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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Get Kids Moving With This Amazing Scooter

Get the kids away from video games with this amazing scooter!

        I received a couple of Razor Scooters to facilitate this post.

  You won't find video games in my house as I want my kids free time to be active time. Kids, like grownups, need exercise. Exercise helps with so many things from keeping the body healthy and controlling one's mood. Did you know that daily exercise can help with depression? Exercise can even help kids succeed at school and sleep better at night. Most people think of exercise as torture but it does not have to be that way when you have a fun scooter to ride. When a family exercises together it is a great bonding time and a whole lot of fun. The whole family can enjoy the speed of a scooter as the creator of the best scooter makes scooters for the whole family, from toddler to mom and dad. Yes, you heard that right, even dad can join in on the fun. That is if he has a scooter that is made for his height and weight.

Razor Scooters get kids moving!

  My boys outgrew their old scooters so it was time for some new ones. So we went online to look at all the scooters that Razor carries. I was amazed at the selection. Razor had way more than just scooters…electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more! My youngest son is growing like a weed and is way bigger than his older brother who is on the short side. So I selected scooters that were made for their size.

The boys were so excited when the Razor scooters arrived!

Electrifying sparks are so awesome!

  For the older son who is 11 years old but the height of an eight-year-old, we selected the Spark Ultra Kick Scooter. My boys wanted a scooter that made cool looking glittery sparks. Remember when you rode your bike as a kid and you slammed on the breaks to make skid marks on the road? Well, that is the kind of fun that you get with the Spark Ultra and it leaves no marks on the road, just a flash of light. This scooter needs no batteries as the sparks are made by a foot activated Spark Bar! The Spark Ultra has a height adjustable handle and holds kids up to 143 pounds so my short kid will get plenty of use out of this scooter until he has a growth spurt in high school. Then he may be too tall for the scooter but if he is anything like his older brothers he will still fit the weight requirement. My 18-year-old is 6'3" and weighs 135 pounds but eats like a horse. My 24-year-old son I think finally put on weight once he hit the twenties. Yep, I have a lot of boys, 4 of them to be exact.

A scooter with a kickstand!

   For the younger child who just keeps getting taller, I selected a scooter that would grow with him, unlike the pogo stick that he had that was only for kids who weighed less than 60 pounds. My son may weigh 78 pounds but he is a tall lean child who should be able to still play on toys made for kids. The A5 Lux Scooter supports up to 220 pounds and has a height adjustable handle as well as a bigger foot platform so even dad can ride on this study scooter. I can see the A5 Lux Scooter lasting well beyond the teenage years. This scooter even folds up to fit into a backpack so my boys said dad should get one for work. That way he can take the bus and ride the scooter once he gets downtown.

A taller handle means mom and dad can join in on the fun

Dads big feet fit just fine on the A5 Lux Scooter 

The park is the perfect place for fresh air and exercise

  My boys love riding their Razor scooters around the park but they even take them when we walk to the store. There is a grocery store a mile away from our home so the boys will ride their scooters while I get a nice jog in. Once we get to the store, the boys fold the scooters up so they can bring them into the store while I pick up a couple items like milk and bread. These boys sure do eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches! My older son said the handles on the scooters are so comfortable.

Razors Scooters make awesome gifts for the whole family!

  It may only be fall but it is never too early to think about Christmas gifts. Razor has a scooter for every size in the family. Get the whole family outdoors for some amazing fun fitness time. Trust me, once you get on one of these scooters you will forget that you are exercising.

Make fitness fun for the whole family!

 Head on over to Razor.com and check out all the cool products that they sell from scooters to electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards, and so much more! Then tell me which ones you would want to have some amazing fun on. The scooters come in lots of color combinations too!

Which Razor product do want to ride?

 Watch the Razor Spark Ultra and A5 Lux Scooters in action

See the Razor Spark Ultra make sparks!

See the Razor Spark Ultra make sparks at night!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Celebrate National Coffee Day With A Dairy Free Pumpkin Latte

Get in the fall spirit with this delicious Dairy Free Pumpkin Latte that you brew at home!

