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Friday, March 30, 2018

FREE Kinder Joy

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Grandma Approved Baby Products

                        I am going to be a grandma!

                         I received a ciao! baby® chair to feature on my website.

 I am so excited that my daughter is going to have a baby this summer! That makes me a grandma so I guess now I should change my website to Grandma Knows Best.Maybe not just yet as I have to earn that title as I learn all about being a grandma. One of the ways that I will earn the title Grandma Knows Best will be by discovering new products that are grandma approved. I am amazed how baby products have changed in the past ten years since I had my last baby. Yes, hard to believe that there is 18-years between my oldest and youngest child!

  As I discover new baby products, I will post them on my website. My first grandma approved baby product is a cool portable high chair that I can't wait to use! The ciao! baby® chair will make having a high chair available at grandma's house so easy. This cool high chair that comes in so many colors folds up so compact like the size of a camping chair. In fact, this high chair operates just like a camping chair but has safety features in it, making it a great high chair. This high chair would be great for camping. My purple ciao! baby® chair will be stored in the hall closet so I will always have a high chair available for my grandchild, no more having to lug a high chair down from the attic.

  • All one piece and requires no assembly
  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Easily unfolds, locks into place, and folds back up in seconds
  • Durable material with a clear vinyl tray cover that easily wipes clean
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Comfortable lap belt securely holds the child
  • Ideal for children up to three years old
 I just love how little space this high chair takes up! I also like that it locks into place. Cleaning this chair will be so easy as I could hose it down outside if my grandbaby makes a big eating mess. This high chair only weighs nine pounds so It would be easy to take on a trip or to a restaurant. I simply can't wait to use this chair!

Check out all the colors that this cool baby high chair comes in!


Check back often as I will be adding more products to this post.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tips To Make Used Car Shopping Easier

Sponsored post

  My father-in-law needed a new car after he had an accident. He needed the car quickly as he had no other form of transportation. My husband agreed to help his dad find a nice used car at an affordable price. My husband really only had a day to go car shopping with his dad and the last thing he wanted to do was visit way too many car dealers. So my husband did the smart thing and went to Cars.com By turning to the internet my husband was able to do plenty of research before he took his dad out car shopping.

Have a price in mind

My father-in-law received a check from the insurance agency after the accident so my husband started shopping online for cars within the price range of the amount of the check. I love that you can put a price range in at Cars.com and see all the cars that are available in your area. You can also choose the type of car, brand, and even color. The best part is you can do it all from home, any time of day, without having to visit a dealer. You are seeing real cars that are available for you to purchase.

Know the history of the car

Find out information on the car before you fall in love with it. Check out the Carfax report before you look at the car so you know if it has been in any accidents. That way you do not buy a damaged car. This report will tell you things like how many owners the car has had, what kind of repairs have been made on the car and other important things.

Call ahead

Once you find some cars that you want to check out, call the dealer to make sure that the car is still available. The last thing you want to be told when you arrive is, I sold that car this morning. This is also good as the dealer can get the car ready for a test drive and that saves you time.

Narrow down your car selection
If you are able to, narrow down your car selection to a couple of cars/dealers. With all the information that is available at Cars.com, you can find your car without having to look at way too many cars with a pushy salesman. There are plenty of photos for each car that is listed on Cars.com so you can see every angle and detail about the car before you buy.

Get preapproved

Get preapproved for your car loan if you are not paying cash. That way you know how much you have to spend before you fall in love with that nice red car. 
Take a test drive

Drive the car before you buy as this helps in more than seeing if the car runs well. My father-in-law has troubles getting into cars so we had to make sure he could get in and out of the car he was going to buy. Several of the cars that my husband put on the list to buy got eliminated because his dad had troubles getting out of the car.

My husband was able to get his dad a car in a couple of hours when he took his dad out car shopping with the help of all the useful information that he found at Cars.com. His dad was happy too. So do some research online before you get to the car dealer. It will make car shopping so much easier.

