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Monday, May 3, 2021

What Should You Get a New Mom for Mother's Day?

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 Becoming a Mom is a life-changing event. Raising children can be challenging but often rewarding for new Moms as they prepare their baby for the outside world. If you know a new Mom, don’t forget to celebrate this special milestone with her. However, picking the right-first-time Mother’s Day gift can be difficult, but these ideas should help you decide. 

New Baby Flowers

 What better way to celebrate a new family member than by purchasing new baby flowers from The Bouqs Co.? Flowers are the perfect way to mark any occasion, whether it’s a first-time Mom, Valentines' Day, or a promotion. Still, you’ll need to be careful when purchasing blossoms with a baby present. Buy hypoallergenic flowers instead, like carnations, daffodils, hyacinths, orchids, roses, or peonies, because they won’t irritate the baby's sinuses if they are allergic.

Baby Clothes

 Moms always need baby clothes because children grow quickly in their first couple of years. From birth to 6 months, a baby could grow ½-1 inch a month and gain 5-7 ounces per week. Mothers can expect their baby to triple their birth weight by the time they hit 1 year! The new Mom you’re buying for will appreciate that you thought of the baby and considered the cost of having one. Although this gift isn’t directly for her, it still helps the new Mom significantly.


 All Moms love to receive jewelry no matter the day or season, but new Moms could really benefit from a bit of bling. Jewelry is durable and lasts a long time, so it won’t break if the baby tugs at it. Some smaller, dainty chains will break, so look for something that doesn’t hang too far from the neck or off the wrists. When buying for new Mothers, purchase a locket with a picture, a baby thumbprint pendant, a necklace with the baby's name on it, or a birthstone bracelet.

Eye Mask, New Sheets, or Bathrobe Set

 New Moms don’t get as much sleep as they would like, so buy them an eye mask or comfy bathrobe that will help them relax after a hard day. Husbands or wives of the new Mother could purchase a silk sheet set if they noticed their bedsheets are getting a little old. A silk pillowcase can do wonders for the new Mother’s skin and hair, even if the pillowcase is made from a high-quality synthetic silk-like material. She’ll appreciate feeling more refreshed each day!

Photo Books

 Most of our photos are taken digitally and stored on a hard drive. While this can prevent the hard copy from being destroyed, it’s less personal than using a photo book. If you have access to the new Mother’s photos (from social media, on her phone, or on the computer), print a few out and place them inside a photo book. You can get creative by adding a bunch of hand-drawn photos or cute notes. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can use a digital photo service.

Home Spa Day

 Sometimes, being a new mom can be emotionally and physically exhausting, and it can be difficult to unwind after a long day (even with new sheets). Book a home spa retreat in advance, so a masseuse can come over to their home and give your wife, Mom, or friend a massage. Husbands or wives of the new Mom could try their hand at massages. Just watch an online tutorial on how to deliver smooth, flowing strokes - it’s easier than you think!

Surprise Her With a Fun Activity

 Gifts don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to be meaningful. In fact, most Moms just want to spend time with their family members, friends, or spouse on their special day. Instead of giving a gift, surprise her with an activity that she wanted to do while pregnant but couldn’t, like surfing, snowboarding, or wine tasting. She’ll be happy to spend some time out of the house with someone besides the baby because she needs a bit of adult time, too.

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