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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spin Some Kindness With Boogie Wipe Love And A Giveaway

It's cold and flu season! Boogie Wipes wants to show a little KINDNESS! I am a mom ambassador with Boogie Wipes and I get to have this awesome job of showing KINDNESS! Colds spread, but kindness does too and along with Boogie Wipes I am going to spread some cheer to people.

Boogie Wipes provided me with samples so I could spread some KINDNESS around in my community. I made up some bags with provided samples and added other items that would cheer people up during the cold season. My mission was to take these awesome goodies and surprise people with them.

My church meets at a school that we rent out on Sundays. We use several classrooms, the cafeteria and the gym to hold our services. The teachers and others workers kindly let us use these areas, even though they do not have a choice. The workers at the church have to rearrange  things in the rooms we use to be able to use them. We always try our hardest to put things back how we found them but sometimes things don't always get put back exactly the way we found them. This must be frustrating to the teachers to come in on Monday and have to fix things. 

I wanted to spread some KINDNESS to these teachers. I went around the school and left my bags of samples for the teachers and other workers to find. I hope these bags leave a smile to their face and help them during the cold season. We all know that schools are a breeding place for germs.

The first place I started with was the classroom where I set up and lead the nursery. I placed a bag on the teacher's desk for her to find when she comes into work. 

The next room belongs to the music teacher and this is where our 4 -8 year old children have class. So I place a Boogie Wipe bag on his desk.

The next place where I left some cheer was in the janitors closet. I want to say thank you to the janitors for cleaning up the classrooms and other areas for us.

The next classroom is one where our guys pray before church. They pray for a lot of things including people who work at the school.

Then I went to the cafeteria to leave some for those workers. We use this area for making our coffee for the service. We also use the cafeteria tables too and we always hope that we put them back in the right places for the students.

I placed all the remaining KINDNESS bags in the teachers lounge for any workers I may have forgotten. I hope my bags of goodies help the workers at the school during the cold season. 

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I hope I inspired somebody to want to spread some KINDNESS during the cold and flu season. For some great ideas to help you, visit the below links.

There is also a great giveaway were you can win an ultimate care package along with 3 runner up care packages. Visit the below link to enter or enter on the Rafflecopter below. 

Come back and visit http://momknowsbest15.blogspot.com/ often as I will be sharing other ways that I spread KINDNESS with other goodies. If you are one of the lucky people who received a Spin Kindness card, be sure to visit http://www.spinkindness.com/Boogie/ and let them know.

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"These opinions are my own and I was sent samples of Boogie Wipes to spread the #spinkindness"


ShelleyLynn said...

So thoughtful! I love that you are thinking of those who did something for you! I hope your other readers are inspired. Even if a person has nothing tangible to give, a thank-you or word of encouragement can change someone's day! Thank you for sharing your kindness!

Montufar Remodeling and Roofing Corp. said...

This is awesome! Thank you for the opportunity! Good Job!!

DeDa Studios said...

Great way to Share Kindness - I am sure each gift of Kindness made a positive impression.

Kelly O said...

I actually really like the idea of sharing with the local school. I have a few friends that are teachers at the elementary school, and this would brighten their day :)

Karen Beck said...

I would share with friends, or my son's Special ed teachers.

Colette S said...

I would share with my mom.

Anonymous said...

I would share with my daughter. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I would share with my mom and daughter.

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