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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Cheater Cookies

I wanted to make some cookies that are like Girl Scout Thin Mints but Walgreens did not carry cocoa powder and I did not want to drive to another store as I was walking today. I will make the Girl Scout ones next week after I go to the grocery store and post it on my blog. Since the oven was already heated up for bread,I decided to make what I call "cheater cookies." Cheater cookies are those cookies you buy at the store and just bake them. I found a pack of sugar cookies and some chocolate kisses in my deep freezer. I then decided to make cookies with both items. I placed the frozen cookies on a sheet and baked them. About 2 minutes before they were done,I put a kiss on every cookies and baked 2 more minutes.

Here is what the cookies looked like after they baked. My family loved them.

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