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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream Will Give You Smoother Skin In Just 2 To 4 Weeks And a Giveaway

      I know the importance of taking care of your skin to keep it beautiful.I am over 40 but my skin does not show it as I think my healthy habits have helped me to have young looking skin. Healthy habits like eating healthy foods, exercising, and using good skin care products. I like using thick creams to keep my face soft and wrinkle free. Creams with anti-aging ingredients are also a plus to make my skin look young.

      Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a thick cream that has a nice light scent to it and will help you to have more beautiful, smoother skin in 2-4 weeks. This peptide cream has wonderful ingredients like  hyaluronic acid, Argireline (5%), and Matrixyl  to stimulate collagen production to reduce those fine lines and deep wrinkles. This cream will firm and replenish your skin so you can have younger looking skin without having to pay for expensive procedures like Boxtox.

       I like that Anavita's non-irritating cream is well-suited for all skin types-normal, dry, oily, and sensitive skin. This cream can be used both day and night and makes a great makeup base too. Anavita Moisturizing cream is Paraben free and never tested on animals, I like that. I love that this thick cream absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and not oily. I have only been using this cream for about a week but have noticed that after I apply it my skin feels so soft and firm. The company says it can take 2-4 weeks to notice reduced fine lines, and 12 weeks for full benefit. I can't wait to see the results and maybe those pesky fine lines will be less noticeable.

To obtain more information on Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream, just click on the below link.


I have a jar of Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream to giveaway to one of my readers so you too can experience softer, smoother skin and maybe those pesky wrinkles and fine lines will be less noticeable. Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, September 29, 2014

IT'Z Family Food And Fun Center Is A Great Family Place

Sponsored post. I was compensated with a gift card to visit iT'Z in exchange for this review.

My boys love it when we go to iT'Z as they know there will be food and games involved. IT'Z is a pizza buffet and game place the whole family will enjoy. The place is a colorful place where you can eat unlimited pizza, salad, pasta, dessert, and play games. This place has cool themed rooms in which you can choose to eat in.

We chose to eat in the GameTime room as this room as big screen TV's in in to watch the game. There was a football game on the screens when we were there.

     This cool place has an awesome game room filled with games for all ages. In addition to the games they have several rides like a Frog Hopper, Bumper cars and a rock climbing wall. There is even a small bowling alley. They even have a area just for the younger kids. My boys love playing the games to earn tickets and the they can cash them out for prizes. They also have rooms just for birthday parties.

This is a great place for kids and grownups to have fun. Like all game places, you play the games for fun and not the prizes. As a parent you can feel for me. We spend $20.00 on games and here is what my kids redeemed the tickets for.

Click to see if there is an iT'Z near you. 

The Kupp Makes It Easy To Use Less Plastic

At the end of the day are you washing a lot of plastic cups from your kids? I know I am. My kids keep getting a new glass every time they get a drink of water. Some days, each kid has used over 4 glasses each. These glasses take up a lot of space in my dishwasher. 

I decided to end this cup war with my kids and take the Kupp Challenge.  I received these cool colorful glasses from Moms Meet to help me do the challenge. The Kupp is a child size glass cup that is encased in a colorful silicone sleeve, which protects it from breaking. I love that I can give my boys a glass cup and eliminate plastic from my house. This cups also are less likely to tip over. You know the scene, happens a lot at our house, give the child a drink in a plastic cup and they knock it over. Which leaves a mess to clean up. My boys love having their own color glass assigned to them every day ( Kupps come in 4 colors) and making sure to use only that glass for the day. The next day they get to choose a new color Kupp to use for the whole day. My boys love that they are so "grown up" using a glass cup. They even are drinking more water every day. 

Just the facts
• The Kupp’ is a six-ounce glass outfitted with a colorful silicone sleeve. It’s
designed for kids ages 3-10.

• The firm grip and silicon sleeve helps to protect the glass from damage
while providing a safe, toxic free vessel to drink from.

