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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Decorating With Floating Flowers

These floating flowers are so pretty and have so many uses!

Sponsored post: I received a bag of floating flowers to facilitate this post.

  I love decorating with flowers. I do like fresh flowers as they smell so good but they don't last long once picked. I also do not have a green thumb. It is quite black, I have even killed a cactus. So I love decorating inside and outside with silk and foam flowers. I recently found these gorgeous 
Pink Floating Flowers and I knew they would look wonderful in my backyard fountain. I just love how they float and look so real. They look like pretty lily pads. I even added a stone frog to my fountain!

These Floating Flowers are also great for weddings and parties. These flowers come in many different colors too. You can place some of the flowers in a glass bowl as they float, You can also add lights or color glass stones for a special touch. For a beach party theme, you could add seashells for that special touch.

 For a special touch at a wedding or party, place a single flower on the plate. They make the table look so pretty. The flowers are also be used to make name tags next to the plates. These flowers are made from foam are durable so they can be reused again. They also are made to withstand water so the rain will not harm them when used outside.

The pink flowers also look great on a decorative plate. These floating flowers can also be used in craft projects and so much more. They would look great in an aquarium. They come eight to a package and come in other colors like purple, white, orange and coral.

  How would you decorate with these pretty Pink Floating Flowers?

Win NASCAR Prizes By Sharing Motorsports Fun With Your Kids

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 Know any kids who LOVE cars? NASCAR has an amazing way to share that passion with your kids, thru NASCAR Acceleration Nation. The website and app, which is available on Android and iPhone, features fun games, info on races, details on cars, and learning materials about the science of racing!

 I have four boys and they are all different ages. For the most part, all of them love cars. Some more than others. When it comes to cars they all love watching car racing. There is just something about the speed and noise of race cars that just excites my boys. Then there is the way race cars look. They just can't get enough of car racing. So when I discovered a fun, entertaining and educational way for my kids to learn about NASCAR and car racing, I just had to check it out!

Through this fun website and app, kids can learn about NASCAR drivers, tracks and more. Kids can also learn about the science of speed and more through videos on the website and app.
You can download the FREE Acceleration Nation app today at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Acceleration Nation App download link: toappsto.re/nascaraccelerationnation

Acceleration Nation home page: http://bit.ly/NASCARsite

Did you know that kids 12 & under get in FREE to all NASCAR XFINITY & Camping World Truck races? That is a great way to spend some family fun time!

You need to check out the kid games and this awesome video!

Enter to win

Don’t miss out on this amazing NASCAR giveaway! Check out what you could win.

 – 1st prize of $400 worth of NASCAR gift cards
 – 2nd prize of $150 worth of NASCAR gift cards
 – 3rd prize of $75 worth of NASCAR gift cards
The contest is open to residents of US & Canada and ends Sept 8th, 2017. Good luck!

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NASCAR® and its marks, including NASCAR Acceleration NationTM, are trademarks of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

GrandBox Is The Perfect Gift for Grandparents Day!

                                                      Celebrate Grandparents Day!

GrandBox is the original monthly subscription box customized and curated specifically for seniors 65 and up. Every month, the GrandBox team creates a new theme to build each box around. Every theme and product are meant to bring joy to your loved one. From Route 66 to Back-to-School to A Day at the Spa, they make sure that each box will be a delightful surprise. Their team has the experience and knowledge to know what grandparents will love. It's the perfect gift to bring a smile to the older loved ones in your life and have them talking about their GrandBox for days.

GrandBox, the subscription box for the ones who cared about you. Order yours now for Grandparents Day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Get a Great Night Sleep With Zefiro Innerspring Memory Foam Pillow

Do you wake up with neck pain?

         Sponsored Post: I received a Zefiro pillow.

  I like sleeping on my back but when I do I tend to wake up in the middle of the night coughing and gasping for air. So I have to sleep on my side to prevent that until now. I discover a wonderful pillow that allows me to sleep on my back without any coughing fits. The Zefiro Innerspring Memory Foam Pillow is a memory foam pillow that provides head and neck support for proper spinal alignment. That means my neck gets the support that it needs so I don't cough. It also means no neck pain. This pillow has a pocketed coil system at the heart of the pillow that features 60 buoyant springs encased in foam that respond to your weight, shape, and movement so you get better neck support.

