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Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Use For A Old Crib Mattress

My boys were sick this past week with fevers, so I pulled out the old crib mattress from the garage for them to lay on in the living room. Now that they are feeling better, they found out it makes a great trampoline also.
After five kids, the crib mattress is not in great shape to pass down to anyone. I discovered last winter, when they were sick with the stomach bug, that I could lay the mattress in the bathroom. That way they could sleep in there and be close to the potty.  I then stored the crib mattress in the garage for those sick days. You could also store your old crib mattress under a bed too. 
I am so glad they are feeling better and will let them have fun with the mattress for a couple of days. 
What item did you re-purpose after you kids out grew it?


Beth Zimmerman said...

What a great idea! =)

Buzz4Mommies said...

We have a couple of these-terrific idea!!

Unknown said...

Great idea and sooo easy to clean off if they "miss". I'll have to keep this in mind when I finally get them out of the "bed crib" and into a real girl bed. :)

Phoenix said...

I feel bad for all of your kids. They must have a pretty borning life living in that bubble you keep them in! No wonder our kids are getting fat their parents don't let them do anything that *might* result in injury.
We currently live in an apartment complex but dh knows as soon as we find a nice house and the kids are old enough we are getting a trampoline.and it will be awesome. Sure we'll have to buy extra insurance...oh well. And we may have to do things like take it down when we leave town for a few days...and whatnot but oh well. In this day and age when our kids can't do anything because creepy people are lurking about having a trampoline in the back yard for them to play with is well worth it if it keeps them in my sight & happy & out of the hands of strangers around the neighborhood and internet!!

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