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Friday, July 31, 2020

Why Moms Need OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen

I am a messy mom

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  In my house, I think I get the award for the most stains on their clothes. Sure my kids have stains on their clothes from playing outside and from eating but I tend to get more stains on my clothes. The sad part is, I can't blame my boys for the stains on my shirt as they are past the stage of wiping their dirty hands on me. The majority of my stains come from cooking and eating.

 I get busy in the kitchen creating a new recipe like Gluten Free Chocolate Mocha Protein Brownies and halfway into the cooking project, I realize that I should have worn an apron. I have plenty of cute aprons but I always forget to put one on as I think that this time I won't make a mess of my clothes. I never learn my lesson and by the time I am done baking, my shirt usually has a stain or two on it. So I have to change my clothes and toss the shirt into the wash before that chocolate stain sets in.

 Then there are my messy eating habits. I am that person who works and eats at the same time. So my multi-tasking of drinking coffee and eating lunch at my desk again leaves me with stains on my shirt. It is not that I purposely try to spill my cold brew coffee on my shirt. My one hand on the keyboard and my other hand holding my sushi burrito tend to lead to the slice of avocado covered in chipotle mayo falling on my shirt. That is why I have a keyboard cover for my laptop. Maybe I should stop eating at my desk. Like that is going to happen. Do they even make bibs for adults?

 I am glad that I work from home so nobody sees my messy shirt. I am also glad that I discovered OxiClean™ On The Go™ Stain Remover Pen.  So I can treat my food stains on my shirt and no one has to know that I am a messy eater. I keep the convenient stain remover pen on my desk so it is handy to treat all my stains from food before the set into my clothes leaving a permanent stain. I love that the OxiClean Stain Remover Pen leaves no messy residue or scent on my shirt. I also love that Oxiclean On The Go Stain remover comes in a three-pack so I can keep one in my purse and another in my laundry room.

 The OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen is so easy to use and I love that I can treat my stains without having to remove my shirt. The stain remover pen from OxiClean has a stain-fighting scrubber so I can erase away food stains like chocolate, spaghetti, coffee, and even soy sauce from my Plant-Based Chinese Dumplings. This unique stain-fighting pen even removes makeup and lipstick from clothes. So we can keep our face masks clean. I never thought that I would have to worry about my face foundation getting on a face mask.

Instant - Removes fresh stains in 2 easy steps.
Effective - Out-cleans other stain pens on tough stains and contains 2x more!
Convenient - Take it everywhere. Great for food, drink, and makeup stains!

 The OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen is so easy to use that even my teen boys use it. My older son likes his white sneakers to stay clean, so I have caught him using the OxiClean pen on his shoes. I might just have to give my boys an OxiClean pen for their school supplies. That way they can take care of the food stains from lunch so I will never know that they had pizza for lunch. What is it about boys using their shirt sleeve for a napkin?

 You can find the OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen in the laundry aisle at most stores. These unique stain remover pens are available in 1,3, and 6 packs. So nobody has to know that you are a messy mom.

Monday, July 27, 2020

How To Reverse The Pandemic Covid 15

The stress from a pandemic may have lead to weight gain 

I received samples of various products that I decided to include in my article

 Are your jeans a bit too tight? The past couple of months have been stressful for most everyone. Having to stay at home or having to be an essential worker has taken a toll on everyone. Then throw in homeschooling and entertaining kids. Most everyone is tired of living this way and I am not sure if anyone is happy that we are going through this C lung virus pandemic thing. Maybe the people who are making money from this respiratory virus are happy but I am not quite sure. The saying we are all in this together can be annoying but we really are all in it together when it comes to not enjoying life right now. Life for most is stressful right now and the stress of dealing with life right now has lead to weight gain or the COVID 15. I like to think of the COVID 15 as the weight that most first-year college students gain.

 The reasons that a lot of people have gained weight could be from boredom, stress eating, or even taking up a new hobby of baking. Everyone has different ways to cope with change and stress and for some, it is with food. My coping strategies lately have been cleaning, gardening, and stockpiling. Cleaning has always been the way I deal with my stress so if you see me mad cleaning, watch out. 

You thought social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic was going to be your excuse to stress eat and binge-watch television all day?

 It is hard to believe that we have had to stay at home or shelter in place for 4 months now. It seems like there is no end in sight for this deadly for some lung virus. Just when we think that things are getting better, things start going bad again. I am referring to this virus that affects the lungs as having to stay in from recess because of a few kids who can't follow the rules. I really don't like the rule of social distancing and having to wear a face mask but they do work. Right now we are being asked to wear a face mask when exercising but I am unable to do so because of my asthma. Exercise helps asthma so I am running on paths that are empty so I can avoid people.

 People that I know who have caught the virus, look back and say that they were not wearing a mask and that they were not social distancing-ie they were at a party or another gathering of people.  I have also known a few people who were exposed to the virus but did not get a positive viral test thanks to wearing a mask and social distancing.

 Whatever the reasons that you put on the pounds or that your clothes don't fit, now is a perfect time to stop the weight gain.  A period like this is actually the worst time to be slacking on healthy habits like exercise and a healthy diet. A viral outbreak is a time that you need to keep your immune system strong so it can fight off the germs. A healthy body can be the start to a healthy immune system. 

 Stress is at an all-time high as there are so many unanswered questions like when is this all going to end, what about my job, what about school? Stress can lead to unhealthy habits so taming the stress may be a start to losing that excess weight gain. I know easier said than done. I know this seems hard if not impossible but I am hoping that I can give you some tips and encouragement so you can take the first step to gain back your health.

