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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

10 Tips To Help Kids With Online School

Are you frustrated with virtual school? These 10 tips will help.

   I received samples from Fluidstance to facilitate this post.

 The kids are back in school and their classroom is quite different this year. Even the school supply list is different, as who would have thought that we would be buying face masks and an abundance of hand sanitizer. I have been doing this mom thing for 30 years and I have seen the school supply list change over the years with the additions of soap and plastic bags. I used to joke with my husband that soon the teachers would be asking for toilet paper. I never would have guessed that my kids would be wearing a face mask or staying home doing school on a computer.

 Whether your kids will be returning to a physical school, settling in to learn at home, or a combination of both, school will be a challenge this year if not downright stressful for parents. The pandemic has turned out lives upside down and we need to make the best of our situations. We need to also create a healthy environment so our kids can be successful with learning at home. As parents, we want the best for our kids and while I want my kids to head back to their school building, I also want to keep my kids safe. So I have some tips that I have been using with my boys to help them succeed with doing school at home.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

  A healthy breakfast is always the best thing to help kids do well in school. So have kids start the school day with a breakfast that provides their bodies with nourishing food. A breakfast that includes protein, carbohydrates, and fruit is what I recommend for growing kids. The protein is good for strong muscles and the carbs will give the kids the energy they need to learn while the fruit will boost their immunity. My boys have been making smoothies every morning but other breakfast ideas that they enjoy are peanut butter sandwiches with sliced fruit, oatmeal, homemade breakfast bars, and even leftover pizza. Even chocolate pancakes can be part of a healthy breakfast when they are loaded with protein. Stay clear of food that is high in sugar like sugary cereals, pop tarts, and donuts, unless they are healthier donuts made with zero-calorie sweeteners like Swerve, as sugar gives quick energy that leads to an energy crash that will leave kids falling asleep during their Zoom meeting.

2. Start the day with exercise

 Starting the day with exercise can help teens wake up and help younger kids be able to focus better in online classes. I have found that morning exercise is great for the body and does wonder for my brain and I am more productive when I go running in the morning. While you may not have the time or patience to get your kids out for a morning walk before school, even five minutes of movement will help the kids be ready for online learning. So put on some fast music and have the kids dance for two or more songs. Make sure to join in on the fun as we stay at home moms need exercise too.

3. Create a learning space

 To help kids learn better at home, create a learning space for them. This space does not have to be fancy but it should be a space, like a desk, that they can associate with learning time. I am not telling you to run out and buy your kid a desk but rather provide a space in the house without any distractions and a clutter-free space for their Chromebook and school supplies. So a bedroom or the living room couch is not ideal learning spaces. This is a time to clean off the kitchen table or even use a walk-in closet for a learning space like my friend did. In my house, there are four people working and doing school so I am upstairs in my college kid's bedroom while my husband is in the living room. My older son is at a table in my photo studio and my younger son is working at the dining room table.

4. Provide useful school supplies

  A clean and clutter-free workspace will help kids learn better. Too much clutter will distract the kids and make it hard for them to focus on the online classroom meeting. While kids are doing most of their learning online, having somewhere to take notes is always a good thing. FluidStance's Slope, a personal desktop whiteboard keeps their workspace clutter-free and helps save the environment. This unique whiteboard is also great for doodling.

  I really like that it is raised off the table and on an angle. While the intended purpose of the Slope is designed to fit perfectly in the space between your keyboard and the monitor, which means that you can slide your keyboard under it for storage, freeing up extra space on your desk, it does not work with the school-issued Chromebooks. For older kids, the Slope can be used to the side of their computer for a great place to take notes or make a to-do list. While for younger kids, the Slope can be placed over the keyboard of their computer while they are watching an online classroom Zoom Meet. That way kids can not touch the keyboard and accidentally log out of their Zoom Meeting. The younger kids can keep their hands busy with doodling on the Slope while listening to their teacher.

5. Keep them moving

 Kids have a hard time sitting still for long and having to sit at a computer all day is hard. Even my teen said to me that he is tired of sitting all day. So get the kids off their chairs and let them wiggle on a FluidStance Balance Board. This fun balance board is for kids who need to keep moving when they're doing their homework, gaming, reading, and more. So it is perfect for computer instructional learning as it enables non-distracting motion while also giving kids some healthy exercise. Standing to work is better than sitting.

 Research by The Mayo Clinic showed a 15% increase in heart rate and 19.2% increase in energy expenditure when users were on the Balance boards. The balance board keeps you moving and healthy by combating the negative health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle, so they are great for adults too. The Balance board is just plain fun to stand on.

