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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

9 Effective Ways To Clear Mucus For Better Breathing

Having a stuffy nose and clogged sinuses from allergies can make breathing tough. Want relief? Whether you have asthma, allergies, COPD, or a common cold, doing these six things may help you clear mucus from your airway. So you can begin to breathe better.

 Of all the things that I can be bad at, why did I get breathing? Having asthma is a part of my life that I do not enjoy. While I have had asthma for quite some time, it was almost four years ago, that it started to interfere with my life. You can say that four years ago, I realized that my chronic cough and severe seasonal allergies were really asthma and not just post-nasal drip problems. It was then that I asked the question ~ could I have asthma?

 Four years ago, I started having breathing problems when I exercised. I, at first, I thought that getting older was the cause of my breathing problem. Then I developed a chronic cough that left me gasping for air. I was coughing all the time and it was interfering with my life. These coughing fits made it hard for me to talk, eat, or sleep. I had to sleep sitting up. It was through a food elimination diet and a food allergy blood test that I discovered that a dairy allergy was the cause of my severe asthma attacks.

Discovering Food and Plant Allergies With At-Home Testing

While eliminating dairy from my diet stopped the daily severe asthma attacks, it did not take away my asthma. I still have asthma attacks, as I have many things that trigger my asthma. Things that trigger my asthma are chemical fragrances, smoke, cleaning products, exercise, plants, and my food allergies. Even the weather can cause me to experience an asthma attack! These asthma triggers lead to breathing problems or an asthmatic cough. 

The cause of my asthma is a build-up of mucus in my lungs

 Some people who suffer from asthma, have trouble breathing due to their airways filling up with mucus. This mucus can create congestion problems in the sinus and lungs. In order to breathe better, one has to get the mucus out of the airways. Sometimes coughing may help me get the mucus out of my lungs but for the most part, I still have problems taking deep breaths. So to restore my breathing back to normal, I have to do other things to get all the mucus out of my air tubes. So over the past four years, I have learned some effective ways to clear the mucus from my lungs.

1. Drink Hot Coffee

 When I first started having severe asthma problems, I always seemed to breathe better after drinking coffee. So through some online research, I discovered that caffeine and warm liquids can help open up your airways or lungs. So I include a couple cups of coffee in my daily diet. The hot coffee will help me cough up the excess mucus from my lungs so I can breathe better.

2. Exercise

  As crazy as it might seem, exercise has been shown to benefit those with asthma. I know it sounds counterproductive as exercise can cause an asthma attack but that same exercise can help you clear the mucus from your lungs. So get out and take a walk every day. When I go out running, I run for five minutes, then I have to stop to cough. After I have a coughing fit, I am able to run without any breathing struggles. You need to check out these Ten Tips For Exercising With Asthma! 

Sponsored post with Redd Remedies: I am not a health professional and I am writing from my personal experience with asthma

3. Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser

 Since I am aware of my asthma triggers, and what causes me to have an asthma attack, I can manage my asthma naturally without any prescription medicines. While other people who have asthma carry with them an inhaler for asthma, I carry with me Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser.

 This Lung Care Diffuser is filled with essential oils that help support the lungs. The essential oils in this amazing product are all gluten-free. I love how this diffuser opens up my airways, quickly after inhaling the essential oils. A couple deep breaths are all I need to help rid my lungs of the mucus. I am able to cough the mucus up from my lungs so my breathing is restored to normal. The diffuser has a nice natural scent that I enjoy. The essential oil blend of red mandarin, cypress, niaouli, and sweet marjoram are designed to inhale through the nose to help you breathe deeply again. I like to call the Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser my natural inhaler for asthma.

Whole essential oils provide additional support for clear airways

- Cypress delivers antioxidant and antimicrobial action to the lungs

- Niaouli clears respiratory congestion

- Sweet marjoram has antispasmodic and expectorant activity

- Red Mandarin calms the mind, uplifts mood, and reduces stress

• Benefits delivered directly to the respiratory tract

• Balances mucosal secretion

• Relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchioles

What I love about this travel diffuser is the small size of the product. So I can take it with me wherever I go. I carry the essential oil diffuser in my waist pouch so I can use it anytime. The lung diffuser may be small but it is a powerful mucus clearer for me. It is so easy to use as I just inhale the essential oils through my nose and breathe the oils deeply into my lungs. Within minutes, I can feel my airways opening so I can cough the mucus out of my body. The best part of the lung diffuser is that it is made from natural ingredients so you can use it as often as needed.

 Since I like to run, I am now using the lung diffuser before I go running. The essential oils help open my lungs up and I am able to run better. Of course, I still bring the travel diffuser with me while running, so I can use it as needed while I run. Things like pollution, smoke, humidity, and cold weather can bring on an asthma breathing episode. The Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser is a must-have product for those who live in areas with forest fires.

4. Soak in a hot tub or take a hot shower

There are times when I have a severe asthma attack from accidentally eating dairy or from being exposed to an asthma trigger item for a long time. Things like smoke from nearby fires or those plug-in air fresheners can make my asthma get out of control. So then I make sure to take a hot shower or soak in my hot tub. The steam and warmth of the hot water are effective tools for asthma relief.

The other day when I was helping at the food pantry at my church, I was having trouble breathing. My asthma symptoms were so severe that I was dizzy. After sitting outside, getting some fresh air, and using the above diffuser, I was able to take some short breaths. I went back inside to get a cup of coffee and then I noticed that someone had plugged in the wall air freshener (I had unplugged it the day before). I quickly unplugged the air freshener and hid it in a closet. The rest of the day, I had several asthma attacks as my body was still trying to expel the mucus. So I knew that I soak in my hot tub would help me clear the remaining mucus from my lungs. After 15 minutes in the hot tub, I was able to take deep breaths again.

