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Monday, November 30, 2020

Wubble Rumblers For Safe Epic Battles

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 As a mom to four boys, I am quite used to the rough and tumble that comes with raising boys. I have been raising boys for 26 years. Two of my sons are adults and the other two are teens. Boys can be wild and crazy but they are what makes my life exciting. It does not matter what age boys are, they love to wrestle and have battles. So I have learned over the years how to make the play of boys safer. I have also learned how to let boys be boys. Most boys love action play and as a mom, I have learned to set rules when it comes to their wild play so they don't hurt one another.

 I remember when the youngest boys were little and they wanted to join in on a dart blaster battle with their older brother. The younger boys had a blast with their older brother until a foam dart hit them in the face. So after giving them hugs to stop the tears, and reminding the older son about not aiming at the face, one would think that the younger boys were done playing with their older brother. Nope, they quickly picked up their blasters and started blasting at their brother. The older brother did not want to be reprimanded again, so he made the younger boys wear goggles and helmets. 

Provide safe toys for play

 So when I shop for toys, I look for toys that minimize the hurt factor. My boys love rough and tumble fun. My boys love and need active play. So when the box of Wubble Rumblers arrived at our house, my boys could not wait to play with them. They wanted to open the boxes up as they were ready to rumble.

 I was not ready to take pictures and I was afraid if I let them blow up the action figures, that they would find a way to pop them. So I told them that they would have to wait a day for their play battle. My boys then drooled over the boxes that contained a Wrestler, Ninja, and Fist Wubble Rumbler. They could not wait to have fun with these squishy, squashy inflatables.

So easy to inflate

Once I was ready to take photos of the Wubble Rumblers, I gave my boys the go-ahead to blow them up. My boys loved that a pump was included with each Wubble Rumbler. So they could each join in on the fun of blowing the Rumblers up. My boys were amazed at how quickly the guys came to life. I was amazed at how big the Rumblers were as they were a gigantic three feet tall!

 As soon as the Wrestler, Ninja, and Fist were filled with air, the boys had to start whacking each other with them. I thought for sure that the Rumblers would pop or someone would get hurt. These amazing guys were made for rough and tumble fun. They were also super soft so no one was getting hurt. I did have to remind the boys that they were supposed to have the Rubblers battle each other and not to wack each other with the inflatable guys.

 My boys had a blast with the Rumblers and I had a hard time getting my boys to stand still for a photo with the Rumblers. My boys had fun posing with their new friends and could not wait to take the  Wubble Rumblers to the park to have a battle with their friends. These cool guys are awesome for play fighting and I knew that they would be a safe way for my boys to have rough and tumble fun with their friends. The boys would also get some exercise with the Wubble Rumblers.

Makes a great Christmas gift

The Wubble Rumblers would make a great Christmas gift for kids. Wubble Rumblers are not only fun but they are affordable too! Each one can be purchased at Target or on the Wubble Ball website for under $15. They make for the perfect gift for active kids. They are also great for park playdates! This is a toy that needs to be on your holiday wish list.

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 Product Information Summary:

Wubble Rumblers are the latest in the Wubble family. Styles include a Wrestler, Ninja, Fist or Karate Hand.  Whack ‘em! Smack ‘em!  Bop ‘em! Chop ‘em! The Wubble Rumblers are made for good old rough and tumble fun!  Battle it out with friends with this ultimate accessory for play fighting.  The Rumblers inflate a gigantic three feet tall!  Rumblers are squishy, squashy, super soft, and 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable – from the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball!  Enjoy hours of big bopping fun as you get your rumble on! Recommended for ages 6+.  Inflates in minutes with the enclosed nozzle. 

Wubble Groovy Ball

 My boys also received a couple of Wubble Groovy Balls with their Wubble Rumblers. These giant bubbles are super squishy and bounce like a ball. The Wubble Groovy balls made for some awesome indoor fun. My boys had a blast bouncing the Groovy Ball on the floor and tossing them. I thought for sure that the Wubble Groovy ball would pop but they did not even after my boys played with them. 

The soft, squishy, bouncy bubble ball inflates up to 30 inches! Just like the Rumblers, a pump is included for fast inflation. The Wubble Groovy Ball looks like a bubble and bounces like a ball. This lightweight inflatable ball is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. While my boys held the Wubble Ball outside, for a picture, they only played with the Groovy Balls inside as we have rocks instead of grass in our backyard. So they did not want to take any chances of the Groovy ball landing on a rock. 