I received an Espressotoria coffee maker and a sample of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract to facilitate this post.

  Are you a fall person? You know the one that gets excited when they see that their favorite coffee shop is making pumpkin lattes. If you are like me, you hop into the car the moment you hear that you can buy a pumpkin latte. Then, if you are like me, you are shocked to see the going price of your favorite latte that you have been waiting all year for. A delicious pumpkin latte is the only drink that entices me to visit a coffee shop and pay way to much money for coffee as it is that good. The rest of the year, I make my coffee at home. I have never been able to make a delicious pumpkin latte at home until now. I am going to share my secret to making a delicious pumpkin latte and it all has to do with my new fancy countertop espresso machine that I receive just in time to celebrate National Coffee Day.

A holiday that includes coffee has my vote!

  I think  I know that coffee is my favorite drink and there is something special about that warm cup of coffee on a cool fall day. Picture this- you are outside watching hot air balloons float in the sky while sipping on a cup of a warm pumpkin latte that you made at home, no need to leave the house for coffee. What? You don't have hot air balloons floating over your head? You have to visit Albuquerque the first weekend in October as that is when the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is happening and over 500 hot air balloons will be floating in the sky. This is an up-close must-see event. Back to that pumpkin latte drink that I am sipping as I am watching the balloons practice in the sky on National Coffee Day (September 29th, 2018), I should throw in the smell of green chile roasting but that was last month, glad that I have plenty in my freezer for breakfast burritos. Sorry to get off track but Albuquerque is awesome in the fall.

A sleek countertop espresso machine that makes café lattes

  Where was I? I was about to tell you about my new sleek and modern countertop espresso machine that allows anyone to make café quality lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty coffees with the push of a button and how it is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. My Espressotoria is a perfect coffee gadget that I am having fun with. When this single serve coffee machine arrived at my house, my son pointed it out to me that I already had three coffee makers. What can I say I love coffee and I am always searching for the perfect cup of coffee. I think my 11-year-old is just jealous that he can't drink coffee yet. He steals sips of my coffee all the time when I am not looking and he even loves black coffee, crazy kid!

Espressotoria has an incredible, fresh ground taste that differs from other single serve coffee machines

  So I bet you are wondering why I have so many coffee makers. I really only have two if you count this new one as my husband uses the auto time coffee maker and my teen uses the machine that you stick little cups of coffee grounds into. I am more of an espresso coffee person and my old espresso maker is a pain to use and it does not have a one-button Milk Frother that makes perfect foam for my cappuccino or lattes. My new Espressotoria is so easy to use and it takes the guess out of making coffee as it uses Premium Coffee Capsules. It is a one press button machine that produces cafe quality espresso.

 Espressotoria is now offering 50% off – a $50 savings! – both their black and white Caprista Machines on Amazon starting today through October 6.

A great coffee maker makes great Dairy Free Pumpkin Lattes

  A great pumpkin latte starts with great tasting espresso but it also needs pure vanilla extract. My favorite vanilla extract is Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract as it makes all the difference in my coffee drinks and baking. This vanilla has a flavor profile that’s full, sweet, creamy and mellow with velvety after-tones. It is also made by a cold extraction process from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar. It really brings out an incredible taste when I bake so I knew it would be perfect for my Pumpkin Latte. I made this warm drink dairy free as dairy is not my friend due to lactose and allergy issues.

 Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is produced from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar

Dairy Free Pumpkin Latte

1 fl. oz shot of espresso
1 tbsp canned organic pumpkin
3/4 cup unsweetened warm vanilla cashew milk or milk of your choice
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
Dash pumpkin pie spice
Sweetener to taste

1. Brew 1 fl. oz shot of espresso into a coffee mug
2. Heat pumpkin puree in a microwave safe dish for 15 seconds and stir it well.
3. Add pumpkin puree to espresso shot and stir until well combined
4. Froth milk of your choice with Espressotoria’s one-button Milk Frother
5. Add in a ½ tsp vanilla extract to milk
6. Pour milk over the top of pumpkin espresso and add a dash of pumpkin pie spice
7. Drink and feel all the fall feelings

 Espressotoria is now offering 50% off – a $50 savings! – both their black and white Caprista Machines on Amazon starting today through October 6. 