 If you don't have a hot tub, try taking a hot shower. The steam from the shower will help loosen the mucus from your airways. I find that placing the warm shower water on my neck is very effective for mucus clearing. 

5. Lift Weights

 Lifting weights is another effective way to clear the asthma mucus from my body. I am not talking about lifting massive weights and building big muscles. As part of my exercise routine, I lift 10 -15-pound weights to keep my muscles strong. Weight lifting has some amazing benefits for older ladies and it helps clear the mucus from the airways. 

 I find that 10-15 minutes of strength exercises with my kettlebell weights help me cough up that gunk from my lungs. I think that the heavy breathing may have something to do with the mucus clearing. So try lifting some weights, the next time you need to clear your lungs. Even strength exercises like push-ups may help. Don't strain yourself with heavy weights but rather use lighter weights and do more repetitions. I like to take my homemade detergent bottle weights, which I filled with rocks, and lift them 25 times above my head with both hands. This bottle weighs 15 pounds but you can make yours lighter or heavier.

Strength training is another avenue explored by individuals seeking to manage asthma symptoms. Alongside activities like weight lifting, some may consider dietary supplements like ephedrine powder for sale, known for its potential impact on respiratory function. However, it is essential to exercise caution and consult with healthcare professionals before incorporating any supplement into your routine.

6. Lung Care™

  Part of clearing the mucus from your lungs is supporting the health of your lungs. Your lungs are a part of your respiratory system, so having a healthy respiratory system can improve your breathing. Supporting your respiratory system with supportive nutrients, herbs, and adaptogens can support healthy breathing capacity and respiratory wellness. Lung Care™ is a product that is formulated with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and supportive botanicals, to promote healthy lungs and easy breathing.

 While I have not tried the Lung Care supplement, as it has mushrooms in it and I am allergic to them, this product is made by the same company that makes the Lung Diffuser that I use. Redd Remedies has a complete line of supplements for Sinus & Respiratory health and their Lung Care is a  comprehensive formula for asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing issues. This Lung Care formula is good for those with a history of smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke.

The Lung Care™ system provides nutrients that: 

+ Provide powerful antioxidant activity*

+ Support healthy lung function, breathing capacity, and clear respiratory passages*

+ Promote healthy muscle function within the respiratory system*

+ Support healthy, balanced immune system function* 

Formulated with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and supportive botanicals, Lung Care™ is targeted care to promote healthy lungs and easy breathing.

Key Ingredients of Lung Care

+ Vitamin C ~ supports the respiratory system with potent antioxidant activity.*

+ Vitamin B6 ~ supports healthy lung function.*

+ Magnesium ~ promotes healthy muscle function within the respiratory system.*

+ Healthy Lung Blend ~ supports respiratory wellness by supporting healthy breathing capacity and clear respiratory passages.*

+ Reishi ~ supports healthy immune system function.*

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. §We do not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology.

7. Chest Thumping

 Another way to clear mucus from the lungs is with chest percussion. Chest percussion is a form of physical therapy used frequently in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, to help clear the airways from mucus. It involves a therapist or loved one clapping on your chest or back to help loosen the thick mucus in your lungs so you can cough it up. 

 If you don't have someone to clap on your back, you can try beating your fist on your chest to help loosen the mucus from your airways. This helps me loosen the thick mucus in my lungs. If you have a muscle trigger gun, try using this on the lowest setting on your chest. While the massage trigger gun directions do not endorse their device for use for chest percussion, I found the use of the trigger gun as my last resort for mucus clearing when all of the above methods did not work. The muscle trigger gun that I have is pretty powerful so I only used it for 5 minutes when my asthma was severe and I was having trouble even taking short breaths. 

8. Nebulizer

When the mucus in my airway is thick and the above methods are not working, I then use my nebulizer machine with a saline solution. The nebulizer uses compressed air with the saline solution to help thin the mucus, which makes it easier for me to clear it out of my airway. Some people may use Albuterol with the nebulizer to further help with opening up their airways.

9. Cough Drops Lozenges

 I have discovered these amazing cough drops that help with mucus. These lozenges feature soothing menthol and eucalyptus in them which helps expand the airway and sinuses. I always carry the delicious cough drops in my purse so I can pop one in my mouth if I am having trouble with breathing. The menthol and eucalyptus are aromatherapy for my sinuses and within minutes they help me expel the mucus so I can take deep breaths again. 

How do you clear the mucus from your lungs?

Whether you have asthma, allergies, COPD, or a common cold, doing these seven things may help you clear mucus from your airway. So you can begin to breathe better. Having mucus in your airways can be a pain so having effective ways to clear the thick mucus from your is always a good thing. So the next time you are having problems breathing that is due to mucus, try these methods to see if they give you relief. Just remember that I am not a health professional and I am writing from my personal experience with asthma. If a doctor has prescribed medications for your asthma or COPD, please continue to take them. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Summertime Adventures With Baby Jogger & Graco

While I may be a grandma, it seems like yesterday that my two youngest boys were toddlers. I have pushed many strollers and buckled many kids into car seats.

I received samples from Graco to facilitate this post

 My website name says it all Mom Knows Best. I am a mom to 5 children and a grandma to 2 girls. I have been raising kids for 31 years. I still have two kids left in the house for another 7+ years, so I am still in the kid-raising years. My oldest daughter is 31 years and my youngest boys are 13 and 14. Then I have 2 more sons, ages 21 and 27.

 I also have earned the grandma badge with my cute granddaughters, ages 10 months and 34 months. So I have many years of mom advice to share. I love that my grandbabies live nearby and I can see them often. So when opportunities for reviewing toys and baby gear arise, I have the grandchildren to spoil and they make the cutest models for my website. My daughter does not seem to mind one bit when these cute girls are featured on my website as she loves that her mom can help her get the best baby equipment.

