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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Must Have Travel Products & a Giveaway

Check out some of my favorite products for traveling. Keep reading to discover an awesome giveaway!

  I have become quite the traveler in the past three years. I discovered blogger conferences and now I am hooked on attending at least 2-3 conferences a year. I attend these conferences not only for learning/network but also for a mini vacation for myself. Knowing that I can take a mini vacation inspires me to work harder to pay for the conference. I am so glad that my husband is supportive of my traveling. My husband likes my traveling, especially when he is able to take the time off work and join me. Two years ago, my husband and the younger boys joined me on a trip to San Diego and next month the whole family, including my oldest son will be joining me on a trip to California. I will be attending Shiftcon and they will be doing Disneyland. With each trip that I take, I discover items that I consider travel must-haves and I would like to share some with you.

Mifold Grab and Go Booster

This compact booster is perfect for kids ages 4-12 and makes traveling with car seats so much easier. I love that this safe booster fits in my carry-on luggage and I don't have to check a bulky car seat at the airport. This car seat is ready to use and is great to use when renting a car or traveling by taxi. The 10X smaller booster seat protects the child by positioning the seatbelt instead of just lifting the childlike regular booster seats. My big boys love sitting in this booster. This booster comes in many colors also.

My nine-year-old is very tall so the Mifold helps keep the seatbelt in the right position to be safe. As I told my son it is night really about height but rather how the seatbelt is postioned. He likes sitting on this instead of a raised booster chair.  

Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber & Probiotic Blend

I don't always eat right when traveling as I like to enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel as well as local restaurants. My potty habits are also not the same when traveling so I can become constipated and bloated. That is no fun! I do try to eat fruits and veggies when traveling and that helps a bit but I discovered a wonderful product that is awesome for traveling. Regular Girl is an easy to use 100% natural powder that I just mix into any drink or soft food like yogurt or oatmeal. This prebiotic and probiotic fiber blend is tasteless so it blends it well. I only have to take it once a day and the best part is it keeps me regular without any gas or cramping. I just mix the powder in my coffee or juice at breakfast and it keeps my potty habits happy. I like to call this product " you go girl" as it works!  

Want to try Regular Girl? Go Here and save 10% on your first order with coupon code MOMKNOBEST10

Want to win some Regular Girl? I have Regular Girl Gift Set to giveaway to one of my lucky readers! This awesome gift set contains plenty of product and other fun items and will keep your gut happy. To win just click on the link below for a chance to win. Good luck!

                        Save 10% on Regular Girl with my coupon code MOMKNOBEST10

Travelwise Packing Cubes
 I discovered these packing cubes a couple of months ago and love them. They make packing and organizing a suitcase so easy. My younger boys used them last month when we traveled to see my parents and it made sharing a suitcase so much easier. There was no fighting over clothes since they wear the same size as they knew whose clothes were whose.

Mouth Watchers Manual Toothbrush 
 This foldable toothbrush is not only travel-size but also eliminates 99.9% of bacteria build-up in the mouth. This Antimicrobial Toothbrush that has silver technology in the bristles to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up in the mouth for up to 6 hours after brushing. I just love how the toothbrush folds to keep my toothbrush clean when not in use.

Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bar 

This delicious protein bar is a great filling snack that takes care of my hunger while traveling so I don't give into unhealthy expensive airport food. This bar not only tastes great but also gives me 15 grams of fermented protein that is great for gut health and immune support. A healthy immune and happy gut system are always great when traveling. These snack bars/meal replacement bars come in four delicious flavors. The Cherry Almond Vanilla is my favorite flavor.  
It is always great to bring a book or two on your trip to keep the kids occupied while on the plane. My boys love this Scratch & Create book! They love seeing what picture is underneath the page. This book is filled with endangered animals that are so beautiful. The book also has fascinating facts about the animals.

    Where will you be traveling?

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  1. I have a daughter who will be 5 years old in 2 months. I am really interested in this portable booster seat for when we travel.

    1. I love all of your products that will help out with the kids.

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  3. These are great travel tips and I like you handy ideas for packing. The Genuine Health fermented bars sound delicious and I like how they are full of fiber and protein.

  4. I think that the booster seat is one of the coolest ideas. I didnt know that existed but it is perfect for travel!

  5. That booster is such a great idea! Perfect to have for on the go like that.

  6. I love the backpack! My g-son would greatly benefit from the booster. I'd love to give the Regular Girl a try too.

  7. I love the pattern on the backpack. Would be hard to misplace it Rosanne

  8. Some great products here to make travelling easier! I especially love those cubes - a great way to organise!

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  14. This is so stimulating for the whole family to plan a trip. I love travelling and we are planning to do a little trip soon, too!

  15. We love our mifold booster seat. Our children always have the seatbelt at just the right spot. No pinching, no worries - it's all good and they don't mind it because it doesn't look like they are in a baby seat.

  16. Thank you for all your travel planning essential tips! It is fabulous to have a plan and itinerary for preparation when getting the family ready for a trip. Georgiana

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  20. Those scratch and create books look cool. I think those would be great for car rides in general.

  21. I'm loving the colorful bags! And I'm curious about that car seat. I like how it saves space and doesn't weigh a ton.

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