Go for a daily walk even when you don't feel like it

 One of the best ways to deal with stress and keep your body healthy is walking. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for your body and mind. I don't want to hear any excuses about why you can't exercise. You have to put a fitness routine into your schedule and force yourself to workout. I go running first thing in the morning and I too have to push myself to get out the door. On days that the humidity is affecting my asthma, it is even harder for me to go running but I do it and when I finish my daily exercise, I always feel better. My son even gets the exercise thing. He hates waking up early but he realizes that if he waits to go running later in the day it is too hot. Get that daily exercise in and it is ok to use a natural energy drink or even drink a cup of coffee if you need some energy. Coffe is loaded with healthy antioxidants so it is a healthy drink for exercise.

 You may not have time in the morning to go for a walk as you have to go to work but make time for that exercise after work. You can even use these tips to sneak in exercise throughout the day. If you have kids don't let them be your excuse for not exercising. Be a healthy role model and teach your kids the importance of exercise for the body. These exercise tips for moms might help you. Exercise helps you have a healthy heart and a healthy immune system. 

Do curbside grocery pickup

 One of the best ways to eat healthy foods and follow a healthy diet plan is to shop for your groceries online and pick them up through curbside grocery pickup. When you do contactless grocery shopping, you make better choices in food selection. That bag of chips or a gallon of ice cream can't tempt you and somehow jump into your grocery cart. The food that you should not be eating won't make it into your fridge when you don't add it to your online food list. The best tip when shopping for food online is to do it after you eat so you are not hungry and do it after the kids are in bed so you can make wise choices. Fill that online shopping cart up with plenty of fruits and veggies as they are loaded with nutrition and fiber.

Eat plenty of fiber  

 Fiber helps keep you full longer so you can resist the snacks. Having foods that have fiber in them at every meal with fill you up faster so you don't reach for a 2nd helping of food. So make sure to include a serving of fruit or veggies with every meal and some of these foods that are high in fiber. Fiber can help you lose weight faster and another simple way to get more fiber into your body is with my favorite fiber supplement or these delicious healthy homemade fiber bars that are great for breakfast. 

Get plenty of sleep

 Sleep is so beneficial to the body and can help with stress. Sleep can even help you lose weight. When you don't get enough sleep your body is not only tired but it is hard to make smart choices when you are tired. So again, force yourself to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Yes, it is hard to go to bed when you have a million things to do or you simply are not tired. Sometimes a bedtime snack that has carbs and protein in it can help you get tired. Yes, it is ok to eat after 7PM  and it may help you lose weight. These 12 sleep tips will also help you get the sleep that you need to feel well-rested.

If you have insomnia, like me then you need to try CBD Gummies as they help me fall asleep with no side effects. CBD Oil is made from a natural plant called hemp and it does not contain any mind-altering THC. I even give my boys CBD for pain relief as it is a natural pain reliever.

Ditch the yoga pants 

 Those yoga pants may be comfortable but they are causing you to gain weight. The problem with any pants with an elastic waistband is you don't realize that you are gaining weight. So those extra pounds lead to more. Now that you are heading back to work you realize that your work clothes no longer fit and that is no leading to stress that makes you want to eat more. So get dressed in clothes that have zippers and buttons, so you can realize when you are starting to gain weight.

 Getting dressed in clothes other than yoga pants may lift your mood. You might actually want to do something other than binge-watching TV. I have been guilty of staying in my running clothes all day as I am not leaving the house. I need to work on getting dressed for the day.


 Take care of yourself. That means more than me time. I think most of us are tired of me-time and need some time with others outside of our house. So comb your hair, shave those legs(I am speaking to myself here), put on makeup, and your face mask. Then call a friend up and safely get together at an outdoor location. Make sure to social distance still as the C Virus is still here. This would be a great time to go for a walk with a friend as you can combine exercise with social time. I love it when I can combine exercise with errands and I will bike to the store.

Help others

 Just because we are in a viral pandemic doesn't mean we can't help others out. Doing something for others like volunteering at a food drive will help boost your mood and help with stress. Doing something like helping an elderly neighbor cut their grass or shop for food will keep you away from the fridge and get those feel-good hormones going. Just boosting the way you feel can lead to you making healthy choices that will lead to weight loss.

Give yourself some grace and some love

 Don't let that number on the scale define who you are. You should never feel bad about the way you look as we are unique people and were made to be of all sizes. Love yourself and stop the body shaming with yourself. Don't look at this as trying to lose weight but rather as an opportunity to make your body healthy so it can be strong with healthy immune support so you won't be more suspectable to the dumb lung virus.

Save 20% on the FitTrack Dara with code TARAP20  

 I have fallen in the trap about that dumb number on the scale and I have learned to focus on making my body stronger. I recently discovered a unique fitness tracker that helps me see my fitness progress without focusing on my body weight. With this fitness measurement tool, I can see that I am losing body fat and gaining body muscles.

Wear a mask

 A face mask will not only help stop the spread of the C lung virus but it can help you lose weight. It is impossible to eat when you have a face mask on. So a plus of going back to work to a place that requires you to wear a face mask is you will eat less. So stop complaining about having to wear a face mask and think of it as the best weight loss tool.

Drink more water

 Sometimes the simple act of drinking more water can help you with weight loss. Most people don't realize that they are thirsty and will reach for food instead of water. That can lead to eating more calories than you need. So make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Did you know that the average person should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day, more if exercising or it is hot outside? So before you reach for a snack, drink a glass of water first. Chances are the water will satisfy you and you won't want that snack. While coffee and tea count for your water intake, water is still the best thirst quencher. So guzzle water and sip the coffee.