 So when I had a chance to check out a stroller and car seat, I of course said yes. The Baby Jogger City Mini® 2 and Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat were perfect for the next stage of transporting 2 little ones around town. The youngest grandbaby was ready to move to a bigger car seat and the almost three years old granddaughter was happy to have more freedom with walking around the neighborhood with mom. So this grandma was ready for some summer adventures with her grandkids.

Baby Jogger City Mini® 2 Review

 My oldest boys are teens but that does not mean that I don't have experience with pushing a stroller. My teens are 16 months apart so it was like I had twins. I remember starting out with a double stroller that allowed them both to be seated. As the boys got older, the double stroller became too clunky for long walks. So I switch to a single stroller with a standing board so the older of the two boys could have the freedom to walk more. The standing board was great for the times he was tired of walking. I did not let kids get in the way of my fitness and I know that I always did plenty of research with my stroller purchases.

Fitness tips for stay at home moms 

 So when the Baby Jogger City Mini® 2 arrived at my house, I had a chance to check it out before I took a walk with my grandbabies. Even my youngest teen son had fun checking out this awesome stroller. This was a grandma/mom-approved stroller! The Baby Jogger was the perfect stroller for active moms. This is a stroller that I would have selected when my boys were younger as it had so many awesome stroller features. This was a stroller that my daughter could use with both of her girls. 

What I loved about the Baby Jogger City Mini® 2

+ Lightweight ~ The stroller literally glides on any surface and is a pleasure to push

+ Can operate one-handed ~ I love that I can push the stroller with one hand

+ One-hand folding ~ Just pull a strap in the seat and it folds completely with one hand

+ Modern, sleek design ~ This stroller looks so fancy

+ Super comfortable ~ The padding is so soft

+ Roomy Basket ~ I love the size of the basket and it can hold lots of baby stuff. I also love that the basket can be accessed at both the front and back of the stroller

+ Big canopy ~ This will keep the sun off the baby

+ Adjustable seat in many positions ~ The seat adjusting clip allows you to customize the seat recline from flat to upright in many angles

+ Can be used for 2 kids ~ With an optional glider board, a second child can catch a ride on the stroller.

What I disliked Baby Jogger City Mini® 2

+ No parent tray ~ I would have loved a place to stash my drink or keys

+ No kid tray ~ A place for kid snacks would be nice to have

 The Baby Jogger had so many nice features that I liked and I could not wait to take my grandbabies for a walk. So I scheduled a grandma playdate and took the grandchildren for a walk around the neighborhood. The youngest baby looked so comfortable in the stroller. The older grandchild was happy to walk. My daughter will be buying the optional glider board for the stroller. So the older child can catch a ride when she is tired of walking.

 When we had to cross the street, I loved that I could hold the older child's hand and push the stroller with the other hand. While the Baby Jogger did not have a place for my water bottle on the stroller handle, it did have a pouch on the back. The peek-a-boo-window was nice so could check on the baby. 

 I really loved how easy this stroller was to fold. All I had to do was pull a strap, that was located in the seat. I was able to hold the baby in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. The stroller folded completely and it was so light to hold. The stroller folded to a compact size that would fit in most car trunks. 

4 Summer Fitness Items That You Need To Try

Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat Review

 My teen boys graduated out of car seats three years ago. It is hard to believe that three years ago my sons were in booster seats. Now they are taller than me. Car seats are a must for babies, toddlers, and up to about 12 years old. As a grandma, I want the best car seats for my grandbabies. So they are safe when traveling in a car. The Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat is a pretty amazing car seat and has features that are so much different from when my boys were in convertible car seats.

What I loved about the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat

+ Can be used from birth to 100 pounds ~ So you only need to buy one car seat, as this can be used rear-facing to a high-back booster.

+ Printed directions on the seat ~ That show how to install the car seat in different positions.

+ Slim design ~ That means three seats can fit across the backseat of a car.

+ Rapid Remove Cover ~ The car seat cover removes in 60 seconds for cleaning without having to remove the harness and is machine washable.

 No-Rethread Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System ~ Allows you to adjust the height of the headrest and harness to 10 positions with just one motion for just the right fit.

+ Comfortable custom fit ~ Removable, plush head, and body inserts for infants.

+ Awesome protection ~ Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability for 10 years of use, and EPS energy-absorbing foam provides effective impact energy management.

What I disliked about the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat

+ I could not find any dislikes ~ This was a car seat that I loved

 The Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat was a car seat that I loved. My youngest grandbaby was currently in a Graco infant car seat but is ready to move up to a convertible rear-facing car seat. I loved that the Graco Slimfit3 can be used from birth all the way to school age. This car seat easily converts from rear-facing all the way to a high-back booster seat and it made to last for 10 years. So the parent only has to buy one car seat for their baby.

 The slim design was another feature that I loved about this car seat. So if my daughter had another baby, she could fit three of the Graco Slimfit3 in the back seat of her car. So no need for them to buy a bigger car. Then there were the safety features of this car seat. This Graco car seat had so many features to protect my grandbaby. From the soft head inserts all the way to the steel-reinforced frame, Graco designed this to meet all the safety standards.

 The best part of the Graco car seat that I loved was how easy it is to clean the chair. I remember when my kids had a blow-out diaper in their car seat and how much of a pain it was to clean the car seat. I had to remove all the straps to wash the car seat and then try to figure out how to put the car seat back together. The Rapid Remove Cover removes in 60 seconds for cleaning without having to remove the harness and is machine washable. That is super smart and it is about time that someone made a car seat that is easy to clean!

Simple ways to squeeze exercise into your day    

What is your favorite feature of the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat or the Baby Jogger City Mini® 2?

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Decoding My DNA With Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics is the only genetic test that decodes 100% of your DNA. Other DNA companies only test a small percentage of your DNA. Don't settle for less.

