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Saturday, September 26, 2020

FITBAR Party With Tryazon

I loved sharing healthy food with my friends

 I was sent a bunch of goodies from Tryazon and FITBAR so I could share them with my friends. The healthy snacks that I received were brand new snack items from Chef Robert Irvine and they were so delicious. I loved that these bars were dairy-free, plant-based, soy-free, gluten-free, and made with healthy ingredients. My favorite bar was the peanut butter chocolate one as it tasted like cookie dough. The fact that the bars had 12 grams of protein in them and oatmeal was awesome. 

 I could enjoy these delicious bars for breakfast and snacks. They were filling and gave me energy. I was glad that I was sent plenty of FITBARs, so I could share them with friends. 

 I brought the FITBARS and other samples that I had from other companies to a get-together with my friends. My friends like it when I bring bags of samples. One friend was excited to see healthy snacks in her bag as she has a son who enjoys healthy snack bars for his long bike rides. She said that her son is always looking for grab and go snacks that are filling and give him energy.

 Everyone loved the reusable metal straws and the notebooks that were in the reusable bags. They were looking forward to having healthy snacks to enjoy while at home. These wholesome snacks also are made with less sugar. When my friends asked about the bars, my husband told them that Chef Robert Irvine, the guy from a popular cooking TV show, made these bars. For more information about FITBARS head over HERE. These bars are also sold on Amazon.

I also brought some delicious pizza to share with my friends from another sampling event. 

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