 To encourage yourself to drink more water, keep a large water bottle near you and refill it often. Plain water can get boring so infuse some calorie-free flavor into your water with Pure Inventions Water Infusion Drops. These delicious sugar-free drops naturally sweeten your water and they are also caffeine and gluten-free. The Pure Inventions come in so many yummy flavors and I love that the bottles are the perfect size to take on the go. A couple drops are all you need to make your boring water exciting so you will guzzle it all up. The Water Infusion Drops come is so many delicious flavors and each bottle contains 30-60 servings. There are no artificial sweeteners in the Water Infusion Drops and they would be perfect in ice tea and coffee. Check out the below recipe for a delicious drink that uses the flavor drops.

Cranberry Peach Breeze
Beverage preparation by the glass:
Fill a 16-20 oz glass with ice
Add your favorite water (flat or sparkling)
Add one full dropper of Pure Inventions Cranberry + Elderberry
Add one full dropper of Pure Inventions Peach Green Tea
Squeeze in the juice of 1/2 lemon
Shake or stir
Garnish with a slice of lemon

Try new healthy recipes

 Losing weight is never easy but sometimes just changing what you eat in one meal can make all the difference. Starting your day with a high protein/ high fiber meal that is loaded with nutrition can help you lose weight. Making your first meal of the day nourishing and nutritious can help you make smart food choices for the rest of the day. My favorite healthy breakfast is a high protein smoothie that I sometimes make into a smoothie bowl. This protein smoothie is loaded with fiber, lots of superfoods and so delicious. Protein and fiber will satisfy your hunger and keep you full for hours. That means you won't be tempted to snack on unhealthy junk food.

Smoothie bowls are so delicious and made into many different flavors. So you can have a different flavor every day of the week. I like to stock my freezer with frozen fruits like blueberries, mangos, and strawberries and there are always several different flavors of protein powders. Right now I am enjoying Living Fuel protein powder as it is filled with so many superfoods so it is a complete meal. Check out some easy smoothie bowl recipes that I found on their website.

Living Fuel Berry Bowl
1 cup of frozen blueberries (or any frozen fruit you want)
1 scoop of Living Fuel SuperBerry Ultimate
1 scoop of Living Fuel LivingProtein
¼ cup of spring water

Place all of these ingredients in your blender and blend or pulse. If it gets stuck add just another tablespoon of water. Place into a bowl and top with puffed rice or fresh fruits, nuts, oatmeal, granola, or anything that makes your heart sing!

SuperGreens Pineapple Bowl
1 cup of Frozen Pineapple (or any frozen fruit)
1 scoop Living Fuel SuperGreens
1 scoop Living Fuel LivingProtein
¼ cup cold spring water or, coconut milk
Blend all in your blender or super bullet, if needed add an additional tablespoon of water.
Pour into a bowl, smooth and top with fresh pineapple, berries, kiwi, granola, dark chocolate, pepita seeds, nuts, or ANYTHING you like!

Here are some other healthy recipes that you might enjoy

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Breakfast Cookies

No Peel Summer Apple Crisp

Easy Beet Hummus

Roasted Rainbow Brussels Sprouts

Try some new healthy products

 Now is the best time to take care of your health as this virus and other viruses will always be here. A healthy body can resist those germs so that you don't get sick. I have also found that when a healthy person does get infected, they are able to recover faster from an illness that is caused by a virus. My family had some type of sickness go through our house earlier this year, which had me questioning if I should take some time off from exercise when I am sick. While my husband and son were sick for two weeks, I was only sick for 4 days. At the time I was exercising and eating healthy food while my husband was not. So adding some healthy supplements to your diet is always a good thing. Sure supplements may be pricey but doctor visits, hospital stays, and having to take time off from work can add up quickly.

 Some healthy supplements that I am enjoying right now have dual body benefits as they can also help you with your fitness plan. Powerlife products were developed by a guy, Tony Horton, who looks amazing at 60 years old. Tony embodies the idea of active aging — which means you can stay adventurous, active, and energized for as long as you want, with the right support. At 55, I like the way that Tony thinks as I know that exercise and healthy eating are making me look and feel amazing.

 I am enjoying a vanilla High Impact Plant Protein powder that I mix with their strawberry-flavored Foundation Four supplement. These two products make an amazing drink that has protein, probiotics, essential magnesium, and two servings of vegetables so I am getting some awesome nutrition. Powerlife also sent me their High Impact Endurance supplement that has Hawaiian Astaxanthin and elevATP that is made to designed to deliver a powerful, steady supply of energy and support natural muscle recovery. This supplement has lots of antioxidants in it and can help with athletic performance and body composition.

It may take time to see results

We have been in this pandemic for over 4 months and the excess weight did not come on overnight. So be patient with yourself while you make these healthy changes that hopefully will become healthy habits. Just wake up every day and try your best. Wake up believing in yourself and tell yourself that you are an amazingly beautiful person who can have a healthy body. If you don't exercise or eat something healthy one day, just try again the next day. Gaining health is not always easy but feeling better with more energy makes it all worth it.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Safely Clean Fruits And Veggies With Arm & Hammer

           Sponsored post: I received a sample or cash payment for this post.

 Do you know what is on your produce? Fresh produce is so good for you and summertime is when so many fruits and veggies are in season. So if you are like my family, I bet you are eating a lot of fruits and veggies. Looking in my fridge right now, the vegetable bin is filled with carrots, broccoli, red peppers, and tomatoes. While my fruit drawer contains apples, grapes, pears, nectarines, blueberries, and plums. Then the hanging basket usually has bananas and avocados. Fruits and veggies are so healthy and they are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Fruits and veggies help boost your immune system

 That fresh apple that is in your fridge may contain other things like wax and pesticides. Sure you wash your fruits and veggies before eating them or placing them in your morning smoothie. Washing produce is always a good thing as you never know who touched them in the grocery store. There could be more than dirt on those fresh strawberries and water alone may not do a good job of cleaning your produce. So I like to wash my fruit and veggies with ARM & HAMMER Fruit & Vegetable Wash as this fresh produce wash Cleans 4x better than water alone and I like that it is free from harsh chemicals. I am using fresh blueberries to make a healthy good for me smoothie so I sure don't want to add any chemicals, dirt, pesticides, or anything else to my drink.