Click on this link to get the great savings and get this wonderful coffee maker for $49.99!


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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Celebrating My First Grandchild With A Ultra Soft Photo Blanket

This Ultra Soft Sherpa Photo Blanket makes me so happy

  About a month ago, I became a grandma for the first time and I am loving my new title. I was able to travel to Las Vegas to be there with my daughter and son-in-law as they welcomed this sweet baby into the word. It was truly a blessing that I was able to be there as the baby's due date was a week later and that is when we travel to New York to see my son. I was overjoyed when my daughter told me they were planning to induce her. That meant I was able to make plans to be the birth. It was a crazy, exciting week as I traveled to see my daughter for four days and then two days later traveled to New York. I was able to be there while my daughter was in labor and then I got to hold this sweet baby. My daughter had a long labor so this grandma did not get that much baby holding time as I had to head back home a day after she was born. On the way to the airport, I was already thinking about my next trip to visit my daughter, son, and grandbaby. 

My daughter and grandbaby are coming to visit!

  I wish that I live close to my daughter so I could hold the baby more often and help my daughter out. I was so excited when my daughter said yes to my offer of flying out to Albuquerque at the end of October. That way the rest of the family can see the cute baby that holds a special place in my heart. My son will be home for fall break then and my other son lives here. So Abigal's four uncles and grandpa will be able to meet her. My daughter's husband will not be able to make the trip as it is an important time of work for him but his family also lives here in Albuquerque so they will also be able to meet the new baby.

Capture those special moments with a photo blanket

  I just can't get enough of my granddaughter and I am glad that my daughter has emailed me many pictures. So I took some of the first baby photos and made a Custom Ultra Soft Sherpa Photo Blanket. I was amazed at how easy it was to make with the photos that I stored on my computer. I love that I was able to even customize the background. I chose cupcakes as they as so pretty and I placed a heart around the photo. There were so many backgrounds, layouts, and colors to choose from. I was able to use as many photos as I wanted. I just used the one as I did not have many photos of the cute baby yet. I could even choose from several types of fabric. This website had so many ways to make awesome personalized products.

The photo blanket looks so beautiful

  The blanket arrived in about a week after I ordered it and I was so pleased with how it looks. This blanket put a smile on my face and made me miss that sweet baby. This blanket helps me get my baby fix until they come to visit at the end of this month. My younger boys said the blanket is so soft but I quickly reminded them that it is mine. When winter comes, I will snuggle with it as I work at home. Right now it is still warm here and I am still wearing shorts so I just look at the blanket for now.

I have the best news!

  Three weeks after my granddaughter was born, my daughter called to say that are moving back to Albuquerque. Her husband got a raise and is able to work from home so they are moving here at the end of November. I am so excited that I can be a full-time grandma and hopefully babysit often. I can see grandma making cookies with her in the future. This soft blanket is the perfect way to save all those photos and capture all the special moments. I am already thinking about how I am going to design my next blanket. This blanket would make a wonderful photo card too. I think these custom photo blankets are the perfect gift for grandmas. They are grandma approved.

What photos would you put on your soft blanket?

Explore all the different backgrounds that you can add to your blanket. Right now the blankets are half price! Go HERE to start creating your custom photo blanket.

Make Your Hospital Cafeteria Space Livelier for Everyone - A Guide

 Hospitals often tend to bring out feelings of depression and sorrow among the visiting people.

  After spending four days at the hospital last month while my daughter was in a long labor and then giving birth to her first baby, I agree that hospitals could use a livelier cafeteria space. I was there for a joyous occasion but others may be there for sorrow so having uplifting spaces to relax in are so needed. I would love these spaces in my own house.

 Hospitals often tend to bring out feelings of depression and sorrow among the visiting people. The simple reason for the development of such feelings is the fact that people go to hospitals to visit their suffering, wounded and injured relatives, who are in these establishments for treatment. The only feelings of happiness to be gained from such establishments can be gained when they see a relative or loved one recovering from the illness.

