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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Schwans Delivers High-Quality Affordable Food Right To Your Door For Your Convenience

This is a sponsored  post and I was compensated with a gift card to order some of their food. All opinions expressed are my own.

I have always seen the yellow Schwan's trucks in my neighborhood but I have never had an opportunity to order from them. I just knew that they delivered frozen food. When I received a gift card to order some food, I was surprise at the great selection of frozen food that they sell. They sell a large variety of frozen food like meats, seafood, ice cream,fruits, veggies, appetizers, and even pizza to name a few. I had a hard time deciding what to purchase for my blog review as everything looked so good. I finally made my selections with my family's help. I ordered 2 cartons of ice cream, a package of salmon burgers, and a cheese pizza. 

Ordering was easy as I was able to do everything online and the color pictures of the food made it easy to see what I was selecting. Schwan's offered many payment choices and I loved that there was no delivery fee added to my order. I was able to select the day and time I wanted my food delivered to my home. I also had the option of a freezer bag to keep my food frozen for hours if I was not able to be home when Schwan's delivered my food. Schwans has a 100% guarantee on all their food too. There is no minimum order or contract to sign. You simply order when you want and you can even earn reward points on your order.

The ice cream was tasty and my family enjoyed it very much. I think they ate this container in two days. Schwans has many yummy flavors of ice cream to choose from along with other frozen treats.

  I loved that the salmon burgers were individually wrapped so I could cook them as needed. Schwan's has a great selection of seafood and meats to choose from and it was has to select which seafood I wanted. The salmon burgers were nice and thick. I was able to grill them in 15 minutes on the stove or the oven.

My boys loved that I ordered a frozen pizza. These are nice to have in the freezer for my 14 year old son to cook for his brothers when he is babysitting them. I don't have a picture of it cooked as they cooked when I was not home. It must have been good as they did not save me any. My younger boys said it was real cheesy. Schwan's has 29 different kinds of pizza to select from.

I have coupon codes for my readers to use when they place an order.

$5 off $25 Order – Code: JULIEN2

$10 off $50 Order – Code: JULIEN2

$15 off $75 Order – Code: JULIEN15

Click on the below link to order.


  1. Groceries delivered to your door?!! Priceless!

  2. I love items that are individually packaged so you can make just one if you want! That is so handy!! I see the Schwan's man driving around our town and have always wanted to try it!!

  3. I got to use them, too and bought the lasagna and the bagel hot dogs (which were amazing). Great customer service and you can order from home. Some is a bit pricey, though, thankful for the gift card! :)

  4. I use to order them all the time. They really do have fantastic ice cream but I really loved their spicy chicken. I wonder if they are in my area now...

  5. It's been years since I've had anything from Schwan's! My old babysitter used to get the occasional delivery & I remember everything I tried was always so good. I need to find out if I can get delivery service in my area so I can get some frozen treats for my family.

  6. I didn't even realize they were still in business. Very neat!

  7. I have never tried the even though we have done food delivery from the grocery store!

  8. omg my in-laws always used to get Schwans and the food is SO GOOD.

  9. I always LOVED when the Schwans man came when I was little! I might have to check them out for myself now :)

  10. I was so excited they deliver to my house.

  11. We love Schwans. They used to deliver to us, and my aunt actually works at their headquarters! She would give us the scoop on her favorite items.

  12. Ice cream delivered to the door, who wouldn't love that. I will have to check Schwans out when we move back to the States.


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