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 Product Information Summary:

Introducing the Groovy Wubble ball – the Super Wubble Bubble Ball with a funkadelic red, white and blue tie-dye design. Kick it, whack it, throw it, bounce it – even sit on it!  Kids will giggle themselves silly with this amazing ball that wobbles and floats through the air like a bubble! Soft, squishy and lightweight, the Groovy Wubble Bubble Ball inflates a gnarly 30”!  Engineered to be gentle, it molds around whatever it touches, then bounces away, leaving laughter in its wake!  Enjoy lots of bouncy fun with your Groovy Wubble tie-dye ball, indoors or out, year-round. Ages 6+.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Froggy Lair is the Perfect Pet For Kids


We received an African Dwarf Frog Biosphere from Froggy’s Lair for free to review. Opinions are our own.

 I am not a pet person. There are so many reasons why I don't choose to have any pets. For me personally, pets are more work than having kids. Many people may argue with me but once my kids get past the diaper stage, I no longer have to clean up after them in the bathroom department. Kids also don't need to be walked or have to be let outside to use the bathroom. Then there is the hair shedding issue and most pets tend to smell. Ok, my boys do once in a while have smelly feet or body odor but they can take baths on their own. Some pets even make too much noise! Kids eventually move out of the house, pets don't. I totally get the pet companionship thing but I don't even like animals to get close to me.

 So over the years, my kids have asked for a dog or another pet. I veto getting a dog right away as I know that even after my kids promising to take care of the dog, I will end up being the one who feeds and cleans up after the dog. I have a perfect excuse for not adopting a cat as three of my kids are allergic to cats. I did give into a fish many years ago but the fish jumped out of the bowl. A couple of years ago, my neighbor gave the boys a turtle but it climbed out of its outdoor cage. So I told my kids they can have a pet when they find one that does not poop, as I hate the maintenance that comes with a pet. So my kids stopped asking for a pet. 

  I discovered the perfect pet

 So when a brand reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to review an African Dwarf Frog Biosphere, I did my research and said "yes!" The Froggy Lair website promised that these cute little frogs were easy to care for and need almost no maintenance. The frog's habitat was even cool looking and would provide some STEM learning for my boys. So I started to prepare for the arrival of two adorable Dwarf African Clawed frogs by filling up a pitcher with a gallon of water to let it dechlorinate. 

I only had a day to get ready for the tiny frogs as they were being shipped overnight to my house. I had planned to surprise the boys but they were curious about the pitcher of water on the kitchen table. So I told them that they were getting a pet that lives in water. The boys asked if they were getting fish or a turtle so I gave them a clue and said it had legs. My son asked if it was a frog and when I said yes, he had a hard time understanding how a frog could need such a small amount of water and could come by the package man.

The pet that comes with everything that you need 

 The small frogs arrived in a small cooler with everything that they needed, I did not have to purchase a thing, which is a good thing when your town is under a severe Covid pandemic lockdown. The only stores open were grocery stores that had long lines to get in due to the governor's rules of only 75 people at a time inside. Thankfully the city water has little chlorine in it so I could use it for the frog tank if I let it sit for 24 hours. 

 The dwarf frogs brought their own house or Biosphere with them. They also arrived with food, some sand, a bamboo plant, some decorative gravel, and a couple of hiding rocks. These cute froggies make great first pets! They are also the perfect pet for those with busy schedules, limited space, and fear of high maintenance live critters or plants. The Foggy Lair is the perfect pet to help prevent the Covid Slide in kids as they make for a great science lesson.

Super easy setup

The frog's Biosphere was super easy to setup. My boys placed the sand and gravel on the bottom of the tank. Then they added the three bigger rocks, which provides a hiding place for the frogs, and bamboo plant. Then it was time to slowly add the water to the tank. Once the frog's house was ready, it was time to let the frogs move it. The frogs were delivered in a bag of water so all we had to do was to open the bag up and pour them in.

 The frogs were happy to be in their new home and began to swim around. My boys enjoyed watching them swim in the water. The Biosphere even came with a light and I had the choice of many different colors of gravel to select from. I selected Heavenly Blue but I did consider purple or pink gravel. I think the blue rocks look nice in the water.

