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Monday, June 28, 2021

Summertime Adventures With Baby Jogger & Graco

While I may be a grandma, it seems like yesterday that my two youngest boys were toddlers. I have pushed many strollers and buckled many kids into car seats.

I received samples from Graco to facilitate this post

 My website name says it all Mom Knows Best. I am a mom to 5 children and a grandma to 2 girls. I have been raising kids for 31 years. I still have two kids left in the house for another 7+ years, so I am still in the kid-raising years. My oldest daughter is 31 years and my youngest boys are 13 and 14. Then I have 2 more sons, ages 21 and 27.

 I also have earned the grandma badge with my cute granddaughters, ages 10 months and 34 months. So I have many years of mom advice to share. I love that my grandbabies live nearby and I can see them often. So when opportunities for reviewing toys and baby gear arise, I have the grandchildren to spoil and they make the cutest models for my website. My daughter does not seem to mind one bit when these cute girls are featured on my website as she loves that her mom can help her get the best baby equipment.

 So when I had a chance to check out a stroller and car seat, I of course said yes. The Baby Jogger City Mini® 2 and Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat were perfect for the next stage of transporting 2 little ones around town. The youngest grandbaby was ready to move to a bigger car seat and the almost three years old granddaughter was happy to have more freedom with walking around the neighborhood with mom. So this grandma was ready for some summer adventures with her grandkids.

Baby Jogger City Mini® 2 Review

 My oldest boys are teens but that does not mean that I don't have experience with pushing a stroller. My teens are 16 months apart so it was like I had twins. I remember starting out with a double stroller that allowed them both to be seated. As the boys got older, the double stroller became too clunky for long walks. So I switch to a single stroller with a standing board so the older of the two boys could have the freedom to walk more. The standing board was great for the times he was tired of walking. I did not let kids get in the way of my fitness and I know that I always did plenty of research with my stroller purchases.

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 So when the Baby Jogger City Mini® 2 arrived at my house, I had a chance to check it out before I took a walk with my grandbabies. Even my youngest teen son had fun checking out this awesome stroller. This was a grandma/mom-approved stroller! The Baby Jogger was the perfect stroller for active moms. This is a stroller that I would have selected when my boys were younger as it had so many awesome stroller features. This was a stroller that my daughter could use with both of her girls. 

What I loved about the Baby Jogger City Mini® 2

+ Lightweight ~ The stroller literally glides on any surface and is a pleasure to push

+ Can operate one-handed ~ I love that I can push the stroller with one hand

+ One-hand folding ~ Just pull a strap in the seat and it folds completely with one hand

+ Modern, sleek design ~ This stroller looks so fancy

+ Super comfortable ~ The padding is so soft

+ Roomy Basket ~ I love the size of the basket and it can hold lots of baby stuff. I also love that the basket can be accessed at both the front and back of the stroller

+ Big canopy ~ This will keep the sun off the baby

+ Adjustable seat in many positions ~ The seat adjusting clip allows you to customize the seat recline from flat to upright in many angles

+ Can be used for 2 kids ~ With an optional glider board, a second child can catch a ride on the stroller.

What I disliked Baby Jogger City Mini® 2

+ No parent tray ~ I would have loved a place to stash my drink or keys

+ No kid tray ~ A place for kid snacks would be nice to have

 The Baby Jogger had so many nice features that I liked and I could not wait to take my grandbabies for a walk. So I scheduled a grandma playdate and took the grandchildren for a walk around the neighborhood. The youngest baby looked so comfortable in the stroller. The older grandchild was happy to walk. My daughter will be buying the optional glider board for the stroller. So the older child can catch a ride when she is tired of walking.

 When we had to cross the street, I loved that I could hold the older child's hand and push the stroller with the other hand. While the Baby Jogger did not have a place for my water bottle on the stroller handle, it did have a pouch on the back. The peek-a-boo-window was nice so could check on the baby. 

 I really loved how easy this stroller was to fold. All I had to do was pull a strap, that was located in the seat. I was able to hold the baby in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. The stroller folded completely and it was so light to hold. The stroller folded to a compact size that would fit in most car trunks. 

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Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat Review

 My teen boys graduated out of car seats three years ago. It is hard to believe that three years ago my sons were in booster seats. Now they are taller than me. Car seats are a must for babies, toddlers, and up to about 12 years old. As a grandma, I want the best car seats for my grandbabies. So they are safe when traveling in a car. The Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat is a pretty amazing car seat and has features that are so much different from when my boys were in convertible car seats.

