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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Simple, Fast & Inexpensive Wok Recipes The Family Will Enjoy

 We’re busy, our kids are busy, and life is busy. However, our food should never be left to chance because of full schedules. If you don’t want to spend a lot on your family meals, but want to make delicious, healthy dishes for your family, you’re going to want to invest in a wok.      

Woks allow you to prepare all kinds of meals, so if you’re looking for an easy-to-use option that can be used for any dinner, you could always shop around for the best wok on the market. If you have never used a wok before, we’ve compiled some top wok recipes that are inexpensive yet delicious. Check them out:

Chicken Stir Fry 

Quite possibly the easiest and most popular meal to cook in a 14” non-stick stainless steel wok with lid, chicken stir fry is easy to make and delicious to eat. There are various ways to prepare it, but the main ingredients will consist of: 

● Chicken

● Broccoli 

● Onion

● Garlic

● Carrots

You can easily swap out the vegetables to use your preferred greens. Onion and garlic are included to provide a kick of flavor, that when paired with a honey, soy sauce, sesame oil sauce topped with red pepper flakes makes for a delectable dish. 

You can easily prepare the sauce on the side with cornstarch and broth for a thick consistency while frying the rest of the ingredients in the wok. Combine it all together and simmer with the lid on for around ​10 minutes to let the flavors sink in and voila, an easy stir fry is ready. It’s a simple and delicious healthy recipe.

Beef with snow peas stir fry

If your family prefers beef over chicken, you can also prepare a delicious and simple stir fry with the main ingredients being flank steak and snow peas. Prepare a side of jasmine rice, and take time to make the sauce, which will be the star of the show. For a delectable flavor, combine these ingredients:

● Salt

● Red pepper

● Olive oil

● Ginger

● Sherry

● Sugar

● Soy Sauce

Mixing all of these ingredients together, make a sauce to marinate the beef in but save the liquid once you’re done marinating. Fry the beef and snow peas together and pour the remaining sauce over the beef and allow it to simmer all together in the wok with the lid on for a few minutes. 

Serve with rice and you have a healthy yet tasty meal for everyone to enjoy. Consider getting the ingredients delivered to your door for quick preparation.

Make a simple pad thai A quick toss of shrimp with soy sauce and brown sugar, nuts (if there are no allergies in your family), and cilantro, along with marinara sauce, and salt to flavor, and you have a seafood alternative to beef and chicken. You can pair the dish with Jasmine rice or noodles for a tasty combo. If your family can take a little heat, serve with lime and Sriracha. If you prefer to swap out the shrimp for another meat or even tofu, this recipe will still be amazing and should be saved in your family meal plans. 

In Conclusion, Wok recipes make it easy to cook delicious meals, as you simply have to throw your favorite combination of food together to prepare a dish that is as nutritional as it is satisfying. They make it easy for your family ​to get their vegetable intake in, but because the sauces are so delectable and the wok allows for optimization of flavors, the kids who aren’t crazy about vegetables won’t even notice. 

If you don’t have a wok in your family kitchen, what are you waiting for? It’s the kitchen staple every home should have at least one of. Family dinners have never been so easy to prepare! 

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