Interior décor can improve moods

 It is important for hospitals to invest in high-end interior design décor that helps in the uplifting of moods among the patients as well as their visiting relatives and friends. The décor of a hospital has effects quite similar to those of homes and set the moods and mental conditions of all the people who visit and stay here. A bright ambiance and setting will help to improve the moods of the patients and visitors, and a dull décor will create the opposing effects. 
Hence, it is important for hospitals to utilize proper and attractive architectural wall panels all around the establishment to create the perfect ambiance.

The Cafeteria can be the ideal spot for visitors to interact

 The cafeteria of a hospital is not just a place for the patients, their visitors and the medical staff of the hospital to get their food items and refreshments. It is also a place where people can socialize and spend some time together without disturbing the other patients. After all, if people cluster by the side of their ailing relatives in the ward, they might as well be disturbing the other patients in the ward.
It would be better if they can meet other visitors and join them for some refreshments in the cafeteria. This will not only help them to get some refreshments in a hygienic area of the hospital but also ensure that they can interact with others without causing hindrance to others.

Importance of making the cafeteria livelier

 With a large number of people visiting the hospital cafeteria, it is important for you to make your hospital cafeteria livelier for many reasons. Some of these reasons have been discussed here.

·  Uplifting the mood of all visitors

 As discussed earlier, visitors and patients in a hospital tend to suffer from deteriorating moods and feelings of suffering and sorrow. Using 3D decorative wall panels in the area can create positive visual effects and help to cheer the people up. This will also help the people to avoid imparting any sorrowful and depressing feeling to the patients, which can help the efforts of the doctors.
Such décor can also help the doctors and medical staff of the establishment. They have to spend a majority of their working time among people who are suffering from critical conditions. This can often cause a serious blow to their mental conditions, causing them to suffer deteriorating moods. A bright interior décor with decorative wall panels can help them to maintain focus and a lively mood that will help them to treat the patients effectively.

 Acoustic wall paneling to reduce noise levels

 Hospitals tend to advise people to maintain a certain level of noise to avoid disturbing patients. This can often be disturbing to people visiting the place as they are not able to communicate freely. However, using acoustic wall panels in the cafeteria will allow the people to converse more freely. This is because these wall panels can prevent the flow of unnecessary noise from one place to another. It will also allow the patients to rest in peace as they do not have to suffer from unwanted noise from other areas of the hospitals.

·   Improvement in the quality of the food

 Besides all the décor and show, the primary objective of the hospital cafeteria is to serve the people in the establishment with food and refreshments. Hence, it is important for the hospital to ensure that upheld a high standard in regards to the quality as well as the taste of the food served in the area. While packaged and prepared food items can be great to serve the guests and customers in the hospital cafeteria, the best thing to do with regards to the food items would be to serve Farm-to-Table foods.

 This will not only ensure that the taste of the foods being served is of the best possible kind, but will also mean that the customers are served with fresh and good-quality refreshments. This will also make sure that the people consuming the food do not have to suffer from any health conditions arising from the poor quality of the food. The quality and taste of such refreshments will help to make the space livelier and more cheerful for all people.

·         Maintaining health and hygiene of the place

  A hospital often serves as a pool for germs and diseases due to the accumulation of so many ailing patients in one place. Hence, it is important to maintain maximum hygiene in every corner of the establishment to prevent visiting people from catching some of the conditions. The same applies to the hospital cafeteria as well. Hospital staff must ensure that the interior wall paneling, as well as every inch of the floor,  is cleaned at regular intervals to ensure that they are free from germs and bacteria.

  The wall panels must be cleaned with anti-bacterial agents as they often come in contact with people. The standard of hygiene in the cafeteria will also ensure that the place is livelier for everybody visiting the hospital at all intervals. After all, there is absolutely no point in using 3D wall panels to make the cafeteria look attractive if you cannot uphold the hygiene of the place.
Hospitals do not have to be dull and depressing if you can work on the décor to create a cheerful environment. All you need is a few innovative ideas and some exquisite decoration materials. With the proper tools at hand, you can surely transform the place to create a lively environment for the patients, hospital staff and all people visiting the establishment.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Enjoy A Delicious Healthy Meal In Three Minutes

Three minutes is all it takes for a healthy & delicious lunch!