 Made with only 7 ingredients, including Arm & Hammer baking soda, lemon oil, salt, and plant-derived cleaning agents, the new fruit & vegetable wash is scientifically proven to clean 4x better than water alone.

  I eat fruits and veggies to stay healthy and boost my immune system so I want my produce to be clean without any harmful substances like pesticides. So choose to wash my fruits and vegetables with a non-toxic produce wash. When I buy a produce wash, I want it to be made with ingredients that are not harmful to my body. I was surprised at the simple ingredients that are found in ARM & HAMMER Fruit & Vegetable Wash. I like that this cleaner for fruits and veggies is gluten-free and vegan. I also like that this cleaner for produce does not leave any taste or odor on my fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. My husband likes that this produce spray works better than my homemade produce wash and makes the grapes taste like grapes, not baking soda.

So easy to use

 The Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable wash is so easy to use and safe enough for my kids to use. I just spray it on the fruit of veggies and lightly rub. Then I rinse the non-toxic spray off with water. This fruit cleaner even removes the wax from apples! I can tell the difference when I use the spray on my fresh fruits and veggies like broccoli. This new fruit & vegetable wash safely eliminates more than 90 percent of pesticide residue while also washing away wax and soil with just a spray and rinse.  

A spray for all types of produce

 I eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies in the summer. Got to get that five a day! In the morning, I am slicing up apples, strawberries, or peaches for my superfood protein smoothie. Then for lunch, I have a vegetable with my vegan tuna. I do love my veggies and I will have roasted vegetables with my dinner. Even my vegetarian egg foo young contains veggies that need washing. Then I usually have a snack of orange slices as they are part of supporting my immune system.

 Did you know that most fruits and veggies are not washed after they are picked? Even if the fruit is washed, just think about how many people touched that apple before you picked it up. Think about what could be on people's hands while they are trying to select that perfect apple. Those water sprayers at the store are meant to keep the veggies fresh and not clean them. So a few extra steps and the help of Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash you can help your family live a healthier lifestyle. Just spray, rub, rinse, and enjoy cleaner produce. 

 I keep the bottle of Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash near my sink so my family remembers to wash their piece of fruit before eating it. I showed my son how to use the produce spray on some fresh strawberries and I rinsed the whole strawberries in a bowl of water. We were surprised at how much dirt was in the water after using the fruit cleaner spray. My boys have told me that their fruit tastes better after they use the Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash. I like the peace of mind that comes with eating clean fruits and veggies. The Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable wash is easy to find at the grocery store so make sure to pick up a bottle or two so you can give your family clean produce.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

As a mom to five and a grandma to two, I have experienced pregnancy quite a few times. So I know that staying healthy during pregnancy is always best for a healthy baby. These tips are very useful to help the mom-to-be to learn how to stay healthy.

You've done lots of home pregnancy testing to be sure, but the positive results all mean the same thing: You're going to be a mother! You may already be picking out baby names and choosing nursery colors, but these early months before the baby arrives are all about taking care of yourself and growing a healthy baby. While recommendations for pregnant women change over the years, here are some time-tested ways to have a healthy pregnancy.

Visit the Doctor

 A positive pregnancy test should always prompt a call to your doctor. Depending on factors such as age, health, and medical history, you may be seen right away, or you may have to wait until several weeks into your first trimester. Don't assume because of your past pregnancies or others' experiences that your timeline will be the same. Your healthcare professional will let you know what your circumstances dictate and will schedule your first visit accordingly.

Eat Right

 Eating a balanced diet is always important to good overall health, but during pregnancy, it is vital to provide your body with proper nutrition. After all, you're fueling your own body while also growing a new person, so you'll need adequate nourishment for you both. In addition, studies have linked some nutrients to lower birth defect rates, so you should begin taking a high-quality prenatal vitamin even if you're already consuming a healthy diet.

Stay Active

 Experts recommend that pregnant women continue to get sufficient exercise as their health and energy level will allow, even if fatigue and nausea during early pregnancy can make maintaining a workout routine difficult. Not only will physical activity keep your body healthy during pregnancy, you may also find it easier to lose the baby weight after giving birth. Taking leisurely walks, performing light housework, stretching and even activities such as swimming are great ways to stay active while not putting too much strain on your tired body.

Get Adequate Rest

The profound exhaustion that is a hallmark of early pregnancy is nature's way of telling a mother-to-be to slow down. Don't ignore that prompting, even if you feel guilty or worry that you simply don't have the time. School, work or family commitments may not always permit such luxuries as a midday nap, but getting to bed earlier or simply putting your feet up whenever you have the opportunity can do wonders.

Avoid Harmful Substances

Just about everything you take into your body will pass to your unborn child during pregnancy. Now more than ever, you will need to quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs. If you have an addiction or substance abuse problem you haven't addressed, it is crucial to reach out for help as soon as possible. Not only will kicking those habits help your unborn child, but you will also have a head start to being a clean-living mama, which will benefit you both.

Many women worry about what kind of mothers they will be once their child arrives, but the most important gift you can give your unborn baby today is a healthy head start.

Friday, July 17, 2020

The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Sleep

Can CBD Help You Sleep?

