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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How To Get More Protein Without Eating Meat

You don't need to eat meat to get protein.

                       I received samples of protein products to facilitate this post.

  When people find out that I don't eat meat, they always ask me how I get enough protein in my diet. Many people think one cannot be healthy unless they eat meat. I have even had people say to me "your kids can't grow properly if they don't eat meat!" when they find out that I don't serve meat to my kids either. People tend to think that meat is the ultimate source of protein and one can't be healthy without meat. Well, I have not consumed meat for over 20 years and I am very healthy. So a meatless diet can be healthy as long as you know what other foods to consume for the protein your body needs.

How much protein do I need?
 The recommended amount of protein per day is  0.36 grams per pound of body weight. This amounts to:
+ 56 grams per day for the average sedentary man.
+ 46 grams per day for the average sedentary woman.

 This is the current amount to prevent deficiency of protein in the body. The amount of protein a person may need depends on activity levels, age, muscle mass, physique goals and the current state of health. So the above numbers are a guideline. I am not a medical person so if you want to find out how much protein you should consume, talk to a doctor or nutritionist.

I don't eat meat so what can I eat for protein?
 There are many ways to get the needed protein without eating meat. I eat a flexitarian diet so I do eat fish once in a while and animal by-products like eggs, cheese and yogurt, all great sources of protein. I also get protein from beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, and grains like quinoa. My favorite ways and the most delicious is through smoothies, protein bars, and protein water.

I drink a protein smoothie for breakfast.

 I start my day off with a smoothie that is made from a vegan protein powder and fruit. I also add a Green Superfood to my smoothie for added veggies and gut health. I use Genuine Health protein powder as it has 15-20 grams of protein and I love the taste. Some days I will combine the Vanilla or Coconut Cream flavor with frozen blueberries or mangos and other days I combine the chocolate flavor with blueberries. So I love that I can make different flavors of smoothies. 

Protein Bars are also full of protein.

 I usually have a protein bar in the afternoon for a snack or sometimes as a meal when I am busy. My favorite protein bars have 15 grams of plant-based protein in them. I recently discovered 
Bone Broth Protein Bars and had to try them as I heard many good things about bone broth. I was surprised that they tasted good. These protein bars are very chewy and have 15 grams of protein in them, so they are also another good source of protein. The big bits of chocolate gave these bars awesome flavor.

You can also get protein infused in water.

Protein helps repair muscles. So I always try to eat some extra protein on the days I lift weights. I lift weights 3 days a week and run 5 days a week. I find it hard to eat after I workout so I decided to try Protein Infused Water. Protein20 makes several flavors and they have 10 grams of protein in them. They also have only 60 calories and 5 grams of sugar. The Kawaiola Coconut is my favorite flavor as it tastes like a light pina colada.

Add protein to your coffee.

 Collagen is also another great source of protein. I will mix a stick pack of collagen into my coffee for additional protein. Dr. Ax has many different types of collagen and they mix well into cold or hot liquids and soft foods like oatmeal or yogurt. The stick packs have 7 grams of protein and are flavorless so it does not change the taste of my coffee.

 So on a typical day, I start my morning with a protein smoothie, stir a collagen package into my coffee, have a protein bar for lunch, drink a protein-infused water after the gym, and eat beans at dinner. So I consume more than 50 grams of protein and that total does not include the protein from the beans which are 15 grams per half-cup. So I get plenty of protein from a meatless diet. There are days that I may not eat a protein bar for lunch and I instead have beans, yogurt, or eggs. So you can get plenty of protein without eating meat.

What is your favorite food for protein?


Sarah Bailey said...

These sound like some great tips! Protein is such an important thing to have in our diet so it is good to have ways to do this without using meat as well.

Gladys Parker said...

I didn't know so many ways of added protein existed. My son in law drinks Jack 3D. I eat meat most days, although, I am trying to lose weight so I often substitute dinner with a salad, no dressing. I add a small amount of cheese and garbanzo beans to my salad for extra protein.

kristy b said...

Thanks for these great suggestions! My husband loves to eat meat all the time, but I’m not that crazy about meat. I would rather have another type of protein, like the ones you have listed.

Unknown said...

I have been hearing about cologean a lot lately and I am still unsure what it is all about so I m nervous about taking it. But there has to be a reason for this sudden interest, worth looking into a bit more for me.

S. Graham said...

I've tried to tell people this fact but they ever listen! Meat isn't a necessity when it comes to eating or diet!

Ruth I said...

It's great that there are options like this for people who do not eat meat. The snack bar looks delicious!

Unknown said...

I'm always looking for more ways to consume protein. This is a fabulous post.

BB. said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words and I am so glad you find such post here. Sending love !

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