Very low maintenance 

The best part of owning African Dwarf frogs is how little work it takes to keep them happy. The frogs only need to be fed 2 times a week and their water only needs to be changed every three months. The frogs have no odor and make no noise. That is my kind of pet! For now, the Dwarf frogs are downstairs in my photo studio. One of my sons has set up his online school in my office so he will enjoy watching the frogs swim while doing his school work. At night time, I use this room to do my pandemic exercises and I have been enjoying my view of the frogs. I think the frogs even like my exercise music and dance along with me. Eventually, the frog's Biosphere will be moved up to my other son's bedroom. 

Makes a great Christmas gift

 The Froggy Lair Biosphere would make the perfect holiday gift for kids of all ages. This is a pet that most any parent would welcome. The frog kit would also be a great gift for adults as they could place one in their home office to bring a relaxing touch. I know that the frogs would breathe new life into a small home office space. Make sure to check out my holiday gift guide for other great gift suggestions for the whole family, friends, and more.

Which Froggy Lair will you get for your family?


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters Gets Kids Moving

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  It seems that all my boys want to do is play computer games or watch videos. So I am always looking for ways to get them off the couch and get some healthy exercise. You would think that having to be on the computer all day for virtual school would be enough computer time but nope my boys love watching those silly Youtube videos and playing on their electric devices. Add in the days getting darker due to winter and they can't even meet their friends at the park after online school. 

 So I am glad that I discovered Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters to get my kids off the couch and moving. My boys were super excited when we received the home laser tag system. The Laser X family is not new to my boys as they already own several of their products. Earlier this year my boys had the chance to check out the Projex video game system. This was a unique fun video game system that needed no TV and instead could be played on the wall, making it an awesome at-home arcade game.

 Two years ago, my boys had a blast discovering the Laser X Micro Blasters with a fun laser battle at the park. So when they opened up the box of the Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters, they were happy to see the new features that these laser guns had when they compared them to the Micro Blasters. While the Micro Blasters had cords and armbands, the Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters had advanced sensors along with an interactive voice "coach." This laser tag game was a cool new addition to the Laser X family.

 My boys noticed right away that this home laser tag system had so many other awesome features that were built into the laser blasters. My boys liked that they could choose from more than 20 team colors to light up their blaster so it would be different from their opponent's blaster. My boys also liked that the laser blasters were wireless so they were so much easier to maneuver. The laser light beams also would work inside or outside, in darkness or bright sunlight. So my boys could have a laser tag arena in their own backyard or inside their house. No matter what time of day it was my boys could get some healthy exercise with a game of laser tag.

When the Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters arrived, it was a cold windy day outside so we put them to the test inside the house. My boys loved that the blaster beams could go through windows and strategically bounce off walls and mirrors to hit opponents. The laser blasters also had a quick-slide reload to keep the action going. My boys quickly discovered that the light beams work from a far distance, so one boy could be upstairs and blast the other, from the upstairs landing, who was downstairs. These light beams could work up to 300 feet! 

 My boys informed me that the new Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters would work together with the Laser X Micro Blasters so they could enjoy a game of laser tag with their friends at the park. My boys thought it would be cool to have a laser tag match with 10 or more people as the Laser X games can include unlimited players. Now all they had to do was to convince their friends to include the Laser X Evolution Blasters on their holiday wish list. My boys know that Laser X products make for great Christmas gifts for kids from 6 all the way to teenagers.

Product Information Summary:

Laser X Evolution, sold exclusively at Walmart, is a new addition to the Laser X family and works with all previous Laser X products!  Laser X is the #1 Home Laser Tag System on the PLANET! Laser X Evolution is like having a laser tag arena in your own backyard! Blast opponents up to 300' away – inside or out, in darkness or bright sunlight. Choose from more than 20 team colors to light up your blaster! Blaster beams go through windows and strategically bounce off walls and mirrors to hit opponents, while quick-slide reload keeps the action going. Advanced sensors on the blaster allow an interactive voice "coach" to offer tips and tricks throughout the game. All Laser X gear works together. Games can include unlimited players. Ages 6+. Requires 6 "AAA" batteries (not included).

Makes a great Christmas gift!

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Friday, November 20, 2020

The Best SkateBoard For Beginners And Beyond

Overwhelmed by which skateboard to purchase for your teen?

I received a skateboard from NPET to facilitate this post. This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases 

 If I have learned one thing with raising 5 kids, four of them being boys is to not spend a whole lot of money on sports equipment. Raising kids can be expensive so learning tips on how to save money is always a good thing. As a parent you want your kids to be active so you are willing to spend money on sports equipment if it means that your kids will be getting some healthy exercise. When a child wants to be outside being active instead of playing games on an electric device that is a good thing.