 I received a sample of CBD Gummies to facilitate this post

 I tend to have trouble falling asleep and suffer from insomnia a couple nights a week. It does not matter if my body is tired, my mind just does not allow me to fall into a deep sleep. When insomnia strikes, I tend to just lie in bed wishing that my mind would shut down and allow me to sleep. I am that person who falls asleep while surfing the web or watching TV but once I get into my bed, my body just won't fall asleep.

 I have suffered for many years with sleep problems and I have tried so many sleeping aids and sleeping tips over the years. While some products like magnesium drinks for sleep have worked, they stop working and I have to find another sleeping product to help me fall asleep. While I have tested so many different things to help me fall asleep like tea, I will not use habit-forming sleeping pills that are not made with safe natural ingredients. I have a low tolerance to most prescription medications and even over the counter medicines so I don't want to experience any bad side-effects from those types of sleep pills. I once tried a melatonin sleep supplement and I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad nightmare. My research on melatonin showed that nightmares could be a side effect of melatonin. So I prefer to use chemical-free products when it comes to sleep aids and other supplements.

My experiences with CBD

 The first time that I took a CBD supplement was two years ago and it was only after I did my research on what CBD does to a body. When I found out that CBD oil is made from natural hemp and has only trace amounts of THC in it, so it would not alter my mind, I decided to check it out. My research on CBD products showed me that it can help the body relax and my body needed help with relaxing at bedtime. I also discovered that CBD oil can help with stress.

 So, the first time that I experienced CBD was at a health conference and it was during the day. After talking with the representative at the CBD product booth and getting the information that I needed, I tried 10 milligrams of CBD, which is a perfect dose of CBD for beginners. When I took the CBD capsule, my body was a bit stressed and I did not know what to expect. After 15 minutes, I really did not notice anything but I was glad that I did not notice any bad side effects. The next time that I tried CBD was in an ointment for a painful trigger thumb and it took away the pain. I also tried a soda that had CBD in it when I was having a super stressful day and it helped my mind relax so I could get some work done.

 It was last year that I decided to see if CBD could help me fall asleep. It was at another health conference and I received a sample of CBD gummies. The person who represented the company told me that CBD is great for sleep. So I had to put a CBD gummie to the test that night. I always have trouble sleeping at hotels when I travel by myself. That night, I fell asleep before I even finished my prayers and I sleep all night thanks to a CBD Oil gummy supplement.

An edible CBD product is my bedtime snack 

 My favorite bedtime snack is now CBD Gummies. My favorite way to enjoy CBD for sleep is in a sweet gummy that is infused with the perfect dose of CBD- 6 milligrams. I love the texture of CBD gummies and I find that 2 gummies help my body and mind unwind so I can fall asleep faster.

 Oncali CBD Gummies are made from natural ingredients and I love that they are sweetened with organic fruit juices. Each gummy contains six milligrams of cannabidiol and it is recommended that you take two CBD gummies at a time. These delicious edibles are even lab-tested for purity and made in the USA from California hemp.

 Even my teenage son enjoys CBD gummies and I give him one CBD edible for pain relief after he goes to the orthodontist. CBD oil is a natural pain reliever and I feel it is safer than over the counter pain pills. Oncali CBD also helps support normal recovery from stress and relieve inflammation from regular exercise. CBD supplements can also clear your mind and support your well-being.

 I love that CBD Gummies for sleep are not habit-forming and don't give me bad dreams. I never feel groggy in the morning when I use CBD for sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed. I take these sweet CBD gummies most every night for sleep help unless I am super tired as then I have no trouble falling asleep. My older adult kids like to tease me for using CBD products as they think I am smoking something but I have educated them about the differences between CBD and cannabis that contain high amounts of THC. My older adult kids no that their mom is not getting high off of CBD products as they don't contain THC to alter my mind, I know that they are just having fun with me. I have found a natural clean supplement that helps my body fall asleep and I will continue to enjoy my CBD gummies as my bedtime snack. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

My Life Through A Virus Pandemic

I am so ready for this virus pandemic to be over

 These past four months have been tough on my whole family but we have survived and had plenty of things to be thankful for. I think most of us have had struggles and worries over this respiratory lung virus thing. For so many this C lung virus or covid has drastically changed the way we live. The lung virus that can be deadly for some has changed the way we do things and has kept us inside for way too long.

 I remember the day that I last stepped foot into a store like a special event of my life but the sad thing was it not so special. The day was March 13, 2020, the day after my family got the news that changed our life. My college son just got word that he would not be going back to school for a while and my younger boys were told that their school would be closed for three weeks. My husband called and said he would be working from home.  So here is how I prepared for the virus.

The last trip to the grocery store had a lasting impression

  Four months ago when I made my last grocery store trip is stuck in my head like the 9/11 question of "where were you when you found out the news of the plane crashing into the towers." I can remember the exact moment that I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store and almost all the parking spots were full. I was just at the store to get some extra food for my college kid and I was not prepared to panic buy until I walked into the crowded store. I can still see the empty store shelves in my head. I was not prepared for the long lines to buy my stockpile food. I remember just buying way too many boxes of pasta and crackers. I remember the asthma attack that took me three days to recover from. All the hand sanitizer that people were using and having to stand near the cleaning products flared up my asthma and filled my lungs with mucus. To this day I have not been inside that grocery store and instead have been doing curbside grocery pickup. I have heard from others that grocery stores have changed inside. So I am still kind of choosing to quarantine at home.

