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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wipe Away The Back to School Boogies with this Great Giveaway!

Back to school is a time of crusty noses, snot dripping, and sleeve wiping ew! Between allergies, the back to school colds, and the change in the weather, little ones noses across the nation are starting to run! With all the fun, and friends they can have with back to school the last thing they want is to look like Rudolph. That is why we use Boogie Wipes, and have been now for about two years. Even during my house holds worse colds, and the flu, they have kept our noses from becoming dry, red, and cracked. Most importantly the kids love them, especially the grape scented ones. Before we discovered them getting the kids to blow their nose was a hassle. Now they want to blow their noses cause they like the wipes.

The cool thing is they come in a small pack perfect for back pack size, and a big canister perfect for the classroom, and I have yet to meet a teacher who wasn’t happy to get a canister of them. So whether you are giving a canister to a teacher, or keeping them for yourself at home. When the back to school boogies start coming, wipe them away with Boogie Wipes for a satisfied nose.

All ready love Boogie Wipes, check out other great products from Boogie Wipes, by clicking here to check out their website.

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Want to win? Right now we are giving out a Back to School Boogie Wipe prize pack to one lucky winner in the United States. Prize pack will be sent directly to the winner from the company.

The prize pack is two 30-counts soft packs and a handful of sachets

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  1. I can't remember the exact name of it, but I love the Kandoo foaming hand soap we currently have in our bathroom.

  2. Kristin Goodson

    My favorite product is their scented boogie wipes! They smell good and my son won't fight me when I use them on him.

  3. Love boogie wipes for crusty noses in the winter!

  4. I like the Kandoo Foaming Hand wash

  5. I like the Kandoo wipes in the to go pack.

  6. The Kandoo wipes

  7. Boogie wipes are my go-to wipe when my toddler has a cold or allergies.

  8. I love to travel wipes - I always have them under my seat in the car for trips on the road when you need to clean up, but have nowhere to stop - perfect for that!

  9. I love the Boogie wipes because when my kids are sick they don't mine getting there noses wiped and they love the smell!! Thank you!!

  10. I like Boogie Wipes Gentle for Stuffy Noses, Fresh Scent

  11. I love the boogie wipes. We use them all the time with the kids colds

  12. I like the boogie mist


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