Monday, March 26, 2018

DIY Energizing Manuka Honey Coffee Facial Scrub

This DIY Energizing Manuka Honey Coffee Facial Scrub smells so good!

  After you make your cup of coffee, don't toss those coffee grounds! Save them to make this all natural facial scrub. This facial scrub not only smells great but will leave your skin feeling so soft with a healthy glow. The coffee aroma of the facial scrub may also give your body a boost of energy.

Did you know that coffee grounds are a wonderful exfoliant?

  Coffee grounds have just the right texture to work as a scrub, helping slough off those dead skin cells. This delicious smelling scrub also has plenty of antioxidants that can heal the skin. So who knew that the benefits of coffee go beyond enjoying it in a delicious drink? Coffee has been recognized as a drink that is loaded with healthy antioxidants that can be good for your health and it is also great for using in this DIY facial scrub.

Honey is a liquid gold that helps moisturize the skin

 I love using honey in my tea and many of my recipes. So when I found out that honey is great for the skin, I had to stock up on honey. Honey is a liquid gold that helps moisturize the skin. My favorite honey to use on my skin is Manuka Honey. This New Zealand honey is quality honey so I know it is safe to use on my skin. The quality has to do with the UMF grading system. Manuka Honey also is great for a delicious spread! My boys love the taste!

                             What is Manuka honey?

  Manuka honey is a type of honey that hails from New Zealand and has many health benefits—    including antibacterial qualities that help heal wounds and treat infections. Pronounced
"MAH-nooka," it's named after the manuka bush, from which bees gather nectar and pollen. Honey, in general, has long been praised for its antibacterial properties. But Manuka honey is thought to be an even stronger infection fighter, and some studies suggest that manuka honey's benefits extend to treating skin problems and complications from diabetes.

  In typical honey, it is hydrogen peroxide that provides this benefit, whereas, in Manuka honey, it’s UMF that is antibiotic.” UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, a grading system that uses a scale of 5 to 20 to gauge each batch of honey's antibacterial strength.

New Zealand UMF Grade Manuka Honey is gaining worldwide recognition and its reputation continues to grow. UMF stands for ‘Unique Manuka Factor’, a measure of the unique properties found in honey made from the nectar of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium), native to New Zealand. The UMF grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey and assures purity & quality. Please see www.umf.org.nz for more information.

DIY Energizing Manuka Honey Coffee Facial Scrub

2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 teaspoons Manuka Honey
4 tablespoons coffee grounds

1. Pour the coconut oil and honey into a small bowl or jar.
2. Next, add the coffee grounds.
3. Blend all the ingredients together.
4. Store product in a small jar in the fridge

To use the honey coffee scrub, first wash your face. Then pat your skin dry. Scoop out a little bit of the facial scrub and gently rub into your face and neck. I recommend leaning over the sink or using in the shower as this scrub can be messy. Make sure to avoid the eyes. Rub all over the face and leave on for a couple of minutes. Enjoy the aroma! Then rinse the facial scrub off with warm water. For best results use the honey coffee scrub twice a week.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Pancakes


                  These delicious pancakes are loaded with nutrition!

As an ambassador of Genuine Health, I received samples of products that I love to facilitate this post.

  Saturdays at my house usually start with a lazy day breakfast. My boys love when mom makes chocolate pancakes for breakfast. When I make pancakes I like to make these indulgent peanut butter and chocolate pancakes. These pancakes may taste like dessert but they are loaded with nutrition. I always add protein powder to my pancakes but this time I snuck in some veggies and my boys have no clue. They could not taste one bit of the green veggies that I mixed into my yummy chocolate pancakes. It was easy to add veggies to my healthy pancakes with a fermented organic gut superfood powder. This unflavored gut superfood is loaded with  21 organic plant-based superfoods that are rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols, which not only feed our gut microbes but have synergistic benefits with them, too! I love that this gut superfood has Easy-to-tolerate source of prebiotic fiber that helps to feed “good” bacteria and won’t irritate the gut – or cause bloating. This Gut Superfood comes in three amazing flavors. My favorite flavor is the Orange Ginger flavor and I use this one in my daily protein smoothie. Check out the other flavors and get more information about this amazing Gut Superfood HERE

                                   My favorite Superfood supplement!