 The minute you step on to the Balance Board and start moving, you’ll notice a difference in how you work. Your mind will focus, while your body will respond with natural micro-movements that will soothe stiff joints, burn calories, keep you awake and alert. This unique board will also strengthen and stabilize your body.

6. Provide healthy snacks

 To help kids learn better, kids need snack breaks. So stock up the fridge or pantry with grab and go healthy snacks that kids can grab between classes. I like to make a batch of healthy vegan peanut butter cookies for my boys to snack on as they are loaded with healthy peanut butter. My boys also like snacking on Plant-Based Healthy No Bake Salted Chocolate Brownies. For more healthy snack ideas for kids check out this article on healthy after school snacks. Snacking is good for kids.

7. Keep them hydrated

 Kids need encouragement to drink water throughout the day. I know from experience that I get busy and I don't make time for drinking water. 75% of Americans suffering from chronic dehydration and mistake hunger for thirst. Dehydration can make you feel tired and make it difficult for kids to pay attention to their online classroom.

 So make drinking water easy for kids with a 70 oz Fillup water station. Fillup is your very own Water Tower, that keeps a personal supply of water right at your fingertips. The 70-oz. size holds a full day's supply, and a double-walled tank keeps water cold for 24 hours. So place this unique water station in a place where kids can grab a glass of water quickly. The Fillup will remind kids to quench their thirst throughout the day.

 Fillup can be used anywhere: on your desk—whether at home or in the office, on your bedside table, in your kitchen, on your back patio, and more. Like all of the FluidStance products, Fillup's minimalist design and premium construction use BPA-free, eco-friendly materials. Plus, did you know that by using Fillup, you can save 4 plastic water bottles per day?

8. Provide fun learning materials

When kids are not engaged in online classes, make learning fun with STEM activity kits. At home school and learning do not have have to be like traditional school lessons and I have realized that my kids are still learning even without me having to make lesson plans. I have learned to utilize fun STEM Science Experiment Kits that make learning fun. I have discovered some science kids that engaged my boys in educational fun so the school learning. These STEM kits make learning math and science fun for kids.

9. Non-traditional ways to learn 

 Learning does not always have to take place in a book or online. Think outside the classroom and teach kids math and science with baking. Making a loaf of frog bread teaches kids math through measuring and mixing. Watching yeast turn water into foam is a science lesson too. So kids will love a learning lesson that involves eating.

 You can also teach kids art when you use food ingredients to turn bread dough into a work of art. This Focaccia Bread Flowers recipe is so fun to make. Another way to teach kids through fun is with fun educational learning games that stimulate the brain. Kids will learn how to solve problems and even reading with games that are so much fun.

10. Have patience 

 This online learning thing is new for most everyone. So try not to stress over it. Stress makes the learning environment and home a bad place. Give yourself as a parent some grace and don't try to be the perfect teacher for your kids. Kids need you as a parent more than a teacher. Also, have patience with the teachers and the school system as everyone is learning how to best teach the kids through a virus pandemic. Kids may not have their best learning this year but they will be ok. When things are safe again and kids can go back to school, the kids will catch up on learning. Instead of trying to have the perfect homeschool for your kids, instead, focus on having a healthy loving home for your kids. Even when you think kids are not learning, they really are. This year the learning may not be in a traditional school but it is going to be ok.


Julia Hess said...

Love the exercise before they learn. It is so important to get them moving and get all that energy out. The balance board is a great idea. I have also seen those ball chairs that allows them to move around also. These are great tips for parents who have their kiddos virtual learning this year.

Brianne said...

These are all extremely excellent tips. I love that you included the health factor here. YOu can't do well in anything if you feel terrible from not taking care of yourself.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I love these. I need to get a balance board for my daughter and my son. They are both virtual learning and they probably sit way too much!

Celebrate Woman said...

These are amazing tools and resources. Like them all.

Olivia Douglass said...

This is an awesome list of tips! Online schooling is challenging and something we are all learning together! A routine is key, too!

Toni said...

These are really helpful tips! Definitely worth-sharing with my friends!

Gust si Aroma said...

These are tips that I am sure will be useful for me for online school! I think I will need a lot of patience this year!

sunny said...


Chad said...

I was talking about this with my wife a couple of days ago, I completely agree with all your points especially getting the kids into a healthy routine.

Lyanna Soria said...

Those are some great tips to keep in mind. A balance board seems like a wonderful idea so they don't ache from sitting all they long.

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