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Sunday, June 20, 2021

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Room For Summer

 The rich, luxurious comforters and thick rugs felt great in the winter when we wanted to make our bedrooms feel like warm caves where we could go to stay warm. However, with summer heat blazing through the air now, it’s time to do an upgrade for the summertime vibes.    

 You don’t need to throw the whole bedroom out to upgrade for a summertime feel in your bedroom. Instead, consider these elements that will allow you to upgrade for summer while making your room feel cool and breezy: 

1. Change your comforter

 Your bedding no longer needs to warm you up on a freezing night. In fact, in the summer, you’ll be looking for ways to stay cool. This is when changing your bedding can be helpful. From changing your winter blankets to a comfortable down alternative comforter and investing in soft sheets that help you stay cool, your bed could be one of the most important things to upgrade in the summer, as you want to be able to sleep well, despite the heat outside. 

2. Switch the curtains

 Heavy, dark curtains help to provide heat during winter’s cold months, but you no longer need them when summer comes through. Instead, change up the vibe in your home by adding some lighter curtains that allow light in and make for a summer-like feel in your bedroom. 

You can still have blackout blinds installed for the night to keep any light outside but consider a design that allows you to hide them in the daytime when you’re no longer sleeping.​

3. Consider adding color

 Dark colors in a bedroom can feel inviting when it’s cold and all you want to do is be cozy. What if the summer makes you want to feel breezy? By adding brighter colors to accessories and pillows while keeping the larger items like comforters and rugs light, you create a sensation of fun and relaxation for summertime. Pops of color are easy to come by when ` and can change the look and feel of a home.  

4. Add plants Bring summer inside. 

 The plants and flowers are blooming, and you love how beautiful it looks outside. Great! Bring that summertime gladness into your bedroom with your favorite flowers and plants to make your bedroom a place that simply put, feels good. Whether you have a plant subscription or buy them at a local garden store, investing in plants for your room is a great idea. 

 Nature is a mood enhancer, so enhance your mood by incorporating natural elements into your bedroom. If you want to bring in more of the elements found in the outdoors, consider mini water fountains that provide a calm and steady sound that relaxes you at night.

5. Play with the senses with smell 

 You don’t even have to buy new bedding or change your rugs or bed with this idea. All you have to do is switch up the fragrances in your room. Whether you use something like essential oils to keep things smelling fresh or you love an assortment of candles or incense for your room, change the smell to suit a summertime feel, making your bedroom a relaxing place to be while the heat stays outside. 

In Conclusion

 Summer can be a great time to switch things up in your space. From changing your bedding to adding color to the walls, whatever makes you feel fresh and alive, do that with your home décor. You no longer ​need to retreat into a cave of darkness to keep warm from the winter’s freeze. Switch up your home’s vibe with some summer fun. A night of great sleep is worth upgrading for!

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