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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Why Older Runners Need Curcumin Or Turmeric Supplements

                Don't let age get in the way of running.

  I don't like to think of myself as an older runner as running is what makes me feel young. Age is just a number to me and should not be an indicator of me having to slow down. The ugly part of getting older is whether I like it or not my body behaves differently from my 20-year-old body. I learned that the hard way when I did something to my ankle four years ago that put a halt to my running for several years. It was an inflamed painful ankle injury that I got from running too many hills that got hit by a shopping cart that forced me to stop running for a bit. Then once I healed from that injury, I had a couple of bad falls along with a hamstring tear. Through these injuries, I learned about many supplements that could help me heal and prevent future injuries. The one supplement that I continue to take is Turmeric, more specifically Curcumin as it helps my joints and muscles stay healthy so I can enjoy running and not let age get in my way.

                          I received samples from Curcuminpro
Why Runners Need Curcumin/Turmeric

 Running may lead to inflammation and damage to muscles and the joints. Inflammation causes pain and swelling. Joint stiffness is also a common result of long distance running. We, runners, are hitting the pavement hard with our feet so our joints and muscles tend to suffer.

How Turmeric Can Help Runners

  I learned about Turmeric when my ankle was swollen and it was painful to walk up and down stairs. I discovered much-needed pain relief from this supplement and once I learned that it was good for joint health, I knew that I should continue taking turmeric as a daily supplement. 

What is curcumin?

 Curcumin is the word you know. Turmeric is the root plant from which you extract the curcuminoids (aka where all those benefits live!) It is a powerhouse anti-inflammatory. This is so important because many of the illnesses and diseases we deal with in our modern world are all rooted in an issue of inflammation happening within different parts of the body. 

Raw Turmeric or Supplements

 Raw, powdered turmeric does contain a good amount of curcumin but has a pungent, yucky to me, taste and cooking may reduce its benefits so it is not my preferred way to get my daily dose of turmeric as it tends to make my smoothies taste bitter and gives me indigestion as well. So I like taking Curcumin supplements. I will start my day with a BioSoluble™ protein-powered curcumin supplement but I after I go running I will drink a refreshing berry drink that is loaded with Curcumin. This drink mix is made with a BioSoluble™ curcumin formulation that accelerates the delivery of the curcumin to my bloodstream so my joints and muscles feel better faster. The drink tastes way better than a capsule supplement and it helps me drink the much-needed water that I need after all that sweating. This delicious drink mix comes in my flavors, like Lemonade, so I have options after I run.

Benefits of CurcuminPro

• Supports heart, joint, brain, and immune system health

• Natural pain relief and joint support

• High level of curcuminoids

Why is CurcuminPro™ better?

Our patent-pending technology combines liquid curcumin evenly bonded to protein creating a highly BioSoluable™, tasteless conjugate. This conjugate provides a safe and easily digestible scaffold onto which CLINICAL DOSAGE curcumin easily transfers into the bloodstream. Up to 36x our competitors. 2 CurcuminPro™ Daily capsules or one CurcuminPro™ drink equals the same bioavailability of 260-320 capsules (depending on the brand) of other brands.

You can even enjoy curcumin in jelly beans and chocolate!

 Once you discover the benefits of curcumin/turmeric, you will want to take some every day and plenty of it. I want to be that 90-year old that is still running so I will continue to take my curcumin supplements. I recently discovered that I can even get the great benefits of curcumin in delicious jelly beans and chocolates. They are a great way to take curcumin while indulging my sweet tooth. The jelly beans taste so good that I have to hide them from my boys as they will eat them all up.

Options are always good

I am glad there are many ways for me to get my curcumin supplements so I can continue to enjoy running and not let age get in the way. I can be that older runner and feel young. Hey, I think running even helps me to look young too!  Check out these BioSoluble™* protein-powered curcumin supplements that I am enjoying.

Which one CurcuminPro product would you like to try?


*BioSoluble™ is our trademarked term incorporating curcumin into multiple delivery platforms ensuring the highest dosage per serving.  This was the hurdle to overcome curcumin's resistance to being soluble.  Our curcumin is 36x more soluble than standard curcumin.


Cassie said...

I swear by tumeric, you gave great ideas and tips

Cristina Coroiu said...

I kinda want to try those jelly beans. I wonder how they are. I don't think I know how turmeric taste. But from what you wrote, I think I should take those supplements as well.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good to know! I'm curious about those jelly beans. I keep hearing how great turmeric is, but I have yet to try it.

Mom Knows Best said...

The jelly beans taste sweet with no turmeric taste

Ally said...

I think absolutely everyone who is active regularly should be taking some form of tumeric! I've never heard of the jelly bean version of it, I'd be interested in trying it!

What Corinne Did said...

To be honest, even though i am in my 20s i'd still need help if i work out again ahah! I love tumeric in food but never saw it in the form of supplement!

Anita said...

I have had joint issues from an injury when I was younger. Supplements can be very helpful!

Minakshi Bajpai said...

Good to know! I'm curious about those jelly beans. I keep hearing how great turmeric is, but I have yet to try it.

Unknown said...

I cook with a lot of tumeric, so I would definitely be down to try this. I'm not much of a runner myself, but I always say I want to get more into it.

Sarah Bailey said...

Tumeric seems to be having so many uses of late, I had no idea it was good as a supplement you really do learn something new everyday!

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

I've been incorporating more turmeric into my diet as a plant-based doctor I follow highly recommends a daily intake. It gives a nice kick to my meals too!

Unknown said...

I am not a runner but I drink tumeric tea for the joint problems that I have and it helps alot. This looks like something I need to try.

Rabindro Roy said...

That's really inspiring. Surrendering to age is a defeat of life. We must go on.

Melanie said...

Jelly beans! I'm loving how easily it is to get the nutrients you need to keep ruling your running at any age.

David Elliott said...

I have heard a lot of thing about curcumin. Its great you have a drink that provides so much of it. And that you have a lot of different flavor combinations.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post! I also include turmeric in my diet but I didn't know about these jelly bean =]

Elizabeth Keene said...

I have been trying to add more running to my routine. It is so good to see someone else running too!


Elizabeth Keene


Nicole said...

I have always wanted to take up running. I've heard it's a great way to get fit and healthy! I'll have to look into the supplements you mentioned, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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