 I decided to test my DNA. I have seen so many of my friends and family post online about their genetic testing and have always thought it was cool to learn about your family history. I never thought that I would be writing about getting my DNA tested. To be honest, I never thought that I would get my DNA test. I just never had a desire to know about my DNA or family history. Those kinds of things just don't interest me. I really don't care about my family history or if certain diseases run in my family. I am a person of the present and if I want to learn about the history of my family, I just talk to my mom.

 These past couple of years, I have learned so much about all the relatives in my family through my weekly phone calls with my mom. My dad passed away 2 years ago and now my mom has more time to talk on the phone. My mom is a wealth of information and I have learned so much from her. My mom has shared with me stories about my grandfather that never really met as he died when I was two. In talking with my mom, I learned that my mom's side of the family had plenty of allergies and that is why I have a dairy allergy. I wonder if knowing this information would have helped me three years ago when I discover that a dairy allergy was the cause of my severe asthma issues.

Why I decided to test my DNA

 If you were to ask me why I decided to test my DNA, I think it is out of sheer curiosity. Maybe even knowing more about my future health. It might be cool to know where my ancestors are from, beyond England, Ireland, and Germany. So kind of like wanting to know what food and plants were causing my allergies, learning about my DNA might help me. I recently did an at-home blood test for food and plant allergies to manage my asthma better, so now I am going to decode my DNA with Nebula Genomics.

Nebula is the future of private and secure DNA testing. With next-generation sequencing and privacy-preserving technology, Nebula is able to provide more than the typical DNA testing service all while allowing the user to maintain complete ownership of their data. With Nebula's subscription service, users get weekly personalized updates direct from new genomic research and insights around how that research may relate to their unique genome. Reports include genetic traits, oral microbiome, ancestry as well as weekly updates based on the latest research that include polygenic scores.

Nebula Genomics has a new basic test kit and you can get $50 off the basic kit with the code SAVE50 through July 9th

The most accurate DNA test in the world to examine your ancestry, health, diet, and physical activity

When I read that a DNA test from Nebula Genomics could examine not only my ancestry but also my health, diet, and physical activity, I thought maybe it could help me with my future health. As you know, I am all about health and fitness. I live a healthy lifestyle as I want to protect my future health.

So that got me thinking. Maybe a test that looks at my DNA could give me insight into my future health. I might learn something from a DNA test that looks at my Whole Genome Sequencing. Then I could use the DNA information to better my health.

What Is Whole Genome Sequencing?

Whole Genome Sequencing decodes 100% of your DNA and fully unlocks your genetic blueprints. Other DNA testing companies only decode less than 0.02% of DNA. It is your genetic blueprint that helps you discover things like where your ancestors lived so you can discover more about your ancestry. Knowing your full DNA can also help you discover genetic mutations and other things about your health. Maybe my knowing my DNA blueprint might help me continue to manage my asthma naturally.

 A genetic test that decodes 100% of your DNA is called Whole Genome Sequencing. It includes the sequencing of all genes (coding regions), regulatory genomic regions, the Y chromosome (for males), and mitochondrial DNA. You can learn more about Whole Genome Sequencing (and genetics and genomics in general) on the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health.

How Do I Test My DNA?

To test your DNA, you have to first order a DNA testing kit. Once the kit for the DNA testing kit arrives at your home, you will need to register your DNA kit. The DNA kit has a unique identification number so that needs to be registered. Then you will be able to collect your DNA for the DNA test. Collecting your DNA is as easy as rubbing a swab inside your mouth. 

The collection of your DNA does not hurt. You are just rubbing a swab inside your mouth to scrape skin cells from the tissue in your checks. These swabs are placed into vials with tight lids and then into a secure package. The best part is you don't have to do any special preparation, like fasting, to perform the DNA collection test. 

 Then you mail the collection kit back to Nebula Genomics and wait for the results of your DNA testing. The DNA testing from Nebula Genomics is done with privacy-preserving technologies to protect your genetic information. So you have control over your genomic data. Did you know that other DNA companies sell customer genomic data?

Nebula Genomics has a new basic test kit and you can get $50 off the basic kit with the code SAVE50 through July 9th

Waiting For The Results of My DNA Testing

 It was super simple to collect my DNA sample. Then I took my DNA collection kit to the post office. Now I have to patiently wait for the results of my DNA testing. That can take 8 weeks. So once I get the DNA testing information I will update this article with my results. Will I discover new information about where my ancestors came from? Will I discover new health info? 

Head over to Nebula Genomics to order your DNA testing kit and discover what makes Nebula Genomics different from the other DNA testing companies. ~ Click on the below picture to get to the Nebula Genomics website

5 Best Destinations to Travel Alone for the First Time

 You may have visited amazing destinations around the world, with friends and family. Now, 2021 is the year where you’ll be heading off on your own. Congratulations! Solo travel can be an empowering experience, wherever you may be heading to.  

If you have yet to choose a destination, these following 5 cities are great for the first-time solo traveler, in more ways than one. Check them out: 

London, England

 As you look for flights from MCI, and you think about where you want to go, there’s one destination that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. If you’re someone who is a bit worried about being unable to communicate in a foreign destination, London could be ideal as you’ll be going to a country where everyone speaks English. 

 It’s full of history and fascinating sites to see, as well as a great nightlife scene and a plethora of restaurants offering an array of international cuisine. Make sure to pack light for your trip but also include travel essentials like your journal and camera. 

Barcelona, Spain

 If there is one thing that could be said about Barcelona, it would be that it truly is a fun city to visit. The beach life, the nightlife, the history, the architecture, and the people are all reasons you should put Barcelona on your list of places to visit, especially if you’re using travel rewards to travel

Many people speak fluent English, as well as Spanish and the local Catalan language, as Barcelona is located in the Catalunya region of the country. Barcelona is known for pickpockets, so look into using luggage that is slash-proof. ​

New York, New York

 If you want to get a taste of culture without leaving the country, New York would be the ideal U.S. city to visit. Known as a melting pot of cultures, the city is full of captivating places to visit, great restaurants offering a variety of unique dishes, and people from all walks of life. From the Empire State Building to Central Park, New York should be on everyone’s list of places to visit in their lifetime. Look into apps like Howl that allow you to find events and fun night activities to do in New York.

