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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oldies But Goodies: The Best Movies To Watch Over The Holidays

Nothing spells winter as much as hunkering down on a cozy sofa with PJ’s on, armed with hot chocolate, popcorn, and a great Christmas movie. Not only do we have the option of DVD’s, but with plentiful TV streaming services available, it’s possible to have movies on tap whenever we want them. The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge in some serious movie watching. Here are some oldies but goodies to get you started!

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With Kids

It may have been made in 1982, but Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is still a wonderful, magical, dreamy movie. When this ever-so-cute gentle alien lands on earth he is befriended and hidden by his new human best friend, the ever sweet and friendly Elliot. Kids will love this whimsical adventure that really showcases the imagination of Spielberg and his capability of tapping into childhood dreams. Right now it’s available on the streaming service Netflix. And you can click here to find out what other great movies and TV shows you can watch with this subscription. Another magnificent movie to watch with the kids over the holidays is Miracle on 34th Street. You’ve got two options here. There’s the original 1942 black and white version directed by George Seaton. And the more modern 1994 adaptation directed by Les Mayfield and featuring Richard Attenborough. Both are truly lovely Christmas movies, that really capture the spirit of the holidays. Oh, and they’ll make you believe in Father Christmas just that little bit more! And of course, we can’t leave off John Hughes brilliant Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin. One of the biggest box office hits of its time, it still conjures up all that Christmas magic. And it's a thrilling adventure full of comedic twists that the kids will love. It’s a real feel-good movie.

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With Teens

Romantic, funny, endearing and poignant, 2003’s Love Actually is a wonderful movie to watch with the teenagers in your house. Starring big names including Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy and Laura Linney, this is a movie all about the power of love. But it’s shown through nine interconnecting stories that are sure to bring a tear to everyone’s eye. It’s funny, sad, sweet and romantic all in big doses. And there’s plenty of Christmas magic too. For jokes and giggles all the way through, Elf is a classic Christmas movie. With Will Ferrell starring as Elf,  you know you’re in for a tumultuous Christmas ride. It brings laughter and fun to your Christmas movie watching nights, but also has a poignant tale to tell. Even the cynics of Christmas have got to have a soft spot for this comedy! Last up is The Holiday, from 20006 and starring Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It’s a magical Christmas story of love and relationships. And it's set against the backdrop of Richmond in Southwest London and also the dazzling lights of Los Angeles. It’s sweet, romantic, cute and full of Christmas cheer. And bonus, there’s lots of snow to see in the London scenes!

Do you have any other magical Christmas movies to add to the list?


GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

I already watched Home Alone in like August! LOL!

Danielle S said...

Can't forget White Christmas with Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby and It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart.

Anonymous said...

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