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Friday, June 18, 2021

5 Home Tech Trends To Try

 From robotic vacuums to smart faucets, in-home technology has seen immense growth in the past decade. Top-of-the-line technology has become commonplace in the home, and the following features are technology must-haves. 

Security Cameras

 Technology has exploded into the market of security camera systems. Just a decade ago, having a security system meant the cumbersome task of manually activated and deactivated the system upon exit or entry into the home. Systems of the past also included the cumbersome attachment of sensors in each entry and exit point. Today, home security systems have much more versatility in the type of surveillance available and can be activated from a personal interface such as an iPad or iPhone. 

Voice Over IP Server

 Residential voice-over IP servers are a budding trend in-home technology. Allowing you to ditch your landline and all of the fees associated with it, a VoIP connection is a smart choice to stay connected to the world through talk services. VoIP systems connect seamlessly through a wireless network or ethernet connection in a home, so as long as the internet functions well, this technology will run efficiently. 

Home Theater System

 Installing a state-of-the-art home theater system gives plenty of opportunities to show off new technological advances in a home. Creating an amazing media space is easy with the right technology. High-quality speakers can be installed to blend into the room environments and can be wirelessly connected to the media system, making exposed cords a thing of the past. 

Power Management System

 Another technology that can be installed in the home is a power management system. Over 5% of energy consumption in the US is from "standby" power, from devices pulling power from the grid when not even in use. A power management system is "smart" and can turn off large appliances like refrigerators and water heaters when they do not need to be on, conserving energy. This system helps a home to utilize only as much energy as needed, saving money in the long term. 

Complex Home System Integration

 Upgrading all of the systems in a home is possible with a complex home integration system. Integration of systems allows central control of security, lighting, video, audio, heating & cooling, and security cameras. Custom panels throughout the home can be installed to control the various technologies with a single touch or can be controlled by a portable device like an iPhone.

 Home technologies have developed much in the last decade. Technologies will continue to develop in the future, as homeowners seek better solutions to their basic human needs.

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