Save 20% on all Genuine Health products with code Tara18
I did not want to serve boring syrup with my chocolate pancakes so I whipped up a delicious peanut butter syrup that is low in fat! I used PB powder and it was so good! These pancakes were filling in a good healthy way. My youngest son was only able to eat 2 of them.

   These pancakes are loaded with nutrition and lots of flavor!

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Pancakes
         Makes 6-8 pancakes
       1 cup wheat flour
       4 tablespoons PB powder
       2 scoops chocolate protein powder 
       2 scoops Fermented Gut Superfood
      1/2 teaspoon baking powder
      1/2 teaspoon baking soda
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      Chia egg replacement*- mix 2 tablespoons chia seed & 2 tablespoons water, let sit a few minutes
      2 cups cashew milk

Peanut butter syrup
 4 tablespoons PB powder
 1 tablespoon honey
 2 tablespoons cashew milk


1. Mix together the first seven dry ingredients. 
2. Add the chia egg and cashew milk, stir together until combined. 
3. Place ½ Tablespoon of coconut oil in a skillet and pour about 1/2 cup of batter for each pancake.
4. Cook each pancake about 2-3 minutes on each side. Serve with the Peanut butter syrup.

Peanut butter syrup directions
  Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl. Add more PB powder or milk to get the desired texture.

* Check out these 11 egg substitute recipes for baking and more! 


  I have a container of Genuine Health Fermented Organic Gut Superfood to giveaway to one lucky reader. To be entered for a chance to win, tell me what flavor of Gut SuperFood you would like to try.  Comment below and enter on the form below. 

This giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age or older.  Chances of winning this giveaway depend on the number of entries. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the end of the contest and will then have 24 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited

Friday, March 23, 2018

FREE thinkThin Bar

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FREE thinkThin Bar Receive ONE (1) thinkThinBar, any variety (1.41-2.22 oz) Free.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Learn How To Eat Better, Live Cleaner, & Be Happier With The Green Enough Book By Leah Segedie

I purchased a copy of Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner and Be Happier, All Without Driving Your Family Crazy as I wanted to support the author of this book in an awesome mission. All opinions are my own.

                        Is going Green driving you crazy?

 I have always had a passion for healthy eating and now my passions have led me to trying to live cleaner. I have known for a long time that chemicals are not good for our health but I never really knew how bad they could be until I attended a conference in 2016 called ShiftCon (hosted by Leah Segedie) and my eyes were opened. Sure I thought I was keeping chemicals out of the home as I cleaned with vinegar and baking soda but it was at this blogger conference that I decided I was going to try to be more "Green" and work on getting more toxic chemicals out of my life. I left that conference with natural products and a wealth of information. I was ready to take the next step!

My next step started with me ditching chemically made products like toothpaste and deodorant for natural non-toxic products. I started reading food labels more and made better choices at the store. I soon realized that going "Green" was overwhelming and confusing at times. I knew it was not going to happen overnight. I needed information and knew that searching the internet was not a good option. So when Leah Segedie announced on the ShiftCon Facebook page that she wrote a book, I was excited to read it. Leah has a passion for teaching people how to live a cleaner life as I saw first hand when I met her at ShiftCon. It was her connections of healthy living companies at the conference that inspired me to live a cleaner life. 

                     What is Green Enough About?