My first time inside a store after four months of the virus outbreak

 Just last week, I got brave enough to go inside a store. I won't lie about being afraid of the C virus when it first broke out in my state. Having asthma has kept me from going inside stores in more ways than just catching the virus. At first, it was me being afraid of catching the virus, and then it was having to smell the chemicals from the cleaning products. I did not want to suffer from an asthma attack again. I only decide to go inside Sprouts because I had coupons for free food that were going to expire. So I chose a time and day when I knew that the store would not be crowded so I would not have to wait in a long line to pay for my food. I put on my face covering before I went into the store. That grocery store trip had me thankful for grocery store pickup.

 I did fine with selecting my food and I was glad that the store was not crowded as I had a hard time following the arrows on the floor. I also had a hard time wearing a face mask as it made my breathing hard. Once I got to the checkout, I was glad that my younger son was with me to do the paying part. It was the cashier spraying cleaner on the conveyor belt that had me coughing and I was 6 feet away. Again the cleaning products caused my asthma to flare up and it took three days to get all the mucus out of my lungs. So staying at home is still a thing for me.

I am getting better at gardening

 When this crazy virus thing all started, I had a desire to grow food. I don't have a green thumb but the food shortages had me wanting to grow food. Gardening is helping me cope with all this craziness. Seeing my indoor cherry tomato plant thriving is giving me a sense of purpose. I even have a small garden outside. I am amazed that I am able to grow spinach, kale, and beets in the sandy soil of New Mexico. My outdoor tomatoes are not doing well so I was happy to have found a tomato plant at Lowes that already had green tomatoes on it and a pepper plant that had flowers on it. They were marked down and I hope that I will get plenty of veggies from them. My husband made fun of me for buying these huge vegetable plants and said it was like buying fish from the store. I told my husband that growing food is helping me get through this pandemic.

I think having my freezers full is a good thing just in case the virus causes food shortages again. I even discovered that my neighbor's tree has edible fruit on it. All these years, I thought that it was an ornamental cherry tree but my new neighbor told me that you can eat the cherries. So now I have plenty of cherries in my freezer.

Exercise helps me too    

 My daily fitness routine has helped me cope with the effects of the virus. When I am out running with my boys, I forget about what is going with the world. I listen to music and use this time to pray. I also discovered a peach tree while running. This tree is loaded with peaches so I am hoping that the person will need some help with harvesting the peaches. So I can get some fresh organic peaches for my freezer for my smoothies.

My college kid went back to school

 My middle son went back to school last week. His academy is going to be a close campus so things will be safer for him. It was hard to see my son leave after having him home for four months. Plus I may not see him until next summer as he will be going on a ship for 9 months this fall. My oldest son also left last month to go overseas for a year.

 I did gain a new office once my son left for school. So it felt good to move out of my bathroom office and into my son's bedroom. I now have a desk to work at. Now I have to start thinking of my younger boys and their schooling. My boys have recovered from the COVID slide so I am not worried about them attending school. If school starts next month, the boys will be doing online classes for 3 days and attending school for 2 days. So I want to make the dining room the schoolroom for the boys. Maybe they will be more productive if they are not doing online learning in their bedroom. I just hope that the boys will be challenged with the online school as I have no clue about homeschooling. I also started boosting my kid's immune system so they will hopefully stay healthy while going to school.

A new grandbaby

 My daughter is having another baby this month. So I am excited to be a grandma again. Anticipating a new life helps me forget about the crap that covid is causing. I have been enjoying my grandma playdates with my granddaughter while my daughter has her doctor's appointments. I am glad that they live close by so I can help my daughter out after the baby comes.

Church food events

 Last month my church had three Convoy of Hope Food events and my family had a great time helping distribute the food. Our church was able to give out boxes of food to over 600 cars in a drive-through set up in the church parking lot. Convoy of Hope delivered semi-trucks of food to our church. Then the boys and I helped unload the food from the pallets onto tables so other people could load them into cars. The boxes contained produce and dairy items. I had never seen so much milk. My pastor was able to get other items donated from places around our town so I had fun blessing others. It was also great to talk with other church members while we served.

The hot tub

The hot tub that we bought in April finally arrived and I am glad that we bought a hot tub. The pools here will not be opening so the hot tub is helping us while we have to stay at home. The boys love splashing in the hot tub during the day while my husband and I enjoy relaxing in the hot tub at night. The hot tub is now a part of my 12 sleep tips.

Eating at a restaurant

 My college son has a favorite restaurant and likes to eat there every time he comes home from school. So we went there right before he went back to school. I am glad that we were able to eat outside on their patio. It was different eating at a restaurant as we had to wear a face mask while we walk to our table. Up until now, we have only done take out so getting out of the house felt good.

Baking is still a thing

 My younger son and I have still been baking. My son is getting great at making cheesecakes and frog bread. While I have been making plenty of no-peel apple crisps to use up all the apples we received from the school lunches. I also have been making homemade bread and had fun making Focaccia Bread Flowers. Baking helps me relax and I love eating the goodies. I am now trying to think of new recipes that use the Five Minute Chef device as it makes cooking so easy for my boys. That way they can help with making dinner.

Counting my blessings

 For the most part, I am taking it one day at a time. Thinking of the future stresses me out as well as watching the news. I am thankful that my family is all healthy and that my husband has a job. My husband is still working out of the home but leaves once a day to inspect places to make sure they are following the governor's orders. I try to keep a positive outlook on this viral pandemic and my prayer list is long. I am tired of hearing a couple of quotes like "we are all in this together" and "stay healthy" as I hear them too much. I am not sure what my new normal will be but I will keep saying His name as my faith in Jesus is helping me get through this tough time. I need to just be like my son and relax in the hot tub often.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

8 Healthy Summer Products That You Need

  I received products from various companies to facilitate this post.

