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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Nike Shoe Deals For The Whole Family At Macy's

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  I have been doing quite well in reaching my fitness goals for the past couple of months. I have been committed to running at least three days a week outside and then heading to the gym with my husband for 2 days to work out on a cardio exercise machine. Then I also have been lifting weights, at the gym three days a week. I have been doing this fitness routine since the beginning of July when my middle son inspired me to get stronger. My middle son was home from college for summer break and I was amazed at his fitness training schedule. This son ran 10 miles a day and also lifted weights at the gym. He had a strong body that ran fast. It was also at that time that I purchased a new pair of running shoes. New running shoes have a way of inspiring me to get my fitness time in and just do it.

 To think that many years ago when I taught my son how to train for the track team that he is now an incredibly fast runner who now inspires me. My son competes in running at the college level and does quite well. So now it is now time for me to start training my next son as his track season is starting up soon. The next son is in 7th grade and took up running last year. Like his older brother, he has a passion for running fast. We are a family who loves to run and it seems like I am always buying new running shoes.

Macy's has select Nike shoes for up to 40% off!

 So I am glad that I discovered an awesome sale on Nike running shoes at Macy's. That way I can get the running shoes that my boys prefer at prices that I like. Right now through December 28th, 2019, Macy's has select Nike styles from Finish Line for up to 40% off! So this mom can get her boys their running and training shoes that they need for their track team competitions. At prices like these, my boys can get two pairs of shoes so they are ready for their track practices and track meets.

Nike shoes for many types of sports

  My younger son also loves playing basketball and the youngest son is thinking about trying out for the soccer team. Yes, I am talking about three different sons and I also have one that's older but he buys his own shoes. So that is a whole lot of sports shoes that I buy as my boys love wearing the latest styles of shoes for both sports and for casual wear. So when Nike shoes are on sale, I buy my boy's new shoes. So I love that I can buy one son new basketball shoes and new running shoes. Then I can buy the other son the running shoes he needs for his college track team while also getting the youngest son a pair of shoes to replace his worn-out school shoes.

New shoes for mom

 While I was browsing the Nike shoe selection at Macy's, I saw the perfect running shoes for myself. My current shoes do need replacing and these Nike Women's Free Run 5.0 offer the snug fit that I like when wearing running shoes. I just love all the pink on this lightweight running shoe. These Nike running shoes will give me the support that I need to reach my fitness goals with my running. These are some awesome running shoes!

Nike running shoes for the win

   My oldest son selected a pair of Nike Air Zoom Gravity Running shoes as he loves the sleek style of these running shoes. These lightweight running shoes designed for speed and speed it what my son likes. These Nike running shoes will help my son sprint to the finish line when he competes on his college track team. My son also loves that he can wear these shoes for his longer training runs with his teammates. The colors were also a huge deciding factor for my older son.

Nike has shoes for kids

   My son who is in 7th grade has small feet. So I am glad that Macy's has Nike shoes in sizes for kids. That way my son can run in the Nike shoes that he loves. This son selected the Nike Renew Lucent Running Sneakers from Finish Line for his sports shoes. These running shoes are made for performance. My son loves that these running shoes feature a unique translucent upper that shows off this sneaker's visible layers. So he will look like a winner with these Nike shoes.

 So now is the perfect time to get Nike shoes for the whole family. With prices that are up to 40% on select Nike styles, buy that pair of shoes that will help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you are a runner or just want a pair of stylish comfortable shoes, Macy's has the deals that will get you the shoes that you need. A new pair of fitness shoes will be just what you need to reach that new year's fitness goals!

Get Up to 40% Off Select Nike Styles from Finish Line at Macy's

Sale Dates: 12/22/19 - 12/28/19

Restrictions may apply.

So what are you waiting for? This is a perfect time to get some new Nike shoes for the whole family as these are great prices!


AiringMyLaundry said...

Oh nice, I love to save! And we do need new shoes, so this is perfect. I'll check it out.

Anne Marie said...

My teenage son has worn out his basketball sneakers. It's time for a new pair and Macy's selection looks fantastic!

Mama to 6 blessings said...

Those ate some great deals! Typically Nike is out of my price range because shopping for a family of 8 gets expensive but that is a great savings! I may have to check this out!

Marie at Complete Literature said...

I have always loved the designs of Nike. But I have wide feet and until recently they weren't a possibility. I am glad they now have wider options.

Jaredamy said...

I have not purchased Nikes in a while. They have some really fun styles and colors these days.

Kathy said...

I love Nike shoes. My daughters both have a pair and they love them. I know they are one of their favorite brands too.

The Super Mom Life said...

We love a good sale! Especially when it's on shoes! I'll have to check out Macy's this week!

Unknown said...

Wow! I am impressed with your commitment to fitness and health! It's great that you are able pass your healthy habits onto your sons and you must be so proud of them!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I mean, I don't technically NEED new shoes, but I kinda WANT them. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

Sherry said...

What a great sale for a great brand. My son actually needs new running shoes for school.

Chinenye said...

Who doesn't love a good sale?! I love Nike shoes and they are so comfortable. They are also good quality shoes. Now saving this so I can check them out.

Alvern Success Unscrambled said...

I am never one to run after brands and my feet are strange when it comes to runners. However, the fact that I can get 40% off might be just what I need to take a look and find something for myself.

Skincare Villa said...

I like Nike shoes...

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Candace Hampton said...

Nike is one of my favorite brands. Their shoes are so comfy. Perfect to workout. My husband loves them as well.

Happy Holidays!

Monica said...

Really great deals! And I love Nike shoes, they're so comfortable!

Debbie said...

Nike is the best! Macy's definitely has something for everyone.

Romy Schorr said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing deals, time to go shopping

ohmummymia said...

I love nike shoes. I need to check closer that deal

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