That means I can now sleep on my back or side and wake up feeling great. I don't even notice the springs in the pillow. I just notice a soft comfortable pillow that does not lose its shape.

My youngest son might even benefit from this pillow as he likes to sleep on his back also. The problem is he snores when he sleeps on his back. The Zefiro Memory Foam Pillow would position his head correctly so he might just stop snoring. Who knew that a 9-year-old could snore louder than his dad. 

  • The Zefiro Hybrid Memory Foam Pillow WIth Comfort Springs delivers form-fitting loft, providing head and neck support for proper spinal alignment
  • The pocketed coil system at the heart of the pillow features 60 buoyant springs encased in foam that responds to your weight, shape, and movement
  • Like a cool breeze, compression and expansion encourages air circulation throughout the pillow
  • Select from soft, medium or firm density memory foam pillow fill, perfect for a variety of sleep positions
  • Soft, breathable jacquard knit pillow cover
  • Hand-crafted in Italy
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Discover more about this comfortable pillow.

I am in love with this pillow. My teen also got a new Memory Foam Mattress and I can't wait until he moves out of the house so I can sleep on it. Check it out.

The Rem-Fit Memory Foam Mattress With Protect-A-Bed Is An Awesome Sleep Combination

Is it time to replace your mattress?

This is not the teen but is the 10-year-old.

My teen's mattress was getting quite old. I think it was 10 years old or maybe older as we had received it from a friend. To make my teen's mattress comfortable, we bought an egg crate mattress topper. The egg crate topper made it a bit more comfortable. I really was not looking to replacing the teen's mattress as he was going off to college in a year so I did not feel a need. His old mattress is training for those uncomfortable college dorm mattresses that he will be soon sleeping on. 

Sponsored post: I received a Rem-Fit 300 mattress and Protect-A-Bed WaterProof Encasement.

This nice mom changed her mind and decided to replace the teen's mattress when I had a great thought of making his room the guest bedroom in a year. I could also retreat to his room when the husband was snoring too loud. So I broke down and decided to replace the teen's mattress.  I really liked those memory foam mattresses that I could get delivered in a box to my house and I did not need to step foot into a mattress store. That meant no dealing with pushy salesmen or having to stay home all day waiting for a delivery. So I decided on a Rem-Fit 300 Memory Foam Mattress along with a Protect-A-Bed WaterProof Encasement (I wanted to protect my future bed from spills and bugs) for the teen's room. I really love that the encasement/cover comes already on the mattress so I didn't have to put it on. Have you ever tried putting a cover over a mattress? I have with a twin mattress and it was a pain so I can only imagine how hard it would be on a queen mattress.

I really love how this awesome mattress was delivered. It came in a box by the Fed-Ex truck and my teen was able to carry the bed upstairs by himself. The teen is quite strong though. The mattress does weigh 74 pounds so you may need 2 people to carry it. The teen placed the bunched up mattress on his old mattress so he could open it better. Rem-Fit included this cute purple bag with the instructions in it and a cool plastic opener. I will use that purple bag for something else as everyone knows how I love purple or as the 10-year-old says " Mom you just want to color your world purple!"

Once the teen opened the plastic on the mattress, it expanded within a couple of minutes. Seeing it expand was so cool. You must watch the below video.

  I just love how the mattress expanded so fast. It is amazing how Rem-Fit gets a big comfortable mattress into that small plastic bag. Once the mattress was expanded, I, of course, got to try it out first. I just loved how my body contours to the soft bed. It was like the bed was made for my body. The Protect-A-Bed WaterProof Encasement keep the Rem-Fit 300 mattress safe dust, spills, and bed bugs. That is a plus for my teen's allergies.