Florence, Italy

 Florence, Italy is used to international travelers, thanks to the presence of international students that visit this northern Italian city on a regular basis. It’s a charming city that may not boast the size of Rome but that certainly offers beauty and history as well. Easy to navigate and offering the Italian vibe you’d want to experience; Florence is a great first-time Italian destination for the solo traveler who is just getting started in traveling alone. 

Cancun, Mexico 

 Cancun is easy to get to, with flights from around the world arriving directly to the Cancun airport. Unlike nearby towns of Tulum and Playa del Carmen, that would require a bus ticket to get to, you can simply get an airport taxi to your lodging. With great beaches and a fun nightlife, it’s a fun vacation destination when you want to enjoy time in the sun and some drinks at local nightclubs and bars. While most people speak English in the region, you can always practice Spanish words through the use of an app like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.​

In Conclusion

 If you’re new to the life of solo traveling, don’t worry. While it’s important to plan ahead and travel with thief-proof luggage, so you can avoid disaster, solo travel will teach you so many things about yourself that traveling with others would not. 

 These above-mentioned destinations are great cities to visit, whether you’re traveling alone or not, but thanks to the abundance of international travelers in these areas, you’ll find it easy to communicate, get around, and enjoy your time there.  

Monday, June 21, 2021

Name Bubbles Is The Best Back To School Item

Avoid the school lost and found pile with washable name labels from Name Bubbles

 Sponsored post with Name Bubbles #NameBubblesB2School

 School may have just ended for most families but before you know it, the kids will be heading back to school. For so many families, back to school will be a celebration after a year or more of virtual school. Parents everywhere will soon be heading to the store to buy back-to-school supplies. As a parent, there is always excitement when we head to the store to buy school supplies. That means kids are heading back to school after a long summer of complaining that they are bored.

 After being the homeschool teacher for way too long, parents will be celebrating as they buy backpacks, lunch bags, school clothes, etc. Along with the pads of paper and pencils, make sure to add washable name labels from Name Bubbles to your school supply list. That way you can avoid the lost and found pile forever. These labels are an essential accessory for all parents who need to tune up their organizational skills.

Washable Labels For All Ages

 It does not matter if your child is attending their first year of school or heading to high school, school items tend to get left behind or lost at school or school events. From forgetting their water bottle on the school playground to leaving their lunch box in the cafeteria, kids tend to lose things. Kids lose a winter glove or a winter coat and then you as a parent, know the routine. You frantically head to the school lost and found, hoping that you can find your child's lost item. If your children are like mine, they don't tell you about the lost item until several days later. By that time, the schools lost and found pile has grown into a massive pile of stinky clothes, that no one wants to look through.

 So, avoid the lost and found pile this year and purchase the best school label pack that is full of dishwasher safe & laundry safe kids labels designed to cover all of the basics and the non-basics such as clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes, and more. While younger kids may lose things like mittens and lunch boxes, older kids tend to lose sporting equipment and cell phones. Even my high school kids have lost school items. So don't take any chances with lost items and label everything with Name Bubble's back-to-school washable labels. 

Name Bubble Labels Are Perfect For

+ Lunchboxes

+ Shoes

+ Gym clothes

+ Face Masks

+ Winter jackets, mittens, and gloves

+ Water bottles and food containers

+ Musical instruments

+ Notebooks, folders, etc

+ Backpacks

+ Children's clothing

+ Cell Phones

+ Computers

Easy to use Press and Stick labels with style

 Name Bubbles has school labels that kids will love. The Name Labels come in several shapes and sizes for kids to then add their personal style. The washable labels from Name Bubbles can be customized to match your kid's personality. From color selection to decals that have fun pictures, these labels will make any child smile when they use their school items. You select to size and shape of the label then have fun selecting colors, pictures, and more. Name Bubbles allows you to customize the back-to-school labels.

The labels are simple to apply. Just peel, press, and stick to the item of your choice. These durable labels stick to almost any surface from school supplies to clothing. The best part is the labels are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and freezer safe, so you don't have to worry about the label falling off. These packs of labels will help make sure you never make a trip to the lost and found again for that water bottle that always gets left on the playground during recess!

Name Bubbles Back To School Labels Save You Money

 Parents can easily spend hundreds of dollars on back-to-school supplies. Those fancy athletic shoes can be over $100. So, save money and repeat trips back to the store to buy new items and purchase a Name Bubbles School Label Pack for each child who is heading back to school, even for the kid in high school. Name Bubbles has labels for every age and item. From big labels for backpacks to smaller labels for inside clothing. Each School Label pack is made with enough labels to last you through at least a full year of school. Whatever school year your child is setting off to ace, we have your family (and your wallet) covered.

 The younger kids will love all the cute colorful name labels while the older high school kids will appreciate small labels to stick inside their items in a spot that their friends will not see. Make sure to stick the name labels on items like sporting goods, cell phones, and computers. So that way when your child leaves behind their items, the school can get the item back to your child.

Want to add more than a name to the label?

While the Name Bubbles school label packs are for adding your child's name to the label, some of the bigger labels in the school value pack have plenty of space to add information like phone numbers and email. So that way when your child loses their school item, the person who finds it can get in contact with you.

Does your child have food allergies?

 Name Bubbles labels are meant to be personalized. So get creative with the name labels and use them for many other purposes. A great use for the name label is to use them to protect your child with food allergies. While Name Bubbles has labels for medical purposes, you can use the many different labels to let others be aware of your child's food allergy. Name Bubbles is the place for making creative labels for almost any purpose.

