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Friday, July 9, 2021

10 Unique Ideas to Use Beef Jerky in Meals

Wondering about some new ideas to add beef jerky into your pot meals? Get some tips to amp up your meals with these thin strips of meat. 


 For meat-lovers, one of your most favorite go-to snacks is beef jerky. It is not only delicious but keeps you full because of the protein content. However, too much consumption can cause several health issues in the long run as the meat is processed and contains preservatives. So, instead of hogging down a packet of beef jerky at once, try eating them in portions. It will limit your consumption and keep you satiated too.    

Here are twelve splendid ideas on how you can add beef jerky in small portions to your meals and relish the flavorsome crunch of the meat strips. You will know a variety of ways to eat your beef jerky other than a snack. 

12 Delicious Ways to Eat Beef Jerky 

1. Garnish Over Brunch Cocktail
 Your Sunday brunches will get even more interesting and unique once you add beef jerky instead of bacon to your menu. The jerky will add more crunch and protein and will make your cocktails a little different from other days. Kids will especially enjoy beef jerky in breakfast cocktails as it is easy to chew and swallow. 

 From a health perspective, beef jerky is rich in protein, so adding them to your breakfast will fulfill your protein requirements for the entire day. If you are wondering from where to get some exotic beef jerky, then do check here 

2.  Add in the Soups
 If you are using chicken shreds, beef, or pork bacon into your soups as add-ons, then it is high time to improve it with some beef jerky instead! Beef jerky is versatile and goes well with any kind of soup, whether it is fresh vegetable soup, corn soup, or a stew. You can experiment with different flavors of beef jerky with various types of soups. Moreover, beef jerky adds a mild crunchy texture to your soup.  

3. Mix it with Scrambled Eggs
 In the morning, if you wish to have a protein-loaded breakfast to keep you energized and huger-free for a long time during the day, then add beef jerky to your scrambled egg. We already know, eggs are an excellent source of protein, and adding another protein source will add to the nutrient. This breakfast is mostly for people who are extremely busy throughout the day and barely have time to eat properly. 

 Of course, you can add other ingredients like cheese and veggies along with the beef jerky. Grate or chop the jerky in medium to small pieces before adding. 

4. Top it Over Boiled Eggs
 If you have saved beef jerky strips for your evening snacks, then use it right away on your boiled eggs. Sprinkling some beef jerky on top of a boring boiled egg will heighten its flavor. Give yourself a treat today! Moreover, instead of adding plain beef jerky, you can mix the jerky pieces with mayo and Dijon mustard to add a little creaminess. 

 Boiled eggs topped with beef jerky would serve as a great item in a kid's snacks party, even elders’ too. 

5. Add it to the Snacking Board.
 Although keeping beef jerky on a snacking board is not traditional, but you can make a change. Due to its versatility, a beef jerky easily pairs with other items on the board, adding an awesome flavorful crunch to anything. Your guests will surely love this change.

 Beef jerky pairs excellently with cheese, crackers, nuts, pickles, and sauteed veggies. Keeping its nutritional profiles aside, beef jerky adds a phenomenal texture along with these ingredients.

6. Top Your Savory Snacks
 Did you know beef jerky is an excellent topper for your plates of pasta, oatmeal, poutine, and ramen? I bet you didn’t because no one talks about it. We all are so involved with bacon bits and shredded meats that beef jerky does not come to mind. To make your savory meals more palatable and nutritious, sprinkle some beef jerky on top. Instead of meat, you can use beef jerky to enjoy a nice change to the taste and texture of your savory food. 

7. Add in Texture to Your Salad
 The simplest way to make your plain salad more upgraded in taste and nutrition is by adding beef jerky to it. Just crumble some dried beef jerky and mix it into your salad. Once you do that, you will forget about bacon bits. 

 Unlike bacon bits, beef jerky has additional protein and less fat, which will complement your salad. In addition, the flavors of beef jerky go exceptionally well with salads. Again, you are free to experiment with different flavors of beef jerky.  

8. Use it in homemade Burgers and Sandwiches
 It is uncommon to have beef jerky in burgers and sandwiches, but nothing is too weird not to try at all! You can replace sausages and bacon with beef jerky strips inside the burger. It will add a delicious beefy flavor yet crunchy texture inside your juicy burger. You can grate the strips in sandwiches, mix with mayo, and spread it over the bread. In whatever way you add them, you won’t regret the taste.    

9. Serve It as Side Dish
 Not only as snacks, but you can keep beef jerky as a side dish to add an extra profile of texture. Serve it along with creamy mashed potato, stir-fried vegetables, salmon croquettes, baked beans, or even rib-eye steak. It is a healthy side dish with less oil and fat compared to many others. You can examine your own way of serving beef jerky as a side dish and pick which meal suits you the best. Everyone will have a different choice here. 

10. Add it as Pizza Toppings
 Ditch those old-school pepperonis, sausages, and bacon and produce an innovative pizza topping with beef jerky. You might have never thought of introducing beef jerky-like this, but trust me, your family will ask for more! Since there are many flavors available for beef jerky, you can play with the idea, mix and match to come up with different flavors each time. 

Additionally, when the beef jerky is baked with the pizza, it will become crispier. Therefore, you get an extra layer of texture on your pizza with beef jerky as one of the toppings. 

11. Simmer Your Sauces with Beef Jerky
 While you are making the sauce at home, just add some beef jerky grinds to enhance the richness and depth of flavor. Whether it’s a red or a white sauce, a little addition of beef jerky will take the taste to a new level. Add in small portions at a time to examine the thickness you want and let the sauce come to a boil before finally adding them into your pasta or noodles. 

12. Toast it With Roasted Nuts or Sprouts
 You might have gotten bored having beef jerky plain all the time. Instead of consuming beef jerky all alone in your snack time, add it with something healthier. It will increase the nutritional value and taste even more. Dry roast them with Brussels sprouts or dry fruits of your choice and munch on them. Since it is a dry snack, you can carry them in a container and enjoy it during your trip.

Final Thought
 Who could have thought that beef jerky has so much versatility? Other than munching on it as your evening snack, you can eat them exquisitely in your breakfast, dinner, and lunch too. These were just a few of the ideas and recommendations from me, but you can explore and innovate your own recipes with this amazing strip of meat. However, limit yourself to adding because too much of anything is bad, and beef jerky has salt and preservatives other than protein content.

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