Green Enough is a real, no-holds-barred take on making smart, healthy choices for you and your family.  I uncover the truth behind the food and household products that are misleadingly labeled “all-natural” and healthy but are actually filled with harmful chemicals. From furniture to packaged food, let me guide you through detoxifying your home, diet, and lifestyle, showing you how to make the best choices possible for your family. While at the same time showing you how to also “chill out” without guilt. Here are some things you can look forward to in Green Enough:

  • Several exposes on thousands of brands and products containing toxic and hormone-disrupting ingredients
  • Guidelines on choosing safer products and products that are free from toxic persistent pesticides
  • Advice on how to find meat, dairy, and eggs that are free from antibiotics, GMOs, growth hormones, and dangerous pathogens
  • A break-down of what phases of childhood children are most vulnerable and need more protection and when you can just “chill out” and let it fly
  • 50 delicious and kid-approved recipes
  • And much much more…
Reprinted from Green Enough by Leah Segedie. Copyright ©2018 by Leah Segedie. By permission of Rodale Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Available wherever books are sold

  Once I started reading Green Enough, I felt less confused about how to make the changes in my life and home to live a green and healthier lifestyle. Leah wrote a book that was easy to read. Her book tells the facts about chemicals and toxins that could be lurking in our food and homes. I like that she goes room by room in a typical house and gives the reader a list of which common products should be replaced with healthier alternatives. The book has lots of lists of products that are better to buy. With this information, I am able to make better choices at the store. The pictures in the book make it easy to understand what crap is in our foods and why I should not be buying them. I have a long way to go in getting chemicals out of my house and life but I love that this book has the information in it to help me on my journey. This is a book that I will be referencing often as I buy things like food and beauty products. My first step on my journey will be tossing out all my Rubbermaid containers which are on the bad list and using Tupperware which is on the better list. Since my boys will be packing lunches for their new school in the fall, I will be buying metal containers from the best list.

This book will keep you entertained, laughing, sometimes a bit peeved, and always learning about how to best protect your family. But remember, It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being green enough.

Reprinted from Green Enough by Leah Segedie. Copyright ©2018 by Leah Segedie. By permission of Rodale Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Available wherever books are sold

 Mamavation blogger Leah Segedie offers an irreverent, entertaining take on making smart, healthy choices for you and your family and detoxifying your home, diet, and lifestyle.

Do you want to Learn How To  Eat Better, Live Cleaner, & Be Happier?

Learn more HERE and buy the book HERE

Walmart Easter OREO Chocolate Candy Bar In-Store Demo

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OREOChocolate #CollectiveBias

Did you know that OREO has a special flavored candy bar made with crunchy bits of OREO + mint creme filling + rich Milka chocolate candy? YUM! These OREO Mint Chocolate Candy Bars have delicious bits of OREO Cookie mixed in smooth, mint flavored creme filling and are coated in European Milka chocolate candy. You will want to be sure to stop by Walmart and pick a few of these OREO Chocolate King Size Bars while they are on Rollback for only $1!

While you are in store at Walmart picking up your $1 Rollback OREO chocolate candy bars, be sure to look and see if your store has the demo going on for the 1 Million Sample giveaway. During Easter weekend* participating Walmart stores are giving away these bars while supplies last. *March 29 - April 1.

Check the demo locator below to see if your local Walmart is participating! +Limited to one sample per customer.
++Limited supply available.
+++All times/events are subject to change.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eleven Egg Substitutes For Baking & More

  Cutting back on eggs due to expensive prices? These 11 egg substitutes can be used in most recipes. These egg substitutes are also great for vegans or when you simply have no eggs in the house.

  How many times have you started a recipe only to find out that you are out of eggs? This has happened to me many times and I have had to knock on neighbors' doors asking to borrow an egg. Sometimes even they are even out of eggs, so that means I have to get dressed and run to the store to buy eggs. Ok, I admit, I live in my pajamas or workout clothes on most days. My teen has been eating a lot of eggs lately in his quest to build up his muscles so every time I want to bake, there are no eggs in the fridge. I also have been using vegan egg replacers in my baking as I have been trying to make my baked goods healthier. When I searched for egg substitutes the other day, I was surprised at how many different egg substitute recipes there were. I was also surprised that I had most of the ingredients in my pantry to make these egg replacers. I finally have a use for that Psyllium Husk that has been in my pantry for quite some time. When I tried these egg replacement recipes in my cookies, black bean brownies, and Chocolate PB Cup pancakes, I could not taste a difference. So now I stock up on the ingredients that I need to make these awesome egg replacers and no longer worry about the teen eating all the eggs.