The past three months have been stressful with what has been going on with the world and the C Lung Virus Pandemic. This stress has made me more aware of the need to keep my body and mind healthy. Since I have been stuck at home, I have tried to use this time to make my body stronger and healthier. No one is immune to this ugly deadly respiratory virus and I want to keep my body at its best so my immune system can fight off the germs if they enter my body.

I can't stop living 

 I am long past the point of sheltering in place and started leaving my house for more than daily exercise. I am starting to socialize with friends and help with events at church. I am also doing some shopping inside places as not all businesses have the curbside pick-up option, like my bank. I still try to only shop at places that deliver my items to my car as all the cleaning chemicals cause me to have an asthma attack. I don't want to take prescription asthma medication so I avoid stores that use chemical cleaners so I can continue to manage asthma naturally. I am doing many healthy things to support my body's immune system and keep my body at its best. Sure I am wearing a face mask when I go out but even wearing a face mask causes me to have an asthmatic cough.

Healthy products for a healthy body and mind

 Now that the weather is hot here, I have added some new healthy products to my life in addition to some supplements that I have been taking during a virus outbreak. These unique products are helping my body and mind stay healthy

A pool float helps melt away the stress

 Having everyone home all day can be stressful for me. The younger boys have not started online school yet so they can be quite loud but having my husband work from home adds to the stress. My husband is on the phone all-day taking care of covid related matters with the restaurant business. So hearing him address the covid-19 cases at times adds to my stress. I am thankful that my hot tub finally arrived and I have been enjoying my soaks in the hot tub. I even discovered a No Blow Pool Float that fits in my hot tub.

 My family thought that I was crazy buying a pool float for the hot tub but I wanted to be able to use my hot tub as a pool and relax on the water. The unique pool float turns my hot tub into a floatation spa. I turn off the hot tub jets and relax on the Yogo Float. My hot tub is in a gazebo so the curtains help drown out the noise of the outside world and the hot tub lights help me to relax. The Yogo Float fits perfectly in my spa and relaxing on the water is my nightly meditation. It is amazing how floating on water helps my mind and body unwind. This helps melt away the stress so the stress does not affect my health. Did you know that stress can weaken an immune system?

My younger son even enjoys using my Yogo Float in the hot tub so I am a good mom and I share it with him during the day time.

 SwimWays' new Yogo Float rolls up- like a yoga mat! Relax and refresh as you sit back and enjoy the day in the durable mesh sling bed. It also features a comfortable, fabric-covered footrest and headrest that offer you relaxing support in the pool.

Giving my body nutritious meals

 Now is the best time to feed your body plenty of nutritious food as a healthy body can fight off germs better. So when I needed new protein powder for my daily superfood smoothies, I decided to try nutrified Super Meal protein powder. These protein powders make the most nutrient-dense smoothie that I ever had. I love how all the superfoods in the delicious super meal can boost my immunity. I feel so energetic after I drink my morning smoothie.

 Living Fuel is a whole-meal superfood drink that is packed with plenty of anti-oxidants from all the fruits and veggies that are in the protein powder. These delicious super meals are loaded with so many nutrients that I don't have to take a multi-vitamin. I love the amount of fiber and probiotics that in these supplements so I don't have to take my Regular Girl supplement. The fiber also helps keep me full for hours so I don't do mindless snacking. These drinks are loaded with clean ingredients from natural foods.

The main reason that I drink a daily protein smoothie is for the protein as I don't eat meat. Living Fuel has plenty of plant-based protein that is vegan. One serving has 30 grams so that is awesome for my muscles. I really love that it has no dairy or soy in the super meal drink mixes so that makes them allergy-friendly. The pretty pink and green colors come from natural food like beets, berries, and greens. I think that the Hawaiian Spirulina Blue-Green Algae might also have something to do with the pretty colors.

 My favorite way to enjoy the Superberry Ultimate is with frozen strawberries. When I drink the Supergreens Living Fuel, I blend it with fresh green apples. Truth is I really don't need to add fruit to these protein drinks as they are complete meal mixes. So once I start traveling again, I will be packing Living Fuel in my travel bag to boost my immunity.

Made from the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients, Living Fuel is formulated to:

Boost your energy, vitality and mental clarity
Enhance your immunity
Improve digestion and elimination
Stimulate your metabolism
Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings
Increase muscle and bone density and optimize weight

Delicious electrolyte hydration mixes 

 Hydration is critical in the summer and so many people are not drinking enough water. Sometimes even water is not enough to keep your body hydrated as the hot summer days can leave you dehydrated. Dehydration is a summer issue and it can leave your body tired and weak. Just sitting outside can cause your body to lose fluids and leave the body's fluid unbalanced which can also lead to headaches and muscle weakness. Drinking plenty of water is the first step to avoid dehydration but adding an electrolyte hydration mix to your water is even better.

 Athletes, like runners, have an even greater need for electrolyte hydration mixes in the summer. ATAQ Fuel electrolyte hydration mixes make the most delicious hydration mixes that are super easy to add to your bottle of water. These plant-based electrolyte hydration mixes come in six different flavors ranging from strawberry mint to apple and their single packets are easy to take on the go. My favorite flavor of ATAQ Fuel hydration is pineapple and I love that it has 1/3 less sugar when compared to popular sports drinks. I also love that ATAQ Fuel electrolyte hydration powder mix has no artificial colors or flavors. While other sports drinks only include sodium and potassium, ATAQ Fuel also includes calcium and magnesium, as well as 2x the potassium.

 ATAQ Fuel only uses whole foods, natural ingredients, and extracts at dosages that have been scientifically tested to reliably deliver results. All ATAQ items are also gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, and soy-free. The fruit flavors turn ordinary water into a delicious drink that keeps your body hydrated.

