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Friday, September 1, 2017

Ninja Squirrels Is The Game of Color Matching, Nut Snatching Fun!

 School is back in session so I am now more focused on my boys learning. During the school year, I try to have my boys cut back on computer games and TV viewing. It is not always easy to say no to TV as sometimes it keeps them from being wild. Sure I could have them go outside and play but by the time homework is done, it is dark outside. Thank you, day light savings!  So I love having games around that are not only fun for my boys to play but also have some learning. Did you know that games that require reading are great for kids who hate reading books? Board games also help teach thinking and direction following too. Kids don't have to know they are learning as long as the game is fun.

   My boys recently received a new game called Ninja Squirrels from a company called Rooster Fin. When my boys first saw the game, they were excited for a new game to play. They loved the name as anything with Ninja in it has got to be cool. Once they opened the box up, the colorful pieces caught their attention. My 10-year-old said, " this looks like a fun game!"  Both boys read the instructions and my youngest set the game up. My youngest is my hands on learner while the 10-year-old is my book reader. The boys started to play the game and right away there was a disagreement about how the game was to be played. So I had both boys reread the instructions ( they got some reading time in!) and then had them tell me how to play the game. The older of the two had read the instructions correctly while the younger just quickly read them so he had the rules wrong.

Ninja Squirrels is the game of color matching, nut snatching fun! Ninja Squirrels are fast food fighters. They race to gather acorns to fill their dens before the winter. To help them grab the most acorns, players take turns flipping cards. When there is a color match, be the first to snatch the correct nut. Collect the most acorns to win!

  So now that they understood how to play the game, they started a game. This game reminded me of war as the boys had to turn over the cards until there was a match. Then there was the fast action of trying to grab the color acorn first. So I loved that there were matching and small motor working together while their brains had to do some thinking. My boys had a great time playing the game.

  This game was well built for lots of fun and it was easy to put together too! I love the colorful acorns and the fast action of the game. The game is made for ages 7 and up but I think it can be easily modified for younger kids so they can learn colors and matching. The only reading that the game requires is the instructions.

Ninja Squirrels is just one of the many games that RoosterFin makes. This company has many educational games as well party and family games so go take a look. You might just find some great games to add to your collection of games.


RoosterFin games are also sold on Amazon as well. Here is the link to buy Ninja Squirrels

RoosterFin games are teacher-created, simple to learn, family friendly games. The games are perfect for your next family game night, party, or birthday gift.

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Cook with 5 Kids said...

We are a big game playing family. I have never heard of ninja squirrels before, but it looks like fun! I actually have never heard of Rooster Fin games before, headed to check out their website!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun. I will check it for my sons.

Tiffany said...

What a fun game for kids! I love that RoosterFin games are teacher-created. Makes learning fun and interesting.

Blair Villanueva said...

Sounds cool even for adults who loves board games. Does RoosterFin ship overseas?

Urvi said...

This game looks like fun. I will definitely check it out My nephew might love this.

THINH said...
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