 So save your egg budget for when you want to eat scrambled eggs or omelets. These egg subs do not cook up like regular eggs or taste like eggs. The egg replacers are best used in recipes for binding purposes. So you can use an egg replacement for baking recipes These mock eggs work wonderfully in cookie recipes to make vegan cookies. The fake eggs also work well in brownie recipes and veggie burgers. You could also replace the eggs in meatloaf with an egg substitute recipe.

Eleven Egg Substitutes For Baking & More

Egg Substitute Recipes are best for
~ Baking
~ Cookies
~ Brownies
~ Veggie Burgers
~ Quick Bread Recipes
~ Meatloaf
~ Cake

Each of these recipes will replace one egg. Add the replacer to the recipe in the same order as noted for the egg in the recipe. These recipes can be doubled.

The way egg replacements work is very simple. Typically fresh eggs are used in baking recipes like cookies to help the ingredients stick together. So an egg sub will work the same way. For example, when you make a chia egg, the water helps the chia seeds swell and stick together. So the chia egg will bind the recipe ingredients together to help them bake correctly. 

 Each of these recipes will replace one egg. Add the replacer to the recipe in the same order as noted for the egg in the recipe. These recipes can be doubled. If the recipe calls for 2 eggs, then use double the ingredients to make 2 egg replacers. Of all the recipes below for egg substitutions, my favorite vegan eggs to use are the ones made with chia seeds or flax seeds. I add chia seeds and flax seeds to my morning vegan protein shake, so I always have these items in my pantry,

This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

Eleven Egg Substitutes To Try

 The upfront cost of the vegan egg ingredients may seem like more money than eggs but it is not. Since you only use a tablespoon of the ingredients to make the vegan eggs, the cost per vegan egg is way cheaper. A pound of chia seeds will make 45 vegan eggs!

1. Chia Egg ~ Buy chia seeds here
       1 tablespoon chia seeds + 3 tablespoons water = 1 egg (stir and let sit for 2 minutes)

2. Flax egg ~ Buy flax seeds here
      1 tablespoon ground flax meal + 3 tablespoons water = 1 egg (stir and let sit for 2 minutes)

3. Psyllium Husk ~ Buy Psyllium Husk here
     1 tablespoon psyllium husk + 3 tablespoons water = 1 egg (stir and let sit for 2 minutes)

4. Oil & baking powder
       2 tablespoons water + 1 tablespoon oil + 2 tablespoons baking powder = 1 egg

5. Baking powder
      2 tablespoons water + 2 tablespoons baking powder = 1 egg

6. Tofu
      1/4 cup of soft tofu = 1 egg

7. Applesauce
    1/2 cup applesauce = 1 egg

8. Banana
      1/2 mashed banana = 1 egg (will make recipes taste like bananas)

9. Homemade Egg Replacer mix (Bulk Recipe)
    2 cups tapioca starch or arrowroot starch
   1/3 cup gluten-free baking powder
   2 1/2 tablespoons baking soda
Mix 1/2 tablespoon egg replacer with 2 tablespoons water to make one egg

10. Baking Soda and Vinegar (for fluffier baked goods)
         1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar = 1 egg
         I don't recommend using this for more than one egg in a recipe 

11. Aquafaba
The hot new egg replacement is bean juice — specifically the liquid that comes in your can of chickpeas. It may not work for everything, but if your recipe calls for egg whites, whip up some aquafaba instead (about 3 tablespoons per replaced egg). For best results, use an unsalted variety of beans.