• The Kupp’ comes in four vibrant colors that represent the environment:
blue for water, green for earth, orange for the sun, and red for warmth.

• The Kupp’ is the perfect serving size for children, and allows them to
become more conscious of waste and consumption.

• The Kupp’ is made in the USA using imported glass, and all materials are
sourced from environmentally-friendly manufacturers that adhere to EU
and US regulations.

• All glass is recyclable, certified lead and cadmium free, and is made from a
pure soda-lime formula. It is also dishwasher safe!

• The grip-friendly silicon sleeve is BPA/BPS free and made with medical
and food grade silicon to prevent damage. The sleeve does not have to be
removed when washing, which makes cleaning your Kupp very simple.

• The adorable Kupp’ is designed to resemble a smile so kids are naturally
attracted to it.

These are my boys new favorite glasses. They no longer reach for the plastic cups when they want a drink.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the
Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who
received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms
MeetsSM blogger, I agree to use this product and post my
opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect
the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer
of this product

Friday, September 26, 2014

Introducing SOBO Skin Care

Sponsored post: I was sent a samples in 5 ml airless pump from Brandbacker. 

About the Product
Ultra Age Repairing Cream with Resveratrol
-- This anti-aging cream is an exceptionally pure multi-peptide complex with organic moisturizers. Light but intense serum formula delivers a powerful wrinkle-fighting cocktail that includes resveratrol, squalene, and hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Soothing, all-natural jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil work together to moisturize and smooth for a healthy, youthful glow and drastically improved overall appearance.

Age Smoothing Eye Serum
-- Moisture is the key to the youngest-looking, most velvety skin under the sun and this innovative under-eye serum really delivers and then some. Light, comfortable silicone-based moisturizing complex protects the skin around the eyes from puffiness, dryness and harmful elements that contribute to a tired appearance. A collection of essential lipids accelerates healing, promotes the production of healthy skin cells, and provides stellar protection after procedures like microdermabrasion and laser therapy. Gentle, hypoallergenic formula is perfect for all skin types.

ULTRA HGF Youth Serum
-- This innovative youth formula leverages the power of proven acetyl tetrapeptide-2 to help restore your skin to its former glory and help prevent signs of future aging. Skin’s critical immune functions are also boosted while the production of healthy, youthful skin cells is uniquely supported and accelerated. Light but potent formula also moisturizes dry skin and smooths for a glowing, velvety appearance.

Essential Moisturizing Cream
-- This rich and effective cream combines everything your skin needs to look and feel its absolute best in one convenient product. Powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories work together to fight aging and relieve the effects of stress on skin. Rich emollients work to return dehydrated skin to the peak of smoothness and glory. A suite of vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils work together with replenishing hyaluronic acid and retinol to promote a healthful, vibrant appearance.

Learn About the Brand SOBO Skin Care was built on a clear philosophy of what should (and shouldn’t) be in quality skin care products. Our primary focus has always been to formulate cleansers, toners, creams and serums that are made with as many natural organic ingredients as possible, but without compromising the efficacy that women expect. To accomplish this we combine wonderful organic ingredients like orange flower extract, hops and strawberry oil with others proven to provide visible results like hyaluronic acid, human growth factor and ceramide 3 to effectively and gently rejuvenate skin.

SOBO is dedicated to setting a new gold standard in the years to come for indie skin care products of all types. Natural, wholesome, honest, and effective -- that's the SOBO value system in a nutshell.