 Name Bubbles has everyday labels for so many purposes. I love the labels that you can write on and then create your own labels are pretty cool. You can even buy waterproof stickers of cute animals so kids can have fun decorating their lunch boxes and water bottles. Name Bubbles is the place to buy labels for all your back-to-school items. So, avoid the lost and found box this school year and purchase a value pack of Name Bubbles School labels. 

Purchase Name Bubble Labels School Label Packs

Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy

 In today’s hectic world, most people could use an energy boost from time to time. If that sounds like you, here are some ideas that can help you feel more invigorated and productive.

We can all use some extra energy. If you are like most people, I am sure that you have your moments or days that you feel tired. To get the needed energy to get through the day, you reach for a coffee drink or an energy drink. What if I told you that you can boost your energy without caffeine. Check out some easy ways to boost your energy.

Eat Well

 Getting proper nutrition is often viewed as one of the most critical components of feeling healthy and energized. By consuming a broad range of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins, legumes, and grains, you can help fuel your body and keep it going throughout the day. Limiting your calorie intake to only what your body needs can also help you avoid the feelings of discomfort and sluggishness that often occur after eating too much.

Get Help From Supplements

 Vitamins play a role in keeping you energized, so if you are not getting enough through your healthy diet then low levels of key nutrients may be contributing to your sluggishness. For instance, when your B12 levels aren’t where they should be, you might have trouble metabolizing food and will often end up feeling fatigued and rundown. Since your body doesn’t produce this vitamin on its own, you may need to acquire supplements like B12 injections online to make up for any shortfalls in your diet.

Sleep More

 When you don’t get enough sleep, your body and your brain may not have the chance to recover and reset from the previous day. This can result in you feeling tired and listless from the moment you get up in the morning. If you make it a priority to get adequate sleep, you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance of having a happy and productive day. Experts suggest that you aim for at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.


 Being well-nourished and getting enough sleep will give you an excellent start on feeling perkier, but did you know that being more active will also help you stay energized? Although it might seem counterintuitive, expending energy by working out can actually help you in the long run. By exercising regularly, you’ll be strengthening your muscles and improving your endurance, both of which are likely to help your body work through routine tasks more efficiently. That means you may not find yourself becoming worn out after simple activities like unloading the groceries, and you probably won’t feel like you need to nap just to get through your day.

Be More Positive

 Scientists are finding more and more proof regarding the mind/body connection, so it’s not surprising to learn that many experts believe that developing a positive mindset can help you feel better and more energized. Focus on thinking good thoughts about yourself and others, and you may be able to avoid the mental exhaustion that can come from maintaining an inner dialogue that is negative and unproductive.

 If you’re feeling rundown, you probably realize you should make some changes to your daily habits in order to feel more energized. Trying one or more of these ideas can put you on the path to being reinvigorated and more productive.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

10 Common Questions About Using CBD Products

 If you are new to CBD oil, I bet you have plenty of questions. Keep reading to get the best answers about CBD and discover a giveaway.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These answers are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 So many people are hesitant to using CBD oil products and that keeps them from discovering an amazing natural product that can be used for so many things. I totally get the hesitation in trying CBD for the first time as I too was afraid to try CBD. When I discovered CBD many years ago at I health conference, I was able to speak with a popular company that made CBD items to get all my questions answered before I tried a sample of a CBD capsule. 

 My first experience with using CBD was at that same health expo with the CBD in a capsule form. The CBD brand rep answered all my questions and I felt safe taking the capsule of CBD oil. The CBD brand representative told me that the CBD oil would calm my stress if I had any. So since I was around many people, in case I had any weird side effects, I swallowed the CBD pill. The good news was that I did not notice any weird side effects nor did I feel high.

 That same company also gave me samples of a topical CBD product. It was 6 months later that I tried the CBD cream on a sore thumb, that I understood the benefits of CBD. I had a painful trigger thumb that was stiff. The pain would not go away so I gave the CBD oil balm a chance and rubbed it into my thumb. I really was not expecting much from the CBD cream but once I rubbed it into my thumb, the pain started to go away. The next day my thumb was no longer stiff and the pain was gone.

 Since CBD products were fairly new to the health and fitness world when I tried them, it was a year later when I tried a CBD gummy for sleep. I still use CBD gummies for a sleep aid because it has helped me fall asleep quicker than other natural sleep products like magnesium. I am now a CBD user for sleep, pain relief, and even occasional anxiety. 

Common Questions About CBD Products

  If you are new to CBD oil, I am sure you have plenty of questions, I know that I did when I first discovered CBD. I don't like using prescription medicines, since I am that person who experiences the listed side effects. So I was hesitant to try CBD. I was glad that I tried this natural hemp plant product many years ago and I have not experienced any bad side effects. I have no problem with my kids using CBD tinctures for dental pain after their orthodontist appointment. My teen has also used my CBD balms for sore muscles after he runs. So I will try to best answer some of the most common questions about CBD.

1. What is CBD?

 CBD stands for cannabidiol and is derived directly from the hemp plant. CBD is a natural product since it comes from a plant. It's a naturally occurring substance that's used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm.

2. CBD Oil VS Full Spectrum CBD 

Both full-spectrum CBD and CBD oil (isolate) are extracted from the cannabis plant. But even though they come from the same plant, there are some differences. Full-spectrum CBD products contain small amounts of other cannabinoids, like THC, as well as flavonoids and terpenes, which are beneficial compounds that provide unique scents and flavors. CBD isolate products go through further refining, so they only contain CBD.

3. Will CBD make me high?

No, CBD oil will not make you high. The cannabis plant (hemp) is made up of two main players: CBD and THC. CBD comes from the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, so what that means is you won't have any effects like euphoria or feel in a weird altered state. Using Full-Spectrum CBD could be considered psychoactive like other non-intoxicating substances, such as caffeine and chocolate. CBD could be psychoactive but not intoxicating.