 So next time you are out of eggs or just want to use a vegan version, this is a great list to post on the fridge so you don't have to go knocking on your neighbor's door or get dressed to run to the store. Now you won't have to take out a loan to buy real eggs!

Check out recipes for vegan eggs that cook & taste like real eggs

Monday, March 19, 2018

NECTAR Mattress Giveaway! 2 Winners!

NECTAR Mattress Giveaway! 2 Winners ~ Winners Choose Their Size Of Choice! TRV Up To $1800! @nectarsleep #MyNECTARMattress

My son has a Nectar mattress and loves it! So when Deliciously Savvy & My Silly Little Gang asked me to help promote this awesome giveaway for a Nectar mattress, I said "yes" as I wanted to my readers a chance to win this comfortable mattress.

Deliciously Savvy & My Silly Little Gang Are So Excited To Host An Amazing Giveaway In Which TWO LUCKY WINNERS Will Receive a NECTAR Mattress In Any Size That They Choose! Winners Can Pick From Twin All The Way Up To California King! The TRV For This Is Up To $1800. Enter Today & Good Luck!

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2 Lucky Winners Will Receive A NECTAR Mattress Of Their Choice! Choose Twin up to California King! TRV $1800

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Giveaway Dates: 3/20 9PM EST until 4/30 11:59 PM EST
Entrants must be 18 years old to enter and giveaway is open to US residents only.
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As Always, Thanks For Visiting Deliciously Savvy Today! Leave Some Comment Love While You Are Here!

Fun and Unique Easter Basket Ideas

I received samples of many treats and items to facilitate this post.

Need some ideas for the Easter Baskets?

    Easter is one of my favorite holidays. The weather is finally warmer and it is a day to celebrate! For some, including me it is a wonderful day that is about celebrating Jesus dying on the cross for my sins. It is also a day of fun from Easter Egg hunts to visits from the Easter Bunny to enjoying a wonderful meal with my family. I love filling my kid's Easter baskets with lots of fun things. Of course, the main item in the baskets is candy but I also like to put some other fun inexpensive items in the Easter Baskets. I have some standard favorites for the kid's Easter baskets like PEEPS® as they are a childhood favorite. I remember way back when I was a child and PEEPS were always in my Easter basket. When I was young, Easter was the only time the store sold those delicious marshmallow treats. I fondly remember waking up in the morning and finding my Easter basket in the oven filled with lots of chocolate and yellow PEEPS. I think Peeps only came in yellow chicks back then but now you can get so many different colors, shapes, and flavors of Peeps candies. You can even buy sugar-free Peeps!

Check out some of the new flavors of Peeps that I discover this year.

PEEPS® Delights™ Strawberry Flavored Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Crème Flavored Fudge
      PEEPS® Delights™ Blueberry Flavored Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Dark Chocolate
PEEPS® Sour Cherry Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks Rainbow POPs

Where did you find your Easter basket on Easter morning?

 Here is a sampling of just some of the many different flavors and varieties of Peeps that you can find in stores and online. I think my favorite flavor of Peeps is the original flavor and of course, I always buy purple bunnies. My boys love the chocolate dipped Peeps!

 Hop over to www.Peepsandcompany.com and enter “EASTER18” for a 20% discount on merchandise from candy to fun gifts.

My children will be discovering some new treats in their Easter Baskets this year!

 I know that my boys will enjoy discovering Lovely Candy’s NEW Organic Candy line in their Easter basket. These delicious gluten-free candies contain no artificial flavors or colors and are free of allergens like peanuts and dairy. They still taste so good. My teen loves Gummy Bears and the younger boys will love the Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bites. I could not wait until Easter to sample some of these candies so I tore open the bag of Strawberry Licorice and they were so good! The licorice bites were chewy, sweet and flavorful without a wax taste like other licorice that I have had. The Easter Bunny will score plenty of points by leaving these healthier candies in the Easter baskets.

                      Kids will love decorating these dyeable ceramic eggs! 