I received samples of Blount Rice & Noodle Bowls to facilitate this post but the opinions are my own.

  My husband's job keeps him quite busy and he often has little time for lunch. So if he does not pack a lunch, he tends to grab lunch at a fast food place. He knows that is not the best option for lunch but when hunger strikes and he has little time that is what he eats. So I make sure he has food options at home so he can quickly pack a lunch the night before. I know I could make his lunch for him but the one time that I did, I made it all wrong. It had something to do with not placing the sandwich fixings in the right order. So I don't make his lunch anymore. My husband lately is tired of sandwiches so I have been trying to buy healthy food that is easy for him to combine into a delicious lunch. My husband likes quick and easy lunches. So when I discover these rice and noodle bowls that only take three minutes to cook, I decided to have my husband try them. My husband liked that he could keep some in his office fridge for quick healthy lunches. The flavors of these meals sounded so delicious that even I had to try one. 

Chicken made without antibiotics is always a good thing

  My husband like that these quick meals had meat in them. I like that Blount thought of us non-meat eaters and made a delicious vegan Vegetable & Rice Bowl that is even gluten-free. My boys were excited about the noodles in the meals. Everyone agreed that the best part of these meals, after the delicious taste, was easy they were to make.

Meals that even kids can make

 My boys know how to use the microwave so they made their own Blount Bowls on a night that this mom did not feel like cooking. It was quite simple for them as all they had to do was add the noodles to the sauce bowl and cook for three minutes. The meals had plenty of flavor and veggies. My picky eater actually ate vegetables that night! He said that the roasted sauce from the Hibachi Chicken & Rice Bowl was so good that it made the vegetables taste good! My son had no clue that he ate red peppers and onions as all he tasted was a delicious tomato sauce.

These Asian-Inspired and Thai Inspired Bowls Were Delicious

My husbands favorite Blount meal was the Coconut Chicken & Noodle Bowl as he loved the thick and creamy sauce. My Vegetable & Rice Bowl had the same sauce as the Coconut Chicken bowl and lots of delicious veggies. I do love veggies. My youngest son enjoyed the Chicken Ramen Bowl
and said it was a delicious soup with noodles.

  Blount also has a Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef Noodle Bowl for those who love beef.  My husband has requested that I buy these Rice & Noodle Bowls more often so he can grab them out the door for his work lunch or enjoy one on fend for yourself dinner nights. Discover all the Rice & Noodle Bowls that Blount makes HERE.

Which Noodle or Rice Bowl would you try first?

Aleve Muscle & Back Pain Never Back Down Sweepstakes

I received compensation from Aleve to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. #NeverBackDown #Aleve #CollectiveBias

 Are you an ALL-IN type A person who never backs down from life? You are the go-to source for everyone around you. Kids! Spouse! Aging Parent! Work Responsibilities! Personal Goals! You can't take a seat on the sidelines of life because everyone depends on you and nothing can get in the way of working toward your goals - not even back or muscle pain!

 Aleve Back and Muscle Pain is now available at Walmart. Only Aleve offers up to 12 hours of pain relief in just 1 pill*. All Day Strong, All Day long. *Among leading OTC brands,. based on minimum labeled dosing. Use as Directed.

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Aleve Back & Muscle Pain offers all-day pain relief so you can overcome your tough back and muscle pain and put your whole self into each day.

Green Beauty Products That I Discover For Cooler Days

Take your summer glow into the fall months with these green beauty products.

    I received a box of organic skin care products from Sanre to facilitate this post.

 The cooler weather will be here before I know it. Here in Albuquerque our cooler temperatures usually start at the beginning of October around the time our Balloon Fiesta begins and that is just the morning/evening temperatures. The daytime temps stay warm enough for shorts up until November. There have been many Halloweens here that my kids are too warm in their costumes. It is always the early morning of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta that I am complaining about having to wear jeans. It is hard to transition from wearing shorts and a tank top the day before to jeans and a jacket. I am always glad that I dressed warm as it quite chilly at 5:30 am while waiting for the hot air balloons to go up. By 10 am I am stripping off the layers as it back to 70 degrees. The hot/cold temperatures can do a number on my skin so it is around this time that I start using thicker creams on my dry skin. This fall I am excited to use some new organic SkinFood products that I received the other day.