  My teen enjoyed his first night on his new mattress and said " it felt like my mattress made an imprint of my body. The Rem-Fit 300 offers great support along with great body cooling. So the teen will love this mattress when it gets hot in his room. I love the 25-year warranty that comes with the mattress! So when the teen moves out next year, I will have plenty more years to enjoy it.

The REM-Fit Sleep 300 cooling memory foam bed features:
  • 3 Layers of memory foam for support, conformity and motion separation
  • Built to disperse weight and provide positive pressure
  • Provides ample back support, without sinking perfect for larger body types
  • Cooling gel-infused layer helps prevent overheating and improve comfort
  • Premium bed top fabrics deliver flexibility, airflow and moisture control
  • Hypoallergenic construction
  • No flip-design means you never have to turn it over
  • Features moisture-wicking Tencel botanical fiber
  • Backed by a 25-year warranty
  • The AllerZip Smooth Mattress or Box Spring Encasement keeps your sleeping area clean, allergy-free and bed bug-proof for a healthy night’s rest

So is it time to replace your old worn out mattress?

Discover more about these two products at the below links.



Protect-A-Bed also makes a wonderful pillow that relieves neck pain.

Learn more HERE.

Little Tikes Makes Awesome Big Kid Toys

Check out these Little Tikes action toys for big kids.

Sponsored post: I received toys from Little Tikes to facilitate this post.

 When I think of Little Tikes toys, I think of durable toys for little kids. I was excited to learn that they now make some awesome toys for my bigger kids. My younger boys are nine and ten and they are at the age where they are almost outgrowing toys. It makes this mom sad that enjoy playing games on the computer more than going outside. So I am always looking for toys they will enjoy playing with so they don't whine for computer time. So when my boys expressed interest in remote control cars, that was a good thing. The boys had made some money fish sitting for our neighbor and he pays them a lot. So we headed to the store to look at the RC cars. The teen went with too so he could give his little brothers advice. I secretly think the teen was excited for the opportunity to play with the RC car.

  My boys chose a couple of RC vehicles from Little Tikes. They really liked that the new name that is on the box. LTXtreme does not sound like a baby toy, my ten-year old said. The other toy that the boys chose may have had the Little Tikes logo on it but it was designed with big kids in mind.

My boys were happy with their selections and could not wait to play with them. Thank goodness the LTXtreme Land Sea RC™ came fully charged right out of the box. So they tried out this RC car first while the My First Drone™ charged.

We took the LTXtreme Land Sea car up to the park so there was plenty room to drive the car. My boys only tried the car on the land but are anxious to go to grandpa's apartment next month to see how this cool car drives in the water. This fun car has large treaded tires that drive on grass, gravel, dirt, and even snow. My boys liked how easy it was to make the car drive forward and backward. They told me that the car had 4-wheel drive and made wonderful 360 degree turns. I think their favorite part of the car was being able to shoot missiles at mom. This mom was ok with that as this car was rechargeable so that means I have to buy fewer batteries. The remote does require 3 AAA batteries but they were included in the box. The RC car is for kids ages 8 and up. My teen had a blast playing with this car too.

We were able to find this car online at Little Tikes and at Target and Target.com Go HERE to get more information on this awesome car.

Check out this video of the LTXtreme in action.

   My First Drone

   The other toy that they boys selected was My First Drone™. Although this toy is for ages 4 and up, my boys still had a blast playing with this toy. This drone was easy to fly. My boys loved the how easy it was to operate the remote. The remote did require 6 AA batteries but I loved that the drone plugs into the remote to charge. It only takes 40 minutes to charge too. My boys had no problem making the drone fly and they were able to make smooth landings. The drone features a One-touch remote for easy take-off, turns, and landings. It also has an emergency shut-off. Little kids will love the LED lights and sounds. Moms will love the protective propellers. The teen even had fun flying the drone even though he has flown real drones for his ROTC class in high school.

You can find this Drone online at Little Tikes. Go HERE for more information.

Check out this video of My First Drone in action.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Five Good Reasons To Enjoy Coffee

Enjoy your cup of coffee knowing that it is good for you.