4. Can I overdose on CBD?

 No! You cannot overdose on CBD. Taking too much CBD will not result in any major adverse effects. Any grown adult human over 150 pounds can take more than 100 mg of CBD per day safely. The worst a person might experience from too much CBD is feeling drowsy, having a stomach ache, or mild diarrhea symptoms. 

 A typical CBD gummie has 10 mg of CBD. So don't worry about experiencing any side effects from using CBD oil. When I use CBD for pain or CBD for sleep, I use about 10-25 mg per serving and I have never had any side effects other than relaxation or relief of my muscle pain.

5. Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

 Yes, using full-spectrum CBD oil can cause you to test positive for THC. The reason for this is full-spectrum CBD has a very small amount of THC that could show up a drug test. 

6. What are the benefits of CBD?

 CBD has many benefits to using it. Until the FDA issues regulations on CBD, I can not make any medical claims. I use CBD for sleep and on sore muscles. The best way to know about the benefits of CBD is to try it and do some research. This website has plenty of information about CBD, make sure to read about how CBD is tested and the importance of USDA organic certification.

7. What is the best way to take CBD?

 There are a variety of ways to take CBD, including capsules, gummies, oils, and topically. Each method is better suited for different types of CBD consumers. I like using CBD balms on my sore muscles and CBD gummies to help me fall asleep. I will also use CBD oil for pain and sleep.

8. How much CBD should I take? 

 How much CBD you take will depend on your age, weight, metabolism, and what condition you are trying to address. 

9. Is CBD legal in the United States?

Yes. CBD was legalized as part of the 2018 Farm Bill passed by Congress and signed by the president. The Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of illegal drugs, so long as the THC level does not exceed 0.3%. For recreational use, some states, such as Pennsylvania, give access to patients who acquire a marijuana card, which nowadays is a fairly easy thing to do, if you know how to get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card from a trusted provider

10. Have more CBD questions?

I hope that I was able to answer some basic questions about CBD oil products. I am sure that you have many more questions about CBD and how to best use it. To get more answers to all your CBD questions head to the FAQ's page on Cornbread Hemp's website. This page has plenty of information about CBD from dosing to best uses.

Cornbread Hemp Flower-Only™ full spectrum CBD Gummies Giveaway

 I was able to sample the CBD Gummies from Cornbread Hemp and they were delicious. These tasty CBD gummies helped me to relax so I could fall asleep faster at bedtime. I liked that these gummies were made with USDA organic blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries and are vegan. These Flower-Only™ full spectrum CBD Gummies contain 1 mg of THC per serving and have no high-fructose corn syrup, gelatin, or artificial colors.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Room For Summer

 The rich, luxurious comforters and thick rugs felt great in the winter when we wanted to make our bedrooms feel like warm caves where we could go to stay warm. However, with summer heat blazing through the air now, it’s time to do an upgrade for the summertime vibes.    

 You don’t need to throw the whole bedroom out to upgrade for a summertime feel in your bedroom. Instead, consider these elements that will allow you to upgrade for summer while making your room feel cool and breezy: 

1. Change your comforter

 Your bedding no longer needs to warm you up on a freezing night. In fact, in the summer, you’ll be looking for ways to stay cool. This is when changing your bedding can be helpful. From changing your winter blankets to a comfortable down alternative comforter and investing in soft sheets that help you stay cool, your bed could be one of the most important things to upgrade in the summer, as you want to be able to sleep well, despite the heat outside. 

2. Switch the curtains

 Heavy, dark curtains help to provide heat during winter’s cold months, but you no longer need them when summer comes through. Instead, change up the vibe in your home by adding some lighter curtains that allow light in and make for a summer-like feel in your bedroom. 

You can still have blackout blinds installed for the night to keep any light outside but consider a design that allows you to hide them in the daytime when you’re no longer sleeping.​

3. Consider adding color

 Dark colors in a bedroom can feel inviting when it’s cold and all you want to do is be cozy. What if the summer makes you want to feel breezy? By adding brighter colors to accessories and pillows while keeping the larger items like comforters and rugs light, you create a sensation of fun and relaxation for summertime. Pops of color are easy to come by when ` and can change the look and feel of a home.  

4. Add plants Bring summer inside. 

 The plants and flowers are blooming, and you love how beautiful it looks outside. Great! Bring that summertime gladness into your bedroom with your favorite flowers and plants to make your bedroom a place that simply put, feels good. Whether you have a plant subscription or buy them at a local garden store, investing in plants for your room is a great idea. 

 Nature is a mood enhancer, so enhance your mood by incorporating natural elements into your bedroom. If you want to bring in more of the elements found in the outdoors, consider mini water fountains that provide a calm and steady sound that relaxes you at night.

5. Play with the senses with smell 

 You don’t even have to buy new bedding or change your rugs or bed with this idea. All you have to do is switch up the fragrances in your room. Whether you use something like essential oils to keep things smelling fresh or you love an assortment of candles or incense for your room, change the smell to suit a summertime feel, making your bedroom a relaxing place to be while the heat stays outside. 

In Conclusion

 Summer can be a great time to switch things up in your space. From changing your bedding to adding color to the walls, whatever makes you feel fresh and alive, do that with your home décor. You no longer ​need to retreat into a cave of darkness to keep warm from the winter’s freeze. Switch up your home’s vibe with some summer fun. A night of great sleep is worth upgrading for!

Friday, June 18, 2021

4 Summer Fitness Items That You Need To Try

Fitness should not stop because it is hot out. You just have to things differently. Check out these summer items that you need to add to your list.

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 Summer is here and it is hot outside. The heat outside can make it difficult to get outside for your daily exercise but don't let the heat become your excuse for lack of exercise. If you don't have a gym membership or don't feel comfortable working in a gym setting, I have some summer products that you need to try. Some of these fitness products may even be great for the gym and can be used year-round. They are fitness items that you need to add to your fitness routine or home gym.