A garage filled with outdoor toys that no one plays with

 Take a look around your garage, I bet it is filled with scooters, bikes, bats, balls, and other sporting equipment. Now tell me which ones your kids have not used in over a year? I bet you can name plenty. Looking around my own garage, I see a pogo stick and a unicycle that my son just had to have but they are rarely used. Then there are the roller skates that were used about two times but were hard for my kids to use. I am sure that I have wasted plenty of money on these sports toys but I am glad that I chose to buy the items on sale or used. 

 Right now my teen is into skateboarding and dare I say he is obsessed with skateboards. My teen watches skateboard videos on how to do tricks with skateboards. While my son has a skateboard that he uses, it is beginning to show some wear and tear. My son has been riding this skateboard for a while and is becoming good at the sport. He can even do many tricks on the board. So now my son has asked for a new skateboard for his birthday. So being that I want to buy him a skateboard for his birthday present, I have no clue about the best skateboard to purchase for him.

How to save money on a skateboard

I think my teen wants a new skateboard just to have a different design on his skateboard deck. When I asked him what was wrong with his current board, he told me that the bearings in the wheels were no good. I told him that we could buy new bearings and wheels for his skateboard but he insisted that he needed a brand new skateboard. I thought that replacing skateboard wheels would save me money.

 Once I started looking into new wheels for my son's skateboard, I discovered that I could get a brand new skateboard for about the same price. I discovered a skateboard on Amazon that was under $40 and the reviews were mostly 5 stars. The reviews said this skateboard was great for beginners and beyond. The design on the board was pretty awesome and I knew that my son would love it. If my son did not like this skateboard, Amazon offered free returns. So what did I have to lose?

Check out the amazing price on the NPET Complete Skateboard

NPET 31 Inch Complete Skateboard for Kids

HIGH QUALITY: 7 layers maple wood, PU wheels, stainless alloy bearing. 31"(787mm) x 8"(203mm) double kick concave design. ABEC 11 high-speed precision bearing. Wheel Diameter: 2.1inch. Max Load-Bearing: 220 LB.

HIGH REBOUND SMOOTH ROLL: 95A High-rebound PU wheels provide great roll and grip. Heat transfer pattern(which was printed onto the board, not a sticker)

SANDPAPER ON TOP: High-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface makes you safer during riding or playing tricks on this complete skateboard. Suitable for kids, adults, and beginners. Perfect gift for teen boys.

SKATEBOARDS FOR BEGINNERS: Anyone is able to ride this standard skateboard, and perform skateboarding tricks with ease. Great combination of exercise and fun, totally portable, and ideal for beginners or skilled riders.

Did my son like the skateboard?

 When my son opened his birthday present, he was excited to receive a new skateboard for a gift. He really loved the American Flag pattern on the skateboard deck. I liked how smooth the bottom of the skateboard felt. My son was impressed that the board was made with a 7 Layer Canadian Maple wood. My son immediately examined the wheels on the NPET skateboard and gave them a spin. He noticed that the wheels were a bit tight so my son grabbed his T-tool. While it is normal for the wheels to feel stiff on a new skateboard and will turn freely after a couple of uses, my son wanted to loosen them. After adjusting the wheels, my son turned the board over and gave it a spin in the kitchen. Thank goodness the wheels were still clean.

 My son said that the deck of the skateboard is high-quality but at the same time my son noticed that it was heavier than his current skateboard. My son said a heavier board is better for beginners which makes it more stable and slower. A person who is learning how to ride a skateboard needs a slower board. 

 The next day, my son headed to the skateboard park to ride his new skateboard. As he was using the skateboard on the skateboard ramps, my son noticed that the wheels did not turn that well but he said that it was an easy fix. My son said that a new bushing piece would correct the wheel turning problem. When I looked up what a bushing was, I liked that a new one was under $10. 

Check out the amazing price on the NPET Complete Skateboard

 So based on my son's comments and watching him at the skateboard park, I think I did a good job of selecting a new skateboard for my teen son. Teenagers don't say much but I could see that he was having fun riding his new skateboard. The price of the skateboard was awesome for a complete, ready to ride skateboard. This cool-looking skateboard is available in a couple different designs and it also comes with a free skateboard bag. 