              Sponsored Post: I received samples of coffee from Eight O'Clock Coffee.

  I am one that firmly believes that coffee is good for you, of course in moderation. I feel that one can one have 2-3 cups of coffee and it can be a good thing. I drink coffee as it is loaded with lots of antioxidants. Sure it also gives me some great energy in the form of thinking power. I also drink coffee as it tastes good. I now have five more reasons to enjoy my cup of coffee as I have discovered some delicious coffee that also has more health benefits beyond the ones that you may already know about. Eight O’Clock Coffee Infusions has given me five good reasons to have another cup or two of coffee every day.

  These delicious coffees have some awesome benefits that makes my body happy. Studies show that people are seeking out enhanced drinks with supplements that are good for their health. People also love their coffee. So Eight O'Clock Coffee decided to blend their 100% Arabica beans with additional ingredients to deliver an enhanced coffee drinking experience that has awesome health and mood benefits. I love that they added supplements like turmeric and acai to my daily coffee so I can feel good about enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee. Eight O'Clock crafted five delicious coffees that I can drink throughout the day, they even design a Relax decaf blend with chamomile & lavender that helps me relax at the end of the day.

  My husband loves the Super Spice Blend as it is infused with cinnamon and turmeric. I usually dislike the taste of cinnamon but even I enjoyed this coffee. The cinnamon adds a great flavor while the turmeric helps with his sore muscles that he gets from working out at the gym. Yes, you heard that right, my husband goes to the gym. He has been working out for three weeks now and is motivated by seeing his blood pressure go down.

     Now that the weather is cooling down, I am starting to run in the afternoon after I enjoy my cup B6 Metabolism coffee. Those B6 vitamins and fruit/herbal blend sure do help me run faster.

 On days that my workload is huge, I first relax with a cup Alert Hi caffeine. This infused coffee blend has caffeine & guarana that helps my brain power through all my work. Before I know it, my to do list is filled with check marks.

 Weekends are made for Eight O'Clock Acai Glow. This unique blend combines great taste and Acai berries that makes my first cup coffee so good. I thought that the Acai berries would not taste good in a coffee but I was so wrong. The berries give this coffee a wonderful taste. This blend is my favorite! I like to savor my coffee on weekends and this one is one that I enjoy while relaxing in the morning knowing that the day is all play and no work.

         Which of these wonderful coffees with benefits would you like to try first?

                     Check out all five Eight O’Clock Coffee Infusions

Moe's Breakfast Bowls Ibotta Rebate at Walmart!

 Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MoesBreakfastBowls #CollectiveBias

Need a bowl’d boost to your morning routine? Wake up to the NEW Moe’s Southwest Grill Breakfast Bowls available in 5 flavors at Walmart! Their protein-packed breakfast bowls are filled with BOLD SOUTHWESTERN flavor and ingredients you can feel great about. No artificial flavors or colors. Just all good.

Check out the Ibotta rebate here where you can earn $1 cash back when you purchase any Moe's Breakfast Bowl variety at Walmart.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Save Money and Time Shopping Online

  I love shopping online as it saves me money and time. I really love online shopping when it comes to buying gifts as most of my family lives far away. The first thing that I do when shopping online is to go to Groupon as this amazing website has over 9,000 retailers that offer over 70,000 coupons, promo codes, and deals. With that many retailers, I am sure to find a great deal on a gift.

    My mom's birthday is coming up and I like to buy her flowers for her birthday. I was able to search Groupon for a list of retailers that delivered flowers and I found many great coupons and deals at 
1-800-Flowers.com. There were so many deals that I had a hard time deciding what flower gift to buy my mom. Groupon had coupons like free shipping and 40% off flowers and gifts. There were even discounts for first-time customers. I think my favorite coupon was 1-800-Flowers.com deal of the week. This deal brought me to some amazing flower arrangements that not only saved me money but included a free vase.  I really liked that I could order the flowers today and schedule the delivery next month so I could take advantage of a great deal. The best part is my mom's birthday gift is ordered and I won't have to worry next month when I remember two days before her birthday that her birthday is coming up. Have you ever forgot a birthday and then had to send a late present?
Look at this cute flower arrangement that I found for my mom's birthday. I know she will love the teapot. I sure do love the price! I also love that they deliver fresh flowers to my mom on her special day. I have used 1-800-Flowers.com before for my mom's birthday and she is always happy with how fresh the flowers are.