 Start a new tradition and try the dyeable ceramic easter egg-coloring alternative for fun with the whole family! Eggnots look and feel like a real egg but are inedible, so no refrigeration is needed. The non-perishable and eco-friendly, vegan-friendly eggs are ceramic and 100% safe for those with egg allergies. My boys had fun drawing on these cool eggs with markers. We will be dying the rest of the eggs right before Easter. These eggs will be perfect for our egg hunt. No problem if we don't find one egg as they won't be rotting.

      Tuck a fun kid approved game into the Easter basket that will leave the kids laughing!

     Ever wondered how booger juice, vampire bunnies, and grandma can end up in the same sentence? This kid-friendly card game inspired by Cards Against Humanity is a game that kids will love playing long after the Easter candy is gone. Not Parent Approved is a hilarious word game of fill-in-the-blanks designed to reintroduce a love of tabletop games for a screen-obsessed generation.  This game allows kids to expand their imagination and creativity through wacky humor. The game starts with a burping contest and continues with kids choosing the best weird, gross, or a funny answer to the fill-in-the-blank card from cards that they have in their hands.  Kids will be laughing and having a great time. This is a great party game!

Books are always a great Easter Basket item

      My boys love books and they make great gifts for Easter, especially faith based books. Easter is about the resurection of Christ so including books that help kids learn more about Jesus in their Easter basket is always a great way to keep this holiday on Him. My boys love science experiments and creating things so The Adventure Bible was a perfect book for them. When my boys saw this book they were excited and wanted to create many of the items that the book has. Spring break is next week so I know that this book will keep them busy. I need to buy some sugar so they can make rock candy. I love that along with the activities there are bible verses that go along with the theme. So kids were learn bible verses as they have some fun. This is a great time for discussions to.

From the bestselling Adventure Bible brand comes The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations, the ultimate get-your-hands-dirty, try-something-new, explore-the-world manual for kids. Featuring fun and interactive activities alongside biblical takeaways, this book is perfect for boys and girls ages 8 and up.

The bible can sometimes be overwhelming to kids so much that they don't read it. So I love that 
May The Faith Be With You makes learning fun for my boys. This book keeps their attention by taking a passage from the bible and writing it into steps so kids can understand. The space themed pages makes it a cool book to read. It is the perfect book to start or end the day with. The boys and I take turns read a page every night before bed and we then get into discussions about how the verse applys to us. Even my youngest son who does not enjoy reading enjoys reading this book.

May the Faith Be With You is a 180-day devotional perfect for the space obsessed kid in your life. With section headings like “Master Moment” and “Ways of Wisdom,” this book shows kids the true way to a life of adventure, courage, and wisdom—Jesus Christ.

Fingerlings' newest collection is perfect for the Easter basket

 This cute 2tone monkey is a fun toy. This Fingerlings series features eight different monkeys with their own trendy, two-tone ombre tint. Each has colorful accents on its hands and feet that match its vibrant hair! And just like the rest of the popular Fingerlings family, these interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in silly monkey babble! Kids will be excited to find this in their Easter basket.

Watch a video to see Ava in action

Don't forget mom's Easter Basket                    

Mom's love Easter baskets too! Along with the delicious candy, make sure to put some pampering gifts in mom's basket. Mom has been busy working with the Easter Bunny to fill the kid's Easter baskets along with many other things to make Easter special so surprise her with a rich facial cream. This facial cream is inspired by a nice warm cup of relaxing tea and we know moms could use some relaxing after a busy Easter Sunday. Mom can hydrate, nourish, and renew her skin with a cream that has a base of antioxidant-rich chamomile and other natural herbs. This facial tea detoxifies and moisturizes the skin. While we are thinking about tea, mom would enjoy a cup of tea also so tuck some tea in her Easter basket too. Hop on over to https://liveteasane.com/ and check out this rich facial cream and delicious healthy wellness teas that will put a smile on mom's face when she discovers them in her Easter Basket.

What items does the Easter Bunny bring to your house?
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