 Skateboards are a great way for kids to get some healthy exercise and they are very portable. So my son can use his board as transportation when he heads to the park. My son loves performing tricks on his skateboard and that in itself is a great way to get exercise. So if you are looking for a gift idea for a teen or tween, the NPET complete skateboard would be a perfect Christmas gift.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Tips To Make Winter Fitness Easier

 Don't let the cold winter weather get in the way of your fitness routine

I received several fitness items to review. This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases 

 The recent Covid-19 pandemic has helped people make healthy changes and that is a big positive thing. People are realizing the importance of a healthy body and how it can help their body fight off germs better. So many people are getting outside for exercise. Since March I have seen more people in my neighborhood outside enjoying walks or running and I love it! People are enjoying the fresh air and making an effort to keep their bodies healthy. 

 Maybe the reason more people are exercising outdoors may have to do with the gym closures or the fact of having to wear a face mask while exercising. Maybe people have discovered that outdoor fitness is better than indoor fitness. Whatever the reason is, I am hoping that the cold winter weather will not discourage you from getting that daily exercise. Fitness in the winter may be a challenge but with a few simple tips and some fitness products, you got this. You will discover that you can continue your fitness routine throughout the winter, whether you choose to workout inside or brave the cold for outdoor exercise.

It is all about adapting to new routines

 Having raised five kids and being a stay at home parent, I have learned how to make time for fitness. I simply made a choice to make exercise a priority in my day just like brushing my teeth. Sure there were days that I did not feel like lacing up my shoes and going for a walk but when I forced myself to exercise, I always felt better afterward. These best workout tips for stay at home moms helped me realized that I could exercise and be a healthy role model for my kids. 

 Then when I developed asthma several years ago, I again had to make changes in how I exercised. I did not let my asthma symptoms be an excuse for not exercising but rather I knew that exercise would help me manage asthma symptoms naturally without medication. Exercising with asthma means having to workout inside when the air quality is bad. At 55 I look and feel great because I choose to start my day with 30 minutes of exercise. 

Exercise will help keep the winter blues away

 Winter is not the time to stop that exercise routine, in fact, exercise is even more important in the winter. The cold winter days that are dark and dreary tend to make us feel depressed so exercise can help your mood and body. So don't make excuses or put off a sweaty workout until the time is right.

Create a home gym

 When the weather is cold outside and I can not get outside for a run, I am thankful that I can workout inside and not have to head to the gym. Now before you say, "my house is too small or I have to take care of the kids", I am here to show you that you don't need much space to exercise at home. Kids love moving and exercise is good for kids. So invite the kids to exercise with you. A few simple items are all you need to be able to exercise at home.

+ Footwear ~ I have a pair of gym shoes that are strictly for indoor exercise. That way I can keep my floors clean when I workout. I like to include running in place and jumping in my workouts for a HIIT session so supporting my feet is always good. If you are doing a low impact fitness routine or strength training exercises, then ditching your shoes can be beneficial. There are many benefits to barefoot training and one of them may be fixing foot issues. 

 Pedestal Footwear will help your body from the ground up. These are the best grip socks for your indoor workout. The comfortable socks can help with your overall balance and stability. I love how they help me grip my feet when I am lifting weights.

+ Music ~ Listening to music always helps me when working out. A fast past song helps me to get my heart rate up and puts me in a better mood so I workout longer. Since I am working out while the kids are attending virtual school and the husband is on the phone, I use my headphones and iPod device.

+ Smarter strength resistance bands ~ At home strength training does not have to mean expensive heavy weights that take up way too much space. With ez mini bands you get 20lbs, 35lbs, and 50lbs of resistance that can help you get strong muscles. These unique bands are adjustable and stretchy strength training bands that don't have the problems that vinyl resistance bands have. Say goodbye to catastrophic band breakage and hello to a better band. Ez mini bands are made to last with durable woven polyester/latex fabric, military-grade stitching, and a heavy-duty molded plastic buckle.

+ Home Exercise Kit ~ Whether you are just starting a fitness plan or you are a fitness buff, having a home exercise kit is always a good thing for at-home exercise. The Emerging Green home exercise kit comes with an Ab Roller, kneeling mat, resistance band, jump rope, and push up bar. So you can get both your cardio and strength exercises all done from the comfort of your home. If you have no space to jump rope inside, pull the car out of the garage for a great indoor workout space. 

