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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Allergy Shots Sucess With Better Sleep And Gut health

   Are you considering allergy shots but need more information before you start an allergy shot treatment plan? Keep reading to discover my experience with receiving allergy shots.

 I am almost halfway through my allergy shot build-up phase as I just received my 5th round of shots for treating allergies. I was surprised that I had only a few small side effects from the allergy shot injections. I was expecting my side effects to be worse as the injections that I receive for my allergies are increased at each allergy shot appointment. My allergy shot injections contain a serum that has concentrated amounts of the seasonal allergens that I am allergic to. So it is expected that the side effects may increase with each allergy shot treatment.

 A couple of my past allergy shot treatment appointments affected my asthma and I had some breathing issues. After these treatments for my allergy shots, I had to take extra allergy medicine and use my nebulizer before I went to bed. I am always prepared after each treatment for my seasonal allergies to use my nebulizer and my husband always reminds me. My husband has seen me struggle through some tough asthma attacks. After my severe food allergy asthma attack last September, my husband is prepared with administering my emergency anaphylaxis allergy medicines that include an epi-pen. I wrote about my night, that I woke up struggling to breathe, at the end of this post.

I only experienced two mild side effects with allergy shot #5

 On the day that I received my 5th allergy treatment injection, I was happy that the side effects were minimal. At my allergy shot appointment, I received 2 shot injections in my left arm and 1 injection in my right arm. Right away, after the injections, my arm started stinging around the area where the need went into my arm. The arm stinging lasted about 5 minutes and then both my arms felt sore, kind of the feeling that you get after getting a flu shot. The arm soreness lasted about 2 hours. During this time I also had some itching on the inside of my stomach.

 The rest of the day, after receiving my allergy immunotherapy, I felt worn out and tired. In the evening my eyes felt sore. I did have some asthma symptoms during the day but they were mild and related to the hand sanitizer that the dentist was using at my boy's orthodontist appointment. Hand sanitizer is a big trigger for my asthma so I try to avoid being around it.

 I went to bed that night with no asthma issues and woke up the next day feeling refreshed. While I was exhausted when I went to bed, I was thankful that I had no breathing problems related to my asthma. I did apply some menthol rub on my neck right before I went to sleep, as a precaution. Menthol creams are just some of the 7 effective natural asthma treatments that I do to open up my airway when I am struggling to breathe.

Supplements that may be helping my allergy shot treatments

 This month I started taking some new supplements that may be helping me experience only mild symptoms from my allergy shots. I started taking some gut health and magnesium supplements from Bioptimizers. I met this company last month when I attended Expo West and it was their Magnesium Breakthrough supplement that had me stopping at their booth.

The night before, I decided to work out on the hotel treadmill and my calf muscles were painfully tight. I made the mistake of using the treadmill at an incline wearing sandals. I don't have a treadmill in my home gym so I wanted to try the treadmill. All the usual natural ways to treat pain were not working and I did not pack my muscle massage gun in my suitcase. So I knew from past experience that magnesium was good for leg cramps. 

While I was at the Bioptimizer's booth, I learned that there were many forms of magnesium and each one plays a different role in healing your body. I learned that Magnesium Chelate would be good for the tight muscles in my calves as this form of magnesium is especially important for muscle building, recovery, and health. I also discovered that Bioptimizer had a magnesium supplement with 7 different forms of magnesium.

One of the biggest misconceptions about magnesium is that you just “need more” of it and you’ll be healthy and optimized. But the TRUTH is, there are many different types of magnesium — and each plays a critical role in different functions in your body. Most “healthy” people only get 1 - 2 forms at best (much of the population is deficient in all forms) — but when you get all 7 major forms of magnesium, that’s when the magic happens.

Save 10% on all Bioptimizer products with code MOMKNOWSBEST 

 Bioptimizer sent me a sample of their Magnesium Breakthrough and also a sample of Biome Breakthrough®. So I have been using these 2 supplements for the past two weeks as part of my daily supplement routine. I really like the benefits of the two supplements and I have been experiencing some good health benefits.