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Blogger Discount Code: TRYSOBO

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iT'Z Ladies Night Out

iT'Z is hosting a special Ladies' Night Out event on Thursday, October 2 from 6 pm to 8 pm. As a VIP guest, you will enjoy a delicious buffet, soft drinks, bowling, video games & MORE! As a special treat, we have partnered with select retailers, restaurant, beauty & health companies to provide FREE samples, coupons, services, and more! The cost to be a part of this special event is only $9.99 per guest. Everyone will also receive complimentary gift bag. Space is limited: 

Euless: http://conta.cc/1uG95Mh 
Houston: http://conta.cc/1ruEga2
Pasadena: http://conta.cc/1lR6P5t
Colorado Springs: http://conta.cc/1uDjLLt
Albuquerque : http://conta.cc/1lFHxXA

Chocolate Cake Made With Black Beans

     My family loves sweets but I want them to eat healthy. So I compromise and make them treats that are good for them. My family wont eat them if they don't taste good so taste is very important. If my family knows that the item is healthy they won't even try it so I have to be sneaky. I made two different cake recipes the other night, one with black beans and one with less sugar that uses Monk Fruit sugar. The next day I gave my family a slice of each kind of cake without telling them which one had the black beans in it. My family enjoyed both but the black bean cake was their favorite. My husband, who hates healthy food, even said it was good and reached for a second piece. They key to this recipe is to use a good quality dark chocolate bar like Ghirardelli, Lindt, or Nibmor. I used Nibmor Mint Daily Dose of Dark in my cake as I had won a case of this last month. You can find this yummy chocolate at Sprouts. This cake is easy to make as you blend all the ingredients in a food processor.

Chocolate Black Bean Cake

1/2 cup butter
4 ounces dark chocolate candy bar broken into pieces(Ghirardelli, Lindt, or Nibmor)
2 cups cooked black beans
2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder


1. Preheat oven to 350 F
2. Coat a 8-inch baking pan with cooking spray or oil.
3. Melt the butter in a microwave safe bowl. Once butter is melted, pour it into a food processor bowl and add the chocolate pieces.
4. Process the melted butter and chocolate until smooth.
5. Add black beans and process again until smooth.
6. Add eggs and again process until smooth.
7. Add the flour, salt and baking powder and process until well mixed.
8. Pour mixture into the baking pan and bake for 30 minutes or until knife comes out clean when inserted into the middle of the cake.
9. Let cake cook before cutting into 12 squares.

This cake is very moist and does not need frosting. You can dust it with powder sugar or frost if you like.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apparel n Bags Sells Name Brand Apparel For Less Gets Me Ready For Winter

  Winter is on its way. I want to be able to keep running everyday and I am not going to let the cold get in my way. Here in New Mexico, we do get cold in the winter. Our average temperature may be 40 degrees in the winter but it can drop down to 20 degrees in the morning. I like to wear a fleece jacket when I go out running on cold mornings and one with a zipper is perfect as I can unzip it if I get too warm. This jacket will be great for our Balloon Fiesta which starts next week. The balloons launch early in the morning and it can be chilly then but it warms up quickly later in the morning. So I like to wear a jacket that I can up zip and then put in my bag. This jacket is light enough to stuff in  a back pack.

This is a sponsored post and I was sent the above item to write my post. My opinions are my own.

    I was sent this wonderful ladies purple fleece jacket to review. This fleece jacket is perfect for cold days when I want to go running. I love that it is light weight but will still keep me warm. The zipper is perfect so I can unzip it if I warm up while running. I love how soft the jacket is and I love the purple color.This microfleece jacket comes is sizes XS- 4XL and has side pockets.

    When I need to buy a fleece jacket or other apparel it is good to know that Apparel n Bag has a wide selection at good prices. Apparel n Bags sells a wide variety of clothes for men, women, boys, girls, and even infants. They also sell work wear clothing, headbands and bags.I love that they give volume and bulk discounts when you order more than 6 of one item or over $100.  This would be great for sport teams and groups that want to do t-shirts for an event. This store also sells name brand items like Hanes, Champion, and Gildan to name a few. I saw some cute running shorts that I want to order while I was browsing and some compression shorts for my son who is on the track team. The cool thing is they sell many of their items in a lot of different colors.

