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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

5 Best Destinations to Travel Alone for the First Time

 You may have visited amazing destinations around the world, with friends and family. Now, 2021 is the year where you’ll be heading off on your own. Congratulations! Solo travel can be an empowering experience, wherever you may be heading to.  

If you have yet to choose a destination, these following 5 cities are great for the first-time solo traveler, in more ways than one. Check them out: 

London, England

 As you look for flights from MCI, and you think about where you want to go, there’s one destination that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. If you’re someone who is a bit worried about being unable to communicate in a foreign destination, London could be ideal as you’ll be going to a country where everyone speaks English. 

 It’s full of history and fascinating sites to see, as well as a great nightlife scene and a plethora of restaurants offering an array of international cuisine. Make sure to pack light for your trip but also include travel essentials like your journal and camera. 

Barcelona, Spain

 If there is one thing that could be said about Barcelona, it would be that it truly is a fun city to visit. The beach life, the nightlife, the history, the architecture, and the people are all reasons you should put Barcelona on your list of places to visit, especially if you’re using travel rewards to travel

Many people speak fluent English, as well as Spanish and the local Catalan language, as Barcelona is located in the Catalunya region of the country. Barcelona is known for pickpockets, so look into using luggage that is slash-proof. ​

New York, New York

 If you want to get a taste of culture without leaving the country, New York would be the ideal U.S. city to visit. Known as a melting pot of cultures, the city is full of captivating places to visit, great restaurants offering a variety of unique dishes, and people from all walks of life. From the Empire State Building to Central Park, New York should be on everyone’s list of places to visit in their lifetime. Look into apps like Howl that allow you to find events and fun night activities to do in New York.

Florence, Italy

 Florence, Italy is used to international travelers, thanks to the presence of international students that visit this northern Italian city on a regular basis. It’s a charming city that may not boast the size of Rome but that certainly offers beauty and history as well. Easy to navigate and offering the Italian vibe you’d want to experience; Florence is a great first-time Italian destination for the solo traveler who is just getting started in traveling alone. 

Cancun, Mexico 

 Cancun is easy to get to, with flights from around the world arriving directly to the Cancun airport. Unlike nearby towns of Tulum and Playa del Carmen, that would require a bus ticket to get to, you can simply get an airport taxi to your lodging. With great beaches and a fun nightlife, it’s a fun vacation destination when you want to enjoy time in the sun and some drinks at local nightclubs and bars. While most people speak English in the region, you can always practice Spanish words through the use of an app like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.​

In Conclusion

 If you’re new to the life of solo traveling, don’t worry. While it’s important to plan ahead and travel with thief-proof luggage, so you can avoid disaster, solo travel will teach you so many things about yourself that traveling with others would not. 

 These above-mentioned destinations are great cities to visit, whether you’re traveling alone or not, but thanks to the abundance of international travelers in these areas, you’ll find it easy to communicate, get around, and enjoy your time there.  

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