 I have been taking the Magnesium Breakthrough before I go to bed and it has been helping me sleep better. I am also able to fall asleep faster. Sleep is important for body healing. I have always struggled with sleep, especially when my asthma was at its worse. Now that my body is healing from mold sickness and developing an immunity to my seasonal allergies, I am glad that I discovered a supplement that will help with my sleep.

 Benefits of Magnesium Breakthrough 

+ Best magnesium supplements for sleep

+ Reduce your stress levels and feel relaxed and at peace

+ Sleep faster and deeper

+ Boost your immune system

+ Maintain normal heart rhythm

+ Build strong bones

 The Biome Breakthrough is a leaky gut supplement (probiotics and prebiotics). Did you know that your gut health is an important part of your whole body health? Gut inflammation from bad bacteria in your intestines can cause many problems in your body. So taking a supplement that can help my immune system would be good while I am doing my allergy shot treatments. The Biome Breakthrough is a delicious vanilla drink, so I enjoy taking it in the morning. The first time I took this leaky gut supplement, I noticed a tingle in my gut. I am not sure if this was because you have to drink the Biome Breakthrough on an empty stomach and it may have been hunger pains or it was the good bacteria working. I do know that this supplement is helping to promote a healthy immune response and that is helping my body adjust to the allergy shots.

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Benefits of  Biome Breakthrough

+ Promotes overall GI health

+ Reduces intestinal permeability

+ Eliminates bloating & gas

+ Promotes healthy immune response

+ Reduces gut inflammation

+ Increases nutrient absorption

+ Raises your energy levels

I am noticing fewer seasonal allergy symptoms

While my whole family is suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms like sneezing and congestion, I am not experiencing any. This is probably due to the fact that I am staying inside more. I stopped running outside and instead have chosen to exercise indoors on my elliptical exercise machine. I figured that my body did not need exposure to all the plants that I am allergic to while my body is receiving the allergy shots. Plus there have been a lot of wildfires in my state and that affects the air quality. 

 I am itching to start running outside but I know exercising outside would trigger my asthma and that would cause inflammation in my lungs. My lungs have had too much trauma in the past 5 years and I need to stick with my natural lung healing treatment plan so I don't develop COPD when I get older. My kids already tease me when I am using my nebulizer and I don't want to be hooked up to oxygen permanently.

Make sure to come back in two weeks for my allergy shot #6 update.

 I just love the color of this smoothie! Made with prickly pears, beet powder, and strawberry NUZEST. Beets are also amazing for lung healing. So I am drinking this smoothie several times a week.


Beth said...

I'm so happy to hear your allergy shots are getting better. The more you get them, the less side effects you'll have, which must be a huge relief!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I am all for getting better sleep so I need to try these. I am glad you are doing better!

Kathy said...

Glad to see it's getting better for you. Also, that smoothie sure does look amazing. I agree that the color looks good as well. Yum!

Mumwrites said...

It is good to know that your allergy shots are working well on your allergies. Indeed, better sleep and healthy gut are pre-requisites to fighting off these allergies for good.

Laura JL Books said...

I'm so glad that you are getting the releaf for your allergies. Receiving the best sleep you can get. thanks for sharing this amazing article.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're doing better now! My sister has allergy issues but mild one. However, I'll definitely share this info with her and ask her to read all your posts so she can have an idea about allergy shot and its benefits.

Everything Enchanting :)

Gust si Aroma said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I am sure finally you'll have the result you are looking for!

Melanie Edjourian said...

It's really good news that you didn't have any serious symptoms after your fifth allergy shot. Allergies can be a nuisance.

Christy G said...

I wish that I could get allergy shots. But due to my autoimmune disorders and the need for an immunosuppressant, I can't get them. I am looking into getting them for my son if possilbe.

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