Natural organic ingredients are best for my skin

I received samples of beauty products to facilitate this post.

  I try to eat natural organic food so it makes perfect sense to me to put organic ingredients on my skin. My son's sensitive skin has made me more conscious of what I put on my skin. So I want to keep my skin healthy the same way I do for my body. When this box of skinfood products arrived, I was like a kid in a candy store and I just had to try them all. I really liked the names of Sanre creams and they all had wonderful natural scents that did not affect my allergies. If a product has a chemical scent, I will start coughing due to my sensitive lungs. My husband brought home a hand lotion from his last trip that did not have a natural fragrance and it set me into an allergy fit when he applied it to his hands. So he now uses it in the morning before I wake up.

  My favorite organic cream was the C-Love as it had a nice cherry scent. The Supple Sunshine -Solar- was my favorite cream to use at bedtime as it had soothing lavender in it. These skinfood creams were thick and made my skin feel so smooth.

 Natural fragrances are always good for my allergies

  The next two products that I pulled out of the box was a purifying cleanser and a hemp serum. I was amazed at how well this cleanser cleaned my skin. I took a shower the night before after wearing makeup, so I thought my face was clean. I guess my soap in the shower missed some spots as my white washcloth turned brown and I did not leave the house that day. After I washed my face I used the serum which was a nicely scented oil. I like applying oils to my face for intense hydration. I find that while oils make my skin so soft, they also make my skin look greasy so I use beauty oils before bed.

Lips that taste like chocolate is awesome!

  I got excited when I saw a Chocolate Lips moisturizer as I love anything with the taste of chocolate. This lip product had a sweet taste to it but it did not taste like chocolate to me. That is probably a good thing as I would be licking my lips all day. The Sweet Lips also had a nice taste to it but it was not sugary. I guess the nice taste is good as I tend to lick my lips. So you will never see me wearing lipstick as they taste bad and they get messy on me.

    The last products were sample sizes but these teasers of a product were fun to try. The radiant glow was too dark for my skin but it blended quite well into my skin so I might just have to buy a shade lighter for some natural color on my face. I loved the Vanilla Sensation Solar as it smelled so good and I would be better about applying my sunscreen when it smells like vanilla and has organic ingredients in it.

Sunscreen that smells like vanilla gets me excited


  Sanre makes there products in small batches by hand and they use safe organic ingredients that one can recognize, ones that are non-toxic. These ingredients are nourishing and healing to the skin like food is to the body. I love that use cold-pressed USDA Organic Oils and natural scents from spices and fruit extracts. The spices that they choose also have skin benefits that help with inflammation, bacteria, and wrinkles. In fact, many of the ingredients are found in foods that we eat. Your skin is like a sponge so what you rub on your face does get into your bloodstream. So if an ingredient is not safe to eat, is it safe to put on your skin? This is my new thinking about my skincare products that I am trying to use. Go take a look at Sanre's website and see all the wonderful natural ingredients that they put into their products. I wish the internet had a way to transport scent as these products smell so amazing!

Which of these products would you like to try?

About SanRe Organic Skinfood: 
A revolutionary way to handle your skincare needs. The brand brings together the best ingredients with the latest in green beauty innovation. The SanRe beauty line includes everything from intense hydrating moisturizers, lip treatments, and more. Created with quality in mind, the line focuses on using natural ingredients to help your skin bounce back after exposure to the summer sun.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Track Glow In The Dark Race Set Giveaway

My boys said this is the best toy ever!