I am set for cold weather now with my purple microfleece jacket.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Fruit Infuser Bottle with Flip Top Sipper Lid - Makes Fresh and Delicious Natural Fruit Flavored Beverages

   Most people do not drink enough water as it does not taste good. I found a great product that flavors your water with fresh fruit and it is easy to use. The 26 Oz Infuser Bottle with Flip Top Sipper Lid  is so simple to use and it is a great way to help you drink more water. This FruitFrusion bottle is BPA & lead free and made from PET safe plastic in the USA. You can make  refreshing fruit flavor water with most any fruit and save money as you will not need to buy flavor water anymore. 

   This bottle has a flip lid that makes it easy to sip the water and a loop at the top that makes it easy to carry on the go. You simply fill the bottle with water and add fruit in the separate container. Then enjoy the water or refrigerate overnight for more intense flavor. I used blueberries in my water that is pictured above and let it infused over night. my water has a great blueberry taste to it. Most any fruit will work. You can use lemon for great lemon water or mix up fruits like lemon and strawberries. I am going to try pineapple with coconut water next.

Watch the below video to see how the bottle works.


To buy one of these cool water bottles, click on the below link.

What fruits would you flavor your water with?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

100% Raw Organic Unfiltered Shea Butter By Beauty By Shea Makes My Skin So Soft

I have dry skin and I am always looking for something to make my skin soft. I discovered wonderful 100% Raw Organic Unfiltered Shea Butter and it does wonders to my skin. This is a must try product. Most lotions contain a small amount Shea Butter but Beauty By Shea sells 100% Pure, Unrefined, Organic African Shea Butter that is imported from Ghana, Africa. 

       So what is Shea Butter? Shea Butter is a creamy-colored fatty substance made from the nuts of karite nut trees that grow wild in the Savannah regions of West and East Africa. This wonderful butter looks and feels like butter to me and it makes you skin so soft. The Shea Butter is almost solid and you take a small amount( pea size) and warm it up in the palm of your hand. This softens the butter and allows it to be rubbed into your skin, a little goes a long way. The butter starts out greasy but quickly absorbs into you skin, giving you soft skin. Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A, E, F & K which nourish your skin to make it beautiful and moisturized. You can also use the Shea Butter in your hair for a great leave in conditioner. I used this Butter on my dry cracked feet and they felt so much better. The Shea Butter right away took away the dryness and my feet looked so much better. I included before and after photos.

Beauty By Shea Shea Butter is made into 1 or half pound bricks that are placed in a plastic bag and then package into heat sealed bags. This preserves the natural richness and purity of the Shea Butter. It is 100% Shea butter with nothing added!  If you live in a hot place like I do, the Shea Butter will soften but putting it in the fridge will restore it to a more desirable texture. I love my Shea Butter and received a pound from a different company a couple of months ago. I use it every night and my container still has 3/4 of the product in it. Trust me a little Shea Butter goes a long way. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monk Fruit In The Raw Is A Great Tasting Wholesome Zero Calorie Sweetener

  I found a wholesome sweetener that us moms can feel good about without having to sacrifice our healthy lifestyle. Monk Fruit In The Raw® is a zero calorie sweetener made from monk fruit, a vine- ripen fruit that is native to Asia. This great tasting sweetener allows you to have a sweet treat now and then without having to feel guilty. I love using Monk Fruit In The Raw® in my coffee every day. This sweetener is  available in both packets and a Bakers Bag formula that measures just like sugar allowing you to bake up yummy treats with less calories. Each packet of Monk Fruit equals 2 teaspoons of sugar and is great in coffee, tea, cereal, and even smoothies.

I was sent a box of goodies to share with my friends so they too can experience the sweet and simple taste of Monk Fruit In The Raw. My box included full size boxes of Monk Fruit In The Raw  sweetener, recipes and awesome bags.


My church has a coffee table for our guests to enjoy coffee. I brought the orange box of Monk Fruit In The Raw and placed it on the table so people could try it in their coffee. I saw many of my friends reach for the orange packets to stir in their coffee. I then asked them what they thought of Monk Fruit. My friend who was making the coffee said" this tastes really good." and another said she wanted her husband to try the sweetener as she was trying to get him to cut back on sugar. My other friend said she already uses Monk Fruit In The Raw and was happy to see it offered on the coffee table. A couple of my friends are trying to eat healthier and lose weight so they loved that Monk Fruit made their coffee taste good and they could saving calories from not using sugar.