Groupon has over 9,000 retailers so I am sure you will be able to find your favorite place to shop. The best part is that you will now be able to save money shopping online. So next time you need to buy a gift or anything else, make sure to check out Groupon so you can save money shopping online.

My Favorite Running and Fitness Supplement

The past three years have been a wild fitness adventure for me.

   It is hard to believe that three years ago, I was wearing a walking boot. I had finally gone to the doctor for the pain in my ankle. This pain was caused by my teen accidentally hitting the back of my ankle with a shopping cart and maybe too much running uphill. The Xrays did not show that anything was broken so the Dr. gave me a shot of cortisone and a lovely walking boot that I had to wear for three weeks to see if that would help. That was a tough three weeks as this massive boot slowed me down and I was only allowed to walk for short distances. As a runner/walker that was frustrating. The boot was a temporary fix as once that came off the pain returned along with a feeling that something was not right every time I tried to run. So I was frustrated and started doing some research on my ankle problem. That is when I discovered glucosamine. This supplement helped with the pain and inflammation so I was able to fitness walk again. I still was not able to run as the pain would return.

  In August of 2015, I discovered collagen. This was the breaking point of my injury as I learned that my injury may have been damaged cartilage in my ankle/joints. So I started taking a collagen supplement and within a month I was able to run again. I continued to take the glucosamine along with the collagen as I was running again and I wanted to keep running. Through my research of collagen, I learned that that as we age we lose collagen. So since I love running and want to be that 80-year-old runner, I will keep taking this supplement so I can have healthy cartilage and joints.

       Sponsored post: I received samples from Great Lakes Gelatin to facilitate this post.

  I want to say that was the end of my running injuries but I had two more injuries that were the result of wearing the wrong running shoes. It took two bad falls for me to realize that my trail running shoes were not good to wear when running on pavement. The bottom of my shoes was getting stuck in cracks on the road and that caused me to fall. The first injury was just a bad abrasion on my leg and the next one resulted in a hamstring tear. I continued to take my collagen as I knew this supplement would help my injuries heal faster. My torn hamstring healed in six weeks and I was back to running again.

 Over the past two years, I have been using different brands of collagen, mostly the plain/unflavored kind that I had to add to my coffee or smoothie. I even tried the kind that had to be dissolved in hot water and made gelatin squares that never quite tasted that good. So that meant I was limited to when I could take my collagen. So when I discover a delicious berry flavored collagen drink, I was over the moon with excitement. This meant that I could enjoy my collagen supplement anytime of the day. This yummy collagen drink was made with Collagen Hydrolysate so all I needed was cold water to make it. The berry flavor Great Lakes Collagen Endurance was now my favorite refreshing afternoon drink. Since this collagen had the amino acids to make it a complete protein and B vitamins it was also a great drink to have before I did my afternoon weightlifting exercises with my kettlebells.

 I recently added weights into my fitness routine as my teen son hung a pull-up bar in my kitchen and I discover that I could not even do one pull-up. I also wanted to tone my arms as they have always been jiggly. I have been doing weights three times a week and having a pair of 5-pound kettlebells makes it easy to do at home. I just put on some music and before I know it I have done 5-10 minutes of arm toning exercises. The other day I was talking to my son about a neighbor and he said: " she is old." I told him that the neighbor was only a couple years older than me. I used this opportunity to teach my son that exercise and a healthy diet goes a long way. I am thankful for my daily collagen drink that allows me to keep running.

Want to know more about this delicious berry flavored collagen drink and the benefits of collagen?

                                           Visit the below link for more information.

Great Lakes also makes an unflavored gelatin/collagen that is great to add to coffee, smoothies, and other drinks.

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