 + Find a small space ~ Back to the space issue for an indoor workout. I am able to do my exercise in my small office or the front hallway. I just need a small space to dance or do cardio exercises like marching in place. I also like using the stairs for awesome cardio exercise. At home strength and muscle exercises also don't require a big space. Using kettlebells, resistance bands, and even a detergent bottle filled with sand can help build strong muscles in a small space. You can even use your body to do push-ups.

Online exercise classes

 When the weather is cold and windy, I love to turn to my computer for exercise inspiration. My favorite place for online exercise classes is Silver & Fit. The Silver&Fit® Program may be an exercise and healthy aging program for older adults but I love that these online classes are for all levels of fitness, from beginners to advance fitness. So even I can get a good workout in. Silver & Fit knows that exercise will improve your quality of life can be fun. So don't let your age be an excuse for not exercising. Instead, celebrate that you can still be active no matter how old you are. It is never too late to start an exercise program. 

Bundle up and get outside

 Don't let the cold and snow discourage you from getting outside for healthy exercise. Just dress in layers so you can take them off as you warm up. I like to wear leggings, a tank top, and a long sleeve shirt along with gloves and a headband when I run outside in the winter. That way if I get too hot, I can roll up my sleeves and take off my gloves. Don't forget to apply sunscreen as the sun can still damage your skin in the winter. There are 5 good reasons to wear a mineral-based sunscreen in the winter.  Also, make sure to protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun with a quality pair of sunglasses. Tomahawk makes stylish sunglasses at affordable prices and they offer 400UV protection. So I decided to upgrade my eye protection for sunglasses that I know will keep my vision safe and healthy. I really like how comfortable my new shades are for running.

 You can even enjoy a walk in the snow when you wear boots that are made for athletics and cold weather. That is when you wear the most comfortable boots ever. I discovered some winter boots that are so comfortable to walk in and I wear them even when there is no snow on the ground. 

KURU Footwear offers styles that are perfect for travel and outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping hunting, and more. These boots are so comfortable and they hug my heels, keeping them happy and free from pain. Running tends to make my heels sore but these boots help my feet recover from the pain. KURU makes many styles of shoes for both ladies and men.

KURU has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands previously suffering from foot pain. Something so powerful it can banish away foot pain is more than a shoe—it's a KURU

 The Luna boots that I have are perfect for those with foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel pain. bone spurs, fallen arches, and more. These boots are perfect for the winter as they are warm and durable. They are also so easy to put on and take off. I will be wearing these boots as I work outside preparing my garden for spring. Gardening is a great way to get some healthy exercise. Use the wintertime to start preparing the area that you will be planting a garden. 

 I am converting an area in my yard that was the kid's play area into my future garden. This area has a swingset that I will be incorporating into my garden. I will use some rope and the swingset so I can grow plants like cucumbers and others that need support. That means I will have to clear away gravel and make the edging. I will also have to get some new dirt and keep working on my compost pile. 

 So don't let winter get in the way of your healthy body. Whether you choose to exercise indoors or outdoors is your choice. Just make the choice to be good to your body and give it some heart-healthy exercise. Our bodies were made to move. Exercise is not just about having a nice looking body but rather a healthy body. Exercise is about feeling good both mind and body. If you need some ideas for exercise check out these best exercises to stay in shape. Some people may call me skinny but I don't look at my body that way. I look at my body as a strong machine. 

Twelve Things Your Skinny Friend Wants You To Know

Start Your Holiday Shopping At Sams Club With a Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own.

 Last year I renewed my Sam's Club membership and I am so glad that I did so. Being a Sam's Club member has some advantages beyond saving money on my groceries. Sam's Club is a place that I always find the best deals on so many items like clothes, electronics, and even toys. This year I will be doing my holiday shopping at Sam's Club as Sam's Club is a great resource for all my holiday shopping needs. I am especially thankful that I can shop online at Sam's Club and that they offer curbside pickup.

 Sam's Club has everything that I need to celebrate the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This one-stop store not only carries the best selection of gifts but Sam's Club also has what I need for my holiday decorating. I know that I can even pick up items to wrap all my gifts as well as everything that I need to prepare my holiday feast. You need to check out Sam's Club holiday page as it contains important information like club holiday hours, delivery cutoff days, and upcoming sales. This page also has an awesome selection of categories so you can easily find what you need for your holiday shopping needs.

