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Monday, February 8, 2016

Day One Of Running After An Injury.

 The weather was nice out so I decided to start running again. I have been putting off starting my running as it has been cold outside. I also have been afraid to start running again as I was afraid of falling or getting an injury. After three falls and two injuries, I admit I was afraid to run again. I had to overcome my fear and just do it. So I stopped making excuses and decided that I was going to run again. Maybe my dress shopping adventure the other day helped me to take the running plunge. I put on five pounds since I stopped running and it was all in my belly. I needed a dress for my son's military ball and did not like what I saw in the mirror. So I am hoping that running will help me lose the belly weight in three weeks.

  I laced up my new running shoes and out the door I went. I decided to walk a block first before I stretched. When I got to the top of my block, I then did several stretches on my legs and feet. I then walked two more blocks and turned on my music. I told myself, just run. So I started to run. I followed the run/walk/rest schedule and ran 15 seconds. Then I walked for 45 seconds. I was running again and it felt ok at first. Five minutes into my running, I started to feel pain. I knew that some pain was expected so I continued to run/walk more. The pain was in my shins and hamstrings. My endurance was fine and I had to pace myself with the running as I wanted to run fast, but I knew that might lead to an injury. Half-way through my run/walk, I had to do some stretching as my muscles felt tight. That helped me to continue on. I still had some discomfort, but it was mild. I accomplished my thirty minutes of exercise today! My legs are a little sore and my ankle is too. So as I am writing this, I am icing my ankle with my Cold Therapy Socks. I am glad tomorrow is a walk day.

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