A unique packable water bottle

 Looking for an easy way to have water while on the go? This uniquely portable water bottle from Nomader® makes on-the-go hydration effortless and sustainable. This collapsable water bottle is great for the gym, hiking, commuting, and traveling. So you have no excuse when it comes to drinking plenty of water on a hot summer day.

 I love how easy it is to carry this flexible bottle while out walking as it includes a carry strap. The lightweight soft bottle fits in most car cup holders and packs down to 1/3 its size to save space. The best part is the unique reusable water container is made from food-grade safe materials and is 100% BPA-free. It also features an anti-germ leak-proof cap, can be frozen and is dishwasher safe. So save money and the planet with this unique water bottle. The eco-friendly Nomader eliminates wasteful single-use plastic bottles and is recyclable after a lifetime of use.

Beet and Watermelon juice

 Quench your thirst and give your body some superfoods at the same time. Beets and watermelon are two trendy superfoods right now and have some awesome benefits. So Beetology and Wonder Melon makes it easy and delicious to give your body some amazing nutrition. These delicious juices are a blend of 100% organic, cold-pressed juices. They are the perfect summertime treat.

 I like to drink the beet juice and watermelon juice drinks straight from the glass bottles but they are perfect mixers in cocktails, mocktails, even smoothies. Your body will love all the antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are packed into these nutritious drinks. Made from 100% organic fruit and veggie juices, they are non-GMO, Fair Trade, certified OU Kosher, and free of sugar, artificial ingredients, soy, dairy, and gluten.

WONDER MELON offers two delightful varieties: Cool Watermelon Cucumber Basil and Watermelon Lemon Cayenne.  
The amino acids in watermelon may lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Watermelon is 92% water – a sweet way to keep every cell in your body hydrated. Watermelon has more of the antioxidant lycopene than any other fruit or veggie. Studies show that lycopene

BEETOLOGY’s crazy combo lineup includes Beet + Lemon + Ginger, Beet + Veggie, Beet + Berry, Beet + Cherry, and Beet + Tropical fruit.
New evidence links antioxidant-rich beets to strengthened immunity, better skeletal muscle function, and greater stamina. The International Olympic Committee has declared beet juice a sports food. Beet juice is being used by researchers for its potential benefits to people with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and the elderly

Chocolate Tea

  Summertime is a time that your body needs more liquid. Last week temperatures here were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and I was guzzling the water all day to make sure my body did not experience dehydration. Did you know that beyond thirst as an indicator of the need for liquids, the color of your pee is a better way to judge if you are drinking enough liquids? If the color of your pee should be light yellow or even clear, then your body is getting plenty of liquids. If your pee is darker than light yellow, you need to drink more water to prevent dehydration as dehydration can lead to headaches, a feeling of tiredness, and even death. So make sure to drink more water in the summer.

 I get it that water is boring and that is why I keep a pitcher of ice tea in my fridge so I have something different to drink. Tea, especially if caffeine-free, is a great way to get more liquids into your body. I like to go one step further and drink iced tea that has additional health benefits. My favorite new tea smells like chocolate. This chocolate tea tastes so delicious with a tiny bit of natural sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia. Cacao Tea is made from cacao husks and has some amazing health benefits and is the perfect natural alternative to coffee

 When I first opened the bag of the organic Cacao tea, it had a heavenly smell of chocolate, and brewing the cacao husks in hot water left my kitchen smelling like hot chocolate. The best part of this chocolate tea is it is caffeine-free and dairy-free so I can enjoy all day and not have to worry about sleep issues. Studies have shown that cacao husks are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which help fight cell-damaging free radicals.  Flavonoids can also help prevent clogged arteries, promote healthy blood flow, and improve cognitive function.

Stay hydrated the ayurvedic way

 Stay cool and hydrated with this stylish, hand-crafted copper water bottle that has some health and environmental benefits. Studies show that copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral which basically means that bacteria do not grow in this water bottle. Try saying that about a plastic water bottle. Drinking water out of a copper water bottle can also give your body some necessary copper which is an important nutrient that our bodies need. Don't worry about getting too much copper from drinking water from this cool looking container as it is safe for the body to consume up to 2mg of copper per liter of water and research showed that the water stored in the Copper H2O Water Bottle for several hours absorbed less than 1/20th of that amount of copper, very far below safe limits.

 Using a copper water bottle will not only encourage you to drink more water in the summer but it can also create alkaline water when you leave the water in the vessel for a couple of hours. This leak-free copper water bottle makes your water taste like water and I did not notice any metal taste.  The company which sells this bottle is 100% female-run and has a “good karma” program whereby they donate 15% of their profits to non-profit groups that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries.

 Copper H2O also sells some other unique copper products like this Copper Door Opener Tool which makes it easy to open doors and press buttons in a germ-free way.  Copper repels bacteria and viruses as it is an anti-microbial surface. Studies have shown that germs like the Coronavirus can survive for long on copper surfaces. You need to read this Copper and Coronavirus: Complete Guide to find out more about the anti-microbial properties of copper.

 Summer seems to go by too fast for me so I am trying to enjoy every moment. I am growing a garden this year and I am surprised that I am actually growing veggies. The soil here in the desert of New Mexico is very sandy so in March, I started a compost pile to help the soil. That made the soil great for growing beets, kale, and spinach but not for tomatoes. So I bought a big tomato plant recently that had green tomatoes on it. In a couple of weeks, I will have some fresh veggies. I am hoping that I will grow enough tomatoes to make oven-roasted sun-dried tomatoes. If I have an abundance of beets, I will make beet juice or dehydrated them. How is your summer going? Have you discovered any new products?

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