Sam’s Club members have access to $4700 in Instant Savings 

 Being a Sam's Club member has big advantages this time of year as their Instant Savings Book has $4700 in instant savings on everything from seasonal decor, tech to home, and health & beauty items. The amount of items that have instant savings is incredible and I am sure that you will find many items that you need to buy.


+ Dates: 10/28/20 - 11/29/20
+ Restrictions may apply.
+ Offer link ~ Click HERE

 I found instant savings on many of my favorite grocery items like my favorite coffee and the big box of Ritz crackers that my boys like. I also grabbed coupons for household items like trash bags and shampoo. 

 I am really loving the instant savings book as I am finding so many great coupons on items that I know I will need for Christmas. I was amazed at the savings on Energizer MAX Alkaline AA Batteries. Now is the time to grab batteries for all those holiday toys. When I see batteries on sale, I make sure to stock up as my boys always seem to need them for their RC cars and other electronics. While I was looking at the coupon deals at Sam's Club, I made sure to browse the tech instant savings to see what kind of deals I could find on earbuds as my boys have been asking for a pair. I discovered that I could save $10 off the LG TONE Free Bluetooth® Wireless Stereo Earbuds and with the instant savings this would make a wonderful Christmas gift for both of my younger sons. 

Free items for new Sam's Club Members

 If you are not a member of Sam's Club, now is a great time to join. Signing up for a membership to Sam's Club is easy and right now they have a great promotion. When you join for $45, you will get a free Rotisserie Chicken, a Take & Bake Pizza, and 8 cupcakes. These items are valued at $20.95!

Join for $45 & Receive Instant Savings at Sam's Club


+ Free Items Include: free rotisserie chicken, take & bake pizza, and 8 count cupcakes

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Sams's Club is making holiday shopping safe

 Sam's Club wants to make shopping safe for its members and for their associates so they have taken many measures in response to safe Covid practices. That includes asking any associates who feel unwell to stay home. Sam's Cub has set new policies to support any associate who may be affected by the virus, including paid leave for associates who needs to self-quarantine. Other steps they are taking include taking the temperatures of associates as they report to work and requiring that associates wear face coverings while at work.

 For the members of Sam's Club, Sam's club has taken extra steps to support social distancing in clubs by providing visual markers to support the 6-foot guidance. They are also are sanitizing their carts for members. You can even skip the checkout line with their exclusive Scan & Go™ feature in the Sam’s Club app. Simply scan your items with your phone, pay in the app, and skip the checkout line for contact-free shopping.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Gift Giving Party With Deflecto's Craft and Home Storage Products

I received several items from Deflecto to facilitate this post
This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

 Give the gift of holiday organization with Deflecto's craft and home storage products. With their diverse line of highly-customizable storage and organizational products specifically designed for the art, craft, and education markets, Deflecto strives to create original products to help keep parents and kids organized so they can concentrate on creative projects, not clutter.

 Ribbons, tags, crafting supplies are easily put away in clear, sleek, easy to access storage. With tools to make storing your art and craft supplies that much easier, erasing the clutter, and not taking up an enormous amount of space, Deflecto is here to help you with all of your organizational needs. Deflecto’s mobile products are easy-to-access and move around to take with you wherever you need to go. The products have clear sides, allowing you to be able to see what is stored. Deflecto.

 If you lived with me, you would know that I am not into crafting or even wrapping presents. In fact, the job of holiday decorating is my husband's job and he won't let me help. So why would I want to host a gift-giving party? Well, I do like parties and the Deflecto craft and storage products are simply amazing. 

 When I first laid eyes on Deflecto's organizational products, I knew that I had to have them to help me organize my home. One of the rooms in my home that I had in mind for the unique Deflecto storage containers was my photo studio. When I first created my photo room, 2 years ago, it was pretty organized but as my website grew, so did the products that I needed to take pictures of. So my photo props also started to grow. As I wanted the photos that I use in my articles to be unique. So I accumulated more silk flowers and kitchen items. So I knew that I needed help with my storage and organizational needs. These containers would help me with my creativity.

Another area that I have in mind for the Deflecto craft storage products is my new coffee bar. I have many items in my coffee bar area that would be great for these clear containers. The Rotating Carousel Organizer would be perfect for coffee beans, sweeteners, coconut coffee creamer, and more. This unique storage product includes 9 removable clear canisters on a lazy susan base. So I could easily grab what I needed for my cup of coffee. 

