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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pictures Of My New Photo Studio

I love my new workroom/photo studio!

  My new workspace and photo studio is a room that I love. I wish I had remodeled this room years ago. This new room is making my blogging work so much easier and less messy. I no longer have the clutter and I am able to get my work done faster. Having everything that I need in one room makes it so much easier to take pictures. Even my teen has used my room to take some pictures.

I can close up the room!

Now we company comes over, I can shut the doors of my workspace so they can't see my mess. My husband says I should keep it clean all the time but I know that may not always happen, especially if I have some work in progress.

So much storage!

My new room has plenty of storage in it for all the things that I need for taking photos. I can store all my dishes and other props in the storage unit. I also have a place to store products as they come it. There is even a nice table for taking my pictures.

The photo table.

 I love this simple table as it allows me to place different backdrops on it for photos. I can also leave the backdrops out on the table instead of rolling them up. No more having to flatten them. I can also place my photo screen behind the table for. photos. When I want to do a Youtube video, the storage unit makes a nice clean background.

Reused some furniture!

  I reused the older storage cube unit for the place to put all the products that I get from companies. I just open the box that gets delivered and place the stuff into a cube. Then it is easily found when I need to take pictures.

Love my new curtains! 

I found these curtains at Target and just had to have them. The cactus on them is so pretty. My son says they would make a great backdrop for photos and I so agree.

This storage unit has 32 cubes!

  I bought this unit at Ikea and it is so awesome for organization. I am able to store things like dishes and other things that I need for pictures. I even shared some space my husband for his things. I love that I was able to get cabinets and pull out drawers also at Ikea for the unit. This makes it easy to hide the clutter. I also bought plenty of totes for storage.

Love the open cubes!

The open cubes were fun to decorate with items that I use for my photos. I love that I can change the items around for holidays or different seasons. Since I am taking summer photos right now I decorated several with a summer theme. I also make a coffee theme as I am always in the mood for coffee.

Storage for my photo stands.

I can fold up my stand for my bigger photo backdrops here. This space is just the right size.

Love all the storage!

Everything has a place in this storage unit. The best part is no one sees all the stuff. I love having all my photo stuff in one room. It makes it so easy to take photos and clean up afterwards!

The before photo of my messy office!

The after photo of my new photo studio/workroom!

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