What I loved about the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat

+ Can be used from birth to 100 pounds ~ So you only need to buy one car seat, as this can be used rear-facing to a high-back booster.

+ Printed directions on the seat ~ That show how to install the car seat in different positions.

+ Slim design ~ That means three seats can fit across the backseat of a car.

+ Rapid Remove Cover ~ The car seat cover removes in 60 seconds for cleaning without having to remove the harness and is machine washable.

 No-Rethread Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System ~ Allows you to adjust the height of the headrest and harness to 10 positions with just one motion for just the right fit.

+ Comfortable custom fit ~ Removable, plush head, and body inserts for infants.

+ Awesome protection ~ Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability for 10 years of use, and EPS energy-absorbing foam provides effective impact energy management.

What I disliked about the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat

+ I could not find any dislikes ~ This was a car seat that I loved

 The Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat was a car seat that I loved. My youngest grandbaby was currently in a Graco infant car seat but is ready to move up to a convertible rear-facing car seat. I loved that the Graco Slimfit3 can be used from birth all the way to school age. This car seat easily converts from rear-facing all the way to a high-back booster seat and it made to last for 10 years. So the parent only has to buy one car seat for their baby.

 The slim design was another feature that I loved about this car seat. So if my daughter had another baby, she could fit three of the Graco Slimfit3 in the back seat of her car. So no need for them to buy a bigger car. Then there were the safety features of this car seat. This Graco car seat had so many features to protect my grandbaby. From the soft head inserts all the way to the steel-reinforced frame, Graco designed this to meet all the safety standards.

 The best part of the Graco car seat that I loved was how easy it is to clean the chair. I remember when my kids had a blow-out diaper in their car seat and how much of a pain it was to clean the car seat. I had to remove all the straps to wash the car seat and then try to figure out how to put the car seat back together. The Rapid Remove Cover removes in 60 seconds for cleaning without having to remove the harness and is machine washable. That is super smart and it is about time that someone made a car seat that is easy to clean!

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What is your favorite feature of the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat or the Baby Jogger City Mini® 2?


melissa said...

I have older kids now too but I have a bundle of nieces and nephews that need a stroller. I will have to get this for my brother who needs a little help with his kids.

AiringMyLaundry said...

This looks like a great jogger and car seat. It's been ages since I've used these. I remember wanting to make sure I had safe ones, and these look like they are, so they are perfect!

Brianne said...

This sounds great. I like how easy it is to clean the carseat! I had a carseat that practically had to be deconstructed to be cleaned.

The Super Mom Life said...

I miss the years where my kids were small enough to fit in a stroller. Time flies by so quickly.

Tasheena said...

I love that the Graco SlimFit3™ LX 3-in-1 Car Seat has multiple functions.

Lindsey said...

My girls are grown now, but we loved Graco car seats for them! I love the slim look of that stroller too!

Monica Simpson said...

I regret never getting a jogger. They really are so much better to push around.

Richelle Escat said...

Yeah it looks so great, but like you said, it would have been better if it have trays for the baby and parent.

Gust si Aroma said...

I love strollers that are easy to manage and Baby Jogger & Gracco seems to be perfect! Definitely love it!

Scarlett Brooklyn said...

Thanks for your review, the brand seems so great, I'll recommend this to my friend too.

Rose Ann Sales said...

I love that it's lightweight and can operate one handed, but sad that it doesn't have the trays. It seems necessary I think.

Beth said...

Both the car seat and stroller look great! A good stroller makes life so much easier when you have a toddler and/or a baby.

Ivan Jose said...

I love lightweight and easy to operate strollers, too. We're using a different brand but it has almost the same features as this one.

Wanda Lopez said...

I would've loved to have had a jogger stroller when my girls were smaller. This would've motivate me to stay active.

Rach said...

That sounds like a wonderful product to check out especially for those who have a child. Wonderful item with plenty of great features as well.

Kathy said...

That sounds like a great stroller. Having the right stroller really makes a difference too.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I love the stroller. It seems really easy to use.

Jasmine said...

lightweight strollers make all the difference. especially if Mom doesnt have any help

Swathi said...

I wish I had lightweight strollers when I had my two kids. It had been a challenge carrying for stroller and baby. These are really great strollers.

Lynndee said...

What a cutie! And that sounds like a great stroller. He looks like he's loving it. -LYNNDEE

Anonymous said...

The stroller and car seat both look great! I need to share this with my new mommy cousins and friends. And your grandbaby is so cute ��

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Terri Steffes said...

That’s a lot of kids!! Lol. I loved your review. It’s important to know how things really work before you buy them.

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