The Gift Giving Party

 I was gifted the Deflecto storage containers so I could have a party and show them to my friends. Well, I was not able to have a party due to the increase of Covid cases in my town. So I made a video for my friends to watch. The video showed my excitement for the Deflecto craft containers and how easy they are to use for crafts storage and more. I was excited to show how creative these containers were. I showed my friends how I used the Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer for my coffee bar and how I used the 3 Stackable Caddy Organizers for my photo prop items. I really love the Deflecto Stack 'N Go Caddy Wheel Base as it makes the storage units portable.

 I also received an Expandable Marker Accordion for the party. This unique craft storage product holds 80 markers and would be great for my boys to use for school projects. The lid of this container is so easy to remove and put back on.

 Here are the products that I showed to my friends. All of the Deflecto craft and storage products can be purchase on Amazon and at places that sell craft items. 

Stackable Caddy Organizers 

 Rotating Carousel Organizer 

Stack 'N Go Caddy Wheel Base 

Expandable Marker Accordion 

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The Deflecto Caddy Organizer, Stackable comes with three compartments. The three clear containers offer three different sizes (small, medium, and large), giving you a variety of storage options. 

+ Great for on-the-go storage items such as stamps, ink pads, buttons, and more

+ Multiple units can be conveniently stacked and locked using the lift and lock feature

+ Removable storage containers feature hinged, snap-tight lids for your convenience


The Deflecto Wheel Base for the Caddy organizers makes it easy to move your craft supplies across the room or to a friend's house.

+ Moving supplies has never been easier! Whether you're moving supplies across the room or across town, the Caddy Wheel Base makes it easy to take everything with you

+ "Lift & Lock" tabs secure multiple Stackable Caddy Organizers to the wheelbase so you can take all your items with you; It's like putting your entire workroom on wheels!

+ Swivel Casters provide easy movement on carpet and hard floors allowing you to move an entire stack of supplies safely and easily

+ Wheelbase works best with 5-10 Caddy Organizers and can hold up to 200 lbs. of supplies so that nothing gets left behind!

+ Store your Caddy stack under a table, desk, or in a closet. When you're ready to work, simply roll out the entire stack and grab what you need!


The Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer includes six 3" and three 6" removable canisters that will keep your small craft supplies organized and within reach! Ideal for storing glitter pens, embellishments, decorative tape, beads, and more.

+ 360-degree spin! Conveniently rotates in either direction to give you easy access to your arts and crafts supplies; Item measures 11 1/8"W x 6 5/8"H x 11 1/8" D

+ Clear, full-view canisters allow you to see your supplies at a glance so you can find what you need quickly; Snap-tight lids keep small supplies secure and prevent them from spilling out

+ Get organized and stay organized! Carousel organizer makes it easy to keep your items neatly arranged so you can work on your projects without worrying about cleaning up the mess

+ Ideal for use in your home, office space, craft room, or classroom! Our rotating storage organizer makes it easy to focus on the project, not the clutter!


The Deflecto Expandable Marker Accordion stores your favorite markers, pens, brushes, or other long-stemmed arts and crafts supplies in this practical and innovative marker organizer! Holds up to 80 items providing enough space for your entire collection.

+ Unique design allows you to unfold the unit into 4 storage sections, each with room for up to 20 markers, so you can easily see and access all your items

+ Features a locking lid with carrying handle so you can easily take your markers with you; Clear lid snaps in place to keep items secure

+ Compact design allows the unit to sit on a desk, as well as on a shelf or in a craft supplies closet without taking too much space

+ Ideal for keeping your markers organized and within reach in a home office, kid’s room, craft room, or creative space, as well as providing on-the-go storage for your favorite coloring items


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The Deflecto home storage products are truly unique products that have so many uses beyond crafts. You can use the canisters to store baking supplies or cake decorating supplies. The multipurpose craft containers can be used for at home school supplies or for office items. I have seen creative photos on Instagram showing these home craft containers being used in the bathroom for makeup items and in the garage for workbench things like nails or screws. The multi sizes of containers allow you to clean up the clutter and keep it organized. The uses for these storage containers are endless and I am sure that I will think of more creative ways to use them. To purchase these awesome containers, click on the below links.

Stackable Caddy Organizers ~ Rotating Carousel Organizer ~ Stack 'N Go Caddy Wheel Base ~ Expandable Marker Accordion 

What would you store in the Deflecto storage containers?

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