juice drinks straight from the glass bottles but they are perfect mixers in cocktails, mocktails, even smoothies. Your body will love all the antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are packed into these nutritious drinks. Made from 100% organic fruit and veggie juices, they are non-GMO, Fair Trade, certified OU Kosher, and free of sugar, artificial ingredients, soy, dairy, and gluten.

WONDER MELON offers two delightful varieties: Cool Watermelon Cucumber Basil and Watermelon Lemon Cayenne.  
The amino acids in watermelon may lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Watermelon is 92% water – a sweet way to keep every cell in your body hydrated. Watermelon has more of the antioxidant lycopene than any other fruit or veggie. Studies show that lycopene

BEETOLOGY’s crazy combo lineup includes Beet + Lemon + Ginger, Beet + Veggie, Beet + Berry, Beet + Cherry, and Beet + Tropical fruit.
New evidence links antioxidant-rich beets to strengthened immunity, better skeletal muscle function, and greater stamina. The International Olympic Committee has declared beet juice a sports food. Beet juice is being used by researchers for its potential benefits to people with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and the elderly

Chocolate Tea

  Summertime is a time that your body needs more liquid. Last week temperatures here were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and I was guzzling the water all day to make sure my body did not experience dehydration. Did you know that beyond thirst as an indicator of the need for liquids, the color of your pee is a better way to judge if you are drinking enough liquids? If the color of your pee should be light yellow or even clear, then your body is getting plenty of liquids. If your pee is darker than light yellow, you need to drink more water to prevent dehydration as dehydration can lead to headaches, a feeling of tiredness, and even death. So make sure to drink more water in the summer.

 I get it that water is boring and that is why I keep a pitcher of ice tea in my fridge so I have something different to drink. Tea, especially if caffeine-free, is a great way to get more liquids into your body. I like to go one step further and drink iced tea that has additional health benefits. My favorite new tea smells like chocolate. This chocolate tea tastes so delicious with a tiny bit of natural sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia. Cacao Tea is made from cacao husks and has some amazing health benefits and is the perfect natural alternative to coffee

 When I first opened the bag of the organic Cacao tea, it had a heavenly smell of chocolate, and brewing the cacao husks in hot water left my kitchen smelling like hot chocolate. The best part of this chocolate tea is it is caffeine-free and dairy-free so I can enjoy all day and not have to worry about sleep issues. Studies have shown that cacao husks are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which help fight cell-damaging free radicals.  Flavonoids can also help prevent clogged arteries, promote healthy blood flow, and improve cognitive function.

Stay hydrated the ayurvedic way

 Stay cool and hydrated with this stylish, hand-crafted copper water bottle that has some health and environmental benefits. Studies show that copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral which basically means that bacteria do not grow in this water bottle. Try saying that about a plastic water bottle. Drinking water out of a copper water bottle can also give your body some necessary copper which is an important nutrient that our bodies need. Don't worry about getting too much copper from drinking water from this cool looking container as it is safe for the body to consume up to 2mg of copper per liter of water and research showed that the water stored in the Copper H2O Water Bottle for several hours absorbed less than 1/20th of that amount of copper, very far below safe limits.

 Using a copper water bottle will not only encourage you to drink more water in the summer but it can also create alkaline water when you leave the water in the vessel for a couple of hours. This leak-free copper water bottle makes your water taste like water and I did not notice any metal taste.  The company which sells this bottle is 100% female-run and has a “good karma” program whereby they donate 15% of their profits to non-profit groups that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries.

 Copper H2O also sells some other unique copper products like this Copper Door Opener Tool which makes it easy to open doors and press buttons in a germ-free way.  Copper repels bacteria and viruses as it is an anti-microbial surface. Studies have shown that germs like the Coronavirus can survive for long on copper surfaces. You need to read this Copper and Coronavirus: Complete Guide to find out more about the anti-microbial properties of copper.

 Summer seems to go by too fast for me so I am trying to enjoy every moment. I am growing a garden this year and I am surprised that I am actually growing veggies. The soil here in the desert of New Mexico is very sandy so in March, I started a compost pile to help the soil. That made the soil great for growing beets, kale, and spinach but not for tomatoes. So I bought a big tomato plant recently that had green tomatoes on it. In a couple of weeks, I will have some fresh veggies. I am hoping that I will grow enough tomatoes to make oven-roasted sun-dried tomatoes. If I have an abundance of beets, I will make beet juice or dehydrated them. How is your summer going? Have you discovered any new products?


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You really have everything you need for a great and real summer to spend at home with all the comforts!

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I'm so glad I was able to get a pool on sale last year. It has really helped out this summer. It's been a bit hot here lately, so the pool has been great.

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