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Monday, September 11, 2017

CUJO Gives You An Extra Layer of Protection On Your Home Network

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 I never really thought much about home network security until last month. My WIFI router was password protected and I had good passwords for all my online accounts so I thought all was good until I got HACKED. I got hacked in my email. I never thought it could happen to me but it did. Thankfully I was online working in my email when it happened so with the help of my internet provider, I was able to stop the hacking before any damage was done. I quickly changed all my passwords and security words for all my accounts online. Then I downloaded a better virus protection and bought a CUJO. As I was taking no chances on this happening again.

So how did the hacker get into my email? My internet provider thought the person may have guessed one of my security words as it was a common name for a pet. Once the hacker guessed the security word he was able to get my email password and log in. The internet person also saw that the hacker was forwarding my email to his and quickly eliminated that email.   

So how did I know I was being hacked? I was in my email at the time and got logged out. When I tried to log back in, my password did not work. So once I was able to make a new password and logged back into my email, I saw that I received an email that my password for a store that I shop at was changed. I immediately called my internet provider and they told me to change passwords and security words. They also told me to sign up for a service that would protect me if the hacker was successful in stealing my identity. I did all that and went one step further and bought a smart firewall for all my connected devices.

I am happy that I bought a CUJO as this smart firewall device brings a business-level security to my home network. This one device will secure all my devices that are connected to my WiFi router. That means my tablet, cell phones, our smart TV and any other device we have connected to the internet will be protected from malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. CUJO detects the bad guys and blocks them. It is my new antivirus for my entire network. Even my daughter's computer will be protected when she comes to visit. CUJO even lets me control what my kids are doing online and that keeps them safe.

Check out these features:





•         BLAZING FAST (built with 1GB Ethernet)

Parental controls features:

                  - parental controls for all devices

                  - internet filter

                  - time limits

                  - social media monitoring

                  - pause internet

                  - alerts and reporting

                  - remote administration

                  - user profiles and settings

CUJO was super easy to set up! All I had to do was plug this Smart Internet Firewall into my router and I was able to set up parental controls and set time limits, schedules, and choose which sites my boys can visit. The step by step guide made it so simple. CUJO even has a mobile app that lets me control my firewall's settings as it protects all my networked devices like my smart TV, cameras, phones, and thermostats against those nasty hackers! The best part is my internet has not slowed down one bit. I am still getting the same speed that I am used to as CUJO has Two Gigabit Ethernet ports!

  I am glad that now all devices that are connected to the internet are protected from hackers, virus, malware, and more. I can now use the internet and not have to worry about my online privacy.
 Are all your connected devices protected? Click HERE for more about CUJO and see how it can protect your home network.


writer61 (at) Yahoo (dot) com said...

Does thiswork for Yahoo mail? I get a ton of filthy porn spam I have never signed up for- and Yahoo management even ignores specific filter violations.

Gina Butler said...

I didn't know they made a device like this! I work from home and I would love to be better protected. I'm going to look into this product. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I'm glad you were able to stop the hacker before any damage was done.

Maria Magdalena said...

I just knew about this device. Is this sold worldwide? I'm going to buy this.

Kelly Hutchinson said...

This is great to know about. I have had my wi-fi hacked and it was awful.

Unknown said...

I would love this, I have to upgrade my system. My husband is not as savvy as me so this would protect him.

Karley Moore said...

This sounds like a great device. I am very interested in it.

Becky W said...

CUJO sounds like a great addition for any home network. I am not sure why hackers do what they do but I would love to see their frustration when they try to hack you again now that you are protected with CUJO.

Ada said...

THis is so smart, it can be really hard to make sure you are always protected online, this is super cool!

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

We could definitely use something like CUJO in our house! Especially with all of the devices that we have.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry your email was hacked. That's one of the scary things about using the internet is dealing with hackers. CUJO sounds like a great product to use to help enhance online protection. I need to look into this!

Sandra Watts said...

Glad you had this to protect you.

laborders2000 said...

I could definitely use another layer of security. I have not heard of this company but the name certainly tells its powerful. I remember the movie Cujo with a fierce dog.

Mylifesmanual said...

I'd loved to try this. I want to be protected online as I work from home.

Anonymous said...

Good idea.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know about how I can move or convert my emails? Maybe someone knows how to do it all?

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