This past year has had more people moving away from working out inside at public gyms. Some people developed new exercise routines with working out at home or outside. My local gym shut down during the pandemic so I had to make changes to how I exercised. 

 I was already running outside most days of the week so the closing of the gym did not affect my cardio workout, except on days when the weather was not nice. The one area of my fitness that was affected was my strength training. So I had to switch up how I lifted weights at home so I could keep my muscles strong. I learned how to do more reps with smaller weights for my strength training as all I had were 5-pound kettlebells. Later I added resistant bands to my home gym to keep my muscles strong. 

The Benefits of Weightlifting For Older Ladies 

The best at-home fitness equipment

 I was doing well with running outside and weight lifting at home but it was my husband who was struggling with his fitness. He was used to working out on the gym equipment so he was not motivated to exercise. So I knew that he need an exercise machine and I decided to purchase him an elliptical machine. I did my research on home exercise equipment to find the best elliptical for home workouts. I decided to buy a Nordictrack Elliptical for many reasons. Find out why I chose to buy a Nordictrack Elliptical.

 So I was rocking my winter fitness routine and my husband was even exercising several times a week. Then summer arrived and I am still not ready to head back to the gym, due to the chemical cleaners that the gym uses. Chemical cleaners and hand sanitizers are big asthma triggers for me so I avoid them so I can best manage asthma naturally. So I am doing things differently for my summer workouts and I discover some amazing fitness products for summer fitness.


 Since I want to be able to work out at home, I am always looking for portable gym equipment that I can use in small spaces. My gym space at home is my college kid's bedroom so when he comes home, I want to be able to still do my strength exercises. So having gym equipment that I can easily move to another room in the house is a good option. I don't have a lot of space in my house so I need fitness equipment that can be used in small spaces.

 The BODYGYM 2.0 ALL-IN-ONE is a lightweight, portable resistance training device that gives my muscles a good workout. This portable weight lifting device is great for home or traveling. I love that the BODYGYM is light (weighs 3 pounds) and stores in a small bag. 

 The BODYGYM allows me to work out my muscles just like I was lifting weights. I like that the BODYGYM allows one to do many different gym-quality exercises and comes with a booklet that shows how to use this muscle exercise equipment. The booklet has photos of people using the BODYGYM.  If you need more inspiration on how to use the BODYGYM, their website has how-to videos for 150+ exercises. This unique resistant band device is strong and durable, so even my college kid can get a good muscle workout. The BODYGYM is ideal for people of all fitness levels, from novice to expert. When I use the BODYGYM my muscles feel a burn. I really love that I can use the BODYGYM in so many different ways to keep my muscles strong.

2. purifyou Glass Water Bottle

 Summer is the perfect time to up your water intake. When you exercise in the heat you sweat more so make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Hydration is even more important in the summer so check out these hydration tips to make sure you are staying hydrated. Having a water bottle nearby when you exercise is important for summer fitness at home. Make sure to drink plenty of water before you exercise and then drink water after you exercise. If you feel thirsty while you are working out, drink more water.

 I think cold water just tastes better when I drink it out of a glass bottle. The problem with glass is it can break so it may not be the safest option for exercising. So I like using the purifyou Glass Water Bottle when I am exercising at home. The purifyou Glass Water Bottle features a non-slip silicone sleeve for added durability during any fitness activity. This 100% leakproof bottle is thermal resistant and features time/volume markings that track your water intake. I like that I can use an eco-friendly option for my water and that purifyou gives a portion of every purchase goes towards promoting sustainable living.

 I also use an electrolyte solution in the summer as all that sweating can make my salt and electrolytes off-balanced. My favorite way to replenish my electrolytes is with Jele Strawberry Lemonade hydration tablets. With only 1g of sugar per serving, these delicious hydration tablets turn water into a great-tasting, all-natural, low-sugar, and low-sodium sports drink. I love the portable container, so these tablets conveniently fit in your backpack, purse, gym bag, or luggage.\

3. Vade Nutrition

 It does not matter what the season is when you exercise. It is always important to give your muscles plenty of protein to help them recover. I like starting my day off with a protein smoothie that is made with protein powder, fruit, and other supplements. My routine for my day is that I first exercise, then I drink my smoothie. Since I don't eat meat and follow a plant-based diet, I like to include about 20 grams of protein in my smoothie.

  I discovered an easy way to make my smoothie. VADE Nutrition brings convenience to protein with these single-serving, dissolvable packs. I like that the packs are made with food-grade ingredients and dissolve quickly. The 100% plant-based protein is packed with vitamins and minerals and it is a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and prebiotics. For now, these packs just come in chocolate but will be great for when I travel.

4. Nature's Heart

 With the kids home for the summer, I am busy so I want grab-and-go options to eat. Also with the heat of the summer, I don't want to turn on the oven to make my meals. So I make sure that my pantry is packed with healthy snack food. 

 I am loving these healthy snacks from Nature's Heart. These nut clusters have no sugar-added to them and are made with globally inspired flavors and functional superfoods. These delicious snacks are available in six flavors and are non-GMO and certified Keto, vegan and gluten-free. I like that the bags are resealable so I can grab a handful and then save the rest for later. My favorite flavor is Everything Bagel Cashew Crunch and it is so delicious!

 So now that summer is here and the weather is hot, I have been getting my running time done in the morning before it gets too hot outside. On the days that the air quality is bad, I hop on my elliptical and head to the beach. I like the using ifit program as I can explore beaches while I exercise. Don't let summer be an excuse for not getting the exercise that your body needs. If you need to take a break from fitness, then do so for a couple of days. Exercise burnout is a real thing and our bodies need time to recharge. There are days that the heat makes me want to not exercise and on those days, I go for a walk or do a reduced slower workout. Any activity is better than nothing, so love your body and get moving.

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