   I received a Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Track System to facilitate this post

  My boys love this time of year as they get to play with the hottest toys for the holiday season. They love that their mom gets her hands on toys that they see on their favorite Youtube shows. My email can get flooded with requests for toy features and reviews, so I only choose toys that I know my boys an now new granddaughter would enjoy. Sometimes I let my boys know about the toys that are arriving and other times I keep it a surprise. This Max Flex 300 RC Glow In The Dark Race Set was a total surprise for my boys. They came home from school and saw the bow on the table and started jumping for joy. Thankfully we were heading out the door and the next day was Saturday as the boys kept asking when they could build the race track set. I thought I was able to buy some time taking pictures on Saturday as the boys had to first help a neighbor pull weeds. I was on the phone when the boys came home and they could not wait anymore. So while I was on the phone, they started building the RC Race Track set.

Ready to build right out of the  box

   I was amazed that they had the tracks all put together by the I finished with my phone call. This was a great phone call as my daughter called to say that they were moving back to Albuquerque. I was so overjoyed as now I could spend more time with my new granddaughter. When I walked into the room that the boys were in they were playing with the race cars. They both said "thank you, mom, for this awesome toy! It is the best toy ever!" 

Two side-by-side race tracks can grow up to 25 feet in length

  The boys said the race tracks were super easy to put together. The boys did not even need instructions. Thank goodness we had the 8 AA batteries that the set needed. The batteries are for the remotes and the cars charge from a hidden cord inside the handheld remotes. My son told me that the cars charged super fast and the cars lasted a long time before they needed charging again. I had fun watching my boys play with the Race Car set. These cars were going super fast around the track. All that my boys had to do was press the lever on their remote and the cars started moving. I love that the cars and remotes are color coordinated.

Long range and different speeds are awesome

   I wanted to see the range on the remotes so I had my son stand in the other room. My son did not even have to point the remote at his car and he was at least five feet away from the track. Racers can also make the cars go at different speeds with how they touch the remotes.

Unlimited possibilities for track building

  My boys quickly figured out that they could snap the tracks together in many different ways so they could build the track in many different ways. Some of the track pieces were also flexible so that made for so much creativity. The flexible tracks could be made all one color or into dual color tracks as the orange and blue pieces easily separated. My boys had the flexible track in circles and had the straight pieces going over books. I was amazed at all the ways the build the race tracks for the cars. There were 300 flexible pieces that included tracks and pieces to raise the track up.

Hours of fun

  My boys played with the Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Glow In The Dark Race Set all day and night. They quickly did their chore of emptying the dishwasher so they could get back to playing with the fash RC cars. I gave them the day off from folding laundry as they were having so much fun together with no fighting. The boys moved the RC tracks into their older brother's room so they could see it Glow in the dark. The boys were amazed at how the tracks changed colors while the cars quickly sped around the tracks. We did try the glow in the dark feature on a table in the laundry room but quickly realized that the track set works best on the carpet. That is a big plus in this house as remember past RC car sets that needed tile floors and my bathroom was the place for the races. With the car tracks working best on the carpet that means that the boys can keep the RC race track set up in their bedroom. Of course, there are no worries if they need to put the car tracks away as the tracks are so easy to put together and it is fun to build in many ways.

Everything fits in the box for storage

  My boys said, "mom we need to save the box to store the RC set in." When I put all the pieces back into the box, I was amazed at how it all fit into the box and I could close the box up. I am glad that I do not have to buy another plastic tote for storage like I had to for other toy sets. Another cool thing about the Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Track System is how it is compatible with other car track sets. So now my boys are getting some use out of their old race car tracks, you know the ones that were so hard to build and had such big pieces that were a pain to store.

This new Max Flex RC product combines flex track and straight track racing to provide a challenging experience for beginning and advanced racing fans - a combination of off-road and on-road racing. Each set includes 2 Tracer Racers RC cars which beam down purple light rays from their undercarriage onto track specially engineered to emit glow remnants long after the racer has passed.

See the RC cars in action!

The race track set glows in the dark!

I am so excited that I am able to giveaway one of these awesome Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Track Glow In The Dark Race Set to one lucky reader. This RC car set would be the perfect Christmas gift. Only one person will win so if don't want to risk this set being sold out at Christmas time, then head on over to HERE to purchase the Max Flex 300 RC Flexible Track Glow In The Dark Race Set.

This giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age or older.  Chances of winning this giveaway depend on the number of entries. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the end of the contest and will then have 48 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited

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