I also made some yummy brownies with the Bakers Bag of Monk Fruit. I was able to replace half of the sugar with Monk Fruit. I love that it measures just like sugar. and I was able to have less sugar and calories in my brownies. My friends loved the brownies and they could not tell it was made with less sugar.


I gave my friends a bag that had a full size box of Monk Fruit In The Raw sweetener and recipe cards for using this awesome sweetener. They were thrilled to get the bag of goodies. 


7 tablespoons unsalted butter
4 ounces dark chocolate,finely chopped
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup Monk Fruit In The Raw Bakers Bag
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup flour
1/2 chopped walnuts,if desired

1.Place a rack in the center of the oven and preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Coat a 8-inch baking pan with cooking spray.
3. Melt the butter in a medium-size microwavable bowl, Add the chocolate and let stand 2 minutes.
4.Stir melted butter and chocolate until chocolate is melted and smooth.
5. Stir in sugar and Monk Fruit In The Raw Bakers Bag.
6. One at a time, stir in eggs.
7. Stir in vanilla
8. Mix in the flour until combined, don't over mix.
9. Stir in the nuts.
10. Spread the batter in the prepared pan in a even layer.
11. Bake for 22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out almost clean.
12. Set pan on a wire rack and cool completely.
13. Cut the brownies into 12 squares.

" These opinions are my own and I was sent the above pictured items to share with friends."

Friday, September 19, 2014

Homemade Brown Rice Milk with The Ecosak Nut Milk Bag

I am trying to eliminate dairy from my diet as milk and I do not get along. Consuming less dairy is also better for your body. I from a wonderful way to make rice milk at home that tastes just like the stuff you buy if not better. Homemade rice milk is also so much cheaper that store bought. Rice milk is so simple to make all you need is brown rice, water, and a mesh bag. I use a wonderful Ecosak Nut Milk Bag mesh bag to strain my brown rice as it does a great job of letting the liquid through but not the rice, giving you creamy rice milk. I may never buy store bought rice milk again as this is so easy to make.

The Ecosak Nut Milk Bag are custom-made mesh bags that a specifically designed for making nut and rice milks. This bag is a large size bag with a small mesh so only the liquid comes out when straining. This bag is FDA certified and BPA free. This strong, yet soft bag won't harbor odors or bacteria and is easy to clean. I love that the bag has a draw string closure to keep the food from overflowing. The generous 12"x 10" size of the Ecosak Nut Milk Bag allows you to make large batches of milk at a time. You can even use this bag for making greek yogurt, cold brew coffee, jucing, homemade cheese, and more.

The The Ecosak Nut Milk Bag even comes with step by step instructions on how to make homemade nut milk. This bag is so much better than using cheese cloth. You will even love the price of this Ecosak Nut Milk Bag and it comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back Guarantee.

Homemade Brown Rice Milk

Makes one quart

2 cups cooked brown rice
6 cups water
2 teaspoons vanilla extract if desired for flavor

Combine all ingredients in a blender for 2 minutes or until smooth. Place your Ecosak Nut Milk Bag over a strainer on top of another bowl. Gradually pour the rice mixture into the bag.Close the drawstring tightly. Using a large spoon, press all the milk out of the mesh bag. Once you feel all the liquid is out of the bag, let it sit for a couple of minutes over the bowl. Pour the rice milk into a jar or pitcher with a tight fitting lid and store in the fridge. This will hold for about a week or two. You can save the leftover rice mush to eat like oatmeal for breakfast or mix salt and pepper into it for a great side dish. I like to put cooked spinach and a poached egg on my cooked rice mush.

 This rice milk can be used like regular milk and is great in recipes too. I use my rice milk in coffee. I will be making a homemade coffee creamer with my milk, look for that recipe next week on my blog.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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