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Monday, November 14, 2011

Torani peppermint mochas

I help make the coffee at my church and was thrilled to be given a oppoortunity to sample Torani syrups with She Speaks. I thought what a great product to put on our coffee table for our members. I recieved the peppermint flavor from Torani and thought of peppermint mocha drinks. That Sunday I placed the peppermint Torani on the coffee table next to a bottle of creamer and chocolate syrup. I also made a card with the amounts to put in the coffee to make the peppermint mochas.
I wanted to respect members and vistors privacy,so I did not take pictures of any people. I stood by the coffee table and had fun watching people make drinks. Our church loves coffee and we drink about six carafes every Sunday. The members also love different flavors in their coffee and we offer several flavors of creamers on the table. The Torani peppermint was perfect for the season as those high price coffee places offer peppermint drinks right now.  The church members loved having peppermint mochas available to drink and were amazed at how easy they were to make with the Torani syrup. My recipe was one cup of coffee, two pumps regular creamer,two squirts chocolate syrup, and two pumps Torani peppermint syrup.  This made a wonderful peppermint mocha and tasted like those over priced drinks you can buy, but mine was much cheaper.
I love that Torani offers over 120 different flavors to make drinks taste great. Drinks like coffee,tea, and even soda will "sing" with Torani syrup in it. I cant wait for summer to try the fruit flavors in my ice tea. Go to Torani.com for a full list. Here in Albuquerque,New Mexico you can purchase Torani at Cost Plus World Market for the best selection. Walmart,Smiths,and Sunflower market sell a couple of flavors.
 Disclaimer: I received the above products at no cost from SheSpeaks.com and Torani per my review….but my review is honest and my opinions are my own. I did not receive any other monetary or product compensation for this review.


Alison Shaffer said...

Nice photo, and wonderful way to spread hospitality!

Unknown said...

Great idea and a cool way to spread the word about Torani!

frugalmommieof2 said...

Great post! I am loving the Peppermint flavor too! I'm following you back from the shespeaks blogger society!



turq said...

sounds good! Great Ideal

Peggy Damon said...

so nice you shared!!! Great review, following you back

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